My sons’s hot friend

My sons’s hot friendSun beamed through the windows surrounding the front door as I twirled in front of the hallway mirror. As I’ve been getting older this has become a daily routine. I’d put on a figure-accentuating long flower patterned sundress, the bright petals contrasting well against my soft skin. My breasts hung heavy beneath the fabric and as I spun I smiled as the large swells of my buttcheeks jiggled seductively. They’d jiggle even more liberally once I put on my heels. “A body built for black men,” my boss had often remarked. He’d even given me a few firm smacks and squeezes as I’ve walked past while working as his secretary. Other than that he’s kept his hands to himself (sadly). I ran my fingers through my soft, short, dark brown hair and waited for the call to let me know Jamal was outside.I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy the company of the young man. Jamal was my son’s best friend and far less academic. Also eighteen, he’d started working at the local gym and offered me free personal training sessions as a favour to my son. As a forty-six year old with curves in the right places, I appreciated help keeping them in the right places. He was always perfectly gentlemanly though I did notice him admiring me from time to time. His strong touch and muscled form motivated me to be better. During one of these sessions, I complained of not having anyone to drive me to do grocery shopping, Jamal offered to take me. I found myself saying “That would be great, can we go Saturday” just a little too quickly. “I’m outside now, Judy,” said the voice on the phone and he hung up. I put on the last bit of make-up and walked down to his car, a well kept yet older modelled Mercedes. I got in on the passenger side and greeted him with a hug and kiss on the cheek. I felt a little electricity as he hugged me strongly and my large breasts pressed up against him. “You look great as usual,” he said softly. He had a musky, natural scent that made me a little dizzy. We rode in mostly silence to the store, his presence was strong enough to stave off awkwardness. I enjoyed watching him drive, he was wearing a tight white t-shirt and his arms bulged as he steered the car smoothly through the Summer streets.We loaded up the car with a couple of weeks worth of food and began the drive back. This is what I had been missing, someone firm and masculine to help run my household. To thank him I invited Jamal back trabzon escort for some cheese and wine. He nodded and said that sounded like a great idea. I led him to the kitchen and he sat down while I busied myself preparing a board and some glasses. I could feel his young eyes on my behind as it swayed heavily during the prep work. The heat of that Saturday afternoon was overbearing and the sweat on my behind was causing the dress to cling snugly to my buttocks. Every fine curve and dimple out on moist display.We moved into the living room and sat down on the sofa. I opened the bottle and we began to speak, about life, people moving away. As I moved onto my second glass of wine I felt my heart beating a bit faster and I moved one of my heeled feet lightly against Jamal’s leg. The cheese board went onto the floor, there was silence for a few moments and then like a storm breaking through the sky, he opened.”I’ve known you my whole life, I’ve really looked at you and I’ve seen you. I blushed, and Jamal said, you Judy, you need someone to take control in a world where you feel like you have none. I want you to see me as I really am. You need to be kept on your knees and I’m a****l that’s going to do that for you, when I’m done with you you’ll wonder if you ever knew me at all.”He leaned in and softly stroked my hair, I protested weakly “I can’t, you’re my son’s friend, he’ll hate me” and with that his grip firmed and he pulled me into a slow, passionately electric kiss. His hands groped and caressed my arms and breasts expertly manoeuvring my oversized tits out of the dress and white cotton bra. My big pink nipples were hard and on fire and he began sucking them with an a****l-like intensity alternating between tongue laps and light bites. “You’re my best friend’s mother and I’ve got your tits in my mouth,” he grinned and moaned as he pushed his fingers into my mine. “I want you to suck my cock, I need you to suck your son’s friend’s cock,” he panted and with that he pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts revealing a deliciously thick and long erection. He pushed me off the sofa onto my knees and I started to remove my heels but he ordered me to keep them on. “Please I don’t think I can do this, you’re my son’s best fr-” and with that he grabbed my head and parted my lips with his huge member, bobbing me mercilessly up and down on his cock. I could feel it hitting the back of escort trabzon my throat until it loosened up and he began to glide in and out as I gagged