Myself and Jenna Part 2


Myself and Jenna Part 2As I wrote once before, my first lesbian experience was with my best friend Jenna. This is part 2, my 2nd lesbian experience.A few months after meeting my hubby, Jenna and I planned to have a girls night at her apartment. Her boyfriend had a braai with friends and mine was away on business. It was a friday night, we ordered pizzas, had a few glasses of wine and we chatted. After eating we went to her room where we changed into our pj’s.While doing our nails we chatted about our boyfriends and the great sex we have been having. The chat soon landed up to the weekend away when we make out and did a few lesbian things. I soon started feeling horny, from all the sex talk. Jen offered me ice cream which sounded great. I joined her to kitchen to get it while pouring us another glass of wine. Back to the room we went, bahis firmaları putting our glasses down and sitting on the bed eating the ice cream. Looking at Jens legs in her pj’s I decided to put some ice cream on her thigh and then gently kiss and suck it off. Naughty girl she said, I replied not yet, but soon I will be. I told her to lay down and I lifted her top. I put ice cream on her nipples, giving her a nipple stand, soon moving down towards them to lick it off. Her hard nipples landed up in my mouth as I sucked them. I moved up to kiss Jen, our soft lips touching and soon our tounges met each others again. We stripped each other and soon Jen laid me down. She place a half spoon of ice cream just above my clit. With my body heat, it started melting and running down my clit and pussy. I then felt Jens tongue starting kaçak iddaa to lick it up, while spending a lot of time licking my clit afterwards, making me moan. She place her finger into my pussy and rubbed my G spot, bringing me to orgasm. She moved to place her legs between mine, and her pussy was touching mine. We both grinded back and forth as our wet pussies rubbed each others as we moaned from pleasure. We stopped and I told her kneel, I moved behind her and started licking her pussy. I eventually put 2 of my fingers into her wet pussy, against her G spot and with my thumb on her clit, I moved my hand back and forth fingering her. She was moaning from pleasure and I started feeling her pussy tense up around my fingers, making me rub her harder and faster as she started moaning loudly as she orgasmed. Once she finished orgasmning, kaçak bahis she fell down onto her bed out of breathe. I kissed her up her back till reaching her neck. She turned over and I laid on top of her, placing my hand on her face as our lips met again. After a passionate kiss. We decided to jump in the shower to wash the sweat and stickyness of the ice cream off us. We foundled each others boobs and kissed and sucked at each others erect nipples, while washing each other, rubbing our pussies and simultaneously entering a finger, and rubbing our g spots making our bodies tense up, as we brought each other to orgasm again. smacking each others asses after orgasmning, we laughed and giggled at the fun we just had. Jen called me her little slut and she was my horny bitch. Facing each other with cool water falling on our bodies, our hands on each others asses, pulling one another’s bodies close together, our boobs touching, our lips met and tounges exchange saliva for one last kiss of the night. But not the last kiss of our amazing friendship.

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