my wifes smelly nikes after a rainy day

my wifes smelly nikes after a rainy dayThis actually happened by mistake. I always cut the grass in the same white Nike shies. So one day I cut the grass and took my shoes off to jump in the pool. When I got done swimming I forgot to bring my shoes in and it rained. Later that nite my wife said you left your shoes outside and man do they stink soothe flag went up hey babe it’s gonna rain again tonite how about leaving your shoes out for burdur escort me. So as the good wife she is of course she went and got her favorite tennis shoes that I love to smell her feet after she takes.them off while we’re fucking. Well to my surprise I was laying in bed the next morning and my wife came in wearing nothing but those Nikes. My wife has very nice tots 36dd and a pussy that just is just to die for. She took me up escort burdur by giving me one of her signature bjs wow what a way to be wakeup. She got me nice and hard and climbed on to give me one of the.longest fucks ever. She kept me nit to cumbto wait till she took her shoes off she said it would be magical and my god was she right. She got me right to the brink and said ok you duck me so I flipped her on her back and went to burdur escort bayan town. Wow her pussy feels great like that it’s so big and wet. She told me ok I want you to cum so I pulled her shoes off and just like that it hit me the most intense foot smell I’ve ever smelled it was stronger than my shoes which were rank. She said have at it so I put her foot right to my nose and took inhaled wow it was intoxicating I took 3 shifts and blew my load in her pussy and kept pounding and smelling and believe or not I actually had another orgasm 30 seconds later from the smell. It was the best sex ever and she is the best wife ever forwearing her stinky rain shoes for me to bed.

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