My True Love


This is a story about how I found my true love. It just happen to be one of my sister.

I was 25 years old; just got three months leave from the Marine Corps. I haven’t made up my mind if I should go back to my family lives or not. That is the reason I went into the Corp, so I would get away from my sister Sara. Because I had feelings for her that I brother should have for their sister. Although I never told her I had to tell someone, and that person was my dad.

So, there we where I told him I was in love with one of my sister, one of his daughter; he just looked me. I was ready for him to hit me, swear it me or something, but he didn’t do anything. So, I ask him why he wasn’t hitting me or something. He said. “Son I know what you are feeling because I also have these feelings before.

When I was just 18, my aunt and I had a sex thing going on, so I can understand. So, which one Sara or Donna.”

“Sara dad! Its Sara!” I said. Boy was that great to get that in the open. “What are you going to now? Does she know how you feel?” Dad said. “No dad she doesn’t know and I can’t tell her because I don’t know what I would do if she said no to me. And dad today is the last day that you well see me for some time I have just enlisted in the Marine Corps.”

“Now hold on son.” Dad said. “Don’t you think that going just a little bit over the top. What your mother, son, she will be heartbroken.”

“Dad that another reason I have to go. I can’t let Mom know about this; when I she well be sad. But, dad if she knew this it will kill her and I can’t do that to her.”

“Just tell her that I love her and I might be back. If I can get over how I fell.

After dad and I was finished talking. I got up and hugged him good bye. I remember him to tell them that I loved them. But just has I was leaving I had to go and hugged him again, this time with a tear in my eye, and to never tell Sara about us talking.

I haven’t been home in two years, and even though I steal had these feelings for Sara, I thought to myself the is would be right if I didn’t go see my Mom and dad. So, decided that is would just show up and make everyone happy. On the day that arrived, I noticed that mom’s and both of my sisters’ car where there.

It went to the door and pushed the bell, then just want until someone open the door. I thinking that Mom would open the door, but that just didn’t happen. The door opened up and their she was Sara, my sister, the love of my life.

Sara is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is 29 years old, 5’4″ 95 to 100 lbs., fire red hair, green eyes that burn to your soul. Although, at the age of 29 she still look like a teenager. She worked to keep in shape. She did Tae-Bo, karate, and kickboxing. Donna wasn’t a bad looker herself, but Sara just stole my heart.

Like I said there was Sara, the love my life at the door. When she saw that it was me she jump into my arms and hug me. She push all the air out of my body. Although, I didn’t want it end; I had to stop her because I couldn’t breath and I was getting a hard on.

When we got in the house she hit me in my stomach. All I could do was to fall to my knees. I looked up at her and said “Sara what the hell was that for?”

“That for you leaving Mom, Donna, and me without tell us bye. And because you didn’t never write and call us.”

“I’m sorry Sara, I said, but I had to before I did something that would make me hate myself.”

“What would the little brother?” She said. I tried to make it look like I didn’t her, but she is just like a lawyer. When she wants to know something she does. Then she ask me again. I told her that I had some problems had I just had to get out of Dodge before all hell broke out. I got and went to sit on the sofa and Sara sat love seat just talking trying to get me to tell my I left. I just look at her told her it was about a woman all that is all she going to know. She said OK, but I just knew she was going to try to found out.

As I was looking around, I notice Mom, dad, and Donna wasn’t here. “Where everyone it?” I asked. “They went to see grandma and granddads this week and they ask me to stay here.”

“So big sister what have you been doing when I was gone.” I asked. “Well, I just broke up with this guy, named Mark. We talk about getting married, but that was before I caught him with someone in my own bed. I finished college, and got a job at this computer firm. That’s about it. Now please tell me about this woman problem of yours.”

“No, Sara and I mean no.” I said, and I told her that was going to get some rest and went up to my room.

When I got up and went to the den to see what was on TV. I was watching show HBO. It was that bad it show tits and that all, but when Sara came I tried to turn but she stop saying that we where both adults and besides she loves this movie. So there we where; I wasn’t paying much to the TV. I was looking it Sara. Then she said something that knock me right out of the chair. So I asked what she said. “I türbanlı escort said; that my tits where better look then that.” Oh, I said, I think I need a drink do you want anything.”

“AJ are you blushing over there and don’t change the subject.”

