My very first time with a guy – Part 2

My very first time with a guy – Part 2S called me 2 days after the prom and asked me to come over, because he had some problems with his PC. Firstly I found this very suspicious, but I was okay, because I wanted to see him if we are okay…On my way to his place I was thinking only about the prom night and how I’ve kissed him, how he kissed me back and how everything was perfect in that moment.I knocked on the door few times very inpatient… I herd someone coming and opening the door and I saw his face, I was so happy to see him, but since the accident two days ago I wanted to keep everything cool. I have looked him into the eyes and said Hi and responded with Hi as well. I asked him what was the problem with his PC and he asked me to come in, then I saw him half naked, his lovely chest and that nipples. For a moment I kept looking into these nipples and how I made him cum out of licking them hard. Then he said, to go after him and he explained to me that he had problem playing some videos. He showed me the videos on his computer and asked me if its okay to take a shower while I was fixing the computer. Of course I said “No problem”. Its just took me half a minute to find out that I just need to reinstall the player he uses.Took me about a minute to reinstall it and to play the videos. I start the first video just for the test and I could not believe my eyes… It was him naked jerking off in front of a camera, yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me” and from that moment I became hard as a rock. In the second video he was wearing the underwear that I ripped at the hotel room, he said “You and no one else” and then he ripped it apart and begin playing with his asshole, but never fingered it. I could hear him coming already and stopped the videos.He walked into the room naked with a very short towel covering his privates, but was so short so I could see his balls hanging from it and a little part of his dick. I could not stop looking his wet athletic body, almost slipped a slobber out of my mouth just by looking at him. illegal bahis He asked me if I was able to play the videos and I confirmed. He wanted to check personally and he asked me if I mind for him to sit in my lap for a moment. I said nothing. Then he sat directly on my hard dick and felt it and rubbed it with his ass. I was even harder. He forced my legs together and spread his over mine and stared the first the second video with the underwear on him. I couldn’t hold it any more and kissed him on back of his neck and asked him if we are okay and he just moaned… I put my hand over his chest and squeezed his nipples and slid my right hand over his body to his dick but he grabbed my hand and said “Not that fast”. I grabbed his leg and put it over the desk, then bit his ear and made him to slide his head to my right and put my finger in his mouth and made him to suck it while I was squeezing his nipple. I whispered him that there no way back, and he was sucking it even harder. Few moments later I pulled my finger out of his mouth and gave him my other’s hand middle finger while I was going trough his lifted leg and began to look for his asshole in the towel. When I found it I started to play with his asshole with my wet middle finger. Then I pressed his asshole and reached in. He began to moan very loudly while sucking my other finger. After some time he began to moan even louder. I pulled my finger out of his mouth and put it in my mouth to lick it while he was looking over his shoulder. Then he told me that on his Flash Drive has another video that I would like to see and made me out of his asshole, to reach the flash drive and he wanted to put it in the computer so he stood up and leaned over the desk to find the USB port on the PC back side. Then I stood up and pressed him over the desk.I told him that if he wants to do something useful while lying on the desk to put his hands on his ass and to spread his cheeks, so he did. I pushed to towel up and licked his ass of as it was an ice-cream. I was spitting, illegal bahis siteleri licking, fingering his asshole again and again. After some time I grabbed him up and asked him, what was his favorite way to undress the bitches he slept with, he answered “With teeth” then I told him to do it! S kneeled before me and started to work on my sweatpants with his teeth. He bit and dragged them. Then S bit my cock through my underwear and drooled them. He drooled them a lot, so he could see my dick and balls through the underwear, then he looked me in the eyes and said “Looks amazing! I bet they taste even better!”. He pushed me to the chair and lifted my legs and bit my balls, he ripped my underwear looked me in the eyes and told me: “Now we are even!”… I was so hard, that made me even harder, then I asked him “Have you ever done this before ?” he returned: “No you are my first”, then I asked him again: “Are you sure ? You look quite impatient for a person never had a cock in his mouth”, then he told me: “Of course, I am imagining this moment for months!”, I could not believe what I was hearing…. in the next moment I pushed his head straight to my cock. He started to lick it longitudinal all 8 inches, vacuumed my balls, spit on and licked my ass. He was using nothing but his hands. Then he swallowed it and begun with the sucking… He sucked me for 10+ minutes, I had dozens of blowjobs in my life, but they combined cannot compared to what he’ve done time. While he was sucking me he started to play with my asshole and in some moment he penetrated me and I couldn’t hold it any more and push his head down on my cock and blew it in his mouth. S continued to suck me for a while, then I kissed him with the sperm in his mouth, then he swolled the sperm and smelled my cock and said: “This is how a real man cock should smell… sperm and his bitch’s mouth”, then I stood up and grabbed his ass and told him: “Now let me show you how a bitch’s ass should smell like”. I lifted him in my arms and took him to the canlı bahis siteleri bed and suppress him on it.Asked him: “whos my bitch?”, he kissed me and told me “I am your bitch!”, I poked his ass with my dick few times then I penetrated it for the first time ever… God that asshole was tight, very tight. I never fucked anyone in the ass before, so everything was experimental for me, I was fucking him slowly so he could get use to, then started to move around in his asshole and he liked it, he was moaning so laudly that I was afraid that someone will come and start asking questions. He grabbed my ass and pulled me all in him, and told me:”Come all in cowboy”, I was increasing the speed and I had the chance to lick his nipples, and the moment I started, he cummed on his body and major part of the sperm was in his six-pack, he pulled me all the way down to suppress him and the sperm now was on both of our bodies, then I just moved my hands over his nipples and he moaned, and I asked him: “Do you like it bitch?”, he answered back: “You are my demigod”, then I laughed and said “Demigod?”and started to fuck him very intensively and fast, then he yelled “God, God, God!!!”, i answered him “That’s better”, then he grabbed my ass, found my asshole and penetrated it again and I blasted my load in his ass. We were kissing and he suggested to get a shower…Under the shower we were making out, cleaning each others bodies. I fingered his ass in order that sperm to come out and licked it all of it. Then we were making out again, having some fun, and the moment I started to play with his nipples I was his almost 11inch erection… We stood at the mirror in the bathroom(still taking a shower), I was behind him and grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off with both of my hands, my cock was between his butt chicks, then he leadned over the sink and told me, “Fuck me again”, we had a lot of fun under the shower…For the rest of the summer we had sex all the time, we had a lot of fun and when it was time for college, we were accepted in the same one, and now we are roommates, we are having a lot of fun together and we had many other couples having fun with us, lesbians, gays, bi, straight guys 🙂 If you like this story, maybe I will share some other moments of S and me :)Hope you liked it 🙂

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