Natural Selection: The Next Day


(All characters are at least 18 years of age.)

The day after the prolonged perversity that my sister and I had indulged in was extremely frustrating… I awoke somewhat stiff from the exertions of the previous evening, but the stiffest part of my body as usual was my cock as I drowsily recalled the latest torrid turn of events that had started months ago when I had taken my beautiful younger sister’s virginity and corrupted her into enthusiastic depravity as my unflinching sex slave desperate to be educated in every aspect of BDSM.

It had been inevitable in my unstinting slut training of her that I’d impregnate her as I’d deliberately avoided birth control since any slight restriction in my claiming her as my human fuck toy had seemed wrong, and I’d taken demented joy in filling her every orifice with incestuous loads of hot cum at every opportunity as well as expanding her limits in taking physical punishments; the succulent little pain whore had soon developed a taste for chastisement to balance the pleasures I introduced her to and responded well to the combinations I inflicted upon her lithe teenage body.

Becoming pregnant had only increased her appetites for extreme sexual gratification, a hunger that had the previous evening seen our previously morally superior neighbour give into temptation and throw herself wholeheartedly into the pleasures of my sub slut’s hot, pale flesh. Owning my sister meant that I naturally discouraged the male admirers that flocked to her, but I’d generously allowed her to explore her bisexuality freely and she’d attracted several female lovers since I’d awakened her burgeoning need for debauchery…

But last night was the first time I’d seen her turn confident seductress and draw an older woman of supposed moral convictions into our web of illicit indulgence. As always my luscious sibling had been a joy to Own and proved the best of possessions, surpassing my lewdest expectations as she had been doing since that first day I’d held her naked body as it quaked in violent orgasm.

I luxuriated in the memories as I lay in bed, my cock straining and aching to plunge once more into her welcoming supple frame and if I’d been as religious as our newly converted neighbour, the formerly righteous Mrs. Parker, I might have prayed for the opportunity to get my hands and other body parts upon the slumbering innocent sibling whose bedroom was next to mine so irresistibly. However, I was hoisted upon my own petard; my pretty sister had given her all the night before and when our mother saw her exhausted condition she came over all extra-maternal and was a constant presence throughout the day, thwarting my increasingly frustrating attempts to get my pampered pervert alone for even the briefest of molestation.

As the day progressed my lust grew and in the evening when the family sat down for the evening meal I was sure the sexual tension in the room must have been obvious, although maybe only I could detect the need in my pretty sister’s eyes as she sat across from me at the dining table. She looked rested but restless and I knew all too well what cravings were consuming her. I was more adept at holding my passion in check than she, but when she mischievously started rubbing her bare foot against my leg it was hard not to give into blind lust and I made my excuses and left my meal mostly untouched.

Sure enough after a discreet interval my sister claimed to be feeling weak again and followed me out of the dining room. I’d been waiting for her on the stairs and as every second was precious I took firm grip on her hair and escorted her swiftly up into her room, my free hand straying up under the hem of her fashionable maternity dress and patting the hot firmness of her buttocks as I led her along.

Once I had her safely delivered to the confines of her childhood bedroom I shut the door and instantly twisted her face round to take possession of the lips that had been haunting me all day. The swollen prominence of her occupied belly meant that I found it easier these days to stand behind her and twist her mouth to mine to kiss… it also gave me unfettered license to cup both her prestigious tits in my hands and as our tongues greedily danced together I took the opportunity to maul them in a firm manner, pulling on the stiffening nipples as soon as they were erect enough to poke against the confines of her dress. I felt my slutty possession melt backwards into my embrace in that surrender of herself that never failed to thrill me…

I pinched and tugged the rigid nipples with added ferocity until I began to feel the dampness soak the material slightly; my impregnated fuck toy needed her regular milking and I was thankful that we had the brief opportunity for me to perform the task, much as I enjoyed knowing that if it wasn’t my fingers provoking the premature lactation it would have been hers.

If only time wasn’t so tight, but the risks we’d been increasingly taking with our parents in the house were becoming dangerous and a little short term frustration was better than discovery and disgrace. My slave pendik escort sighed contentedly as my well-practiced hands manipulated her productive breasts and I broke off our kiss long enough to whisper into her tiny ear.

