Naughty Night at the Movies

Naughty Night at the MoviesLate on Saturday night, the local movie theater plays old black and white B movies on a loop, for three dollars a person. You and I are sitting on the balcony all alone, way in the back where someone ‘forgot’ to change the bulbs in the safety lights. I had never seen the movie before so I often squeaked in fright, while I hid my face in my hands or turned into your shoulder for protection. You would just wrap your arm around me closer. After a little bit, you began pointing out how lame the movie was, helping me get over my fears. Things like the archaic special effects and the zippers on the costumes.Soon we were both laughing at the denseness of the girls in the movie, as they kept getting caught and killed. The movie ends as we boo and throw popcorn at the screen. The movie starts again and the lights rise slightly, as people leave and enter the main house downstairs. We remain seated as we watch a newsreel and a cartoon from the sixties.Our popcorn is all gone, so you put the empty bucket on the floor, along with our empty soda cup. I gasp as an arm that was protective before goes up the back of my shirt to unhook my bra. “Trevor! We are going to get caught!” I whisper urgently, even as I help you take it off, and stuff it into my purse. “Not if you can be quiet, Jodi,” you say devilishly.I bite my lip, as you suck my neck and rub your hands over my big breasts. You unzip your pants and release your hot cock. My fingers itch, as I canlı bahis şirketleri clench them tightly, resisting reaching over to feel the velvet smoothness over hard iron. “Come on, Jodi. Can’t you see how much I need you?” you plead as you begin to pump your fist over your big dick.“You just are going to have to keep me quiet ok? Cause you know I get when…. I have….” I bite my lip as I stare at your huge cock, being grasped by your big hands. “Your big…. mmmm…. cock…..” Unable to resist any more, I lean over and take your hot cock into my mouth. You hold my hair back, as I suck and lick around your thick pole. I try to keep the noises of pleasure I usually make around your hard cock, as I softly lick up your large shaft. You just breathe heavily, holding in your groans of delight, as my long tongue wraps around your hard cock. The only sounds we hear are the movie, some people booing at the screen, and the slurp noise, as my mouth bobs up and down you giant staff. Because you love it so much, I torture you by scr****g my teeth back and forth across the sensitive tip.You groan softly, as you whisper dirty things into my ear. “Eat my big cock, Jodi. How does my fucking thick meat taste? Uh. That feels so fucking good! Eat my fat pole, yeah!” I grin as much as I can around your stiff rod. I give you big cock one final slurp, as I sit up.I bite my lip, as you hand reaches under my skirt and pulls free my sopping wet panties. Instead of stuffing them mobilbahis inside my purse with my bra, you keep them, and put them into your own pocket. “Hey!” I whisper to you as another stupid girls screams as she gets killed on screen. We hear shushing from downstairs. You say teasingly, “Careful. You don’t want the usher to come and look for us, or do you, Jodi?” I narrow my eyes at you, as we hear more shushing from downstairs. We sit quietly for a few minutes, not wanting to get kicked out. “Come on. Fuck my big cock. You know you want to, Jodi,” you say smugly. I pinch your arm, because I know you are right, before I check to see if the coast was clear. After I see that no one can see us in the dark corner of the theater, I slide over onto your lap, facing the screen.You kiss me, as you quickly lift up my skirt and impale me onto your huge cock. You continue kissing me, as your hands reach up under my shirt to feel my breasts, as I slowly ride up and down your thick pole. My moans of desire are muffled against your neck, as I lean back and suck your throbbing pulse. My back arches, as I lean back into you. I use one hand to hold your head behind me, as you slowly fuck me. When I feel the moans and sounds start to come out of my mouth, I use the other hand to cover my mouth to try to hold them in. You laugh before you kiss me, my screams of ecstasy going into your mouth. I bounce up and down on your hard cock, as you slam it up into my tight mobilbahis giriş pussy.I whisper fiercely into your ear, “Oh my god, Trevor! Fuck me harder! Oh my god, yes! Ram your big dick into me! Ah! Oh fuck!” As you whisper at the same time, “Do you like that, Jodi? My big cock fucking your tight cunt? Oh god, you are so tight! Oh Fuck! God, Jodi!” My pussy grips your big staff as the movie continues in front of us.“OH YES! Fuck me! Trevor! God yes! Fuck me! Oh yeah you are so big! Ah! Oh god, Trevor! Oh yeah! YES! ” I scream as you start to feel the fire rush through your balls. “Oh god, Jodi! I’m coming! Ah!” You grunt as you shoot your hot cum deep inside of my pussy. I come shortly after you with a loud scream. You use the last amount of your energy to pump your dick up into my pussy, a last few times, before we collapse in a heap together.When we finally regain our senses, all of the theater lights have come on, and there are several ushers coming towards us. “Oh god! Quick fix your clothes!” I say urgently, as I slide off your lap back into my seat. We have just enough time to fix our clothes, before the theater manager is towering over us. “How dare you have sex in my theater! Get out right now! You are banned for a month!”Then for no reason, two ushers escort us to the door, then throw us out. We look like we have learned our lesson until the ushers leave. As soon as the doors close, we just look at each other, and start laughing. We start laughing until the tears come out of our eyes. We continue to laugh, as we walk down to the parking lot. As we walk, you stick your hand down my thankfully long skirt and grip my bare ass. I squeal with laughter as I run to the car, with you laughing and running behind me.

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