Nanny for a Week Ch. 01


Anna watched as her two young children hugged her sister. Kelly was kneeling down to their height, had them both scooped in her arms, and gave each a big smooch on their cheeks.

“Bye, Mommy. Bye, Aunt Kelly!”

“See you after school, Aunt Kelly!”

With those parting words, the kids ran down the driveway and into the waiting school bus. Their little cherub faces soon appeared at the bus windows, and they waved their hands frantically. Anna and Kelly both waved back as the bus rumbled off.

Anna turned toward her sister, taking both hands in hers. “Sis, thank you so much for staying here this week. I can’t tell you what a relief it is, knowing you’ll be here for the kids after school.”

“Oh, no problem, hon” Kelly said. “I’m going to have fun with those two!”

To any passerby on the street, the pair were unmistakably sisters. They both had thin, athletic builds, smooth, olive skin, brown-eyes and long, dark hair. Anna was older by four years, a high-powered, marketing executive. She was dressed the part: black pencil skirt, matching jacket and white blouse. The leather belt cinched around her waist accented her slim hips and long torso. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and came midway down her back.

In contrast, Kelly looked like she had just tumbled out of bed. She had. She was wearing tight grey sweatpants, a pair of tank tops, one black and one pink, layered one atop the other. She wore no makeup, and her curvy brown hair came cascading down over her shoulders. She was a few inches shorter than Anna, but slightly more curvy.

“When does your flight leave?” Kelly asked.

Anna looked at her watch.

“In about two hours. The airport limo will be here soon. Come on back inside, and I’ll go over the schedule.”

“Airport limo? Why isn’t Steve driving you to the airport?”

Steve was Anna’s husband. They had been married for the past seven years. He was a construction foreman. Kelly thought that was a big contrast to Anna’s jet-setting, executive lifestyle.

“Oh heavens, no. I can’t get that man out of bed any earlier than 8:00 am. Honestly, the kids will be fine, Steve is going to be your biggest trouble this week. He HATES getting up in the morning. I usually start waking him up as soon as the kids are out the door, but I have to nag him every 5 minutes until he gets moving.”

Anna strode to the foot of the stairs and bellowed, “STEVE! IT’S PAST SEVEN O’CLOCK — TIME TO GET UP!”

Kelly heard a loud groan from upstairs and giggled. Anna frowned at her.

“Why don’t you just buy him an alarm clock?” Kelly asked.

“No way,” Anna help up one finger and waggled it back and forth. “Never again. You know those commercials where the guy smashes the blaring alarm clock with a hammer? That’s Steve. He destroyed the last three alarm clocks I bought by smashing them on the floor or throwing them against the wall. There is still a big dent in one of the walls from his last morning rage.”

Kelly yelped, “Yikes!”

Anna patted her arm. “Don’t worry, he’ll behave for you. But seriously, every five minutes, yell up the stairs. If you don’t, he’ll sleep in and be late for work.”

Anna’s high-heels clattered across the floor as Kelly followed her into the kitchen.

“Ok, you saw the routine we did with the kids. I have their routine written down in here, too,” Anna tapped the top of a small notebook on the kitchen table. “They fetch their own breakfast, but you’ll need to make their lunches. The afternoon bus drops them off at 2:35. You shouldn’t need to do any grocery shopping. I bought enough for the next week. Dinner menu for each night is here on the counter, but feel free to mix any old thing together if you don’t want to follow it. I bought some things to barbeque, so Steve can help with the cooking a couple nights. He’s hopeless in the kitchen, but fantastic on the grill.”

A car horn tooted from the front yard. Anna pulled back a curtain and peered outside.

“My ride,” she turned to Kelly. “How do I look?”

“Sensational, sis.” Kelly gave her sister a hug. “You have fun at the conference, and don’t worry! I’ll take good care of Steve and the munchkins.”

“Don’t do all of the work,” Anna scolded. “Make sure Steve helps you around the house, too.”

“I will,” Kelly promised, following Anna to the door. The limo driver had already grabbed Anna’s suitcases from the front stoop and loaded them into the trunk. He was standing by the sedan, waiting to open the rear door for Anna. Kelly sized him up appreciatively.

He was young, probably just out of college — or more likely paying for college with this limo job, Kelly thought. She liked men in uniform, and this one had that athletic, sexy, confident look that she loved so much. She watched as the driver opened the door for her sister, and then caught him gazing a bit too lingeringly at Anna’s ass and her long legs as she settled into the car.

“Ahem!” Kelly coughed. The driver snapped back upright looked at Kelly, then blushed profusely.

