My very first time


My very first timeYes I have told this story a few times and even though it was sometime ago the memory is still vivid in my mind as if it happened yesterday! So I was in the wrong to cut ( skip ) a class and hang out in the woods near the high school. I still did not deserve what happened to me that dreary, dreadful Thursday morning.Minding my own business I heard foot steps coming my way behind me, turning I saw Charlie followed by Bruce running in my direction. As they passed they cried out ‘… run the Principal is coming with Coach Stephens…’ Panicking I started to run with the two of them looking back to see Daniel, the third of their group, lumbering our way! Daniel was about twenty feet behind but was with the first two as always.AS we ran, we crossed two multi lane streets and a couple of single lane streets and three or four heavily wooded areas until we reached a four foot high chain link fence and hurled over into a back yard! I had no ideal where we were only that I was out of breath and wanted a drink of water so bad I stayed with the three Juvenal Delinquents.I did not know this was the home of Daniel and Charlie, who are brothers and that Bruce, their cousin had already planned what they were going to do. It just happened that I was the one on the trail that day and was not singled out for what they had in mind!Once we entered Charlie went up the steps to the main part of the house, Bruce flopped down on the sofa and Daniel went into one of the bed rooms. Oh I am getting ahead of my self … the basement was cut up into two bedrooms, a toilet and a fairly large living area. There was a sofa, a chair with an ottoman and a couch.Also there was a large television and an entertainment center a tape recorder and player with a turn table for records. I could plainly see unmade beds in both rooms and the door to the toilet was ajar so I could see a shower and commode!Charlie reappeared and stated that no one was home and he could intercept any calls from the school administration. Bruce was flipping thru some Playboy mags and Charlie stated that he had some recent ones that he had not seen. Being cautious ( I thought ), I watched what Charlie was doing as he reached up on a high shelf. There was a couple of, what appeared to be, fragile keepsakes that his hands were pushing towards the end of the shelf!Charlie called out ( to no on in particular ), ‘ …grab that vase … ), wanting to be included, I leap to my feet and reached above my head to steady the items. I saw Bruce as he started to move quickly in our direction, thinking he was coming to assist us I returned my attention to Charlie and the items on the shelf!To my surprise and agony, Bruce slammed his fist into my unprotected stomach causing me to double over in pain. The breath was knocked out of me and I almost passed out from the blow! I was bent double in pain and could not make out what was being clearly said.There was hands and fingers fumbling at my belt ( just a few days earlier we had seen this film about helping those in distress. ), I thought some one was trying to loosen my belt so I could breath! All the while I was being pulled across the room to the ottoman.There were fingers at my tennis, I thought they were trying to steal my tennis! Once I felt my belt released and my pants loosened, I thought they wanted to steal my shoes. My jeans were pulled from my waits along with my underwear, I had no ideal what was about to occur.I tried to struggle and free myself as I was pushed down over the ottoman, I thought they were going to use a belt and whip my naked buttocks. Charlie had maneuvered his self so that he was now squatting over my head and shoulders trapping me between his knees and the ottoman!I could not see what was happening behind me but I felt the cool wet sensation of a liquid being applied to my butt crack. There were fingers that were spreading the substance between my clinching buttocks and soon one probed my anus. I screamed out in shock as I felt the digit enter my anal channel, it was joined by two more then three and soonthe bahis firmaları entire hand of fingers were sliding in and out my virgin bung hole!I has never had sex with any one and had no ideal as to how the act was to proceed, I had started to masturbate and fantasize as to what I was doing! I knew that a guy and girl could have sex but how I had no ideal! I had no imagination that two guys could even have sex. I had heard about ‘ Sissies ‘ but thought they were guys that dressed as girls, not guys that had sex with other guys!Bruce was sawing his fingers back and forth in my anus as I struggled and cried to be released! Some how Bruce managed to get between my thighs and pull apart my buttocks as he slid his male member up and down my butt crack! I was not even sure as to what he was doing, I could feel his huge dick head slid over my anus and here him grunt as it did so.I felt the large rubbery blunt warm/cool item press against my anal flower and tried to keep it from entering but my anal muscles had been loosened by his manipulations. No matter how I clinched my buttocks his man hood slid into my anal channel and my anal sphincter snapped shut tight around the neck of his male shaft!Bruce pushed his man hood into my rectum as he exclaimed (‘ … damn this pussy is fucking tight …’). My mind was racing trying to figure out what was happening to me and rationalize what he meant by ‘ pussy ‘ ! I kept