“Make yourself cum for me, my wet little slut, quickly now.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered with a slight note of disappointment in her voice… obviously she’d hoped that the imprisoned erection that I’d been grinding unconsciously into her buttocks would be used to relieve her heightened arousal, but she was obedient as always and I felt her arms move as her hands sought out the damp heat nestling between her thighs.

By chance we were positioned in front of her full length mirror and I couldn’t tear my gaze from the mind blowing, cock swelling sight of my darling sister lifting the hem of her maternity dress and expose the enticing bald pubic mound… even though the site of her naked sex was a familiar one it never failed to inspire my incestuous lust and I twisted her rigid nipples in encouragement and as a cruel tribute to her irresistible sub qualities.

She was watching me also in the the mirror’s reflection and from my visage leering over her shoulder she could tell the effect she was having upon me and made a show of caressing her pouting and leaking slit with true slut pride; her fingers parted her trim labia to expose the glistening pink flesh before bending her knees slightly and inserting two slim fingers inside herself with a shudder that rippled through my body due to the closeness of my hold on her. She then withdrew the lubricated digits and slid them sensuously to the hard nub of her aching clit that had worked its way clear of its protective prepuce and was protruding in a manner that invited attention.

I was fully milking her breasts by this point, urging her to frigging action and I was happy to see the dark twin circles spreading outwards from the points of her nipples jutting hard against the thin material of her top as it became drenched with seeping mother’s milk. My uninhibited fuck pet groaned as the vision of her usage in the mirror added to the sensations building at her fingertips and she slid a little lower against my protective embrace so she could splay her thighs wider and slap desperately at her greedy clitoris.

The frustration of the day must have been as great for her as myself for only a couple of minutes passed before she threw her head back and started to moan, her fingers a blur almost as they worked her sensitive pearl with much practiced determination. Her undulating body was affecting my will power and I was tempted to whip my tormented erection out and ram it into her writhing body, but I was reluctant to release my hold on those fascinating tits and, besides, the way her entire body was shaking told me that she’d brought herself to the brink of climax… with my hands occupied my only option to push her into frenzied climax was to sink my teeth into the side of her neck, a spot I knew sent shivers down her spine at the calmest of moments.

Her entire slender frame and rounded fertile belly quaked back against my supporting grasp and I lifted my eyes back up to watch her reflection as she gave herself to undiluted self-inflicted orgasm, her pretty face contorted with intense pleasure overload but still retaining enough sense to stifle her passionate release by clamping her sharp teeth into her bottom lip as she whimpered her climax.

I held her tight against me until the spasms of electric orgasm had subsided and her senses had returned enough for her to stand on rather wobbly legs unaided, then conscious of the risk I swung her to face me and yanked her hair back to tilt her mouth up to meet mine. The kiss was brief since I could feel her wet tits and swollen belly pressing enticingly against my body in a manner that was doing little to discourage the straining erection painfully contained inside my trousers and I found my hands had dropped down behind her to capture her taut buttocks and force her soaked cunt against my upper thigh in a movement that was guaranteed to result in my penetration of her…

Reluctantly I relinquished my hold on those most molestable of cheeks and whispering a quick compliment on my slave’s slutty obedience I tore myself from her embrace, making sure she saw the strength of my impossible-to-disguise erection as a worthy tribute to her attributes and slipped out of the bedroom, said erection making progress rather difficult in my stealthy retreat. Luckily my bedroom was right next door to my sister’s and I made it to safety with being spotted by observant parentage.

Although it was still early I retired to bed… the raging hard on I retained from the hurried and yet suitably torrid encounter was not healthy to keep in a confined space and I stripped naked and slipped under the sheets gratefully. There was a time when such a situation would have led to my own masturbation, but since taking my sister as my Owned sub sex slave I considered such self manipulation a waste of lust… I’d much rather bide sefaköy escort my time and suffer the pent up sexual tension until it could be directed and used upon the object of my desire. Being a Dom meant as much control upon myself as it meant corrupting my sweet sister into having no self control when it came to being my fuck pet. Besides, it was a waste of my good cum to be deposited anywhere other than on or inside her delectable young body.

