my trip


my tripI drove up here last Wednesday wearing my outfit….I drive mostly motorways so had my tits hanging over the top of the material…I drove kinda slow so that cars would have to overtake me…I got quite a few beeps on horns and some long looks…. there is a parking place where you can stop and have a rest. there were 2 cars and a truck pulled in. .I drove in slowly looking to see who was in the cars…..there was 1 guy in each car. I had pulled up my top….I stopped the car and got out I walked to the boot and opened it up and leaned in to get something out. I could feel the eyes of the guys in the cars boring into me….I stood up turned around and pulled my top down flashing my tits at them I closed the boot bostancı escort and got back into the car. My cunt was flowing juices and I put my hand down frigged for about 30 secs and had an orgasm. One of the cars drove up beside me beeped his horn smiled and drove away.The other driver had walked over to my car. I rolled down the window and he put his hand in and gave my tits a good squeeze I was so horny and I wanted cock. I unlocked the doors and told him to get in….I very quickly got his cock out and gave him a v good bj…..I was on my knees so that his fingers could work my v wet cunt….I sat on his cock rode him for about 2 mins when he came very hard….he said it fatih escort normally takes him ages to cum but that I was so slutty looking he couldn’t stop…..he fingered me hard some more mixing our juices and I came again…I licked his fingers and sent him on his way a v happy man….this all took about 10 mins…I sat there a while composing myself and was just about to get changed into my real clothes, when there was a knock at the window. I looked up and there stood a man, I realised I was still in a state of undress and was hastily trying to cover myself. Don’t bother he said I watched you from my truck there fucking that guy like the whore you are and now I want some of that cunt, I bağcılar escort was a bit nervous but thought what the hell. He told me to get out and follow him over to his truck as he had a bed in the cab. I got out of the car and went to adjust myself and he pulled my hands down, I want you to stand there with your tits hanging out till I’m at the truck and you are to turn and face the road. I did as he said and watched the cars driving past. I felt like the whore he said I was.I saw him getting into the cab and went over, I had to climb up the step of the cab door and could feel my little skirt riding of showing my wet cunt to anybody who happened to look. He was already undressed by the time I climbed in and his cork was long and thick. He was stroking it, I didn’t need him to tell me what to do I dropped down to my knees and took his hard cock in my mouth swallowing him down. He moaned and said I knew you were a whore, but don’t think you are going to get away with a quick fuck with me.To be ccontinued

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