thinking a pussy is a female and I don’t have a pussy I have a dick! And crying in agony as he pulled his huge weapon back and slid more into my virgin bung hole!It was not until I felt his thighs against mine, his midsection grind against my buttocks, that I got the feeling I was being sexual assaulted! I tried to scream and fight my way loose but was held tight by Charlie as he pulled my arms up in a double arm lock till my hands were between my shoulder blades.Bruce continued to slid his man hood back and forth as I whimpered and pleaded to be release and for him to stop! Bruce was so caught up with what he was doing or just ignored my pleas, he did not stop! After what seemed like an eternity, Charlie said ( ‘ …damn Bruce, it’s my time now. Come on and get this bitches arms …’ ). I felt Bruce pull his man hood from may anus and an exuberant amount of air escape making an obscene soon of air and moisture! Charlie and Bruce had done this so many times they had it down pat. Without missing a step they swapped places so fast I had no window to get loose. Bruce was squatted over my head and shoulders with his naked butt and moist penis resting over the back of my neck!I tried to cross my ankles and keep Charlie from getting in position but he managed to get his feet in and pry my legs apart. I pleaded and begged as I felt the huge penile glans of Charlie’s penis slid between my buttocks. As it passed over my tender anal opening I was terrified that he would injure me.Bruce tightened his grip and pulled my hands up higher, all I could do was go where Bruce pulled me! Charlie placed his enormous dick head against my anus, I cried out and pleaded for him not to enter my bung hole. Charlie chided me saying ( ‘ …let me hear you say please don;’t fuck me … ‘ ). I did not understand what he was saying and said nothing.I screamed out as loud as I could when I felt his enormously huge dick head start to part my anal flower. Bruce was the first dick to enter my anus and I thought he was huge, Charlie was larger and thicker with a dick head that felt like the size of a tennis ball! As Charlie slowly pressed his huge dick head into my rectum I cried like a baby. Charlie slapped my buttocks as he pressed onward till my anal sphincter slipped over his prodigious penile ridge. Once Charlie’s huge member was in my bung he waited a second or two before he pulled back and pressed forward! My body was now trembling uncontrollably as Charlie slid his tool back and forth.Bruce and Charlie continued swapping out for what seemed like hours before Charlie finally gripped my hips and rammed his entire dick shaft deep into my rectum and kaçak iddaa I felt his man hood as it started to throb and exploded shooting his substance into my anal channel! When Charlie pulled out Bruce replaced him and worked his dick in and oiut my anus till he too exploded in my anal channel!Bruce and Charlie had been keeping up small talk between each other until they had filled my bung with their seed. It was at that time that Bruce slid off my shoulders over my head and Charlie pulled my head up arching it back so Bruce could look me in the eyes!Bruce and Charlie want on to tell me about Daniel and how he don’t like for his pussy to be whining and crying. They told me a story of how Daniel got mad at one dude in Juvenal Hall and fucked him so hard he had to wear a bag to defecate in. I was terrified as to what was about to happen when I got a glimpse of Daniel as he came out the bed room.Daniel’s penis looked to be the size of anaconda and hung down to his knees! Fearful I cried out in fear as Daniel disappeared behind me. Charlie pulled from my anus and took hold of my left wrist while Bruce maintained his hold on my right wrist!Daniel was behind me and placed his feet in the hollow of my knees and pushed, one at a time, down to the floor as Bruce and Charlie pulled my arms till I was in the position Daniel wanted me! I could feel Daniel’s huge thighs as they parted my thighs and the warmth of his body as he neared my bung. I was fearful as Bruce and Charlie continued to assure Daniel that they had warned me and that Daniel should be careful cause one more complaint would put them all in jail!I was scared out of my mind as I felt Daniel part my buttocks with his fingers. Then I heard and felt him as he spit between my buttocks and used his huge dick head to spread the substance over my anus. My body continued to tremble as Daniel gripped my hips and pulled me to him. His dick head felt like it was the size of baseball as he pressed against my very tender anal opening.With on carefully timed lunged Daniel slid half his fuck tool into my anus. I could not believe what was happening to me as Daniel pulled back and pressed forward again seating his entire shaft all the way in till his pubic hair was pressed into my butt crack.Daniel slid his mammoth tool back and forth a few rimes before he instructed Charlie and Bruce ( ‘ … let the bitch go. You gonna act right and let me fuck you, right? … ‘ ). My body trembled as Bruce and Charlie let my wrist go and They dropped down. I gripped the ottoman as Daniel whispered in a hushed voice ( ‘ … you gonna be my bitch and make me happy or else. You understand! … ‘ ).I begged Daniel not to do this and pleaded for him to let me go. I promised I would not report them if they just let me go. Daniel asked ( ‘ … You promise to do any thing we ask if I let you go? … ‘ ) I answered in the