As küçükçekmece escort he moved around to his side of the car, Anna’s window rolled down. “Don’t forget, you are Steve’s snooze control. Every 5 minutes!”

Kelly laughed. “Go impress people! And get your driver’s phone number, he’s cute!” Kelly noticed the driver’s face turn a brighter shade of red as he quickly climbed into the front seat.

Kelly waved as the car backed down the driveway. After the limo drove off, she stood for a few minutes, basking in the warm morning sun. She thought to herself, it’s nice here “in the burbs”.

Kelly lived about an hour away in the city; she was not accustomed to the quiet. The sun was shining, birds were chirpping, and a young couple waved as they jogged by the house.

“Good morning, Anna!” The man called out.

Kelly and her older sister were often mistaken for each other at all but family functions. Kelly waved back, and admired the man’s sexy butt as he jogged down the street with his companion (girlfriend? Wife? Kelly didn’t know, but his butt was cute).

The female punched the man in the shoulder, and Kelly heard her say in a high-pitched, mocking tone, “Good morning, Anna.”

Kelly grinned.

“Yep, I could get used to life in the ‘burbs,” Kelly laughed.

Back inside the house, Kelly stopped at the foot of the stairs. She was just about to yell up to Steve, then decided that was silly. She would just go upstairs and wake him.

Kelly had been in her sister’s house dozens of times. She knew the layout well. Up the stairs, kids rooms and her “guest room” on the left, master bedroom on the right. Kelly jogged up the stairs, and turned right. Just inside the bedroom door, however, she stopped abruptly.

Steve was in bed, sound asleep. He was wearing one of those ridiculous-looking sleep masks, the kind you place over your eyes to block out sunlight. But that’s not what stopped her fast. Her brother-in-law was sleeping in the nude. At least, it appeared so. The sheets were drawn midway up his stomach, but that was enough to give Kelly quite an eyeful.

Construction work agreed with Steve, and he had an amazing body. He was tan, lean and muscled everywhere. Kelly had long admired his bulging biceps when he wore those tight-fitting T-shirts at family gatherings, but this was the first time she’d seen him topless. And oh, what a sight. She knew she should turn around, walk right back down those stairs, and hollar up from the bottom. Instead, she crept forward for a closer look. Steve’s pecks were firm and smooth, his stomach rippled and tone.

Half in amusement, half in wonder, Kelly grabbed a handful of bedsheet and started tugging it down. As more of Steve’s sculpted abdomen came into view, Kelly’s pulse quickened. She wasn’t sure if she was going to be disappointed or relieved if Steve was wearing underwear to bed.

When the tip of Steve’s cock came into view, Kelly gasped. At first it was just the head, circumcised, lovely and pink. Then inch by inch, as she slowly pulled the bed sheet off, more of Steve’s cock came into sight. Kelly marveled at it’s size. It wasn’t just big … it was HUGE.

“And he isn’t even erect yet,” she murmured.

‘And what do you mean by that word ‘yet’, Kelly Ann Melo!’ Her conscience scolded. ‘You cover that up right now and head back downstairs this instant.’

But Kelly was riveted in place. She continued to admire Steve’s thick, meaty cock. She wanted to go in for a closer look.

Kelly paused, listening carefully. Steve’s breathing hadn’t changed. He was still sound asleep. She knelt down by the side of the bed, almost in reverence.

‘Oh, it’s a beast!’ Kelly thought to herself. Kelly leaned in closer to inhale the scent of Steve’s manhood. Mesmerized and not fully conscious of what she was doing, Kelly leaned forward. She licked her lips. She listened again for Steve’s steady breathing. Then Kelly stuck out her tongue and licked her brother-in-law’s cock. It wasn’t a short dab of her tongue. No, it was a long, slow lick, from the base of his shaft, all the way to the tip.

Kelly moaned. She loved cocks. She loved everything about them. She loved the heft of them in her palm, how they felt sliding down her throat, and of course how they felt between her legs.

Kelly paused, admiring the now glistening cock. She seemed to have lost sight of the fact that this particular cock was attached to her brother-in-law. Kelly moved her mouth back down to the base of his shaft … and did it again: one long steady lick from the base of his balls, up along every delicious inch of his shaft, ending at the very tip.

“Mmmmmmmmm, ” Kelly moaned softly, feeling her nipples getting harder beneath her tang tops. Steve’s cock was getting thicker, longer and fatter, too, as blood rushed to it. Kelly marveled at how this simple act of licking had such a powerful effect.

‘Ok,’ her conscience chided her. ‘You’ve had your fun. He hasn’t woken up, kurtköy escort now go.’

