Nervous Anticipation


I am in lust with a man I haven’t even met yet. I have talked to him online, and on the phone, but never in person. Today is going to change all that.

I stand here, outside the hotel, trying to peer into the lobby to see if I can see him in there. The blood is pounding in my ears, as I think of our talks. This man, who has made me cum time and again with his soft-spoken commands, is right inside those doors. My heart is telling me to move closer, to open that door, and meet the object of my desire. My head is telling me to turn, and run. “What if he’s disappointed when he sees you” my brain cries, and “What if he’s not in there, what if he regrets the idea of meeting, and didn’t come?”

I decide to chance the fates, and start toward the door. My legs wobbling, my heart races, my eyes search, and my hands shake uncontrollably, as I reach for the handle. I slowly move through the door, and I scan the people sitting in the lobby. My eyes search for those eyes, the ones that had become so familiar through pictures, and yet, I’m unable to connect with them. My mood begins to sink, as I don’t find him there waiting for me. My head drops in defeat and disappointment until I feel a faint warm breath on the back of my neck, and hear the words “I am pleased you decided against running away” being whispered in my ear. It was THAT voice, the one that always made me wet. He was here!! He did want me!!

Suddenly my legs could no longer hold me upright. I slouch back into him, and his arms came around my body, to steady me. He turns me to face him, his finger under my chin, raising my eyes to meet his. The first gaze of my eyes into his, sealed all the feelings I had inside since the first day I talked to him. He could see my disbelief that he was actually here, as he takes my hand, and brings it up to his face. I use my fingertips to trace the facial features that I had dreamt about so many times. His beautiful brown eyes, his nose, his neatly trimmed goatee, and finally his lips. He parts his lips, just a bit, and gently sucks one of my fingertips into his mouth. A wave of hunger surges through my body. I shiver, even though my blood is boiling with need. He takes my finger from his mouth, and his lips form a confident smirk, as he knows what he is doing to me.

He takes me by the hand, and leads me to the elevator. I’m sure everyone waiting for the elevator can smell my wetness, as I look down at the carpet in embarrassment. He squeezes my hand to reassure me, and I look around to find that no one seems to be aware of the turmoil that my body is in. We enter the elevator, and he places himself directly behind me, pressing against me, so I can feel the hardness forming in his pants. He shifts his position so that his cock is rubbing against my ass, and a heavy sigh escapes my lips. The gentleman next to me looks at me out of the corner of his eye, and a hot flush spreads across my cheeks. The elevator stops, and everyone departs but the two of us. The doors close, and he turns me around in his arms, pulling me tightly against his body. I can feel his cock seeking out my pussy, only the thin material of our clothes separating us. He reaches over and pushes the stop button, and the elevator stops between floors. He turns his attention back to me, and lowers his lips to mine, his tongue tracing my lips before pressing for entrance into my mouth. My knees are getting weak, and I can’t help but lean further into him. Our tongues meet in a furious dance, and I can’t comprehend anything around me, but he and I. He pulls back, and starts the elevator once again, leaving me there gasping, afraid that I may never be able to breathe again, without his lips pressed against mine.

The elevator stops, he puts his arm around my waist, more as a support than guide, and leads me to the door of the room that he has reserved for us. He opens the door, and allows me to go inside first. What I see is possibly the most beautiful, most romantic room I ever seen. There are red and white istanbul escort carnations everywhere, and I am touched that he has remembered they are my favorite. The light in the room flickers from the many candles that have been lit. In the middle of the room sits an oversized Jacuzzi, with champagne and glasses sitting next to it. He leads me over to the king sized bed, and gently lowers me onto it, before joining me.

His hands reach up, and his finger pushes a stray hair back from my face. His voice is soft, and raspy as he says to me “I am so glad to finally meet you, doll.” His use of that pet name has always sent a thrill through my body, as it did now. I start to shake, uncontrollably, and he leans over, takes me into his arms, his hands sliding up and down my back, reassuring me that nothing would be happening this night, that I have not wanted, needed, craved.

He rises from the bed, and moves to the chair across the room, and tells me huskily “It would please me for you to remove your clothes.” Another fiery blush rises to my cheeks, but I will do anything to please this wondrous man, so I stand and walk over in front of him, and slip my shirt up over my head. I’m glad that I wore my sexiest black lace bra today, as I can see the approval in his eyes as his gaze roams over my large breasts. My hands clumsily unhook my bra, and let it fall to the floor. He quietly whispers to me, “I would like to see your nipples hard, squeeze them for me.” My fingers move up to my nipples, and lightly graze over them, as I take each one between my fingers and pinch. “Pull them for me” he commands, and I follow his order. By this time, my pussy is soaking through my pants, and I see that he has noticed it also. The next words from his lips are “Put your hand between your thighs, and feel your wetness.” My hand slides down my body, to my thighs, then between. Mmmmm, my pussy needs attention so badly, and I start to gently rub.