affirmative and Daniel continued ( ‘… You know we can not trust what you say. So this is what I am gonna say … we gonna fuck you till we get satisfied and you want tell no one. Do as we say and you can go when we finish! … ‘ ).I looked at Bruce and Charlie as they stood stroking their male member, and as I looked at them they both agreed saying ( ‘ … we gonna fuck you, you gonna be cooperative or else … ” ). Reluctantly I agreed and immediately regretted it as Daniel rammed his dick in my anus a hard as he could.Charlie gripped my chin forcing my mouth open and inserted his rock hard dick telling me ( ‘ … bite me and I’ll knock out your teeth. Now suck my dick like you said you would! … ‘ ). With Charlie’s dick in my mouth and Daniels’ dick in my butt I could do little to object!Charlie had hold of my head and fucked my face ramming his dick into the back of my throat causing me to gag so much that I started to vomit. Just as I started Charlie pushed his dick head into my throat and started to ejaculate emptying his entire substance into my throat! Cum, mucus and vomit exploded from my nose mouth, from my lips around his huge dick shaft all over his stomach and balls.Daniel just kaçak bahis held me tight and grind his huge member deep into my butt. Charlie pulled from my lips as I continued to vomit. Once I had finished Daniel and Bruce pulled me from the stained ottoman over to a pad that Bruce had hurriedly assembled.Daniel pushed me to my stomach and I was immediately terrified as I realized that I was now completely helpless!Daniel took advantage ans begin to pound into me like a mad man. I screamed ( ‘ … NO PLEASE. I PROMISED TO DO AS YOU WANTED PLEASE DON’T! …’ ) Bruce knelt at my head and guided my face to his now throbbing male member and said ( ‘ … show us. Start sucking my dick like you luv it! … ‘ ) Daniel slowed to a grind as I lowered my face to Bruce member and started to suck at it.I sucked at Bruce’s dick like it was a piece of candy thinking I would be released before Daniel could do any harm. After close to half an hour my jaws aching Bruce started to cum in my lips and I tried to catch it all only to start to vomit again.Bruce joined Charlie in the toilet to clean himself and Daniel pulled form my thoroughly used anus and ordered me ( ‘ … get your funky ass over here on your back. I want your legs up like the bitch you are! … ‘ ). Trembling and barely able to move I manage to get over to where Daniel was now standing.Daniel’s enormously huge male member was standing out like the limb of a tree as he ordered ( ‘ … Start sucking my dick and make me believe you are enjoying it or it’s gonna be very bad for you! … ‘ ). Tears and mucus hanging from my chin I crawled over to Daniel as he stood with his hands on his hips. I reached up for his man hood and Daniel slapped my hands away saying 9 ‘ … use only your lips tongue and mouth! … ‘ )On my knees I raised up and tried to catch Daniel’s throbbing male member with my lips till I caught his dick and tried my best to suck it. His penile glans was so huge I could barely get my lips over it and had a hard time keeping my teeth away from his glans.Daniel stood perfectly still as I tried to suck his dick until he pushed my head away and said ( ‘ … now on your back and pull your knees up to your chest … ‘ ). Daniel knelt between my knees and pushed my feet apart farther as He stroked his enormous member. It was at this time that Bruce and Charlie came back into the living room standing over us stroking their man hood.Daniel guided his enormous tool into my buttocks and I cringed as his gigantic dick head touched my anal flower. Daniel pressed against my anus and it started to spread and envelope his huge dick head. Daniel moaned slightly as Bruce exclaimed ( ‘ … dam Charlie, look at that shyt. That bitch want that dick! …’) Daniel lowered his body to mine and started to grind and hunch till he had three quarters of his twelve inches into my anus.It was at this time I was startled to see a flash and hear the whine of a Polaroid camera. This was a device that took instance pictures. I was moaning and crying as his huge member worked it’s way into my bowels and I could feel his dick head as it started to worked it’s way around my innards! I started to lower my feet and Bruce and Charlie grabbed my feet and pulled them back as Daniel continued to savagely fuck my open anus.For the next four hours the three of them used me as they wished. I was there for them to use for almost seven hours before they were finish for the day.I had swallowed so much cum and had so many loads of cum in my anus that cum dripped from me. I was made to suck dicks as they slept or suck them till they were ready to fuck again I could never refuse what they wanted if I was to be released. I was so terrified that I did as they commanded without resisting until I was told to leave!Bruce and Charlie took lots of pictures of the four of us in many poses. From me sucking them to them having sex with me in many poses! When I was told to leave I had to dress in the back yard and walk home with cum seeping from my anus and drying on my face.Once I was home I manage to get into the bath before my folks could see me and instead of taking a shower I filled the tub with water and slipped down in the soothing warmth. I fell asleep in the water and was woken by my Mom telling me to go to bed I looked exhausted!,

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