Nailing Heather

Big Dick

As a regular visitor to the Netherlands to visit relatives in the Havre, I normally fly or on occasion use the Euro tunnel. However, on a whim this last June (2015), I opted for the cross channel ferry from Harwich. I had a few days annual leave to use up, so was in no rush and hoped to do some sightseeing, as well as seeing loved ones.

It was on the return trip that the little escapade I wish to relate, took place. For reasons that will become obvious, I must be very careful in not betraying the identity of the individual involved, while remaining true to the events.

I was reclining in my chair near the bar, watching a party of female students go by. Clearly Dutch from their more demure though somewhat understated sexy look, they paused to consider how to entertain themselves before moving towards what used to be called the ‘duty free’ shop.

I took a sip of my beer and noticed a girl, seated by the porthole, with a glass of something and engrossed in a novel. Something about her was familiar. Not family or a friend, but very familiar. I gazed at her, and with that sixth sense that women have, she looked up and glanced in my direction. I instantly knew who she was, though didn’t react, or show any sign that I had seen a ‘VIP.’

I watch a few programmes regularly, being more a radio kind of guy. This particular young lady happened to be a fairly high profile regular in a certain popular TV drama, although she had been less prominent of late. She fell firmly into the category of a guilty pleasure, and it was with some self-reproach that my usual fantasies came to the fore as I took another furtive peek.

From my view point I could tell she was wearing some sort of pullover and jeans. I really wished for a closer look and began to concoct some pretence on which to wander in her direction.

I got up and walked down the gangway, past the shop and did a right past the bar, until I had a clear view of where she was sitting. She had one foot on the rim of her stool and one leg dangled. I pretended to peruse the bar menu, while keeping half an eye on the girl. She looked somewhat older than her on screen character. Not by much, but enough to assuage my guilt, anyhow. At this point, there was nothing more in my mind other than to say hello, although I was wary that ‘famous’ people might be weary of random greetings.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye and I looked her way. Wow! She was beautiful, sexy and cute all at the same time. I allowed a faint glimmer of recognition to cross my face.

I knew her real name as well as that of her character, which I will change for the purposes of the story.

“Hi Heather! How are you?”

I wanted to be friendly and confident, while not making any cheesy allusion to her role.

“Hi. Good thank you,” she replied.

“Sea journeys eh! A bit dull on your own.”

“Ha yeah! Got my book.”

“Oh, yes, my apologies. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“No, it’s okay. I was just going to get another drink, anyway.

“Yeah, me too. Just wondering what to have. Can I get you a glass of wine or something?”

“You can get me a Southern Comfort and coke. I’m allowed to drink now!”

“Really?! How so?”

“I turned eighteen two weeks ago. Which is awesome, cos just got my A levels results and would be kind of nice to celebrate!”

I listened to her softly spoken voice; she had a faint accent that went perfectly with her angelic features. Her eyes sparkled and her long fair hair shone in the light from the round ship’s window. She stood up and joined me at the bar. She was taller than I thought she would halkalı escort be, but still probably five inches shorter than me.

Her pullover turned out to be a very sexy crop top cardigan, revealing the cutest little navel. Her breasts were smallish but delightfully perky. Her jeans were of the currently popular waist-high type, which hugged her slim shapely figure, including a subtle but none the less evident camel toe.

As she turned towards the bar, I looked down and admired her exquisite ass, which was gloriously pert. She looked at me and smiled. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t entertain a glimmer that I ‘was in’ although at that stage it would have been very optimistic, to say the least. I had been to a Christening that morning and was smartly dressed, which probably meant I cut a dash. I might easily have been in a scruffy jeans and T shirt, but hadn’t bothered to change. Christenings aren’t like weddings, so I wasn’t suited, but was sporting a navy blazer and grey trousers.

I got the drinks and took them to her little table, where I took the other stool, trying not to make my study of her lovely boobs, too obvious.

“So, what brings you to Holland?” I asked.

“Just visiting a friend. We went to school together, now she lives over there with her parents.”

“I see. By the way, congratulations on the A levels.”

