My second time with a guy.

My second time with a guy.So after my first experience (previous story) with a guy and going back for more a couple times, I fancied something different, So I got hold of an old friend and asked if he wanted to hang out. I knew he was gay because he used to beg me to wank in front of him when we were both at school, and I always did. So I went to his house for a ‘catch up’ So I was sat on his bed and he was on the other side of the room, so yeah we were chatting for a bit and the topic got on to sex as he knew the guy i fucked. So I told him all about it, I could see him getting pretty hard from obviously thinking of sex, just the sight of his bulge made me lust for it more, and I started to get hard. It was obvious he had spotted my hard on too as he just came over to me and planted his lips on mine, his beard was all prickly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri against my skin, It tickled at first but I got used to it. He then proceeded to stand up and undo his jeans, whipping out this monster of a cock, easily 8 inches minimum and shoved it straight in my mouth…He grabbed the back of my head and forced as much cock in as he could, I almost chocked. I couldn’t fit the whole thing in but what I could tasted amazing! I didn’t have to do anything as with him grabbing my head he face fucked me, that’s when I knew he was in charge.I gargled and spat all over his hard juicy cock, knowing even if I wanted it he wasn’t going to stop, I was his bitch.Finally releasing me from his grasp, he stood back and started to take the rest of his clothes off, I did the same and we lay on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the bed just wanking each other off and locking lips. He then got me to get on all 4’s as he started to play with my asshole and was spitting on his own cock, that’s When it hit me, Could a take a massive cock like his and fuck this is going to hurt with no lube, no turning back now, I was enjoying it to much.At least he was gentle sliding it in, I could feel my asshole stretching and did it hurt! I buried my face in his pillow as he continued to slide in all that he could, slow at first soon became faster and faster until he was pounding my ass. It was painful but at the same time felt so good, I arched my back, looking up and bitting my lip at all the pleasure I was getting.He was grabbing my legs pulling güvenilir bahis şirketleri me back onto his cock, just seeing how much of it he could get in, this was the hottest gay fuck I had ever experienced.We must have done that for a good half hour or so. Then he pulled out and flipped me on my back, spread my legs in the air and started to fuck me once again. As he was doing so, he grabbed my cock and wanked me off, it didn’t take long for me to cum and before I knew it, my cum was flying all up my chest, some even landed on my face.He then told me to get on my knees and finish him off with a good blowjob, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and started to suck, the cum on my face started to drip on his cock and my lips smothered it all over.It wasn’t long before he too was about to cum but he pushed me back first as he wanted it all over me, I sat there as load after load covered my face, mouth and chest, I felt so dirty covered in both our cum but was so satisfied.Between the two guys I went back a few times to just wank, fuck, suck and get covered in cum, makes me wonder if I had both in the same room at the same time, what would happen??

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