Nephew Discovers Ch. 01


If people like this story then I would be happy to extend it as I intend that it will be the first part of a series. As with all my stories any constructive criticism would be very welcome as I like to know what it is that people like and dislike about my stories.


I stepped out of the taxi and looked at my surroundings, I had missed this place so much, it felt great to finally see things that I had been missing for so long. I turned back to the driver and piled a handful of notes into his outstretched palm, “Keep the change,” I said, so eager to get to my destination that to worry about money seemed utterly trivial.

As the taxi screeched off into the distance I hoisted my bag up onto my shoulder and walked through the opened gate and up the driveway. The driveway was a long one but I could see my destination a little further up its length. The large house had always been an imposing structure, looking over the surrounding village like an old manor house or town hall. My Aunt had bought the three hundred year old building almost a decade ago in a state of disrepair and had spent countless hours, and dollars, on refurbishing it to a modern, yet historical building.

My Aunt had gained much of her money with the death of her husband about a year before she bought the house. He had worked as a stockbroker or bank manager or something like that for many years and upon his death left a huge sum of money to his beloved wife. Being the innovative businesswoman that she was she quickly reinvested the money in her own company which greatly expanded her investment and left her able to sell up and live easily with her daughters.

Although she was now very wealthy she remembered that she had not always been so and that luck, as well as acumen, had played a part in her success. For this reason she always helped others when they were in need and was incapable of not displaying her generous nature.

It was that generosity that had led me here in the first place. I had recently lost my job and my Aunt, whose house I was approaching, had invited me to spend the summer with her and my cousins rather than undertake what is now the long and monotonous process of getting another job.

I continued up the winding driveway towards the house, gravel crunching under the soles of my shoes as I went. I had been looking forward to this ever since it had been suggested to me and now here I was about to reunite myself with a part of the family I had not seen in almost three years. My excitement built up as I walked ever closer to the house, passing the terraced gardens and a pond, and stepping onto the main gravel expanse on which were parked several unpretentious cars, not at all the vulgar status symbols that would be expected of a woman with such wealth.

Finally I climbed the stone doorstep towards the heavy oak door and knocked three times on its surface. I waited for a moment, my bag still slung over my shoulder, and stepped back a little to allow some space between me and whoever would answer the door.

My knocks didn’t go unanswered and very soon the door was swung open by a woman, of perhaps thirty years, dressed in smart clothing. Her appearance was unfamiliar to me and I stepped closer to the now opened door, inspecting the woman who had answered with what I hoped was an apt degree of subtlety.

My confusion as to the woman’s identity was soon alleviated when, from a door to the side of the black and white tiled hallway, came my aunt with her arms outstretched for a hug. I stepped across the threshold of the house, dropping my bag as I did and opened my arms out similarly to greet her. We hugged deeply for several seconds before withdrawing and standing opposite one another taking in each other’s appearance.

“It’s great to see you,” I said, breaking the silence, “You’re looking great.”

“You too,” came the reply, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. How are you? How are you?”

“I’m really well, thanks to you, you have no idea how much you’re helping me by letting me stay with you for the summer, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”

“It’s my pleasure I assure you,” she continued, “we’ve all been looking forward to seeing you, it’s just a shame that you couldn’t make it sooner for Anastasia’s eighteenth.”

“I know, I’m a little annoyed I missed it, I suppose it couldn’t be helped.”

“What kind of a host am I?” she asked rhetorically, “leaving you standing on the threshold like that, come in come in,” she turned to the mystery woman, “Sarah, could you please take this bag up to the guest room.”

“There’s really no need,” I pleaded as I stepped into the door which was promptly closed behind me, “I can take that.”

“Don’t worry about it, this is Sarah, my maid, she’s a lot stronger than she looks,” said my Aunt, smiling at the maid as though sharing a personal joke. “Come on,” she said, now addressing me, “let’s go out to the pool, I think that’s where Jessica is.”

“Okay, sure.” I said, following my aunt down the hallway towards the küçükçekmece escort back of the house, leaving the maid to carry the bags, a challenge which it turned out she was easily able to complete, just as my Aunt had assured me.