I raised my glass and tipped it towards hers. She raised her glass and there was a clink as they met.

“Thank you. How about you?”

“Sister married a Dutchman. Just been to my niece’s Christening.”

“Awww… that’s nice.”

“Yeah, good weather, too. How come you’re travelling alone?”

“Just how it worked out. My folks are on holiday. Had this trip planned ages.”

It was about now in the proceedings when she would mention her boyfriend. Girls seem to do that, even when it’s not relevant to the conversation, just to throw you off the scent, as it were. However, the chat moved on to the weather and the price of ferries with no boyfriend entering the equation.

So far so good. As time went on, there was a little grooming going on. It was subtle, just the odd stroke of her hair and then the curling a few locks round and round her finger. I was about to change the subject when she excused herself and headed for the ladies’ room. Her butt was amazing, accentuated by her very slim waist, as I watched her disappear around the corner.

I looked outside, where the Dutch coastline had long since vanished and all was the grey blue of nautical twilight. I was glad of the company, but had the feeling that the evening was about to go in one of two ways. The odds in favour of one, by about a hundred to one.

She came back and it was hard not to feel a pang of lust as her breasts jigged slightly in her top. To my dismay, she didn’t sit down again but went to pick up her book and I figured that was that. However, what followed took me by surprise.

“Do you fancy a coffee?” she asked.

“Okay. Is it that late. A cappuccino then please, if they’re doing them?”

“No, I meant in my cabin, if you like.”

“Ah, right! Yes, sure that would be nice.”

We could have taken the stairs, but she headed directly to the elevator. As we entered, I had already begun to develop the stirrings of an erection, and decided to test the water. If it was hospitality for a fellow passenger, it was unusual. If she was up for some action, then there would be no harm done. As she pressed the lift button for her landing, I leant over her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“I’d just like taksim escort to say, I think you’re fucking hot!”

She looked round and smiled coyly and said, “Thanks.”

That did it. As we reached her door I was getting properly hard.

She slipped the facilities card into the slot just inside the door, which worked the lights and I followed her in, as she threw her novel and hand bag on to the bed. As she clicked the button on the coffee maker, I stood behind her and slipped my hands around her waist. She gave a slight gasp and a shiver as I slid my palms over her perfectly toned tummy. Her skin was warm and so soft.

My hands wandered up her top, slowly, at the same time as I pressed the hardness of my bulging erection into her bum. I moved her hair to one side, revealing her delicate skin and placed soft kisses on her neck. She sighed a lovely sigh of pleasure as I kissed tiny stepping stones down her neck and onto her shoulder, where I gave her the tiniest little bite.

“I didn’t bank on this when I boarded,” I said.

“Hmmm… some things are just meant to happen.”

“You’re irresistible.”

“Am I?” she said, genuinely surprised and flattered.


As she dispensed the coffee into a couple of cups, I ran my hands over her top and kneaded her breasts through the fabric. So many girls are having boob jobs these days, but hers were soft and clearly natural. Give me small real ones, all day long. I paused to take a sip of my coffee and then kissed her on the lips. Her left hand immediately traced the outline of my cock, giving me a squeeze at the same time.

“I’m nearly a virgin, by the way.” She spoke apologetically, her eyes heart-melting.

“When you say nearly a virgin?”

“I had this one boyfriend. It was ages before we did anything and then he didn’t know what to do. I’m not experienced or anything and he came straight away, so he was hardly in before he came.”

“I see. Well, I hope I can make it last a bit.”

“I want you to fuck me properly. I want to know what it’s like for a proper man to fuck me. You’re in the right place at the right time.”

“Obviously! Wow!”

Heather was so hot, I honestly didn’t know how long I would last, but would do my best not to disappoint. I kissed her again and began to run my hand inside her top. She was wearing a quite flimsy, silky-textured bra and her breasts immediately began to squish over the top.

We continued with a few hot coffee kisses as I groped her and was now seriously in need of some room downstairs, as my erection pressed painfully into my trousers. We edged towards the bed, and I lowered my zip with one hand, as I encouraged her to remove her top with the other.

