My Sister Jackie Ch. 03


I was walking down a narrow path that had waist-high grass on both sides. The path crossed an open field before disappearing into a thick forest several hundred yards away. The sun was bright, and warm, the sky was a brilliant blue color and there was soft music playing somewhere in the distance. I knew it wasn’t important but I felt some confusion not knowing exactly where it was coming from. Suddenly, I was sitting nude on a blanket in the grass near the path and I was slowly stroking my erect and very hard cock with my right hand. A nude woman was standing over me – watching me – I couldn’t make out her face and it didn’t seem to matter. When I looked back at her she had disappeared and my ex-wife was straddling me with her cunt just above the head of my cock. I felt another rush of confusion as I saw a tattoo on her belly between her navel and the top of her pubic hair. It was not like Ann to have a tattoo and this was not a small tattoo. It was a colorful Japanese Geisha – half-turned, looking out from the skin. No, I realized, she was looking deeply into me from the flat female skin that she lived on.

Almost in slow motion my ex-wife Ann taunted me by slowly lowering herself down on me. My cock – only inches at a time slipped into her warm vagina but my hips were suddenly restrained so that I couldn’t thrust up into her. She laughed at me.

I felt more confusion as I slipped into a black fog that worked its way through my mind. Everything was gone except for the warm feeling on my penis. Distant at first yet, getting stronger. I opened my eyes into the darkness of the room, blinking several times, trying to focus on something to let me know where I was. The bed was moving gently; looking down I could see Jackie’s head, with her soft, dark hair bobbing – steadily as she sucked on my cock. Even in the darkness I could make out the loveliness of her nude body as it was accidentally intertwined with the white silk sheets of her bed.

I closed my eyes again, hoping as I did, that this wasn’t şişli üniversiteli escort simply another dream that would end abruptly. With each stroke of her lips, each flick of her tongue, the pleasure and erotic tension mounted in my groin and I awoke more. The tingling, mounting tension in my lower body let me know that before long I would cum again.

I love a slow sensuous blowjob but for the moment I was almost obsessed with the thought of ejaculating my cum into Jackie’s cunt. I was aware that she was already holding my ejaculate from earlier in the evening but for some reason I felt that I needed to fill her with more of my white, liquid sex, my fuck-juice. I took her shoulder and urged her, without words, to let me fuck her again.

She rolled over onto her back and I propped myself up on my elbow looking down at her face in the darkness. I was still having difficulty shaking the dream from my head and I was greatly relieved that it was only a dream. The dream was drifting away, becoming less and less important. What mattered was that Jackie was here in bed with me. With her soft, smooth skin and warm breast peeking out from the sheets I would have been happy if life could have somehow stopped in time at that very moment. I had never known a feeling so intense – so erotic before. Yet the thought of being this emotionally involved…this vulnerable…and as quickly as I had let it happen with this woman – no, not just a woman – my own sister was difficult beyond reason for me to understand.

My mind seemed to be searching my own soul. As I lay next to Jackie I reached out and caressed her breast, softly toying with her erect nipples and I thought about my ex-wife Ann and how, on the day our divorce was finalized, we met in town for one last dinner together. “To celebrate” she said. At dinner that night our conversation was honest and if not a little painful, certainly revealing…yet sadly too late. After dinner we ended up back At Ann’s taksim anal yapan escort apartment and we fucked for most of the night. That particular night was the only time in all the years we had been together that she let me fuck her in her ass. In time, I realized it was just another way for her to taunt me.

I am a man who is comfortable with his loneliness; I can accept it as part of my life, perhaps because I grew up with it. After Ann, I really haven’t been interested in taking another chance at love.

Jackie sighed softly and rolled her hips upward – letting me know that the lust inside had built to a point that she was ready for me to fuck her again. I kissed her deeply as she untangled herself from the sheets and spread her legs sensuously, offering herself to me through her wet pussy. I moved my body above hers and let my penis lay against her labia and clitoris. We held our kiss as I moved my hips until my hard cock was resting just at the entrance of her vagina. We broke-off our kiss and Jackie whispered softly in my ear, “Take me! – Push yourself into me and fuck me! – Let me feel your cock inside me!”

I gently slid my hard shaft into her wet hole. The warmth of her vagina around my cock seemed to spread more warmth throughout my whole body. Jackie let out a cry of pleasure as the head of my prick bumped against the mounded entrance to her womb. Withdrawing slowly, I hesitated before slipping all the way into her cunt again.

We fucked slowly, and deliberately with long strokes, sharing the intimacy of our bodies and emotions. I kissed Jackie on the cheek and felt the wetness of a fresh tear. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “It’s just that it has been so long since I had a man make me feel like this…I can’t help the tears. Their good tears.”

My own emotions and lust rose inside me and I began fucking her faster…harder…almost as if I was trying to push my whole being inside her. Her hips taksim bdsm escort rose up to meet my cock each time I thrust myself into her pussy. Both of us were straining to give ourselves to the other with force and passion. Suddenly she sucked in her breath and held it as her body became rigid. A cry of pleasure rolled from her throat as her orgasm flooded over her. She dug her sensuous fingernails into my back – and with a particularly deep thrust of my hard penis I felt the familiar wave of pleasure spread through me as my cock erupted with my cum – spurting over and over into her hole. I felt as if every ounce of energy was drained into her body from mine.

I was still breathing hard as I rolled over onto my back in her bed. Jackie moved over and put her head on my chest as she wrapped her legs around mine. I laid my arm down along her back; her skin was warm and smooth and I suddenly realized how much I missed the feeling of a woman’s body against mine. I wished that this moment could last forever.

I wanted to believe, at least for the moment, that she was not who she was. It wouldn’t have mattered except that I was slowly realizing that Jackie was a woman I could fall in love with…if I already hadn’t. And I really didn’t know where we would go from here; I just knew that our relationship, and where it was heading, was an issue we couldn’t ignore. I listened to the muffled sound of the rain falling out of the still dark morning sky outside and it made me hold Jackie closer to me. Her breathing had slowed and I thought she might be asleep. “Jackie?” I said in a whisper. There was no answer, just her light breathing.

I reminded myself that I had only known Jackie for a very short time. I knew that it was too soon to feel this way about her. She was like a lovely stranger to me, a gift that life gives only to some very lucky people in the world but certainly not to all of us. I felt something special with her, something I had never felt with any woman before. I was afraid that because she was my sister I was confusing the normal bond between sister and brother – and mistaking that for love.

I listened to the steady rain outside.

“Jackie…I love you.” I whispered again.

There was no response and the words were lost in the darkness of the room.

I closed my eyes, wanting to go to sleep as soon as possible.

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