Thinking along those lines was not shifting my aching erection any and I was just considering a cold shower, although that inevitably brought back memories of the soapy and steamy time spent there with my slippery slut, when a knock on my bedroom door wrenched me back to reality and I quickly pushed down my still solid cock that was tent poling the bed covers.

It was my mother who poked her head round the door and her words were music to my ears… she was inquiring about my plans for the morrow since her sister had been taken ill and she was going to have our step-father drive her out of town to visit.

“It’ll only be for a day, maybe two, but I need to know you’ll be around to take care of your sister in her current condition,” she said and my cock gave an involuntary lunge with the satisfying knowledge that it was I who’d put her in that condition and an unexpected opportunity to sate my incestuous lust further was at hand.

“O.K., I’ll keep a close eye on her,” I promised, “but I wouldn’t tell her you are going to be away, she might worry. I’ll break it to her after you leave,” I said, my mind racing ahead and wanting to give my depravity hungry sibling a nice surprise.

“If you think that’s best, dear,” she said. “We’ll be setting off very early to avoid traffic anyway so it may be best not to disturb her tonight.”

Better and better I thought, my discreetly held-down cock twitching at the prospect of awakening her in a manner free from all the normal restrictions that living under our parents’ roof meant. This unexpected bonus opportunity for demented decadence deserved special celebration and so I reached for my mobile and made a couple of phone calls in rapid succession to make arrangements; there was no telling when this kind of freedom would next present itself before my good breeding slut gave birth and so I wanted to treat her to an extraordinary level of debauchery as a special reward for her exceptional behaviour to date.

I awoke from vividly perverse dreams the next morning to the alarm clock’s shrill alert and quickly turned it off before it disturbed my slumbering slave in the next room all unsuspecting. The anticipation of a free day to make my sister into the happiest of sub sluts had seeped into my sleeping subconscious and I was not surprised to notice as I slipped out of bed to peer out of the window to check that the family car was gone and the coast was clear that I was sporting a rigid cock bobbing with that extra ferocity that a first thing in the morning erection always seems to possess. Such an aching hard on deserved to be put to good use and the lovely creature that had inspired it was before me in seconds as I crept into her bedroom.

My sister looked so peaceful and innocent as she lay there unaware of her true Owner and corrupter standing naked next to her 4 poster bed and lewdly admiring her; that familiar angelic face framed by curls of red hair so peaceful and her pretty mouth parted in blissful sleep. It almost seemed a pity to disturb her but I knew she’d never forgive me if I wasted a single minute that could be better employed in deviant usage.

Gently I pulled back her sheets and once again marveled at the sight of her pale nakedness revealed to my lustful gaze, that perfect body in no way disfigured by the curve of her impregnated belly. A side effect of her current delicate state was that she had taken to sleeping flat on her back and so was displayed perfectly to me… an idea struck me as I saw her cute naked cunt glistening slightly with damp arousal. It appeared her dreams were of a similar theme to mine and even though she was usually a light sleeper, with gentle determination I carefully took hold of her ankles and slid her light body slowly downwards to the foot of the bed, raising her legs higher as I proceeded.

I managed to maneuver her down the bed until her buttocks were level with the bottom end of the mattress without waking my sleeping possession and then I fumbled with the ropes that were never far from reach in her room and tied her ankles high on the posts at the base of the bed, securing her shapely legs almost vertical in the air and splaying her thighs in a most decorative display of depravity. This familiar sensation of having her legs bound apart must have registered in her slumbering imagination because she had a delicious look of interest growing on her sleeping face and I had to abandon my further plan of binding her wrists to the top posts if I wanted to wake her in the perverse way I’d intended.

