My Wife, Me And Our Neighbors – Part 2


My Wife, Me And Our Neighbors – Part 2We had convinced Reshma, Amrita’s mother-in-law, to have sex with us. We agreed to call our other neighbors as well.Reshma made a phone call and within two minutes those two guys were in my house. Vishal (son) and Kumar(dad). Both of them knew what was happening here and sat next to Reshma, trying to seduce her by placing their hands on her thighs and massaging her but they were eyeing my wife Renu.Vishal: Renu you look beautiful. I’ve got gifts for both you ladies.Renu: Oh no you didn’t have to.Kumar: But we want to.Reshma: What gifts?Vishal: Anto if you don’t mind. Can we gift your wife?Anto: As long as you don’t have any sexual desires towards my wife.Vishal: We do have sexual desires towards her and that’s why we are here. We’ve got some bikini and skirts for both the ladies for them to look hot.Anto: Sure only if both let me eye fuck both your wives you can do it to my wife too.Kumar: Ya sure just eye fuck.Vishal: Here ladies this is for you. Please do wear them and let’s have an erotic day.Both Renu and Reshma accepted the gift and went to wear them. And when they came out they were wearing skirts little less than knee length and both their ass were clearly visible perfect shaped.They had worn the bikini underneath and my wife wore a semi-transparent top and she also gave one to Reshma. Immediately seeing them I got a hard-on. But Vishal and Kumar straight away got naked with their erect cock.Vishal: Reshma this time you promised me that you would let videotape you.Renu: Please don’t videotapeKumar: Anto if you let us videotape Renu and Reshma we’ll get you laid with our ladies.Anto: Wow you both father-son are ready to fuck. Whom will I get laid with?Vishal: We have another surprise for bursa escort you. Why don’t you videotape us?Anto: What do you think?Renu: It’s your choice.I was getting more turned thinking my wife involved in an exciting desi group sex and getting fucked by two other men and I agreed to videotape them because both Vishal and Kumar’s wives were hotter than Renu and Reshma. Moreover, Vishal’s wife was lactating too. So I agreed.Reshma: Anto why don’t you get naked too so that we can suck you when we are getting fucked by these two.Renu: Sounds like a plan. Let’s see how horny you get seeing me getting fucked by someone else and getting fucked at the same time by two other men at the same time.Anto: I already erect seeing you both in sexy outfits.Vishal moved behind my wife’s back and hugged, poking his hard on dick on my wife’s crack. He said to Kumar, “Dad, Renu has a virgin asshole I can feel it. Do you want to inaugurate it?” Kumar said, “Then let me do that first.” Kumar came near my wife and made her kneel.Kumar: Bitch Renu, I thought you were a whore but seems like neither Anto nor Roshan noticed that they missed out on cracking your ass. Vishal lubricate her asshole. Randi Reshma, come here and clean her ass first with your mouth. And when will you let us fuck your daughter-in-law?Reshma: You guys are talking dirty and not respecting us. Please don’t talk this randi and all.Vishal came up to me and asked if I loved watching **** kind of sex with them. And he would treat them gently. And I said, “As long as you don’t hurt them badly, I’m ok.” And then Vishal signaled his dad Kumar.He went to Reshma and slapped her, and told to do what he said and Reshma kinda enjoyed it and got horny. Vishal went to my wife again and told bursa escort bayan her, “Don’t you want me to be the father of your baby like Roshan did.”Renu: Are you going to get me pregnant now?Kumar: We love fucking pregnant ladies. But first, let me inaugurate your ass. Reshma clean that ass with your tongue properly.Vishal: Anto do you have some oil?Anto: Yes. Can I watch up close when you break Renu’s virgin ass?Kumar: Be my guest. I’m going to do it so neat that your wife will never forget me doing it for you.Reshma had sucked her ass clean off and Vishal gave some oil to Reshma to lubricate Kumar’s dick while Vishal was lubricating my wife asshole. She was moaning with pleasure. Both the ladies were still in their skirts. Kumar seeing Renu get lubricated got horny as mad and made Reshma lubricate his cock with oil in her mouth.Seeing all this happening, I was getting hornier and hornier. Wow, cuckolding is also fun at times. Kumar pushed Reshma aside, went behind Renu lifted her skirt up, pulled her bikini down and in one go tried to force his cock into Renu’s ass.Meanwhile, Vishal asked Reshma to clean my cock with her mouth again. A loud scream from my wife. Then I saw Kumar’s thick 6-inch dick was halfway through her ass. I could see her pussy oozing out with fluids. Kumar told Renu congrats your ass is now open for business.While Kumar was ass fucking my wife, Vishal pushed his dick in her mouth when she was moaning. Both father and son were enjoying every bit of my wife and she was enjoying it too. Reshma made my cock wet as fuck and thick hard. The sight of my wife getting fucked by two other men and my cock getting sucked by another elderly lady was amazing.It was time for the main event. Kumar lay down escort bursa and asked my wife to sit on his dick. She was moaning out of pleasure. Kumar’s dick was now in my wife’s pussy and Vishal came from behind and entered her ass. My wife was moaning so loud probably the whole floor heard her. She orgasmed 3-4 times by now.Reshma asked if I wanted to fuck her in the ass too. I asked which one of them broke her ass virginity and to my surprise, she told it was neither Vishal nor Kumar. But it was her own son Roshan when having a foursome along with my wife Renu and Amrita.She also told Renu wanted to keep this a secret. Wow, my wife was really a slut and that very thought got me horny. She was enjoying both father and son so much that she asked them both to cum in her. I knew for a fact that she would get pregnant again and as usual, it was not mine.I was ass fucking Reshma and she asked me if I wanted to get her pregnant and she won’t let anyone know I was the father. I told her if ever she got pregnant I would fuck her for all nine months and then drink her milk as well. Reshma said that my cock was thicker and longer than Vishal and Kumar’s.Renu orgasmed multiple times by now and even Kumar cummed in her ass. But Vishal was still fucking her hard in the pussy. He cummed in her too. Seeing my wife like that, I also climaxed in Reshma. After sometime Vishal and Kumar banged Reshma too.And then later Vishal was ass fucking Renu meanwhile Kumar was ass fucking Reshma. There was so much moaning and pussy juices oozing out and our house was smelling of fresh sex juices. Both Vishal and Kumar were satisfied banging my wife and they also promised me their wife in the same week.Reshma promised me Amrita. I was expecting to fuck 5 ladies this week. It did happen, which I will tell talk about in my next story. I and Roshan swapped our moms and wife for a threesome and I got to fuck Vishal’s virgin sister along with his mum and wife and my mother in law in a foursome.

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