Naked Mother Ch. 04


Next evening, I asked my son for a tennis match.

“Why not mom,” he seemed pretty excited.

“Mom, I need to go in and change.”

“Me too, darling.”

I went in and put on a short dress, one of those that makes Maria Sharapova such a hot sex symbol. It showed of my cleavage, my shoulders, and my armpits. And I decided not to wear my bra and panties. I knew my butts and pussy would show if I ran around too much. That had me really excited.

I jumped and ran hard throughout the game. Whenever, he came up to the net, I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in his shorts.

The game ended. He had won 6-4.

As I walked up to the net to shake hands, I smiled. He was looking at my cleavage.

“You seem to be lost somewhere, Andy.” I asked him and smiled again.

“No, no mom”… he replied rather nervously.


June 24


Mom looked so sexy in that dress She showed off her cleavage, shoulder curves and armpits. I can’t believe it. She wasn’t wearing her bra and her panties. I could see her butts and pussy as she went for the balls. I felt like masturbating on court. I just couldn’t wait for the game to get over to go back to my room and masturbate.


I loved what he had noted in his diary.

The next evening I decided to go out shopping. Andy was away with his friends. I was looking for a blue bikini. I looked through the entire range in my favorite store. But there was no blue bikini to be found. I finally asked a salesgirl. And she came up with a blue bikini.

“It’s defective….the string below the cleavage can break anytime. So we’ve taken it off our shelves. I’ve just picked it out of the box for defective items.”

Looking at that bikini I had an idea.

“I want this.”

“What …… a bikini whose top could come off any time.”

“Yes….pack this one for me. How much is it?”

“We’ll only charge 50 cents for packing. You can take this bikini free.”

I was delighted. I was getting a malfunctioning bikini for half a dollar.

Back home, I told Andy of all the shopping I had done.

“You know Andy, I’ve bought myself a new bikini. I’ll show it to you tonight.”

Later at night after dinner, I slipped into my new bikini. Then, I picked up my mobile phone and sent an SMS to my son….

“Come and see mom in her new bikini”

I slipped the bra cup a little and got one nipple to make its way out. I lay in the bedroom waiting for my son.

Andy, how was your day.


“How was yours, mom?”

“Wonderful. I went shopping. I picked up a nice bikini. See, isn’t it nice.”

“Oh mom, your nipple is coming out.”

I pretended to check my bikini bra. The bra string just below my cleavage broke completely exposing my breasts and nipples.

“Oh God, such poor quality……I’ve been ripped off my 50 bucks.”

I was pretending istanbul rus escort to complain. But I just loved my bikini malfunction.

I removed my bikini bra and tossed it away.

“Mom, should I fetch you another bra or a top.”

“Oh Andy, its too late at night now. I don’t think I need another top now. I just need to sleep.”

I slipped my hand into my panties and placed it over my pussy.

“Andy, just switch the light off. I need to relax now.”

I noticed the big bulge in his shorts before he could turn the light off.

As soon as he had turned the light off, I inserted my finger into my cunt and began to make some noises…..aaaaaah………ooooohhh…..oohfaaaaa. I was loud enough for Andy to hear. I wanted him to wonder what I was doing in the dark. I’d already given him a hint by placing my hand in my panties.

“Goodnight mom.”

“Goodnight Andy……aaaahahaha…..faaaaaa.”

I began to slip my panties down inch by inch till it had reached my knees. Then I pulled it down and threw it away. I was now completely naked.

As I masturbated, I was wondering…..will Andy ever confess to masturbating to me. Oh Andy….why can’t you just come up to momma and say….”Oh mom….you looked gorgeous coming out of the pool naked…..I had a blast masturbating to you last night” or “You’re so sexy mom…I’ve been masturbating to you since my teens.”


June 25


Oh God, mom’s bra….it fell off….what awesome titties….I’ve seen them before….but they just looked sexier last night. Mom refused another top and slept topless. What was she doing with her hand inside her panties?

And she was moaning….ooooohhh……aaaaaahhhhh……faaaaa…… after I turned the light off. Was mom masturbating….was she… Did mom take her panties off too after I had left her room? Does mom sleep naked? And she made a noise….oohffaaaaa….Did she mean fuck? What am I thinking? Oh my….


Next night after dinner we went back to our rooms. I watched TV for some time. There was nothing interesting. So I put it off. I logged onto the net and got down to reading erotica. It was a story of a boss trying to seduce a younger colleague by showing off more and more of her beauty. The story had a strange effect on me. I now wanted to expose myself….to my son. I looked at the clock. It was well past midnight now. I did not even how so much time had just flew away while I was busy reading erotica.

I stood in front of the mirror. I removed my gown and tossed away my bra and panties. Then I pulled out a rubber penis from my cupboard. I switched on some music. I was dancing all naked. Then I inserted the rubber penis into my cunt. I jumped on to my bed and turned the light off. I was masturbating like crazy in the dark.

Minutes later, I heard a voice.