“Now, put those fingers to your nose, and smell your excitement.” I raise my soaked fingers to my nose, and inhale my scent. It is a sweet aroma: that of pussy, and my perfume, which I always spray between my legs. “Now, taste.” My tongue reaches out, to slide lightly over my wet fingertips, and I suck each one into my mouth, relishing not only the taste of myself, but the look on his face, as he watches me. “Now, take your pants off, I wish to see the source of such sweet nectar.” My fingers wrap around the waistband of my pants, and pull them down to fall around my ankles, as my feet step out of them. I am standing before him, totally nude, totally vulnerable. “Turn around, slowly, and let me feast on the beautiful body you have unwrapped for me.” I start turning in a circle, slowly, and when I have my back to him, he says “Stop, bend over, I want to see the ass that I will be fucking later on.” My breath catches in my throat, as I slowly bend over, parting my legs to give him a better view.

“Absolutely beautiful” he whispers, as he rises from the chair. He quietly moves behind me, and runs his hands across my back, then lower, to my ass cheeks. “You have very soft skin, doll. I wonder if your pussy is just as soft.” He runs his hand between my ass cheeks, barely touching the puckered little hole hidden inside. His hand moves lower, to my pussy lips, which are leaking from my excitement. His fingers become drenched with my juices, and he drags the wetness back up to my hole, and rubs it around, slowly inserting his fingertip inside. I let out a small moan, wanting, needing more, but it is not to be. He withdraws his finger from me, and I hear him moving away. I stay bent over, as he has not told me to straighten, and he moves back to the chair.

“Crawl to me” I hear from behind me. I drop to my hands and knees, and turn around, and start toward him. I keep my eyes on the floor, and continue until I see his shoes come into view. I stop, and wait for his next instruction. “Undress avcılar escort me doll, I want to feel your hands on me.” I start with his shoes, unlacing them, pulling them off, then his socks. My hands wander a bit up his calves, before I move to his shirt. I wedge my body between his legs, and start unbuttoning his shirt, I gently pull his shirt from the waistline of his pants, and move my hands inside to his chest, pulling the shirt away from his body, off his shoulders then down his arms, to finally take it off. I gently fold the shirt, set it aside, turn back to him and move my lips up his stomach, to his nipples, taking each one in my mouth, and rolling it around my tongue. I then focus my attention on his belt. My fingers are shaking with anticipation as I pull the belt through the loops of his pants, and set it with his shirt. I have so far kept my attentions everywhere but his cock, but now, I see that it is hard, and waiting for me to expose it. I run my fingers softly over his cock still in his pants, and bend down to place a kiss where I know the tip to be. I undo the button of his pants, and slowly pull the zipper down, my eyes burning through the cloth that separates my fingers from his manhood. When his zipper is all the way down, I grab the waistband of his pants, as he leans up off the chair, and I pull them off, to fold them, and add them to the pile.

This time when I turn back to him, his cock is erect and pointing upward, and he whispers to me, “Touch me, I want to feel your hand stroking my cock.” I take his cock into my hand, and slowly move my fingers up and down his shaft. His cock is so hard and smooth in my hand, and all I want to do is take it into my mouth, and feel it slide in and out between my lips. “Taste me” are his next words to me, and I touch my tongue to the tip of his cock, swirling it around in circles, every so often coming to rest in the hole at the end, cleaning out the precum that is gathering there. His breathing is labored, as I continue my assault on his prick, moving my tongue down the shaft, to meet my fingers at the base. I run my tongue along the underside of his cock, which he had told me was very sensitive, and his cock jumps in my hand. He loosens my grip on his cock, and moves my mouth away, and I let out a disappointed sigh.