Even unconscious her body was responsive and as I took position between her silivri escort upturned legs I was pleased to see a trickle of girl lube seeping from her pouting parted cunt… even tho’ I needed to plunge my pulsating cock inside that delectable prone body I couldn’t resist the taste of her and swooped my head down between those inviting smooth thighs and ran my tongue lightly up along the groove of her sticky cunt and rested upon the nub of her clit that was just beginning to stiffen instinctively and poke out from its protective hood. I swirled my tongue around it swiftly, enjoying the squirmy shifting of the body beneath my mouth then quickly stood up and guided my painfully hard cock to the source of the flow of female fuck juice.

I hesitated as I laid my rebellious erection along the contours of her wet cunt… as always I wanted to prolong and savour the perfect moment and it mindlessly ached to plunge deep into the haven that it belonged in… it was a struggle that my self control had to concede to pure lust since the press of my cock meat against her soft flesh had awakened my sister’s lower mental functions and even tho’ she was still oblivious to her surroundings she had a joyful smile playing on her lips and was muttering encouraging yet incomprehensible words of debauched devotion in her sleep.

With a solid thrust of my hips I entered my incestuous slave’s tight yet yielding body, penetrating her fully in one firm motion and holding her bound ankles to get greater purchase on the impaling action. An electric thrill ran through my frame as that indescribable sensation of physical and mental excitement combined to fill me with lustful sensory overload; my engorged cock buried to the hilt inside my sister’s vulnerable body and the swell of her belly and enlarged tits below me just adding to the knowledge that this beautiful slut stirring dreamily against me was without doubt my property.

The phrase “rude awakening” probably wasn’t conceived with this act in mind but as my pubic bone slammed solidly against her rapidly hardening clit my sister’s eyes shot wide open in amazement as her deviant dreams clashed with throbbing reality and jolted her to her salacious senses. It was testament to her reactions that even taken by surprise in this incestuous manner her disorientation vanished in a bright smile of happy lust and upon my second thrust into her lean thighs she pushed her hips up to meet the assault.

I gave a low animal growl of approval and tightened my grip on her shapely legs as I increased the tempo of my piston-like movements. The impaled fuck toy below me reciprocated and wriggled her rump deliciously against my erection and for a couple of minutes I built up the heat without comment, just wallowing in the mounting excitement in my slave slut and the tension swelling in my balls.

However, when my Owned whore impetuously let her arousal get the better of her and began to caress her unmilked breasts and pull upon her rigid nipples in the way that she knew we both took pleasure from I had to finally speak.

“No, possessed,” I mildly scolded her, “leave those tits alone.”

The look of disappointment that crossed her pretty face was hard to disguise and I momentarily regretted putting her in the impregnated condition she found herself, the bulge of her full stomach making it impossible to throw myself flat on top of her and kiss away any reproach she felt by my order. However, that same belly lump had stopped me laying on top of her and holding her hands secured so they wouldn’t have strayed to her chest in the first place and I was determined to stick to my resolve concerning my plans for her milk-heavy tits, so I cheered her up by slapping at the taut firmness of her upper thighs and telling her that she was a good obedient slut slave and my special fuck pet.

These soothing obscenities and an increase in the pace of my pounding soon restored her subservient confidence and she stretched out her slim arms to grip the edges of the mattress to keep her hands from wandering naturally back to work her aching nipples.

Even though it had been a couple of days since I’d had the pleasure of my sister’s sweltering vulva encasing my corrupt cock I managed to maintain as much dignity as possible under the circumstances and I was still keeping a regular pace with my copulation as the sweet little pregnant slut began to shudder in that familiar way that announced she was on the brink of climax. It occurred to me that apart from the fact that her legs were secured aloft like a perverse version of birthing stirrups that this was probably the closest to vanilla sex that I’d had with her, but then I remembered that since she was my sister and my unrepentant enslaved pain whore we still maintained the desired edge.

Despite the rope holding her ankles splayed upwards my slut slave was bucking around beneath me and arching her back with rapturous abandon and I couldn’t resist laying both my hands on her inflated belly and thrusting harder. She gave a scream that I hoped our newly converted neighbour could hear and jerked mindlessly as the euphoria of orgasm swept over her… I continued to slam hard into her defenseless cunt without mercy and like an obedient nymphomaniac she continued to spasm under the assault, her face contorted with overwhelming ecstasy as multiple orgasms swamped her with unbearable pleasure.

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