I soon discovered that the buttons on her ‘cardigan’ were a design feature, so we rolled off her top and in the same instant, I lifted her bra, revealing her lovely, up-tilted breasts. She had the most wonderful puffed areolae. I cupped her breasts with both hands, gently kneading them, until I was able to give her beautiful soft nipples a little pinch. Kneeling on the bed and with an overwhelming desire to suck her perfect tits, I cupped her left breast, massaging it with my fingers, as I closed my lips around her right nipple. I sucked softly, drawing her tender titty flesh into my mouth. I kissed the other one, making her boobs wet with my saliva, as I found the zip on her jeans.

I eased the zip down, as I kissed her on the lips, my cock now all but bursting out of my boxers. When I had drawn the metal tag far enough over the teeth, I rolled her jeans down şişli escort over her gloriously plump little ass.

Her panties had the same fine silkiness of her bra and yielded against my fingers, as I pawed her soft, round cheeks. I stood up and kicked off my trousers and tore off my boxers, leaving me naked with my cock pounding, and only her pearl-coloured panties between her and complete nakedness. I longed to savour the moment and knelt on the floor before her, as I peeled off her knickers.

My cock twitched, as I revealed her little tufts of a landing strip, which led the to the pink fleshy groove of her sex. I slid her panties off, letting them fall to her ankles, as I gazed at her perfect pussy. She had beautifully swollen labia, bordering her slightly protruding pink inner lips. I nudged her pussy with my nose, sliding upwards, following the movement with my tongue and parting her sweet petals at the same time. To my delight, a little drizzle of juice oozed from her pussy. I lapped her nectar with my tongue and delved further, releasing even more wetness.

I stood up and eased two fingers into her vagina, making her moan sweetly, as she drew her fingers against my chest. Her hot wet pussy yielded to my fingers and simultaneously gripped my fingers with its tightness. This was going to be a real pleasure.

I turned her round, asking her to lay her hands flat on the bed, as I ran my fingers along the hot, sticky crease of her bum. I had fantasized over this gorgeous ass enough times on TV, so I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass, now fate in her wonder had dealt me a perfect hand. I dropped to my knees and had her bend lower, as I parted her cheeks and rolled my tongue along the length of her bum. I found her tight little hole, glazing it with my saliva, and mingling my spit with her pussy juice, until my cock was pounding to the point of exploding.

I stood up and guided my cock into her pussy. I groaned loudly at the blistering sensation of pleasure that shot through my loins as I ploughed her sweet cunt. I held on to her hips, as I drove my cock deeper, then drew out slightly and then plunged again, until I was buried to the hilt.

Heather moaned loudly, a high pitched squeal-moan emitted as I fucked her as hard as I she had wished. As I thrust harder, she bent over more, resting her elbows on the bed, allowing me to get deeper, until I was banging her pussy hard, my balls slapping into her and the whole bed creaking against the wall of the cabin.

Her cunt was hot wet and tight and the amazing sensations were making me near delirious with sublime pleasure as my cock burned and my balls were full to bursting. I gripped the top of her thighs, as I pulled her towards me, banging her pussy with every ounce of energy that I could muster.

Her body went suddenly tense and her squeals of delight grew more intense. Her whole frame jerked and trembled as she gave little breathless pants between her shrieks of orgasm and she came on my cock, the creamy girl cum coating my shaft. I was struggling to hold back now and knew I would cum at any second. I gave her a few quick thrusts and pulled out at the last moment as my cock erupted with thick ropes of spunk. I covered her ass with spunk, ejaculating in long white splatters and then a little shower of watery cum, which rolled down the back of her legs.

Heather collapsed onto the bed, rubbing the cum over her bum cheeks with her hand. I staggered onto the bed, totally spent.

We cleaned up, sharing a shower, which was rather snug but nice and intimate, Heather relaxing as I soaped her boobs and bum.

Afterwards we had a nice hour chatting in her cabin over another coffee and some cookies. It was quite late and we were both tired after a long day travelling. I kissed her good night and went back to my cabin, still pinching myself as I recalled the amazing sex I had had with ‘Heather.’

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