My Trip With Lauren, Part 5

August Ames

My Trip With Lauren, Part 5After having my cock worshiped for about 5 straight minutes I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have a taste. I reached down and grabbed each of Lauren’s firm biceps and slowly lifted her to her feet, my cock making a loud pop coming out of her mouth. With her standing and looking up at me with that huge smile of hers I began my decent, my hands slowly working their way down her skin over her breasts to her stomach then over her hips. My fingers digging into the bikini bottoms and pulling them down.The sight of her smoothed shaved pussy coming into my view. Her labia mound was swollen and just a slit showed. No lips or clit in sight as I reached her feet and as she lifted each foot so I could remove the thong I kissed her just over the top of her slit. Then my hands slid up the back of her firm toned legs feeling the muscles of her calves bursa escort and then her thighs. As I reached her firm ass I grabbed each cheek as she had done to me and brought her pussy into me. My tongue probed her labia until I tasted her sweet juices that were flowing from her tight hole, I then found her clit and gave it a tender circle with my tongue. The sound that escaped from her lips was one of pure ecstasy.I then stood and scooped her up into my arms. One are under her knees, the other behind her shoulders. Her arms went around my neck. The water forgotten as I carried her out of the shower and over to the bed. We were soaking wet but all of that was forgotten as I laid her down and as she spread her legs open I at last saw her pussy opened and my mouth watered at the sight.The pink opening to her hole was dripping juices and my tongue eagerly lapped them up. bursa escort bayan Her hands each grabbed a handful of my wet hair and pulled my mouth tight into her. My tongue slipped into that hot hole and probed as far as it would go. The noise escaping from her mouth building as I tongue fucked her, my left hand reaching up and I thumbed her clit as my right hand found her left breast. I kept tongue fucking her and simultaneously stimulated her clit with my thumb as I pinched and pulled at her nipple. The scream of her orgasm must have been heard by many of the neighbors. Her whole body shook with the wave after wave of pure sexual release. My mouth got a full blast as she squirted cum all over my face and still she kept shaking. Her hands lost their grip from my hair as her orgasm subsided, Lauren went totally limp from the experience of her first cunnilingus escort bursa orgasm.I then started kissing and tonging her body as I moved up. I paused at each breast and as I cupped them I licked around and sucked each one of her hard nipples. As I reached her neck I licked her clavicle and then moved to kiss her but she reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me into her lips. The kiss she gave was not just a normal one between friends, but one of pure desire. A kiss from a lover wanting and desiring more.My hard cock was brushing against her pussy and as continued our kiss I reached down to guide it into her. Slowly putting the head into her waiting hole she broke away from the kiss and gave a soft sound and sharp intake of breath. “Slowly,” she whispered into my ear, “This is my first time. I’m still a virgin.”The realization hit through me like an electric shock. Here I was, a 51 year old taking the virginity of a 19 year old. I was almost old enough to be her grandfather! “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her softly. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear the answer…***Continued in Part 6***

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