My Transformed Wife


My Transformed Wife”Sometimes I wish I just had a dick,” my wife said, wincing and squeezing her heating pad into her abdomen. She said this at least once a month, when her period would bring on two or three days worth of cramps and bloating. I grinned and rubbed her stomach, “If you had one, you would just spend all your time playing with it and peeing standing up.”She giggled and squeezed my cock through my pants, “That doesn’t sound so bad.”We never said anything beyond this, but from the first time she had mentioned it, it sparked a desire within me that I had never known I wanted. I had always been a bit on the submissive end of the sexual spectrum, and enjoyed her being in control in the bedroom, but we had never gone very far with it. She would hold my hands over my head while riding me, or pull and squeeze my balls during blow jobs, but nothing beyond that. Now my fantasies were dominated by images of her wearing a strap-on, bending me over the side of the bed, and pounding me until we both came and collapsed from exhaustion. I had never mentioned these fantasies to her. I didn’t know how she would react, and I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to venture there outside of my imagination.The next morning, a cold and snowy Saturday in the middle of December, fate saw fit to extract my fantasies into reality, whether I wanted them or not.I woke up around 9:30 AM to the sound of running water. My wife was already out of bed, so I threw off the blankets and swung my feet out to the side. Before standing I rubbed the sleep from eyes and stretched my upper body, bringing my elbows under my shoulder blades and feeling the muscles unravel from a night of sleep. Shuffling into the bathroom, the first thing I noticed was that the faucet was not turned on.I peered around the separating wall to see my wife, standing completely nude with her back to me, peeing. I frowned and pondered if I had actually woken up at all. I glanced back to the bed, rubbed the sleep from my eyes again, and accepted that I was indeed awake. “What are you doing?” I said, my eyebrows knotting together.She turned her head without turning her body. Her countenance was a strange mixture of incredulous green eyes and a wild, amazed smile. “I have a dick!” She said, blinking slowly and biting her lower lip. She quit peeing and finally turned to face me. She had a dick.It was about four inches, flaccid and uncircumcised, hanging from her pelvis below a short bush of dark blond pubic hair. The rest of her body was unchanged: slender but slightly taller than average with petite, perky breasts and wide, curvy hips that flowed backwards into a round bubble butt. There were no testicles, and I could make out, just behind her cock, the familiar folds of her pussy. My jaw hung open for what felt like minutes. Finally, in a moment of scholastic brilliance, I said bursa escort the only thing that came to mind, “Huh.”She frowned. “Are you alright? I don’t know how it happened – I just woke up and it was there. We can go to a doctor, I guess, but I really feel fine.” Seeing that I had still not appropriately reacted to the situation, she began to stammer and talk faster, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”The tone in her voice, of innocence and confusion, of being worried that I would somehow not want to be with her because of something out her control, was enough to snap me out of my stupor. I stepped forward quickly, wrapping my arms around her small frame and squeezing her close to me into a hug, “There’s nothing to be sorry about, you know I’ll love you no matter what… and you’re the prettiest girl with a huge cock that I’ve ever seen.”She giggled, reassured, and wrapped her arms around me. That was when I felt it – a hard rod pressing between my thighs, just below my balls. I put my lips next to her ear and whispered, “I don’t think you have any pockets right now, do you?”She stepped back and her head snapped forward, looking down at her new appendage, hazel eyes widening and lips pinching into a stunned expression. Her four inch flaccid penis had hardened into a seven inch erect cock. The skin of it was strangely soft and supple, like that of a woman, and veins ran down its length to a round tip, purple with desire. Her cock was larger than mine. “You’re a grower and a shower,” I said. Her expression did not change, but she brought one hand up and wrapped it around her length, squeezing very slightly. “Ahhh,” she said, her face going slack with pleasure and need. “It feels so good. So different, but so good.” She started to jack her hand faster up and down her cock, her mouth hanging open and breathing quickly.I stepped forward and caught her wrist mid stroke. Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. I quickly leaned in to kiss it while pulling her hand away from her penis and replacing it with mine. She groaned into my mouth and started moving her hips back and forth, trying to hump my hand. I pulled my face away from hers, “You know, I’m a bit more experienced with one of these than you are.”I dropped to my knees in front of her and continued messaging the length of her cock with my hand. Unwilling, or unable, to say anything, she leaned back against the wall, her knees slightly bent, and let me take control of her erection. Precum was beginning to ooze out of the tip, and I moved my hand down to her glands and smeared the sticky substance over the head, rolling and massaging it. She groaned again and let her head fall back against the wall. After a few more pumps with my hand, I slipped the head of her cock between my lips and begin to suck. “Oh. My. God.” She said, biting her lower lip and putting both hands on top bursa escort bayan of my head, “That is so amazing.”I worked my mouth