I was think to myself that I was caught, but I thought I would just turn the tables on her so she would just leave me alone. So, I said, “They certainly are. Of course it’s difficult to judge. I haven’t seen yours in all their glory.” Sara looked up at me and grinned. “Is that a request, Bro?” What the hell? Why not? It was, after all, a favorite fantasy of me I thought and said. “Well, it is the only way to make a proper comparison. So do you want anything to drink.”

“Yes, I need something hard.”

“Well, I hard. What about me?” What the hell was that? Did I just say that out loud? “Oh, is that so. I’m beginning to wonder about you, Bro. First you ask me to show you my tits and then brag about being hard.” Well, I just laughed. “You started the boasting, Sis. not me.”

“True,” she said.

So, after a few minutes I said. “You have every right to boast, I might add, and I don’t need to see your breasts to agree with you. If memory serves me, yours are much prettier than the woman’s on TV.” She giggled. “Well, I’d need to see your…uh, tool to make sure you are hard for me.”

“Sis! Are you suggesting I show you my dick?” Laughing, she shook her head. “Not really. I’m just getting even.”

“You’re such a tease. When I was a teen you teased me to distraction,” he commented. Another giggle. “I did, didn’t I? I merely wanted to test my ability to attract a male. You were available and safe.”

“Not so safe. I damned near jumped your bones a few times.”



“I never suspected. Give me an example.”

I wondered where this conversation was headed, but decided to play along again. “Okay. I remember one evening vividly. I was watching TV. Mom and dad had gone to bed, but you joined me, reclining on the floor in front of me. You wore a T-shirt to bed then.”

“Still do.”

“And panties, usually.”

“Gave that habit up,” she quipped and took another sip of Scottish liquor. The liquor was starting to affect her. “You must have changed the habit the night I’m talking about because when I glanced down, I saw your cute bare butt and all your other goodies, and they weren’t covered by any panties.” Another giggle. “Did you see my pussy, Bro?”

I nodded yes and finished my drink. I wanted another, but I had a raging hard-on and didn’t want to stand. Even sitting, my erection was visible. Standing would provide a shocking display. I remained on the sofa and tinkled the ice in his glass. Perhaps Sara would take the hint. Instead, she grinned knowing I had a hard. “Pour us another, Bro,” she said with a mischievous glint in her dark eyes. “Ah, perhaps we should slow down with the booze.” I said. “Darn, and I thought you were trying to get me drunk and have your way with me.” I laughed. “Now that’s a pleasant thought, but I’d prefer you sober.”

“AJ!” she gushed, acting shocked.

She chuckled and then became serious. “Don’t tease, Bro. I haven’t had any sex for quite a while. I’m liable to take you seriously and shock you by accepting your teasing offer.” I licked my lips. “I’m not teasing,” I said slowly and seriously, shocking myself with this boldness. It was the first time I had ever made a pass at my sister. Her eyes widened momentarily, and she glanced furtively at his tented pants again. Raising her eyes, she studied his expression. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Very, Sara. I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember.”

“You’ve been the subject of many masturbation sessions of mine when images of you flash into my mind I become aroused.” I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but feared she would think I was perverted. She blushed and looked away. “If we… We can’t. Incest,” she mumbled disjointedly, talking to herself. She gulped at her drink but found an empty glass once again.

As I stood and held out my hand for her tumbler. “I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” I said as I took her glass. I poured two more liberal drinks and added ice to both glasses. Before I turned toward Sara, I glanced down. My trousers bulged considerably and a wet spot was evident. My dick had been leaking. When I handed her the drink, she took it and nearly dropped the glass because her eyes had focused on the wet spot and bulge in my pants. I sat next to her on the couch, and we sipped our drinks at the same time.

“Did you ever fantasize about me when you masturbated?” I asked pushing the issue. “Uh-huh,” her eyes kept moving from his face to his crotch and back again. She squirmed. “Would you like to see it, make that comparison you mentioned?” I asked, amazed at my own words. “No! AJ, I…” She glanced back down and suddenly smiled. “Yeah, show me the damn thing. I’ve wanted to see it since like forever.” I grinned and a ümraniye escort wave of happiness washed over me as I fumbled with my belt and kicked off my shoes. She gasped when I shoved my trousers and boxers to my knees and my hard-on flopped into view. It waved grotesquely in front of her. The purplish, bulbous head shined with moisture — shinny pre-cum — and throbbed as blood rushed through it.

