neighbor sitters 3


neighbor sitters 3If you have read my last episode, I will continue from there. Trish had just explained to me how her and David we introduced in to sex by Shelly (their Mom). I had to go to work, even though I really wanted to stay and discuss it some more or even get relief to the arousal that was created from listening. I ended up having an erection all the way to work and throughout most of the morning by recounting the event in its entirety. I couldn’t hold out much longer , so I went to the mens’ room to get the much needed relief. Becky and I didn’t really discuss much about our neighbors, but I think she sensed that I was aware of her and David getting it on prior to me coming home that day. That it when I discovered the wet spot in the center of the bed covering. It was almost a known silence just like she never questioned or hinted anything happening while she was on the 3 day trip. It was almost like she knew something went on. I just left it go and accepted the ?no harm , no foul rule. I did notice how much our sex life increased and left me to wonder if her involvement was deeper than I was aware of. Maybe that is what Trish is getting to when she said there was so much more I didn’t know. Anyhow, I am comfortable in the situation and have a good idea how to react should the subject be breached. At this point , the only one unaware of activities is Mark ( the Father). This brings us to the next event that unfolded that had occurred after the sex with the two teens. The next morning Trish came over to babysit so I could again leave for work. She was earlier than normal and again wanted to talk in the kitchen. It was the day after she revealed the event of her and her brother and Shelly.She started out by saying she wanted to share more about what was gong on if I wanted to listen. I told her that I would always be there to listen. She started out by saying that her and Mark (dad) always were close. She said she never would have wanted him to know what had happened due to the disappointment and anger that he would feel. Mark was her number one idol in her life. She could always depend on his advise and encouragement In school and in social life. She said it was so relaxing in their house. It was nothing to seeing Mark in boxers and a t-shirt reading a book in his recliner. The same went for her. The knee length nightgown she wore openly in front of the family. It wasn’t see thru, so she didn’t feel uncomfortable walking canlı bahis around in it. She also said that while growing up, it was a father and daughter ritual to sit together in the recliner and watch a comedy movie in the DVR. With all of the school and work distraction, it had been two years since they enjoyed an evening such as that. Shelly and David had engagements that evening so she went to Mark and said. ‘Dad, let’s through in a movie. It has been a long time since we could watch one together.”. Mark replied ‘that is a great idea. Get the John Candy Summer Vacation movie’. So I went to our library and inserted in the DVR. I ran over to the recliner and jumped in his lap. I laid on his left side and he put his arm around me. I always felt comfortable in his hands. Just like daughter should. The movie itself was a favorite of mine. Lots of laughter filled with tears. It was then I noticed something that I hadn”t before. As I was laying there, the small of my back was against his lower body. I thought I could sense a little hardness pressing against me. I ignored it at first, but each time I moved when laughing, it became more noticeable. He was dressed only in boxers and a t-shirt. So the thin material didn’t conceal much of anything. This went on for the first 35 minutes of the movie. I asked him to pause the movie and I would go get us a cold drink and a snack. I knew this would give it a little break. So I went to the kitchen and while in there, I noticed that my underwear had gotten moist. Embarrassed by this, the only thing I could do was remove them to get rid of that wet material rubbing me. My nightie wasn’t see thru, so I knew I would be safe in not revealing anything. I got our drinks and went back into the room As I was getting ready to sit again, it was then I saw the bulge. He had pushed it downward while I was gone. The tip looked like it was at the edge of the leg opening. Again, all I wanted to seriously do is forget about that and pretend all was well. No words were spoken and I maintained my body language and facial expressions. As I sat down, my lower back ended up a little higher up than before. His hardness was now pressing against my buttocks through the nightgown. I also noticed when he put his arm around me, that his forearm was higher and resting under my left boob. This started, yet another reaction. When we got to the part of the movie of the guy stuttering in the bar by lightning hitting him, I broke out bahis siteleri in such a laughter I had to sit up to catch my breath. When I did , two