My way to Cuckold


My way to CuckoldI have translated this from German such a good story, i think it should be sharedoriginal is here wife and I are a couple in their fifties and rather conservative. Our c***dren are grown and out of the house.My wife Anne and I had earlier in our marriage a completed sexual life. The toI regret that over the years became increasingly monotonous. My wife is in spite of its 51 years still an attractive woman. Even though their pool is somewhat expansive and yet quite hang her large breasts.I think it’s still cool when her lush pubic hair untamed from their girdle out growing and are seen her huge dark nipples through the bra.I Martin, am 54 years and very busy at work, so I often worked come home and think about sex hardly.Often I think that deserves a more fulfilled sex life Anne would have and it should have a lover who it worried her tidy.We often had barbecues in our garden where our c***dren invited friends and acquaintances. On this evening said two young men had little too much to drink, sothat they could no longer go home and we offered them to stay with us. The one we brought under in a small chamber and the second lay with us on the living room couch. The young man was wearing only a boxer pants which was very wide cut. We had all gone to sleep when my wife decided not to check all windows and doors and to remove the lights Only the hall light stayed on and seemed weak in the living room. I went again to the toilet and on the way back I looked briefly down the stairs into the living room. I watched as my wife just bewagte across the room when she was seen against the couch and stared transfixed at the young man. His shorts were slipping and his flaccid penis and his testicles were hanging out on the side.I quickly went into the bedroom and did as if I’m already asleep when my wife slipped canlı bahis under her blanket. When all was quiet for a long time was my wife quietly and went down into the living room. I waited a bit, and followed her. On the stairs I stopped and watched my wife in the living room. Anne leaned over the bed and looked at the powerful tail of the young man. Her hand moved it between her thighs, and I saw how she worked her cunt.The sight of this thick tail and heavy testes had made my Anne totally cool. I looked too short and put me back to bed and waited for my wife reappears. After a few minutes my wife came back into the bedroom and lay down quietly again. Anne snuggled up to me and I pretended to wake up.I could smell her horniness before I touched it. She kissed me passionately and drove down to my cock, which was already semi-rigid. She stroked my shaft standing after a short time. I went the image of my Anne in the living room through the head.My hand moved to the body of my wife down to the end of her nightgown. I was surprised that my wife had no panties on, even though she always wears a sleepwear. When I touched her pussy it was dripping wet. It must have been years ago that her hole was so juicy and formally expired. As I bent down, she opened her thighs. I smelled the scent of her cunt and pushed my tongue into her swollen vagina around them auszuschlürfen. It took less than 30 seconds, and my wife was shaken by an orgasm. We no longer fucked in years. When I asked her what she would have done so incredibly hot, she replied “nothing”.I told her that I would have earlier observed in the living room. At first she seemed a little angry, but when I told her that it would have turned on me as they would be satisfied before the Bull tail.I suggested once again together to go down to look at his butt. She thought at first, but then we crept again bahis siteleri jointly to the young man. Only now I could see exactly what was my married woman excited way. From his boxers hung his heavy balls and an enormous tool. Its proportions surpassed in the flaccid state already my if I have a stand.From that day changed our sex life. I knew that I want to see my Anne, as she is fucked and inseminated by another man. I wanted to watch as another cock my beloved wife and expands her his sperm deep in the abdomeninjected. We started to talk about the possibilities to find a young man she met. If our barbecues three months later Jacob the young man was back again with. My wife tried nachzuschenken him alcohol again. It seemed to work, since I promised him that he could stay with us again. That calmed him, and so he remained as they were all gone another. We sat in front of the TV and even chatted a bit, as Anne said that she wanted to go once a shower. When she came back after 15 minutes, I did not say anything, but my mind was the screeching wail. She was wearing a nightgown that was completely transparent and her huge nipples pressed through the fabric and her pubic hair showcased. The reaction was when Jacob immediately visible, his tail was outside. As it Anne asked if he wanted to have a drink, he could not speak and only nodded his head. When she refilled him she turned her mare ass to him so that he had a look between her thighs to her strong Intimate. He stretched out his hand to her and drove between the buttocks to her labia. He stood up and took off his pants. Now we can see his butt full size.Anne looked at me and then leaned down to him by his mast in the hand to take. Slowly she began to jerk on his penis.They had to be directly in front of her eyes Begattungswerkzeug. I now stood behind my wife and squeezed her ass cheeks apart güvenilir bahis as far as possible. With a smacking noise gaped apart her cunt. Her hole was soaking wet. Meanwhile, my wife had her lips around his penis and licked at his clever Luststab.I drilled my index finger into her cave and with the other hand, I tugged again at her clit. My wife began to moan louder and louder and her labia were shaking.She moaned and asked me to introduce her this Bull tail. For this purpose, she sat on his lap, and brought into position. I pulled on her labia and took this young bull tail him my Anne introduce in the abdomen. Slowly she lowered herself to this mast. What a horny sight to watch at close copulation my own wife. While my wife was hit, I worked my tail and my eggs.My wife ran out formally. Its juice ran already on his sack and dripped down. Now I could no longer resist and licked her nectar from his balls.This has probably also for Him to have been too much, because a tube he pumped his sperm into the belly of my Anne. At the same time my wife screamed and collapsed on her stallion.In several episodes he inject a plethora seeds on the cervix my wife. On each shot his juice squeezed at its piston outward.Then he slowly pulled his phallus from the vagina of my shaken by orgasm wife.The scent of this unequal union rose into my nose and I could not resist the temptation to lick with my tongue through the alien inseminated vagina of my beloved wife.She was dripping and drooling and stretched her open sex to me. Her pussy was stretched wide and flooded with alien sperm. I sucked and licked his sperm from my wife and begged Also in her to be allowed to cum. Then she relented and allowed me with a smile my marriage tail to perform in her mare hole around him in a bath in his young bull semen. They took me to the testicles and pulled me deep into her wet tube. No sooner had I pushed my cock in the vagina flooded my wife asked me to inject my favorite on my seed over it. That was too much for me, with me, the lights went out and I poured myself into my wife.Ponti Fex

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