My Sub’s Fanstasy No.1


My Sub’s Fanstasy No.1Okay. Well we were on our vacation. And decided we wanted to go out to a club. And you made me wear this really skimpy outfit that barely covered anything and a collar so no one would mistake that I belonged to you. We start dancing and making out with each other and I start grinding you and after about 3 minutes you grab my hair and force me to the floor and tell me to get on my knees and you force you dick inside my mouth. And your really facefucking me more aggressive then you’ve ever done before not even letting me stop to breath. And then you take my head and slam my face to the floor and start fucking me raw. People are standing around videoing it taking pictures and some guys try to get closer and you say back off she’s my whore and really go to town. You grab my collar so I can barely breath and slap my ass leaving marks everywhere. And when your ready to cum you pull out. Make me open my shirt and cum down my tits. And make me lick it up. You waited for me to finish liking your cum all up then forced my head on your dick and made me deep throat it to make sure I didn’t miss any of your cum. And then you pulled me up from my collar and did my shirt back up. Slapped my face kissed me and then said good girl.At this point I can barely move. My body hurts from the rough sex we just had. And you said since you’ve been such a good slave ill let bahis siteleri you point out girls you want to bring home with us but I get the final say. I start point out girls and you liked the third one so you said go make friends with her. So I left your side and went over to the girl and started dancing with her. And once she got comfortable I started grabbing her ass and tits and brought her closer to me. Then I start fingering her on the dance floor while I start kissing her and grabbing her breast fiercely. And you come over and start telling me what you would like me to do to her and when you see that’s she’s okay with this you start telling her to do things to me. At one point I’m on my knees eating out her sweet pussy while you two are making out. You tell her that I belong to you and that we just want to use her for some fun back at our hotel room. So she complies to come back to hotel room.Before you go you want to have a bit more fun at the club so you start dancing with both of us going back and forth between kissing us and having us kiss each other. At one point you tell me to take off my shirt nice and slowly and start biting my breast hard while fingering both of us. We both moaning and kissing pure pleasure. A guy comes over and tries to get in on the action and you let her go off with him but you tell him he’s not allowed to touch me unless canlı bahis you say so. We find a nice couch in the back because your dick is so hard you want to be pleasured again. So I start riding you hard while the girl is on the other side of the couch playing with herself. You told the guy to leave grabbed, my neck towards you and said eat her now. You throw me towards her pussy so I can eat her out while you fuck me. You don’t last very long because you want to get back to the hotel room. And this time you cum inside me. And when it all comes out you make me drink it.We go back to the hotel room and we instantly go to the bed. You tell us to play with each other and take off our cloths while you watch from the corner. So me and the girl start going at it. And you randomly throw in my toys to tell us what to do with them. After she makes me cum you tell us both to come over to you. You make her suck you while you kiss and smack me asking me if I’m enjoying myself then smacked me harder when I said I was. You reminded me that I’m your toy that I was used to make you come and that I was only allowed to cum and enjoy myself when you said so.Then you told me to suck your balls. Me and the girl start fighting over who gets the pleasure of sucking you. And of course me being a jealous sub wins. So you told her to start eating me out again. So she’s lying on the floor güvenilir bahis eating me while I’m kneeling, sucking you. Then you tell us to get on the bed asses up, and you sit there and debate who you want to fuck first. You go to me first because your sub take priority. But you don’t stay in me long. After a couple thrusts you go to her and do the same things and go back between the two of us for about five minutes making us scream and moan your name. Then you throw me down and tell me to eat her while you fuck her. So I’m lying on the bed licking her clit while you pound away at her wet pussy. She can’t stop screaming in ecstasy. You then tell me to go lie on the bed while you continue to fuck her doggy and force her head on my pussy. You can’t help but love to see her eat me and satisfy me while you fuck her. Then you throw her on top of me and tell her to make out with me will you go back and forth between our pussys. After a bit of time you have her get off and grab my dildo. You lube up and start fucking my ass while she licks my clit and slams my dildo in my pussy. The pleasure is so intense I can barely control anything. I ask and beg for you to let me cum but you won’t let me. You start slapping my ass so fiercely for me even thinking about me comingAnd then you tell her to go lay down and force my head down on her pussy. And go back and forth between my pussy and ass. And when your about to cum you move me out of the way and cum on her. Some on her tits and some near her pussy. Then grab me by my hair and tell me to be a good girl and lick it up. And so I do nice and slowly for you.

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