My Stay at the Hospital


Here I am, stuck in the hospital with two broken arms. How did it happen you ask? Well, as embarrassing as it is I’ll tell you. I was building a tree house with my son when I was on the ladder. Instead of doing the smart thing and climbing down to move it, I stayed at the top and shuffled it across the branch. And that was my mistake. No, the branch didn’t break, it moved and I went down. I guess I’m lucky not to have broken anything else, but it still sucks.

My wife was quick to call an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. Everything is fine, but like I said, my arms are broke and I have to stay for a few days before being released. Now the stay isn’t too bad. My nurse is one hot little number and when she’s here in the room I just can’t, for the life of me, keep my cock from getting hard. I’m not sure if she noticed it, but I sure do.

It is my second day here and my wife and son just left when my nurse comes in. As she takes my vitals we make small talk and as before my cock gets hard. She looks down at the sheets and then back to me and smiles. My face reddens uncontrollably and she says, “Well what do we have here?” She lifts the sheets up. “I’ve noticed this getting hard when I’m around.”

“I…” begin to say, but honestly, I don’t know what to say.

She pulls off her gloves and leans in fast for a searing kiss, ramming her tongue into my mouth before I have a chance to react. pendik escort Not that I would really fight back. At the same time she has my throbbing cock in her hand, actively stroking it. Moments later I watch as my cock disappears into her hot mouth. She cups my balls as she bobs up and down while maintaining eye contact with me, watching my reactions of pure pleasure as I groan. She begins to stroke me even harder as she sucks harder. I thrust my hips up into her—once, twice and n the third I cum in torrents. My cum gushes into her mouth, slamming into the back of her throat.

Cum drips from her chin and onto her chest in thick globs as she pulls away. She pulls off her bottoms revealing a sexy, black thong beneath. She smiles at me and loses them as well before climbing onto my bed to straddle me. She hovers over me briefly as she opens her top, sliding it down to her waist. She unclasps her bra and drops it off to the side of the bed. She then grabs hold of my cock, she lines it up with her dripping pussy and plops right down on me, piercing her pussy with my cock. My cock drives up all the way until it can’t go anymore.

As she straddles me, she places her hands on my chest as she adjusts to the sudden intrusion. I look over her body as my cock throbs in rhythm with my heart beat inside her fucking hot pussy. Her breasts are large, but firm. Her stomach is tight, showing off her abdominal muscles a bit. tuzla escort My mind drifts back as I feel her juices seeping out and over my balls. Her muscles grip my cock tightly and her heat is intense.

She starts to grind her hips back and forth while placing one of her large breasts up to her mouth where she takes a nipple in and starts sucking on it intensely. Soon her grinding turns into outright pounding me. She moves up and down almost expertly and I start to wonder how many patients she’s done this for. Then suddenly she bucks wildly. Her pussy contracts, squeezing my cock like a powerful vise. That is all it takes for me. I shoot a river of hot cum into her.

She pulls off me and slides down, taking my cock fully into her mouth. When she comes off she sticks out her tongue and starting at the tip, she licks sliding all the way down to the base and all the way back up, collecting every bit of cum off my rock hard cock.

She releases my cock and slides back up to straddle me once more. For a moment I didn’t think I had anymore left in me. I already came hard, pumping a least a week’s worth of cum into her, but the look in her eyes told me she wasn’t quite done yet.

She takes my cock into her hand and rubs it along her asshole to her pussy, covering me in her juices once more. She slides it back to her asshole, aligning my cock with it and then impales herself on me. I almost explode in kartal escort that instant. She closes her eyes and throws back her head as I bottom out in her ass. She begins to rock, pushing her ass against my balls. She accelerates her movements as she is turned on more and more.

Soon she is rocking like mad, faster and faster, harder and harder. Suddenly she groans loudly, “Oh fuck, yes!”

An orgasm strikes her and I can feel her juices pouring out onto my stomach and down my sides onto the sheets. She continues slamming her ass up and down on my cock and I can feel her squeezing her ass together making it even tighter for me. It works and in no time flat I am cumming again, hard into her ass. She smiles as I blast the inside of her tight ass.

She slowly pulls off my cock, smiling the entire time and just when I think she is done, she turns around to straddle me in the opposite direction. Once again she grips my cock and places it at the entrance to her asshole and plops back down onto me.

She immediately begins grinding me hard. I can feel my cum up inside her, lubricating my cock. I start moving my hips up as her ass comes down and with the speed that she is moving with I know my time is coming fast. I thrust up hard, trying to keep pace with her unsuccessfully. It doesn’t matter though, because within moments I am releasing another burst of cum into her tight ass. I don’t know how much I had left, but I am spent. So is Nurse Kelly as she slumps forward with my cock still in her.

I can feel her still making subtle movements with her ass as she says, “I guess this means I need to change your sheets.”

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