protests into his crotch. I could feel him facefucking me into submission and I wrapped my lipsticked lips to slick his shaft as he used my face as he pleased. Eventually he stopped forcing my head and I continued to obediently service him as he reached over and smacked my oversized ass cheeks with primal force until they glowed hot and red beneath my dress. Filled with submissive lust, I took his cock out of my mouth and started working it firmly with my hands. I placed my mouth on his big dark balls and began massaging them with my tongue. This threw him into a frenzy and I continued to swallow and suck them mercilessly. I worked hard for a few minutes until he murmured “I want to come down your throat you thick slut,” and with that he began shooting streams of come across my face and hair before forcing his cock back into my mouth and pumping it directly down my throat. I closed my eyes and swallowed each spurt dutifully. Quickly I said, “Jamal, that was fun b-” he interrupted “Be quiet we’re not done yet” and without giving me a chance to wipe the come off my face or protest he pushed and prodded me groping at my ass and bent me over Alex’s study desk. I gave in and allowed him to double me over the wood, my jizz coated face knocking the lamp over. Jamal hoisted the back of the dress so my sweaty tits were now hanging out on the surface with the dress bunched around my midsection. My exposed backside was covered in cherry red handprints and was now exposed, my pussy beginning to drip with anticipation. Jamal fell to his knees and started lapping at me like a wild a****l, his tongue working my pussy into pleasure overdrive. I started screaming for him and came hard as he expertly worked my clit. He moved upwards and began tonguing my ass while working my tight cunt with his fingers. He moved into a steady rhythm and I could feel my orgasm building again. His fingers were now frenzied and he worked open my small pink asshole with his big tongue and stuck it inside as far as it would go. My entire body spasmed and bucked as I came again at his mercy. He stood up and began to mount me, I felt my insides stretch as he worked his huge dark dick inside me. “Time to get fucked, whore,” the respectful gentleman who took me grocery shopping trabzon escort bayan was gone. His strong hips flew back and forth as he pounded me from behind on the table. Perspiration dripped from us both as he reached around to choke me while smacking my shaking booty with one hand. “I’ve wanted to fuck you like this for years,” he snarled. He pulled out a phone and I stalled for a moment. “No, no you can’t record this,” I breathed as his lower body continued to hit my ass with rapid forceful claps. “I’m not recording this.. I want you to speak to your son while I fuck you” and before I could protest the phone was pressed to my ear and it rung and answered.”Hey Jamal””It’s not Jamal, it’s m…mom,” Jamal had slowed to a cocky grind, pressing up my buttocks as far forward as he could go to get his huge rod deeper inside me.”Mom, why are you calling from Jamal’s phone?,” he sounded suspicious and Jamal chose that moment to administer a forceful loud spank to my already sore asscheek and he continued to fuck me from behind pulling my dress with one hand.”He’s just here helping me u..unload some groceries and let me use his phone to call you… just to say I you.” Jamal had stopped and pulled his cock out my stretched fuckhole. He spat onto my asshole and pressed slowly into it, “Aahhhhh.””I love you too mom but are you okay, you sound weird,” Jamal applied pressure and slowly began fucking my ass with the head of his cock. He grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head up. “Yes I’m fine. I just wanted to know what a great friend you have and he’s going to mppphh mphh mphh,” Jamal had taken his cock from my ass after a few thrusts and forced it into my mouth as he took the phone. “Don’t worry friend, I’ll take care of her” and he set the phone down on the side without hanging up as he continued to mercilessly pump my throat. “Swallow this load, cockholster!,” he grunted and pulled my head to his hilt, his huge balls resting on my chin. A torrent of jizz burst from his pulsing dick straight down my throat and into my stomach, my eyes were watering and stared into his stomach before eventually closing. I could feel the loads warmth filling me and claiming me.After he relented and let me stand, I quickly turned off the phone without checking whether m son had still been listening. I began to busy myself wiping Jamal’s loads from my face and lips. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek as I watched him pull on his clothes and leave. I was as alone as I’d ever been but for the moment, I glowed with sexual satisfaction. I felt as ashamed as I ever had but couldn’t wait for him to come back and take over again.

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