My Secretary Fantasy Pt 1


My Secretary Fantasy Pt 1I’m a 25 yr old secretary who can’t seem to get enough sex. Especially since my boyfriend broke up with me. Today the subway going into work was jammed packed. Stopping intermittently. It was during one of these stops that I felt a hand resting on my ass. Fingers were pressing against my skirt on my ass. I knew I should do something to stop him, but figured it was harmless, & after not having sex for over 2 weeks. I was so horny.I pushed my ass a little back into his hand, almost consenting to his actions. The stranger squeezed my firm ass cheek. He moved his hand over my skirt, edging the outline of my panties bahis siteleri & the straps of my garter belt. My cunt was getting hot & moist.His hand drifted lower as the train pulled into a station. He followed my garter strap down to the tops of my stockings. He squeezed my leg. The train pulled out of the station. I felt the back of my skirt rising as he lifted it up. I wondered how far he thought he could go feeling me up on a crowded subway. I felt the cream dripping from my snatch as he reached under my skirt. His fingers were pressing into my skin, resting firmly on my panties.While he was rubbing, squeezing & probing my ass canlı bahis through my panties, he grabbed my hand & pressed it to his hard cock through his pants. He moved my hand up & down over his prick. Here I am acting like such a slut getting felt up by some guy I don’t know standing behind me on the subway & giving him a hand job. Just the thought of the nasty deed made me cum.He slipped a hand under my sweater & began fondling my 38C breasts. His other hand dipped into the crack of my ass & fingered my asshole. He was pinching my big nipples & finger fucking my ass. I pushed back into him wanting it all. I reached to his fly & güvenilir bahis pulled his zipper down, grabbing inside to find he was free balling. I ran my nails teasingly along his bare cock & could tell he’s a thick 8 ½ inches. By now he was pinching my nipples hard & had moved to rubbing my swollen clit.Pulling my soaked panties to the side he slid his rock hard dick into my more than eager pussy. He thrust urgently into my whore hole. He fucked my cunt deep & hard until he milked his prick of every drop of cream & my own cum was running down his balls.He pulled out of me & zipped up his jeans. I could feel our juices marinating in a puddle in my panties as the train came to a stop. My unknown m*****er got off the train. I never did see him.I masturbated in the bathroom at work 6 times today thinking of my stranger encounter. Hopefully I run into him again.

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