NannyThis stofy goes back a ways but it was a day two of us wont forget.When my k**s were younger my wife thought it would be a good idea to hire a nanny.She was working full time and I owned my own business and things were good but she thought we needed some help around the house.My wife can try to be controlling you see and she already had a plan unknown to me.As it turned out my stepdaughter(who no longer lived with us)had a friend whos dad left and did not get along with her mom and was looking for a place to stay.She already knew the whole family and we had room so it seemed like a good idea.So we hired her.Now she hadn’t quite finished high school yet so my wife had to home school her.She seemed to fit right in and was comfortable in our house.the k**s thought she was a bitch so things were good.she would even run anadolu yakası escort through the hosee in a big tee shirt and panties.Did I mention she had an awesome body with perky little tits.We had few rules for her,She was not allowed in our master bedroom suite or my shop were the two biggies but I always thought she was using our shower when we were gone.I was self employed so I could come home at any time and she knew that.If i ever came home early I would always stay as quiet as i could hoping to catch her in an akward moment.he he.Until one day I get home real early,before noon even.I get in the hose and sure enough I hear my shower running and it can’t be my wife because she’s at work and her car was not there. Now I don’t want to go rushing in there because that ataşehir escort might be wrong.So I sit in the kitchen because she has to walk right by my to get to the lowerlevel where her room is.I hope for the best.I hear the shower stop and in a minute I hear the doof open.I think i even got a hard-on.JACKPOT..She walks out totally naked with wet hair.Her eyes get huge when she sees me and says..You asshole I threw my clothes and towel down the chute.I say I’m not the one using the wrong shower and have done nothing wrong.We are both laughing It’s a good mood.She is not trying to cover up and seem fairly comfortable walking past me to get to her room.I admit I was staring and trying to burn her image into my brain for later.Great ass.A few minutes go by and and she comes upstairs and ümraniye escort punches my shoulder and says i owe you that.I say..worth it.She starts making a sandwich or something in the kitchen.I am staring at her ass.I am getting super horny and decide to go out to my shop to jack-off.I have a little room in the back I keep some mags and my weed.The nanny knows about this room because we smoked weed out there a couple times.I like to get naked when I jack-off so i take off my shirt and kick off the shorts I’m wearing.I flip open a magazine and start going to town I’m hard as a rock and this isn’t going to take long.The door flies open and theres the nanny laughing.Howes it feel she says.I laugh and say great.Then she says..You could stop that.I reply..(Barely able to talk).Almost done.Then i start the shakes and shoot my cum all over the floor.She called my an asshole again.Laughing.I say I have sill have done nothing wrong and if she wasn’t sneeking around these things wouldn’t happen.Then i wipe off my swollen cock and pull my pants up.Nothing has happened since but we still see each other once in a while and exchange a quick wink

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