Near Miss (Part One)


Near Miss (Part One)This is the second instalment of my story that started with “Please Miss!” and continues the story of a young man’s awakening lust for his English teacher.Near Miss (Part One)Another day, another English lesson. In the two weeks since my amazing encounter with the delicious Miss Smales, I’d had little opportunity to try and get myself another detention with her as she’d been on a training course for one week and the following week, it didn’t seem to matter how much I slacked off or how often I tried to sneak a glimpse up her skirt, she didn’t react.This week, however, something felt different. Tuesday’s English lesson was always first thing in the morning and yet Miss Smales had come to class in her gym skirt, something that she’d never done before. She walked past me to the front of the class, long, tanned legs glowing in the morning sunshine, tight ass swaying beneath the pleated fabric and the wonderfully enticing scent of her perfume trailing in her wake. My cock, always ready to embarrass me, stiffened to immediate hardness and I hunched over my desk slightly to hide the bulge.She sat down at her desk, took out the register and began calling names. Other classmates must have answered, marked as present, but I never heard a word because from where I was sat, where I would normally have had a perfect view of the soft white gusset of her knickers, I could see soft, golden-tanned skin and a narrow strip of hair above the crease of her pussy.“Richard!”Her raised voice dragged me back to the real world, back to the room where I was the only one who could see that she was naked under her skirt.“Sorry, Miss, I was daydreaming.” I admitted, somewhat sheepishly.“Are you here, Richard?”“Yes, Miss.”A small snigger rippled through the rest of the class, quickly silenced as Miss Smales stood up and announced the lesson work for the day. Of course, it wouldn’t have mattered what work we had to do, my concentration was gone and all I could see in my mind’s eye was that beautiful stretch of tanned, naked flesh between her thighs. Quite predictably, by the end of the lesson, I still hadn’t finished and the look of disappointment on her face was plain to see.“This really isn’t good enough, Richard.” she said, “It wasn’t a particularly hard assignment and I expected better work from you.”“I’m sorry, Miss,” I apologised, “but I’ve got something on my mind at the moment and it’s affecting my concentration.”Like the sight of her naked pussy under that short skirt but I couldn’t admit to that in front of the whole class.“Well, I think it might be a good idea if we had a serious talk about this. Unfortunately, I’m busy for the rest of today so you’ll have to come and see me after school. I’ll be down in the lower gym for the last lesson so come there and we’ll talk then.”“Yes, Miss.” I replied, cursing my luck. I had been hoping that she’d keep me back during break but now I was going to have to go through the whole day, trying to concentrate on lessons while visions of her most intimate places swam through my mind. This was not going to be an easy day as far as schoolwork was concerned. Another reason I wasn’t happy was that the lower gym was the stomping ground of Miss Markham, my Head of Year.Miss Markham was almost the exact opposite of Miss Smales. Olive skinned with dark black hair, bahis şirketleri cut in a severe bob, she stood around five feet two inches tall and if she smiled, no-one saw her do it. She also had a reputation for being handy with a cane, a fact that several boys in my year could attest to, having been sent to her for punishment. As Head of Year, she had her own office in the main part of the school, but as one of the g**ls PE teachers, spent most of her time in a small office attached to the girls changing room.As predicted, the rest of my day went miserably. Maths was terrible and the lunch hour was even worse. I sat in the dining hall, trying and failing to keep my thoughts away from Miss Smales’ bare pussy while trying, with a little more success, to keep my painful erection hidden from my fellow pupils. In the afternoon, things went from bad to worse. I almost got detention from my Physics teacher but just managed to buck my ideas up enough to avoid that fate. German was dire, as we were supposed to be learning irregular verbs, which have to be memorised by constant repetition and I simply couldn’t concentrate enough to do it properly, thereby earning myself extra homework.The final bell of the day rang and I made my way to the lower gym, dawdling a little to let the g**ls using the gym depart and praying that Miss Markham wasn’t there.No such luck. I arrived to find the corridor outside the g***s changing rooms deserted but when I knocked on the changing room door, it was Miss Markham who answered it. I started to explain, politely, why I was there but she interrupted me.“I know why you’re here, Richard. Miss Smales has already told me what’s happened and, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. You’re normally such a good student and I’d hate to think you were resting on your laurels and coasting.”I opened my mouth to reply but she stepped aside and gestured inside.“Miss Smales won’t be long. She’s just had to take one of the hockey team to the school nurse. You can sit and wait in here until she gets back.”I entered and she gestured impatiently to a bench in the corner of the room, indicating I should sit. I did so, keeping my mouth shut for fear of somehow offending her.After five minutes of sitting staring at the ground, I got a little bored and started to look around. It’s not often that a b*y gets to see the inside of the g**ls changing rooms, but it appeared to be not that much different to the b**s changing rooms in the upper gym. There was one small exception though. After parking me on the bench, Miss Markham had gone into the small office in the other corner of the changing rooms and pushed the door. Unfortunately, the door hadn’t closed all the way and through the gap between door and frame I could see a freestanding mirror in which I could see a reflection of Miss Markham’s office and the round, tight, naked buttocks of Miss Markham herself. She stood with her back to the mirror, stark naked and as I watched she smoothed plain black sheer stockings over her muscular legs before fastening a black suspender belt around her waist and hooking the stocking tops to the clips. I caught a glimpse of dark pubic hair as she stepped into a pair of black knickers and watched the muscles of her back flex as she fastened her bra. She shrugged a plain white blouse over her illegal bahis shoulders, buttoning it up before stepping into a severe, dark grey skirt. She zipped it up at the side, slid her arms into a matching jacket and she was just running a brush through her hair when I heard the door of the changing rooms open. I quickly looked at the floor, not wanting to be caught ogling the Head of Year as she dressed.