“Damn, little brother, you’re big! I guess I can’t call you little any more.” She licked her lips and raised her eyes to his. “May I touch it?” she asked in a little-girl voice. “Of course.” I said. She wrapped her dainty hand around the base and stroked it expertly. I groaned, pulled her to me and kissed her, not a sister-type kiss, either. I kissed her with passion. She moaned into my mouth and kissed me back. Boy, oh boy, did she ever kiss me back. My big sister was a world-class kisser, I discovered. She put her entire body and mind into it. I had never been kissed so thoroughly before in my life. My cock throbbed in her undulating hand as she continued to kiss me, so I slipped my hand under the bottom of her T-shirt and moved it up onto her magnificent breasts. Her small nipples stiffened under my fingers as I tweaked, squeezed and fondled them.

We had to stop kissing momentarily so I could pull her T-shirt up and over her head, and then she helped me off with my shirt. “Mark was a damn fool,” I whispered taking in the sight of her gorgeous breasts. “Why in the hell would he cheat on you? I would never do that to you.”

“I know.” She said has her eyes were glazed with lust, but a tinge of fear or worry remained on her expression. “What are we doing, AJ?”

“What we’ve both wanted to do for years, Sis,” I mumbled as my mouth covered a stiff nipple. “Uh, I’m…ah, damn, that feels good. Wait, AJ.” She pushed at me. My lips smacked as they released her turgid nipple. “I want to, AJ. AJ, look at me.”

“That’s what I’m doing. God, you’re beautiful.”

“No, look at me. Look into my eyes.” I tore my gaze from her heaving breasts to her face. “What about incest, AJ? You’re my brother!” Her hand continued to fondle my hard shaft. “I guess my aversion to incest isn’t as strong as yours,” I commented and groaned. Her busy hand had persistently increased my arousal. Suddenly she noticed she had continued to stroke my cock and jerked her hand away as if it were touching a hot stove. “But…It’s wrong, AJ. We can’t. I…damn!” She said.

I sighed and leaned back on the couch, removing my arm from around her shoulder and my fingers from her breasts. “Look, Sis. I want you. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any woman It was you.”

“It was me, what?” she asked. “You where the reason I left. Because if I stayed I would tried this much sooner, but I don’t want you unless you feel the same way.” She eyed his hard-on and gulped. “Oh, I want you, AJ. You don’t know how much and for how long I’ve wanted you. But…”

“Put your T-shirt back on, Sis,” I said with resignation as I tried to stuff my drooling cock back into my pants. “No, wait, AJ. I teased you. I haven’t been fair. No fucking, not yet, maybe never, but…” Her hand returned to my cock, and she slid away from me on the couch.

I watched as her ponytail swung from side to side and her mouth surrounded the crown of my dick. She sucked and licked the bulbous head, and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked harder, taking about half my shaft into her wet, hot mouth. I groaned with pleasure.

One of my favorite fantasies was in the process of becoming a reality. My gorgeous, sexy, sister was giving me a blow job! My cock hit the back of her mouth, and she swallowed. She didn’t gag; she swallowed, and my cock slipped farther into her mouth. She gobbled on it again, and swallowed even more of its length, and repeated the action until her chin rested against his balls and her nose brushed his pubic hair. I gasped. No woman had ever taken my shaft completely into their mouth before! But Sara had, and appeared to have accomplished the feat without undue effort. Her fingers fondled my testicles as she raised her head, licking and sucking his length as she moved up off of his hard-on.

She grinned up at me and smacked her lips; when her mouth moved off my cock. “You’re good, Sis,” I gasped. “Very talented.”

“Thanks,” she murmured and went back down on me. She took it all again and then bobbed up and down as she jacked off my cock with her hand at the same time. A few minutes later, she started to rhythmically rub the spot behind my balls connected to my prostate, and I lost it. “I’m coming, Sara!” I shouted to warn her in case she didn’t want to swallow my come. Instead of backing away, she intensified her efforts, and a split-second later my balls lift and tighten, and my cock swelled up as sperm flew through my shaft and into her talented mouth. She gulped and swallowed each spurt so expertly not a drop escaped her mouth.