At the end of the hallway we stepped down three or four stone steps and entered what can be described as a large conservatory. The conservatory commanded excellent views of the surrounding countryside and within it stood a swimming pool and a hot tub and through a door stood a sauna.

As my Aunt had guessed her eldest daughter, Jessica, was indeed taking in the pleasant waters of the pool and, as we entered the room was engaged in swimming a lap away from us. As she turned to swim another lap in the opposite direction she noticed the sight of her mother and her cousin and quickly made for the steps of the pool before bolting up them and onto the tiles.

At twenty years old Jessica was only a year younger than me, and she had been an object of my fantasies all throughout my adolescence. She was not particularly tall but her figure was slender and well proportioned, her petite frame helped accentuate the gentle curves of her body and gave her a kind of beauty that seemed unique to her. She had long dark hair which cascaded in a fountain of large curls towards her shapely shoulders, her face was soft and expressive, with delicate features and plump, inviting, lips. She approached me with a sense of urgency, her full bathing suit covering her body but leaving her slender well toned legs, delicate bare feet and beautiful naked shoulders on full display. Her costume too was so well formed that it hid the modesty of her body without removing anything from the visual treat that anyone seeing her enjoyed.

As she approached she opened her arms widely as her mother had done just moments earlier and for a moment looked like the splitting image of my Aunt. As she approached, however, she realized that with her body dripping as it was she wouldn’t e able to hug me and we stood awkwardly, as though about to hug but without actually touching each other. I broke the strangeness of our movements by taking my cousins hand and, pulling her slightly towards me, I gently kissed each of her cheeks.

Pulling away we smiled at each other softly before anyone ventured to speak. It was eventually my Aunt who broke the silence, “You kids,” she said, with a false mocking tone. All three of us laughed and the awkward silence was quickly broken.

“How are you?” I asked, still laughing.

“I’m really good, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you,” she replied, her gentle smile still hanging on her seductive lips, enough to melt the heart of any man.

“Me too, I’ve really missed you.”

“Yeah, but do you really think you can handle a few months with me without going crazy?”

“Well it’ll be tough,” I replied, a little tongue-in-cheek.

She slapped me playfully “Hey.” She was laughing now, so was her mother.

We all moved onto the chairs that sat around the edge of the pool and talked for what must have been almost an hour. Sadly Anastasia was on a holiday of her own and would not be joining us for a week or so but that did little to dampen our spirits as we talked away.

Eventually Jessica suggested that we all go in the sauna and continue our conversation, the sauna being one of the many places that Jessica liked to frequent when she spent time at the pool. I was shown to my room by my Aunt who needed to go upstairs into her room to change. Upon arrival I found that my bag had already been unpacked and all of my clothes had been put into the chest of drawers that stood against one wall. My bathing shorts, however, had been placed neatly on my bed so I wasted no time in stripping off all my clothes and hopping into the shorts.

Without thinking to take a towel I returned downstairs to the poolside and opened the door of the sauna, where my cousin was sitting on the bottom layer, gently pouring water over the hot coals. I jumped up to the top level and sat, leant forward, so that I could talk freely with my cousin. From this vantage I could see the outline of her breasts against the fabric of her suit easily but I tried my best to ignore it as we began talking.

“What are you going to do then?” she asked.

“When?” I replied, unsure as to what she was talking about.

“Over the three months that you’re staying here, silly,” she said, affecting a childish air, bringing up feeling reminiscent of when she would tell me off when we were both children.

“Oh I see,” I said, a little amused by her faux childish tone, “I’m not sure; I think I’ll spend a lot of time around the pool, I hardly ever get any chance to swim.”

“Oh yeah? More like you never get to spend all day staring at girls in their bathing costumes, eh?”

“Well,” I said, trying to sound like I was joking, “you do look very nice in yours; I wonder how I’m going to be able to keep my eyes off you.”

“You always were kurtköy escort a bit of a pervert, Jacob.”

“Come on,” I said, protesting, “I was joking.”

“I see, so I don’t look very nice in my bathing costume?” she said, I failed to detect her joking tone.

“No… I mean… You do look very nice… I just… I’m not going to stare at you all day.”

She gave me a despairing stare, it suddenly clicked that she had been trying to get a reaction from me, and she definitely got one. “You’re too easy,” she said, rolling her eyes, “You haven’t changed a bit, I mean that in a good way.”

