My Wife, and the Big White Dick inside of her.


My Wife, and the Big White Dick inside of her.Let me start off by saying that my wife and I have been swinging with other couples and sometimes a single male or female the whole time we were dating and after we were married. Needless to say, our sex life is far from normal. She and I have done our fair share of having sex with other people. It was during these escapades that I found out how much watching another man fuck my wife turned me on. Little did I know where I would end up when all was said and done?There was one instance when my wife and I were at the neighborhood bar and had met up with a guy at the bar that we had hit it off with and when the bar closed, we weren’t ready to quit partying. After a few minutes of chatting it up, I let the two of them talk for a few minutes longer while I went to take a piss. It was then that Cheryl, my wife, asked Marc if he wanted to go to our house and continue the party. He gladly obliged and to this day, I don’t know if he knew what he was getting himself into. Once we got to the house, Cheryl took Marc into the living room while I got beverages for everybody. When I got to the living room I found my wife on her knees in front of Marc. She had his jeans undone and was working his big, veiny white dick out of his underwear. I must say I just stood there in awe. At least 10 inches of meat and balls were hanging out of Marc’s Calvin Klein boxers! She pulled this monster out of his shorts with ease. It was also fatter than any dick that I’ve ever seen. But, the surprises weren’t over yet.My wife started playing with it, flopping it around and slapping it on her lips. I realized that it was still flaccid. She started working her magic on it and the next thing I knew she had serious man meat in her hands. One of the biggest and thickest white dicks I’ve ever seen! This thing was so massive that when she stroked her hands up and down it there was way over an inch between her thumb and her fingers. She looked like she had died and gone to heaven. Cheryl looked so happy. I knew there was no way this night would end without her having that dick.At this point, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t say anything. I just set all the beers down, and walked over behind her and started undressing her. I guess this was my way of letting her know that she had my approval of anything that was about to happen. And happen it did! Marc had his dick within my wife in more positions in one night than I had in a year. I have to admit I was feeling a little left out, so I undressed myself and stroked myself waiting for şişli escort the opportunity of an orifice to bury my meager eight-inch long (yet thick) dick into. After about forty minutes, Marc finally got his rocks off inside Cheryl and as soon as he pulled out, I was there to shove my dick in. And I did. I immediately felt that something was wrong, this wasn’t the same tight pussy that I was used to. It didn’t take me long to find out why. I looked down at my dick and couldn’t believe what I saw. The entire base of my dick, my pubic hair and both of the insides of my wife’s thighs were all covered with cum. This guy must cum by the gallon! I continued fucking probably because of my wanton lust, and when I came Cheryl and I got off simultaneously. After we caught our breath, Cheryl said she was going to jump into the shower and get cleaned up. While she was gone I had commented to Marc on the size of his dick, and his reply was that it wasn’t such a blessing. He said that it was the reason that some of his relationships had failed. He said that a lot of women said that he hurts them too bad. I guess I just didn’t understand. I would love to have a dick like his. And eventually, I would, but not the way I anticipated. It wasn’t long before Cheryl came back from getting cleaned up and we all just sat around talking and drinking and just getting to know each other. Eventually, Marc went home and we went to bed. It was then I asked my wife if she had a good time. She said “Oh God yes”. He had such an awesome dick. Then I told her about what he said about hurting women, and she said that it didn’t hurt her, but she knew she was full of dick to the point where she felt it hit the bottom of her uterus. She said that she came at least four times. In all our years together, I was lucky if I could get her off twice. And I do mean lucky, because most times she doesn’t get off at all. So what was coming didn’t surprise me too much.One night, Cheryl wasn’t getting off work until midnight, so I sat home waiting for her. It got to be about one AM and she still wasn’t home, so I figured that she just stopped after work to have drinks somewhere and I wasn’t worried, so I went on to bed. The next thing I knew I was getting woke up by someone sucking my dick. Yeah, it was Cheryl (I was fantasizing that it was my co-worker Marshana, yet that’s another story for later). At that point, I had figured she went and had consumed a couple of drinks and was feeling a little frisky upon getting home. So as she was sucking my dick, I pulled her ass around so that şişli escort bayan I could lick her pussy. I started licking her and noticed how wet she was, and her