That was the best damn blow-job I have ever had, acıbadem escort so I had to just set back and relaxed back on the sofa. Has I watched my sister used her mouth to clean my cock, which didn’t need much cleaning. Then just out of the blue I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting I come in her mouth. She just melted against me, her body shaking with lust and need. I knew I could fuck her then if I just pushed the issue, but I wanted her full acceptance of the incestuous relationship that I envisioned.

I knew one thing though. I knew that I had to taste her. If I could, I had to give her as much pleasure as she had just given me. So, I pushed her away from me and pulled off her cutoffs. She wore no panties, and her vulva was swollen and red and thoroughly wet with her juices. I gazed at her luscious cunt with its carefully trimmed pubic patch and licked his lips. “No fucking, not yet,” I said, “but I can’t leave you hanging, either.” My mouth covered her beautiful cunt, and I licked it from bottom to top, encircling her clit with my tongue. She groaned and her hands went gently to the back of my head as she spread her legs as wide as she could. My mouth explored her pussy, discovering where and what pressure pleased her most, and then I concentrated on those spots, except for her clit, which I saved for the finale. Then I reached with my hands and tweaked her breasts while I savored her flavors and fragrances. I wanted three meals from her pussy every day for the rest of my life, and Sara’s aroused scent had become my favorite odor. I fell in love with that cunt at that moment, relished it, and reveled in the utter pleasure that I gave her.

When I concentrated on her clit, tracing the alphabet one letter at a time with the tip of my tongue over the hard nubbin, she accepted the delightful sensations I created with my lips and tongue and climaxed quickly while I wrote the letter, “L,” with my oral pen. Then I flattened my tongue against her clitoris and let her move through her orgasm. She relaxed only a few seconds and encouraged my to continue. So, I added two fingers inside her grasping cunt; as my lips and tongue remained active on her clit and other places she liked me to caress while I continued on through the alphabet.

I wanted my sister to have another orgasm, so I helped her achieve her goal, but discovered her goal was broader still when she urged me to help her through yet another climax before she collapsed and pushed my mouth from her satisfied pussy. She then pulled me up to her and kissed me — soft, sweet kisses.

We touched each other tenderly and whispered endearing words of appreciation before Sara drifted off to sleep. The booze and release from sexual tension had done her in. I put my clothes back on, and found a blanket and tucked her in. She slept for three hours. While she slept, I rummaged in the kitchen.

One of the good things that came from being in the Corp, besides being able to kill someone 50 ways with my bare hands, is that I learned how to cook. So, I found somethings that I could use put together a mean spaghetti sauce, and I also had found a fresh loaf of French bread for garlic toast and the makings for a salad.

It was dark outside when she awakened. I sat across from her reading a novel that I had scrounged from the bookshelves. When her eyes fluttered open, she greeted me with a surprised look at first, which turned into a tentative smile. “So, you and I… it wasn’t all a dream after all,” she commented with a deep lazy voice and her smile broadened. “A dream come true for me,” I said. She stretched and her perky breasts slipped out from under the blanket. My mouth watered and my cock started to get hard again. Her nostrils flared. “What’s that marvelous scent?”

“Spaghetti sauce.” She grinned. “You, kind sir, you could become addictive.”

“That’s what I hope will happen,” I said.

The direction of my eyes took hers to her exposed breasts. She yelped and pulled the blanket up, and then with a curious look, she sighed. “Old habits die hard,” she quoted, grinned and dropped the blanket. “I grew up with the concept that exposing myself to my brother was a no, no. I’d forgotten that you’d seen them earlier, sucked on them, played with them, and…” Her nipples puckered and lengthened with her comments, and she appeared embarrassed by her own words. Again, she pulled up the blanket and covered her excited breasts.

“The scrumptious smells from the kitchen are making my belly growl,” she said. “Turn your back, and I’ll get up and dress and then we’ll eat.”

“No,” I said with a grin. “No?”

“No, I won’t turn my back. I’m not stupid. I want to see you naked and walking away from me. You have the greatest ass in this hemisphere and beyond, and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. You wouldn’t deprive me of satisfying such a harmless, little fantasy, would you?” She laughed, pushed the blanket to the floor and rose gracefully to her feet. She exaggerated the swing of her hips slightly as she walked away from him and, at the entrance to the hall, looked over her shoulder to see of I was still looking at her. I reluctantly raised his gaze from her marvelous ass to her mischievous eyes. “Thank you,” I said with a wide smile. She returned my smile. “You’re more than welcome.”

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