Kelly steadfastly ignored her conscience,hooked both thumbs into the waistbands of her sweatpants and panties, and slid them off with one swift motion. She slipped out of her sneakers, too, and climbed onto the king-size bed. She was naked, all but her tank tops.

‘What are you doing, girl?’ she thought as she reached out and tentatively gripped Steve’s cock. She was barely able to get her small fingers wrapped around it’s girth.

“Ok, just a little taste,” Kelly said. She took Steve’s cock into her mouth. Her lips tightened around the shaft, and she sucked on it. Her tongue danced across the vein of his cock and teased the bulbous head. Oh, how she loved the feel of wrapping her lips around a nice, circumcised penis!

Then it happened. It was bound to, sooner or later. Steve stirred and his hand came down on the back of Kelly’s head.

Kelly froze. The seconds that passed seemed like eternity.

“Don’t stop, Anna,” Steve whispered hoarsely.

‘Oh god, he’s awake and thinks I’m Anna,’ Kelly thought, panicing. ‘Well, of course he would. Who else would be in his bed?”

Kelly knew what she was doing was wrong. More than wrong, it was wicked!

Kelly risked a turn of her head. Glancing up, she saw that Steve had not removed the mask.

‘He doesn’t know it’s me,’ she reasoned with herself. Kelly figured she had another 30-minutes before Steve needed to be out the door. Time enough. Kelly started to bob her head up and down on her brother-in-law’s cock.

Furthermore, now that Steve was awake, Kelly no longer needed to be quiet. She made big, wet, slurpy sounds, sealing her lips tightly around his dick and sucking so hard that her cheeks caved inward. She pulled Steve deep into her throat. Deeper and deeper, until his breath came out with a wooosh.

“Jesus, Anna,” he gasped. Steve’s fingers knotted in her hair, encouraging her to continue.

While sucking on her brother-in-law’s cock, Kelly started fingering her pussy. She was dripping, horny as Hell, and desperately needed to cum. Then she had an idea.

She lifted her mouth off Steve’s cock, then with one swift motion, kicked one leg over and straddled him. Kneeling above Steve, Kelly looked down at his long glistening cock, drenched from her saliva. She laid his cocks down flat on his belly, then lowered her pussy down over his prick. At the first contact against her slit, Kelly’s whole body trembled. She pushed down harder.

‘This isn’t cheating,’ Kelly thought to herself. ‘I am just going to rub against him until I cum.’

Kelly’s pussy was very wet, and as she moved her waist forward, she glided smoothly across the length of Steve’s cock. Steve moaned.

“Oh, this is better,” Kelly whimpered softly. She leaned forward, arching her back and tilting her pelvis downward. At this angle, she was able to press her clit against Steve’s shaft, sending shivers up and down her spine. Between her legs, she could feel Steve’s cock plowing her petals apart. Her breath quickened as she slowly slid her body forward and back.

“Oh, Anna,” Steve moaned, “That’s good.”

Kelly bit her lip, trying to ignore the fact that Steve kept calling her sister’s name.

‘I just need to cum and get out,’ she thought. ‘If he doesn’t see me, I can convince him later that it was Anna all along — that I had just arrived a few minutes ago as Anna was leaving. And it’s not cheating, because we’re not having sex.’

Kelly looked down at Steve. He was still wearing the face mask, but his eyebrows were furled in concentration. His hands were on either side of her hips, and he was actively helping her slide back and forth.

“Oh God,” she whispered. Kelly’s body shuddered as she saw Steve become a more active participant. His bicep and shoulder muscles flexed with the effort of sliding her body back and forth.

Kelly closed her eyes, feeling herself build slowly toward a climax. Each time Steve pulled her forward, she would grind her clit down against his throbbing, massive dick.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she sighed.

Steve grabbed the bottoms of her tank top and started to pull them up over her head. Kelly was about to stop him but realized that might result in questions she wouldn’t be able to answer. She let him pull both tops off, first one then the other. His hands immediately cupped her breasts, squeezing the rock hard nipples between his fingers. Kelly knew this was getting more and more dangerous. She was at least a full-cup larger than her sister. Would Steve notice?

“Oh, god, Anna, you’re nipples are so hard.”

She couldn’t take it any more.

“Steve, I’m really close to cumming, but you’re ruining it for me by calling Anna’s name all the time.”

As soon as those words came out, Kelly covered her mouth with both hands. Steve let go of her boobs and jerked the facemask off his head. And there was his sister-in-law, naked, on top of him.

“Kelly, maltepe escort what the –“

“Shhhh,” she said, putting a finger to his lips, and rocking back and forth on him more earnestly. “It’s ok, it’s not sex. I’m just — ohhhhh — just rubbing against you. Unnnh! I’m so close.”