“Thanks,” I said, a little lost as to how to take the compliment.

Luckily my floundering conversational skills were saved by the entrance of my Aunt. She entered the sauna dressed in a skimpy red bikini which showed off all the features she shared with her daughter for anyone to see. I must have stared for a little, I had tried not to but her response led me to believe I had.

“You like it?” she asked, clearly addressing me.

“Yeah…” I said, unsure as to the proper way to compliment your Aunts bikini, “It really suits you.”

“Oh,” she said, “It suits me to be half naked does it?” Again I failed to detect the joking tone.

“No, I mean….” I was cut off.

“Twice in as many minutes,” said Jessica, “You really are too easy.”

“Oh,” I said, amazed at my own stupidity.

“Don’t let that big bad girl bully you Jacob,” said my Aunt, sitting next to me and pulling me close to her with a motion of her arm, “stick with me I’ll protect you.”

I laughed a little, slightly uneasy at how these tow beautiful women were able to torment me so easily. With my body pulled in so close to my aunt’s I was easily able to see down, across her shoulder to her scantily clad breasts. Luckily she released me from her embrace fairly quickly and I was able to sit up straight, but an erection had already began to rise in my shorts, I pulled my legs up towards my chest hoping that it would hide the fact. Unfortunately the suddenness of my movement had turned the heads of both Jessica and her mother but, to my relief, neither of the said anything and they didn’t show any sign that they knew what I was maneuvering myself to hide.

Jessica leant back towards the water bucket and ladled another splash of water onto the hot stones. The steam twisted as it rose from the heat source throughout the sauna. It was starting to get very hot and visibility was hampered by the steam, but for me that was a good thing.

With my erection eventually subsiding I was able to return my legs to their original position in front of me and I did so much more gracefully than I had done when pulling them up towards my chest, this movement elicited no response from either of the two women.

“So Jacob,” began Jessica, “Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?”

“Uh, no, not at the moment,” I replied, a little sheepishly.

“Maybe you should introduce him to some of your friends Jess,” said her mother, “I bet there’s a couple, at least, that wouldn’t mind meeting him.”

“Maybe,” said Jess, seemingly thinking other thoughts.

“Maybe, I’m happy as I am,” I said to the pair, who would have quite happily decided my fate.

“Nonsense,” retorted my Aunt, “A guy like you should have a girlfriend, we can’t have you sitting around here two months with all us women; you’ll go mad.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I assured her.

“Well it’s your decision. I just think that a man your age should be out there, meeting girls and having sex, we can’t have you getting all sexually frustrated. What if little Anastasia was to walk in on you while you abuse yourself?”

“Mom!” exclaimed Jessica, “too much information, I don’t want to hear about his… masturbation habits (she said these words in a hushed tone), and Anastasia is not so innocent I think that it would be worse for me, if I was to walk in on him.”

I was now blushing deep red; luckily the steam concealed my embarrassment. “Can we not talk about me masturbating?” I asked, a little annoyed, “Or about my cousins walking in on me masturbating, however innocent they are or are not.”

“A bit of a touchy subject, eh?” asked Jess.

“Evidently,” added her mother.

“Well it’s just a little strange that’s all,” I returned, a little annoyed that I had to justify myself, “I think I can manage not to get caught masturbating while I’m here, is that okay?”

“So you admit you will be masturbating?” said Jess, reveling in my discomfort, yet again.

“Well…” I decided to be honest, “I think it would be an obvious lie if I claimed that I wasn’t going to over the next three months.”

“Don’t worry Jacob,” added my Aunt, “Jess does it all the time.”

“Mom!” she cried out, for the second time.

“Well you do,” she added, smiling, “and I do too, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I admire Jacob’s honesty.”

The very idea that these two women masturbated was one that caused maltepe escort my erection to come back, with a vengeance. I swung my legs back up to my body, worried that the thick atmosphere would not hide my arousal. Again my movement turned heads.

“Maybe you need to step outside and have a quick one now?” said my Aunt, stifling giggles beneath the palm of her hand.

“Aunt Helen!” I cried, mimicking my cousin.