He stands, and motions for me to follow him, on my knees to the Jacuzzi, and he turns the water on, to start filling the huge tub up, adding bubble bath to it. He opens the champagne, and pours 2 glasses, handing me one, and keeping the other himself. He crouches down next to me, and brings his glass to my nipple, pouring just a few drops onto it, using his tongue to clean it off, then repeating with the other nipple. They are standing proud and hard under his gaze, wanting to feel his hot tongue on them once again. He must have known, because he looks at me and says, “There will be more of that, later; right now, I want us to wash each other, I want to touch every part of your body as I cleanse you.” We step into the tub, and he hands me a loofah sponge . I straddle his thighs, and soak the sponge in the water, before lathering it with soap. I drag the sponge across his shoulders, and down each arm. I lean further into him, so that I can scrub his back. While doing this, he reaches up, and runs his palms over my taut nipples, causing them to burn with want. “I see your nipples are greedy for my touch, doll.” All I can do is moan from the sensations his words and touch incite in me. “Is your clit as greedy, I wonder?” His hand slides down my stomach, to the V between my legs, and slides his finger across my hardened clit. “Oh yes, I think that your whole body is craving my touch” he responds as his face nears mine. His lips capture mine in a hard, wet kiss that is threatening to send me over the edge. My body is rocking back and forth across his fingers, my clit getting harder by the minute, as I push against him, causing his fingers to come in contact with my şirinevler escort pussy.

“So, you want to be fucked before our bath is done, do you?” he teases. “Oh my God, yes! I want to feel your cock pounding my pussy, please!!!” I moan. “Finish your task of washing me, and make sure that you clean my cock if you want in your cunt, or there will be no fucking for you” he tells me. I hurry to finish washing his chest, arms and legs so that I can get to his beautiful cock, which is standing at attention between our bodies. He is watching me with an amused look on his face, knowing why I am being so hasty in my cleaning. Instead of using the loofah to wash his cock, I rub the soap between my hands, sudsing them up, and place them around his erect prick. He leans back in the tub, and lets my hands wander up and down his shaft, I love stroking his cock, and my hands wander further below the water, to stroke his tight balls. They feel so full and hard beneath my fingers, and I can’t wait to feel them emptying into my cunt. “Ok, little one, that is enough, you are driving me wild with your fingers. I have to have your pussy NOW!!” He pulls me closer to him, to where my cunt is waiting right above his cock, and tells me “Impale yourself on me, and let me feel your tight pussy swallowing up my cock.” I lower myself onto him, right there in the tub… all the way. “Oh My God” I scream. He feels so good inside me, and my body takes over, pumping my pussy up and down on his rock hard cock, over and over again. My head is thrown back in ecstasy, and he brings his mouth down to my nipples to bite them, which sends me into a mind-blowing orgasm. My pussy is clutching fiercely at his cock, massaging his shaft as I cum.

He leans up and kisses me, then whispers “Move out of the tub, and we will dry off a bit, before I make that lovely ass mine.” I hurry out of the tub, with him following, and I dry him off, before myself. We move over to the bed, and he has me kneel on it. I hear a drawer being opened, and a cap being taken off… I smile, as I realize he is opening a tube of lube, and is now applying some to my asshole. My body starts twitching with anticipation, as he then applies some to his rock hard cock. He leans into me, and rubs his cock up and down my crack teasing me, making me beg him to put it inside me. “Do you want me to fill your ass with my cock?” he asks. “Oh my God, yes!! Please, please fuck me hard with your thick prick” I respond. I hear a groan, and feel the tip penetrating my sphincter. I want it so badly, and I push back onto him, forcing more of him inside. We both let out a satisfied sigh at the same time, and I can feel his hard balls resting against my swollen pussy. He waits for a moment, allowing me time to get used to the fullness. “Are you alright?” he asks me. “Mmmmm, yes… Please fuck me hard.”

That was all it took before he started slamming into my ass, hard and deep. I reach under me, and give my hard clit a few rubs, and I can feel myself nearing another orgasm. I reach further back and rub his nuts, so full with sperm, and he starts grunting with exertion. He’s trying to hold back from cumming, not wanting this glorious feeling to end. “Baby, I’m so close, I’m going to shoot my cum so far inside your ass.” “Give it to me, I want to feel you explode” I moan. I shove 3 fingers inside my cunt, and I can feel his cock through the thin wall separating my pussy from my ass. I feel so filled up, and I know that I am going to cum soon. “I want you to cum with me doll, I want to feel your asshole gripping my cock as I shoot inside you.” He starts pumping into me faster, as my fingers are fucking my cunt even harder. I scream, “I’m cuuuummmiiinnnnggg”, just as I hear a low animal groan escape his lips, and feel jet after jet of sperm filling my ass.

We fall onto the bed, him still on top of and inside me, his seed flowing out of my well-used asshole, his body trembling against mine. He brings his arms around me, and holds me tightly, as we come down from our blissful high. “You please me so much doll, I think I’m falling in love with you” he says to me. I reply in a shaky breath “I’ve already fallen in love with you.” We turn onto our sides, and fall into an exhausted sleep, each of us dreaming of what our next waking moments will bring…

To Be Continued…

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