“What’s kadıköy escort this mom”? It was Andy.

“What’s it honey” I asked.

“The music is too loud…I wanna sleep mom”

“Well you may turn it off…I’m too tired to get up.”

“I can’t find the music system mom. It’s dark”

“You may put the light on…you know the button.”

“Oh…mom…why don’t you do it…I’m all naked”

“It’s ok Andy…..nobody wears anything on such a hot night as this.” I said justifying nudity.

After all, I was naked too. But I didn’t tell Andy. That was for him to find out. I was now waiting for him to turn the light on.

He did.

I was spread out naked on the bed masturbating with the rubber toy in my cunt while Andy was naked too. It was incredible.

His semi-erect penis was completely hard in no time and oozing pre-cum. I made no effort to hide myself. It was my hottest exhibitionist fantasy coming true. I was fully naked and masturbating while my naked son watched.

He just stood there, stunned and watched while I flaunted my sexuality shamelessly. It was incredible. I was experiencing some of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever had. I was in no mood to let the opportunity go away. After all one I was enjoying of my hottest exhibitionist fantasies coming true. I was masturbating absolutely naked while my naked son stood and watched. With one hand I continued to pleasure my pussy while I grabbed the bed sheet with the other out of sheer delight. I was moaning like a nymphomaniac……ooohhhh…….aaaahahhhha………oh fuck…oh fuck…fuck…fuck me hard.

I was talking dirty now. I just couldn’t resist the urge to say the words, “Fuck me hard ” It was so damn irresistibly pleasurable. I knew my son was watching and hearing it all. That’s what made it such a turn on.

After I had finished, I turned to Andy.

“Oh Andy, you should not have stood to watch momma in her private moments. But I understand you were curious. Let me tell you momma was not doing anything sinful or shameful. Momma was just masturbating to relax herself. I guess you know what that means. Almost all women masturbate at some time or the other…particularly when their husbands are away;just as almost all boys masturbate…those young like you masturbate very frequently…sometimes several times in a day and night. I don’t know whether you masturbate or not….but if ever you get an erection and feel like masturbating…..don’t hesitate…..just do it……believe me it is fun…..and it is safe. I hope you know what erection means.”

His erection got harder. I could see him oozing pre-cum. He turned to leave the room when I asked him to turn the light off.

“Andy….please turn the light off….I don’t want anyone to see me while I masturbate naked.” I said as I fondled my breasts.

As he switched the light off, I kartal escort got down to business again……oooohhhhaaa…………..aaaaahhhaa…….fuck…..fuck me hard.


June 26


My….my….that is something…..I saw mom masturbating all naked……and she made no attempt at covering herself…. she seemed to be enjoying the fact that she had been caught…..and she suggested masturbation to me….what is mom doing.


The next evening, it was really very hot.

I decided to move to my son’s bathroom for my bath.

I kept the bedroom and bathroom doors open as I undressed myself completely. I showered myself naked and waited for Andy to return.

He walked in. I carried on showering myself as normal. Off course, I had an excuse ready.

“Oh God,” he said.

“I’m sorry honey, the shower in my bathroom isn’t working. “

“It’s ok mom….its pretty hot. I understand you need a shower. ”


June 27


What’s going on.? Mom was all naked in my bathroom!!!! She is driving me and my cock crazy. She is incredibly sexy. And she looks so good naked.

If only I could have a few hot pictures of mom all naked. I would love to masturbate to those pics. Oh mom…your naked pictures…they would make for some real hot masturbation material. Will mom ever pose naked for me…is there anyway I can have pictures of momma in the naked. Even pictures of mom in sexy lingerie or bikini….would make for some fantastic masturbation stuff.


I was reading it and enjoying it.

The next evening, I wore some real skimpy black lingerie and a matching transparent black mini skirt….this mini was fully transparent at the back but only semi-transparent at the front……another way of teasing my son. Then I called Andy to my room.

“Mom….come over for a swim.”

“No honey…I’m feeling a little tired. Can you give momma a little massage?”

“Of course mom.”

And I lay down on my bed.

“Where do I start mom?”

“My feet and legs…darling….going all the way up.”

Then he got down to massaging me.

He started at my feet and then gradually came up to my knees. Then he moved up to my thighs.

His fingers stopped just below my see-through mini.

“Oh Andy……don’t really worry about the skirt….you can lift it and massage momma’s upper thighs.”

Soon his fingers were all over the inside my see-through mini.

I loved his massage.

Then he massaged me all over my belly.

He moved up and massaged me all over my shoulders, my arms and my back. He almost made me wet with excitement.

Andy was wearing only his boxer briefs. I could see the bulge inside his briefs.

“Oh….Andy…’s a reward for the lovely massage you have given momma.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh…Andy….here it is.”

I got up and took out a camera. I gave it to Andy.

“I know you have been trying to learn photography, Andy.”


“Do you wanna take some pictures of momma?” I asked him with a smile.

“Sure mom…I’d love to have you as a model.”

To be continued…..

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