MY UNCLE MUSTAFA,,,MY FIRTS SEX ENCOUNTERMy first sex experience and first time was with one of my uncles, most of the time for young girls, is with a member of the family or some one close to the family,When I was 16 years old, I ate something, from a food vendor that It make me very sick,I end up in hospital. It took me time to recover, the following summer, my father send me in holidays to my mother’s brother and his family, So there I was in this boring village, for two months,I was going a lot of walking and eating, one day my uncle, asked my mother if he could take to the river to do some fishing, for two days we did some fishing, the third day, he took me to a very seclude place in the river, he told me we could do some swimming, I love swimming, I was very happy to go and swim with him, I tool my dress off and I went in the river with my underwear, we started swimming and playing in the water, I told him to go under, to grab my legs, lift me on his shoulders and through me back in the water, we did this foe a few days, I started to notice that some times, he will have a big bulge between his legs, when that happen, he use to go in the bushes,when he came back, bursa escort the bulge was gone, I thought nothing of IT, Next day It happen twice, my curiosity, make ask why, he was going with a bulge between his legs and when ha came back the bulge was gone, he told me that It was his manhood and when It was hard, men have to empty It, the next day, he was going to go again, I asked him if I could see It and If I could touch It, He told me that If he show It to me, must be a secret between us, nobody must know, I promise to him that I will not tell anybody, He pull down his underwear, It was the first time that I shaw a man’s thing, He said that If he let me touch It, I have to let him touch me between my legs, In my innocence,I thought, why he would ask me that, when we being touching each other all the time while we were swimming, I said OK! While I was touching his thing, he started to touch me, but this time he was touching me between my legs very slowly and gently, I was enjoying very much the way he was touching my legs and the way he was rubbing my pussy, while I was touching his manhood, white and sticky stuff came out of mersin escort his thing on my hands, the next day, he asked me if I want It to touch It again, I say Yes! But you have to touch me between my legs,I enjoyed very much yesterday,After a while, he ask me if i like To kiss It, He holder his manhood and put It in my mouth and slowly started to push It inside my mouth, It was not long, when his manhood shoot out his white sticky stuff inside my mouth and face,, so much stuff came out that It was dripping down my mouth, I remember thinking that his white stuff had a nice taste, the next few days we stayed in the house with his wife and my mother, I think he wanted to see how I beehive in from of them after what we did, after those few days, I told him that I wanted to go fishing again, Next day by the river, we were naked, he put me on top of him, he told me to take his manhood and try to push inside my mouth as much as I could, while I was doing that, I felt his mouth in my little pussy,his tongue playing inside my tight pussy,,I was really enjoying his tongue inside my pussy , Then I felt the pleasure of my first orgasm in sakarya escort my life, I remember seeing lights and stars in my head, I was so mesmerise by It that when his white stuff cams out inside my mouth of his manhood< i didi not stop kissing It, after a while he let me down on the grass, open my legs and kissed my pussy and tight ass for a long while, The next day he kissed my pussy.little tits and tight ass, I had my second orgasm of my life, I was enjoying so much that I was ready to do anything he ask me, I had my monthly period, nothing happened for a week, We started going fishing, now I was undressing as soon as we got to the river, in the water, he hold me from behind and started to rub his thing on my little ass, after a while he took me on the grass and told me that he was going to do something different, he grab nt legs and holding his manhood, he put the tip of his manhood in my tight pussy and told me that he will not go all the way inside, I was to keep my virginity for my future husband, after a while he told to go on my knees, he told me that I can keep my pussy virginity but my little tight ass, is going to be his,, he tried for a few days to go all the way inside ,my tight ass, eventually he manage to get half of his manhood inside my ass, ( I THINK HE DID NOT WANTED TO force HIMSELF,TO GO ALL THE WAY INSIDE, HE WAS AFRAID, BECAUSE HE WAS HURTING ME, ) When Altanl did my little ass with his big cock,I walked funny for two days,

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