reply was, “Oh yes, I am wet. I need you to clean me up.” And so, I did! She continued assaulting my dick until I came in her mouth. Then she turned around and started kissing me. It was then that I noticed that she didn’t swallow. She was making me swallow my own ejaculate. Then she asked, “How did that taste?” I told her, “It tasted like cum”. Then she said “Does it remind you of anything?” Of course, I said no. I asked Cheryl why, to which she mentioned that she had stopped and seen Marc on my way home tonight. Well, fuck! It took a minute for all this to sink in and the first thing I did was flip on the light on the nightstand and spread her legs and checked out her pussy. Again, the two of us have an open marriage, yet it would have been courtesy (as part of our rules) to let me know beforehand that she was going fuck Marc after getting off work. I didn’t know what I was looking for and I don’t know why I did it. What was I expecting to find? So I looked up at her questioningly, and said “You mean to tell me that you stopped off and fucked some other guy, and came home to me and made me eat your pussy that was full of another man’s cum?” Then she said, “I didn’t mean for you to eat my pussy, I just knew how good I felt from getting laid, that I wanted you to feel the same way, so I thought that I’d suck your dick. And, when you started eating my pussy, I didn’t even think about Marc’s ejaculate being in there.” I didn’t realize it until I saw Cheryl look down at my dick, it was hard as a rock, but, it was then that I realized how much these last five minutes had turned me on. The other amazing part was, it turned her on too. It was then that we found out, purely by accident, that I’m a cuckold, and she’s a cuckoldress.Then there was this other occasion. I was down at the corner bar, having a beer, and Marc walked in. He ordered a beer, sat down next to me and asked where Cheryl was. I told him “At home, I just came down here to have a couple beers.” It didn’t take him two minutes to finish that beer. And he was out of there. I thought that something sure didn’t seem right about his quick departure. So I finished my beer and headed toward my house. Upon arriving, sure enough, there was Marc’s car parked in front of my house! So I parked down the street, so they didn’t hear me pull in the driveway. Walked stealthily to the house and sneaked into the enclosed front mecidiyeköy escort bayan porch and peeked in the living room window. All my suspicions were confirmed when I saw him on top of my wife, on the couch, and that ten- inch veiny, white horse cock pumping into, out of, into, out of, my wife’s pussy. This guy’s tight ass and hips just kept thrusting, and thrusting, and thrusting! What to do, what to do… well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I did. I sneaked back out of the porch, and into the side door (my usual point of entry) and walked in and caught Marc in the short strokes. He froze, but his dick didn’t, I could see it spasming, rising and falling, rising and falling, rising and falling, dumping his loads of penis pudding into my wife’s wanton pussy. I didn’t say a word. I just turned around and went into the kitchen and got three beers out of the refrigerator and turned around and Cheryl was standing there, cum running down the inside of her thigh, and said, “You aren’t mad are you?” “No, I said. But I am curious, are ya’ll done, or are we going to continue?” “We can continue, only if it’s okay with you.” I thought for a second and of course its okay with me, like I said, if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And join them I’m going to do. So we moved everything up into the bedroom.We all sat around relaxing, drinking a beer anticipating the next round. It didn’t take me any time at all to get my dick hard, so I started off fucking Cheryl doggie style, while she sucked on Marc’s dick in the meantime. It didn’t take me long at all to cum and drop my seed along with Marc’s in her pussy. I lay down beside Cheryl watching her suck on that monster when she looked over at me and asked me to “Please, lick my pussy. I’m so fucking horny” so, I laid down on my back and had her straddle my face so that she could continue her assault on the monster. I was licking her clit and her pussy when I realized Marc was coming around behind her and I watched that huge fucking cock spread her pussy. I couldn’t believe my wife’s pussy could accept anything that big. But it did. A couple inches at a time, slowly, now back out, now in again. Wow, that’s half of it. A few strokes of half of his cock, three or four more, and he’s got that whole mother fucker inside her. Now back out, goddamn it’s still coming out, Jesus, that thing is fucking huge! Now it’s all going back in, wow. Oh my God, I can’t believe he’s fucking her that hard with that monster. I can’t believe he’s not hurting her, she loves it. She’s moaning loud, she’s Cumming, damn, did she pee? She never cums like that with me. I can’t believe how hard he’s fucking her with that thing. I don’t know if they planned that, or if it was that fucking bulls’ idea, but whatever the case may be, I loved it and can’t wait for it to happen again.

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