“Hello Richard, I’m glad to see you’re punctual. We’ll have a chat in a second.” With that, she walked over to the office just as Miss Markham emerged.“I have to go up to the main office. Some meeting I’d completely forgotten about. If I’m not back by the time you’re finished with your discussion, could you lock the gym up for me please, Miss Smales?”“Certainly, Miss Markham. Richard, with me. You won’t need your bag, just leave it there.”Dropping my bag on the bench, I followed Miss Smales from the changing rooms and into the gym itself. I had a wonderful view of her tight ass as she bent to remove her shoes and as I knelt to remove mine I raised my eyes to see that the underwear situation hadn’t changed since this morning. I quickly dropped my gaze again so she didn’t catch me looking. Once inside the gym, she indicated that I should sit on one of the benches and then sat on a chair opposite.“You’re going to have to get a grip, Richard.” she said “If you can’t keep up with the work, I’m either going to have to ask Miss Markham to move you to a lower group, in which case I’ll no longer be your teacher, or, what happened the other day can’t happen again. People will start to ask questions when a student like you, who’s more than capable of the work, starts to fall behind. Now – it’s your choice. Can you cope with it? Or do I ask Miss Markham to move you?”“I can cope with it, Miss.” I said“Good.” she said, standing up. “I was hoping you’d say that.”So saying, she slipped out of her skirt and walked the short distance to where I sat. She lifted one foot, placing it on the bench next to my hip and then she reached up, running her hands through my hair before pulling my face into her pussy. The scent of her juices was intoxicating and I buried my face between her thighs, my tongue licking at the moisture already forming in the crease below her clitoris. She began to moan gently, grinding her pussy against my lips and tongue, holding my head immobile as she pleasured herself.“You really are a very bad b*y, Richard.” she said as I reached up to grab her arse cheeks and pushed my tongue deeper into her. She released the back of my head, pulled her polo shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, which joined everything else in an untidy heap on the polished wood floor. She lifted me to my feet and pulled my head down to her wonderful breasts.“Do you remember what they like, Richard?”“Yes, miss”, I mumbled, my voice slightly distorted by the fact I had a mouthful of nipple.I sucked hard on the erect nub of flesh and was rewarded with a deep groan. I switched my attention to the other nipple, repeating the previous performance and Miss Smales groaned again. I licked and sucked at her nipples, alternating between the two and they stiffened into hardness under the assault of my tongue and lips.Gently, she pulled me away from her nipples. She removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, running illegal bahis siteleri her fingers over my nipples and chest as her hands slid down to my belt. Soon, my trousers and underpants had joined her clothes on the gym floor. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and it slid to the ground.“Take your socks off and come over here” she said, turning and walking across the gym.I finished undressing, tossing my discarded socks on top of my shirt and followed her.“Do you trust me, Richard?” she asked.“Yes, Miss.”“Put your hands on that bar for me, please.”I looked above my head to find one of the wallbars, used in gymnastics training, had been extended out into the room. I placed my hands on the top of the bar and Miss Smales picked up a skipping rope from a basket by the wall. She tied the rope around one of my wrists before fastening it to the bar and then repeated the process with the other wrist.“Well, that’s your hands out of the way.” she said “There’s just one other thing I need to do.”She walked across the gym, opened the store room door and went in. She emerged a couple of minutes later with two of the concrete weights used to secure the badminton nets. She placed one on each side of me and then proceeded to tie my ankles to the weights. She pulled gently on a rope by the wall and the bar above me moved upwards slightly stretching my arms to their full length. I stood there spread-eagled and unable to move as she walked around me, examining her handiwork. She ran her hands lightly across my arse cheeks before continuing the circuit. She stopped in front of me, her hand cupping my balls and I felt my cock twitch as her nails grazed the underside of my sack. My cock, already stiff, began to throb as she slowly pumped her fist up and down its length. She grinned wickedly.“So; Now that I have you at my mercy, you naughty boy, what should I do with you?”She suddenly turned, bent over at the waist and backed up slightly so that her tight arse cheeks sat either side of my throbbing erection. She began to move, sliding her arse up and down my cock, clenching and unclenching her buttock muscles, wanking me with her ass cheeks. The sensations were mind-blowing and I started to breathe heavily, feeling my cum starting to rise.“Oh no you don’t!” she chided, “A naughty boy like you doesn’t get off that easily.”She stopped rubbing her ass up and down my cock and although the urge to cum subsided, the throbbing of my erection did not. She knelt in front of me, licking from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my hardness, up and down, and then, suddenly her mouth, hot and warm, engulfed the sensitive head of my cock. I groaned out loud with pleasure and I thought I was going to shoot my load with the sheer ecstasy of the feeling.“Hellllo! What’s going on here then?” Miss Markham’s voice, though not loud, carried across the quiet gym. Miss Smales removed her mouth from my cock, bent her head to look between my legs and grinned.“Hi Gina,” she said “I was hoping your meeting would be done with before I’d finished with him.”Suddenly, Miss Markham walked into my eyeline and I could see that she wore the stockings and suspenders she’d put on earlier and little else. Her nipples, dark and swollen, stuck out from her petite breasts and the thatch of dark pubic hair between her thighs glistened with moisture.“Did you enjoy the show, Richard?” she asked. “I saw you watching me dress in the mirror. Did it turn you on?”She reached out a hand and playfully stroked my cock and the only thought that went through my mind was “Oh shit, I’m really in trouble now.”

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