Kelly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She was quickening her pace.

“Kelly…” Steve started in again.

She was so close now, right on the edge. If he would just shut the fuck up, she could get off. Literally. Then she would get off him and they’d be done.

“Not sex,” Kelly gasped. “It’s just rubbing. Oh shit, right there.”

Kelly wasn’t sure if she had fully convinced Steve, but he stopped talking. That was good. That was very good. She kept her eyes closed as she ground herself against him, harder and faster.

On one of her forward movements, Kelly slid a little too far. In fact, she slid completely off Steve’s cock. She reflexively arched her back, pushed her hips down and slid backwards. But rather than just slide up along the surface of Steve’s cock, the head of his penis slipped inside her.

“Kelly?” Steve growled in a low warning tone.

“I know, I know, I know.” Kelly gasped. She was so close to climax, she didn’t want to stop that pressure against her clit. She started sliding back, but that just pushed more of Steve’s cock inside her.

“Oh, shit, you’re inside me,” she told him, as if she had nothing to do with it. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. His eyes met hers questioningly.

Kelly tilted her pelvis up and back, thinking that Steve would slide out. Instead, it just raised his pole. She was still impaled upon it.

“I might need a little help,” she said, hoping he could just lift her up a little. Then his cock would slap down and she could start humping against it again.

Steve’s hands were at his sides. Rather than lift her hips up, he started to slowly push Kelly’s knees apart. This had the opposite effect of what Kelly wanted,spreading her open, causing her to sink down lower, and take more of his great, big cock inside her.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Kelly exclaimed each word in rapid sequence. Now, nearly half impaled on her brother-in-law, it was Kelly’s turn to look questioningly at Steve. One of his hands moved up along her thigh. It caressed the slender curve of her waist, then slid over her round bottom. Slowly, purposefully, Steve started to push Kelly down onto his cock.

“Oh. My. God,” she said, feeling more and more of her brother-in-law push inside her.

Steve continued to push Kelly down onto him. When she was halfway down his shaft, Kelly dug her fingernails into Steve’s pecks, and lifted herself off him just slightly, a faint and feeble protest. Steve push Kelly’s rump downward again.

“You’re so big,” Kelly whimpered, “you’re splitting me in two.”

But Kelly let him push her down again, taking more of his massive penis inside her. It felt so good getting her cunt filled so completely, at last. Inch by inch, she slid down. Her trembled as she lifted her hips slightly. Then, without Steve’s coaxing, Kelly immediately sunk back down again.

Kelly exhaled, then repeated the motion, lifting herself up, then sinking back down. She started to work herself up and down. Her entire body trembled as she fucked Steve harder and deeper with each rocking motion.

Steve did little but watch the sweet twist of emotions on her face.

“Oh, god, Steve. I’m…”

Kelly bit her lip, her whole body convulsing.

“I’m cumming. Oh, yes. YESSSSSS! OH MY GOD!!”

Kelly rocked her body back and forth, slamming onto Steve’s cock, digging her fingernails into his chest and sobbing uncontrollably. As she rode the final wave of her orgasm, she collapsed onto Steve’s chest, sucking in big gasps of air.

“I’m sorry,” Kelly whispered into Steve’s neck. “I couldn’t help myself. I had to.”

Kelly kissed his neck, nuzzling him. For his part, Steve hadn’t said anything yet.

“Anna said you had a hard time getting up in the morning,” she tried to explain. “I wanted to see how hard it was. I mean … “

She waited, for what seemed an impossibly long moment.

“If this is how you plan to wake me up every morning,” Steve replied finally, “We’re going to have to an amazing week together.”

Kelly squealed, and clamped her pussy around him tight.

“Oh my god, yes,” she whispered, “Like this all fucking week!”

Kelly could still feel him, thick and incredibly hard in her cunt. She squeezed the walls of her vagina, clamping around him. She realized he hadn’t cum yet, but was determined to change that.

Just then, her cellphone rang.

“Shit,” she said, scrambling off her brother-in-law, rolling over to the side of the bed. She reached down to grab her phone from the pocket of her sweatpants.

“Don’t answer it,” Steve said, rolling onto his side and admiring her curves as she leaned over the bed. She had an amazing ass, and from this angle he got a tantalizing view of her wet and swollen pussy.

The phone rang again. Kelly recognized the custom ring tone. It was Anna. “Shit, shit, shit,” she said again.

She flopped onto her back, and motioned for Steve to be quiet by putting a finger to her lips. Then she tapped the answer button.

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