nancys nite out pt 1

nancys nite out pt 1“Damnit,” she said as she got out of bed in one quick motion. “Late, mother fucker,”“Good morning baby,” came from the bed scaring the shit right out of her.Lying in her bed was prolly the best looking man she had ever seen. Struggling to remember the night before, staring into his startling blue eyes. Rolling her look down she took immediate notice of his flat abs and thick arms corded in muscle that rippled with each movement. As the blanket moved as he sits up she caught a quick glance of the thick head of his manhood. Blushing she turned away noticing she was bare ass herself.“You mighty shy for woman who fucked like a spent lass last night.”“Oh my god,” she thought to herself,” I had this gorgeous man last night and I can’t even remember it” “what happened?” You see the last thing she remembers is sitting at the bar having a few drinks harmlessly flirting with the few guys that insisted on buying her every one.* * * *It was Friday night 2 hours after paycheck pick-up. Nancy was in such a fizzle on the way home. Someone at work had convinced her to go out. It would be the first time she had been out since her husband had run off with some little girl from his work. Nervous and not really wanting to, she decided it was her time for some fun. Standing under the hot water cascading out of the showerhead, (the one he didn’t like), she tried to decide what to wear. maybe something slutty, something a bit more consertive, or just something cute. Toweling off she walked into her bedroom. Opening up her closet she instantly decides she has way too many fucking clothes. Taking them out one outfit at a time holding it up just to throw it in the growing pile on the bed. She finally decides on black skirt, crème low cut top and a light shawl bright red in color. Tops it all off with a set of 4in open toed shoes. Dressing herself, she took pleasure knowing that her outfit would deffently piss him off. Him and all his bullshit rules and beliefs had never made sense to her anyways. She had always gone along with it just to appease him and keep the fighting to a bare minimal. Didn’t matter anyways, he still ran off and left me. Oh well, tonight kocaeli escort is all about me and I’m going to have a good time.“Locking the door, hailing a cab over to the closest club was just the beginning of her night. As the hours drew longer and longer and the shower of drinks keep coming she soon forgot about the one who had broken her heart mere days before.”“Marcus”I watched as she climbed out of the cab. Shoulder length blondish hair, pale creamy skin against the black of her skirt had my cock twitching at just the thought of taking her home. I have to have her tonight. Following her into the club keeping back at a safe distance. Hoping that she wasn’t there to meet someone i followed her right to the bar. From my height i could see right down her shirt to gaze upon two delectable globes of creamy flesh. my mouth watered as i pictured her face as i sucked and nibbled on each one. “Can I get you a drink” i ask praying not to be rejected. i knew i was a great looking guy. At 6’3 and just less than 200lbs dark skinned with washboard abs. “Sure handsome, but I got to warn you, I don’t do cheap.” She returned with a Grammy winning smile. That was when i noticed her bright blue eyes sparkling playfully. Lost in her eyes i didn’t even hear her the first time. Feeling like a complete ass i ask her to repeat, blaming it on the music he hopes i didn’t lose my chance.“Sex on the beach and a yager bomb please”.Smiling like a goon I fish for my wallet pulling it out flashing all hundreds as I lay one down to pay for the drinks. “Keep the change” I tell the man”.It wasn’t long before I had her up against me on the dance floor. Her titties rubbing against my chest, pussy grinding against my rapidly hardening cock. I take her head and turn her soft lips to mine and kiss her deeply. She tastes of yager and sweetness. I rip my lips from hers and sink my teeth into her neck hearing her moan in my ear. Out of nowhere I feel her hand slip into the waistband of my trousers and wrap her hand around my thick cock. Her eyes go wide as she slides her hand up and down the full length, all 9in. “You wanna get out of here?”“Yes I do, let’s go back to my place” she escort kocaeli replied. As I follow her out I can’t help but wonder if she takes cock up that wonderful ass that is just swaying back and forth.The cab ride to her place was the shortest ride I ever had in the city. Of course her hand back in my pants slowly stroking up and down made it feel like hours. When we finally get there I step out and almost shit my pants. In front of me is the biggest house I’ve ever seen. We go to the door and she fumbles the key into the lock. I follow her up the stairs, down the hall to the master bedroom. As soon as we step across the threshold she turns and our lips connect once again. Pulling her close against me, she palms my hard cock through my trousers. I slide my finger tips down her arms, up her sides to cup her wonderful breasts rubbing my thumbs on her hardening nipples poking proudly through her thin shirt. Unable to wait any longer, I slip the straps to the shirt down her arms and watch as it puddles on the floor. In front of my face are the sexiest set of titties I have ever seen. At least DD and perky as fuck with nice nipples sticking right out into the palms of my hands. Nothing like a sexy woman with the curves in all the right places. She undoes my shirt button after button till she opens it and runs her fingers through my chest hair. Pushing it back till it falls to the floor. I slide my hands back and cup her ass lifting her up and carrying her to the bed. Laying her back I slide her shoes off dropping them to the floor. Kissing my way up her leg, hooking my thumbs into her skirt and panties pulling them both to her feet, raising her legs up peeking at that sweet fuck box lifting them the rest the way off. Kissing her feet sinking my teeth into her ankles. Kissing my way up her leg just to switch to the other just when I reach that special spot. Finally I get back to that steamy sheath, planting a kiss right on her hard nub. Softly sucking on it feeling it get bigger sliding a finger up and down her slit feeling her get wetter and wetter. Plunging my finger deep inside that tight snatch rolling her clit back and forth with my tongue. kocaeli escort bayan Slowly finger fucking her sweet fuck hole. I lift my head as I slip a second finger into her. Her eyes go wide as I just rub my fingers back and forth against that hard nub deep inside her pussy. Her moans get louder and louder as her back arches and her pussy grips my fingers and her pussy floods my wrist.She reaches down and grabs my goatee and pulls me up to her kissing me deeply. She rolls me over onto my back. I breathe in deeply as she kisses her way down. Swirling her tongue around my nipples sending electric currents through me. Going even farther down she reaches my trousers, undoing the button with her mouth she slides the zipper down with her teeth. She lowers them down and just as my cock is out, it’s in her mouth. She yanks my pants down to my feet and I kick out of them. With one hand on my balls, the other wrapped around my shaft going up and down in rhythm with her mouth. Pulling it out covering it with spit she strokes it fast and hard slamming it back into her throat. Dropping it all the way into her throat she flicks her tongue back and forth against my main spot bringing me right to the edge. Knowing how close I am she pulls back with that great smile back. I pull her lips to mine and kiss her deep tasting her sweetness mixed with me. I pull her over me till her pussy is right above the head of my cock. I can feel the heat from that dripping wet hole but she wont let me in yet. Continuing to tease me, biting on my lip she drops her pussy engulfing my whole length in one motion.“Oh my god its so tight.” I cant help but say as she just sits on it flexing her pussy muscles on my cock. She slowly raises it up before slamming it back down. The grip she has on me has me almost there already. I grab her and bring her lips to mine for a kiss. Just when I know she isn’t expecting it, I grab her ass spread it wide and pull it out and slam it back into her. Over and over again bringing her to the brink and sending her spinning. The feeling of her pussy spasmzing on my cock sends me over the edge.“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum baby” I cry out.“Fill my fucking pussy baby.” “Give me all that fucking cum” she screams out. Bucking like a wild horse back and forth milking my every drop. She slumps over me completely spent. She raises up slowly moving off me. As she does I see my cum running out, down her thigh.* * * *

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