over the first few inches of her cock while pumping the base with my right hand. I slipped my left between her ass and the wall, squeezing her plump butt cheek and savoring the luscious feeling of her flesh between my fingers. I pressed her ass out from the wall, driving her cock deeper into my throat while I sucked harder and ran my tongue ferociously along the bottom of her cock. It was amazing how soft and warm the skin of it was, while just below that was a steely, powerful hardness.I finally pulled her dick out of my mouth. It gleamed under the bathroom lights, shiny and dripping with saliva and precum. It was even harder and larger that it was before my first ever attempt at a blow job. I kissed the tip and looked up into her eyes, which were wild with desire and, I was happy to see, an immense amount of affection and love for my reaction to her new anatomy. “I want you to fuck me,” I said, turning around on my knees and dropping my chest to the floor. I looked over my shoulder at her face. Her eyebrows were raised as if to say, “I can’t believe you’re doing this.” Instead she said, “I want to fuck you.” Her bare feet shuffled along the tiled floor behind me and she dropped to her knees. She stuck her index finger in her mouth and rolled it over her tongue, then placed it at the entrance to my ass and rubbed the warm saliva over my hole. She put her left hand on my waist, and used the other to guide her cock to my ass. I felt the spongy head, still warm from my oral labors, press up against my sphincter. I relaxed every muscle in my body, and she pressed against me harder. Finally, the head popped into my ass, and I felt a sudden rush of warmth and fullness. “Is this okay?” She said. I breathed deeply. There was a bit of pain, but it quickly fell away to the same desire that I felt the first time she said “I wish I had a dick.” “Yes, it’s okay” I answered her, and rolled my hips as a sign to go deeper. She went deeper. It was a slow and controlled dive into my ass, which opened up and welcomed her into me. Every inch of her cock felt like nothing short of a mile, but her rod, both soft and hard, drove steadily into me, until the front of her hips touched the back of my thighs. She wiggled slightly once she was all the way in, and I felt the scratchy softness of her pubic hair against my ass cheeks, and heard the slight squishing sound of my saliva and her precum around my entrance. My ass felt immensely full. It was though I had been incomplete before, and now her interlocking body had completed me.”You are so warm and tight,” she said, “I need to fuck you. I need to cum.””Go ahead,” I replied, “I’m ready, go as hard as you want.”She slowly pulled out of my ass until just the escort bursa head was left inside of me. The feeling of her cock leaving my ass was something beyond pleasure. The soft skin of her penis sliding against my sphincter, the empty feeling, her slender but strong hands on my hips, and the growing knowledge that soon she would plunge back in, all combined into a hazy ecstasy. I saw stars.She plunged back into me, a low and primal groan climbing from her throat as she did. No sooner had her cock filled me and her hips touched my thighs than she quickly pulled back and plunged in again, this time much faster and there was audible slapping noise as our bodies crashed together. Leaving her right knee on the floor she picked up her left foot and moved it in front of my leg, positioning it next to my chest. Her toes spread out on the floor and curled to gain leverage, and she began pounding in and out of my ass with fervor. The sounds of our grunts and groans filled the bathroom, accompanied by the squelching of her wet cock and her hips hitting mine. My groans were deep and masculine, and full of need. Hers were soft and feminine, almost a whimper, and full of desire for release.My cock hung between my legs, now hard and dripping precum, but I did not touch it. I wanted to savor nothing but the feeling of being fucked by my wife. The rhythm of her thrusting was driving powerful and consistent waves of pleasure from somewhere deep in my ass to the tip of my cock. I did not need to touch it.I looked back over my shoulder at her face, which was now red with effort and glistening with sweat. Her chest was also a splotchy red and beads of sweat were running down her bouncing breasts and onto her flexing stomach. Her entire body, every muscle, was dedicated to the task of fucking me with her cock, of searching for that elusive release.She had been fucking me non-stop, and with force, for nearly 10 minutes, when she said, “Oh, oh, I think I’m going to cum. I can feel it!” Her long and deep thrusts suddenly turned into short, uncontrolled spasms and she worked to find a new and foreign orgasm. “Cum in me,” I said, “for as long and deep as you want.” That was all it took, she thrust into me one final time before collapsing across my back, her nipples and breasts pressed into me as she ground her pelvic bone against my ass. I could feel ropes of hot cum exploding from her cock. I had felt full with her monster dick deep inside of me, but as her cock twitched and spurted, I felt completely taken over. I reached back with one hand and squeezed her ass cheek, pulling her against me as hard as I could, wanting to be impossibly close to her.She let out a long, slow breath of relief and slowly removed her softening length from my ass. She plopped back on her butt, her wet and oozing cock landing on the floor between her legs. She was still panting, and her long blond hair stuck to her face and neck, dark with sweat. I turned around and we sat on the floor facing each other wordlessly. She flashed me a grin and said, “Want to shower then ride me on the bed?

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