This protestation was too much for the pair who burst out laughing, leaving me feeling a little dejected and very embarrassed. Through muffled laughs my Aunt finally managed to speak. “I’m sorry… We shouldn’t laugh; I just want to say… I’m totally okay with the fact that you will be… masturbating during your stay… We really shouldn’t tease you… you can call me Helen by the way, you’re an adult now… you don’t have to be so formal.” With the end of her apology the laughing died down.

Both my cousin and my aunt sat, trying to catch their breath while I continued to remain seated between the two, my legs still tight to my body. There was an awkward silence while they caught their breath, eventually my Aunt broke it. “How about we all have a swim? I think we could all use it.”

“Especially you Jacob,” said Jess, standing up.

She stepped out of the door and walked towards the pool, my aunt and I both stood up and she leant towards me. She whispered in my ear conspiratorially, “just ignore her, I know for a fact that she’ll be doing the ‘five knuckle gusset shuffle’ tonight, she’s a horny little madam.” We both laughed loud, I was a little comforted by this exchange but also a little disconcerted by the course of the conversation as a whole.

“What?” asked Jess, a worried look on her face.

‘Oh, nothing,” I said, “just a little secret between Aunt and Nephew.” Helen and I both jumped into the cool water of the pool in unison, Jess waited at the poolside for a moment then joined us.

The three of us all sat half-crouched in the gentle pool water. Jess looked at her mother with squinted eyes as if pulling such a ridiculous expression would weaken her mother’s resolve and reveal what it was she had said earlier.

The tension was broken by Aunt Helen who, always the diplomat, changed the subject completely. “Marco Polo?” she said, animatedly.

“Yeah, I’m game,” I said.

“I guess, but don’t think I’m going to forget this, I’ll get both of you back.”

“Stop your whining and have a little fun,” said Helen, sticking out her bottom lip, mocking the sulky mood of her daughter, the move had the desired effect and she soon seemed to perk up a little.

“Jacob, you’re the guest so you can be ‘it’ first,” she continued, not allowing her daughter another chance to voice her annoyance.

“Fine,” I said unenthusiastically. I swam to the other end of the pool and closed my eyes. “Marco.”

“Polo,” they replied in unison, they had hardly moved.

I swam closer to where I though Jess was, “Marco,” I repeated.

“Polo,” came the reply, I was sure that Jess was behind me, I swung around and flailed a little hoping to tag her, no luck.

I could hear movement in the water and decided not to say anything but to listen instead. I could hear the sound of someone gently gliding across the water behind me; I turned around and reached out but my hand just swept through the water, not making contact.

I was about to call out “Marco,” and find the location of my tormentor when, all of a sudden, I felt someone near my feet. I kicked my legs a little but, not wanting to be accused of cheating, I kept my eyes closed for a little while longer. Soon I felt hands on the waistband of my shorts and I opened my eyes just in time to see my cousin beneath the water pulling my shorts quickly away from my legs. Before I could stop her she had taken the shorts and exited the pool with them, holding them up like a trophy.

I cupped my exposed genitals in my hands and walked towards the shallow end of the pool. “Give them back Jess.” I shouted, not angrily, but a little bleatingly.

“Jess,” said her mother, in a slightly chastising tone, although it was betrayed by her approving giggles.

“Come and get them,” said Jess, laughing heartily.

I walked towards the steps and, still cupping myself as best I could I climbed the ladder to the poolside. My aunt, who was still in the pool, giggling away, looked up at the commotion and let out a wolf whistle, “Nice ass,” she cried; I was becoming a little annoyed.

Deciding to ignore her whistles I continued to advance towards my cousin. “Please, can you just give them back?” I asked; a pleading tone in my voice, I wanted to give the impression that I was okay with her little joke but my voice was not in agreement with my brain on this one.

“You really want them?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied pathetically.

“Here you go,” she said, before throwing them towards me in an arc that was deliberately too high for me to easily retrieve them. Stupidly I forgot my state of undress and jumped both hands in the air, to catch my shorts. I must have flashed my cousin for about two seconds in total but it was enough, it was what she had wanted.

“Oh my,” she said, mockingly, “that was quite a show you put on for me, I’m flattered.” Her air of satisfaction was almost unbearable.

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