things things occurred that I failed to consider while engrossed in the movie. One, my buttocks moved higher up his thigh, and two, the bottom of my nightgown was slowing raising up with each time I sat up. When I laid back toward him, it didn’t drop back down. Things were happening and neither one of us approached the subject or even acted like there was a problem and take a another break. It was almost like it was going beyond stopping and we didn’t want to end it. We both just stayed focused on the comedy and commented only on the movie itself. When it reached the part of the bat flying around and the guys dressed up, I lost it. I starting another laughing gig. When I sat up, I noticed something different. My gown had moved up more and I felt something warm against the bottom of my thigh. He had gotten so hard, that it had extended out the leg opening and was pressing against my upper thigh close to where my legs met my buttocks. I also began to feel a little wetness from the tip. He was leaking some against my leg. When John Candy got hit in the face, we both were in tears of laughter. I raised up to catch my breath, and noticed he cautiously shifted a little to the left. When I sat back down, it was laying against my legs joining the V. It had reached a point of no return. Without any words, his hand reached up to cup my breast as he squirmed under me. I instinctively reached under me and felt his hardness. I rubbed the tip that was exposed. He was a little larger than David. I started going under the leg opening and gripped the length of his shaft and he reached in the buttons of my nightgown and under my bra. He lightly pinched my nipples creating more of my juices to flow on to his thigh. I moved his shaft more toward the center, and felt its warmth on my lips. The juices started covering his shaft. My female scent began to emit into the air. I knew if I could smell myself from the front side, he would have a lot more from the back. He continued to squirm to get in a position to slide it inside my pussy. His fingers pinched my nipples even harder and I began to pant and moan. I wanted his cock and I was determined to receive it. I guided it between my pussy lips and rubbed it up and down to drive him even more wild. He started moaning and the flow of precum continued. I took some güvenilir bahis from the tip and turned toward him to see me lick it off my fingers. He reached down under me and began fingering my pussy. He first put in one and then two fingers working them in circles and pushing them in deeper. I couldn’t take much more I started tensing up and then the flow of my climax let loose. I cum all over his fingers to which he put to his noise first to smell me and then licked them clean. I raised up , grabbed his cock tighter and as I sat back down, I guided it to my hot juicy hole. He pushed upward and I felt the warm shaft enter me. I started bouncing up and down and he pushed up and down in rhythm. You could hear the moans, groans, and the juices of his cock going in and out in a steady pace. The smell of our fucking filled the room under me. I lifted a little so he could pick up his pace and he started driving it faster and deeper. He began to groan and all of a sudden, I felt the warm cum enter the walls of my pussy. I began to pound down even harder to catch every drop. When finished, I slowly got up, turned around and took him in my mouth cleaning off our combined cum. He was still leaking some out and I sucked the remaining drops and licking my lips after. We just looked at each other and smiled. I told him that no one would know what just happened. It was then that he said something that totally shocked me. He said “well, was I as good as David?”Mom had apparently told him what she found out. I didn’t know whether to be pissed or hug him. I just said “I guess we have what they call a f*mily affair” and then laughed. He then said “Well, if mom is getting David in the mornings I am not here, then what is the harm?” I replied, absolutely nothing. After hearing this I was so turned on, but had to get to work. I wanted so bad to take her right there and fuck her in the kitchen while the k*ds were still in bed. As I left , I noticed my briefcase was in the living room instead of the kitchen. When I grabbed it to go outdoors, I wasn’t really paying much attention. Later that morning, I had to retrieve something from my briefcase. When I opened it, I saw a small paper lunch bag inside. I opened it and found a note. It said “these are from our movie night, last night. Enjoy!!”. It had a smiley face at the bottom. I looked into the bag deeper and found the panties that she apparently was wearing. I took the bag to the mens” room to examine them further. They had a little stain in them from her leaking, I smelled them and got my much needed release. It was a week later that Trish let me know of one more thing that happening and it involved Becky.

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