New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 06


The very hot Summer on the central coast of California has evolved into a warm Fall. I thought my gal pal, Catherine and I were going to beat the heat coming over to Sequoia National Park. It is cooler over here, however the days are warm enough to wear next to nothing or nothing at all. Catherine and I have been naked while we are inside the trailer. Our camp neighbor, Abigail joined us for dinner last night and she went topless as well. Her beautiful round tits with pink nipples brightened the meal.

We are spending the week at the Sequoia RV Ranch, just eight miles from Sequoia National Park. Catherine spent last night with Abigail in her little r-pod trailer. I’m waiting for her to come back, so I can hear all about her latest adventure. We plan to do more hiking this week.

I sit up in bed, writing in my journal, getting my thoughts and perceptions down on paper. The stories I write for have their genesis in my journal. Most of my stories end up in the Erotic Couplings section, although I must confess the stories that I love to read are in the Exhibitionist and Voyeur and Mature areas. As I write and read, I take time to stroke my seven-inch shaft. Every time I record my erotic adventures, it seems that my cock is extremely hard and requires attention

It’s already quite warm, so I threw off the sheets and blanket earlier this morning. I have a few stories that I plan to share with Catherine. We enjoy reading together and sometimes we try to reenact some of the scenes. I have several blank pages that I intend to fill documenting Catherine’s tryst with Abigail. Catherine loves to talk before and after we make love.

I’m in mid-stroke, when the trailer door opens and Catherine steps inside. She is wearing the same oversized tee shirt that she wore last night. It barely covers her pussy and doesn’t conceal her erect nipples.

“Hey you, good morning. That’s a nice-looking cock you’re stroking. Did you decide to get started before me? I promised you a morning blowjob.”

“I figured it was a good time to write in my journal and record what we witnessed yesterday on our hike.”

Catherine lifts her tee over her head and jumps into bed. She cuddles up to me and replaces my hand with hers. Her body is nice and warm. Her full boobs press into my side. I move my lips close to hers for a morning kiss. She squeezes my cock as her tongue plays with mine.

“Yeah, that was pretty hot watching Olivia and Abigail get it on. I still have visions of Olivia wearing the strap-on dildo. Let me tell you, I know exactly how it feels to have an eight-inch silicon cock stuffed in my pussy.”

I whisper, “How was your evening?”

“Oh my gawd Rob, it was amazing. Abigail is such a loving person and I think I helped her become a little more assertive.”

“How so?”

“Well, I let her take the lead and she started by licking my nipples, rubbing my pussy and running her fingers through my pubes. Then she made me cum; eating my pussy and using her fingers on my G-spot.”

“Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.”

“I returned the favor and went down on her. I told her that I loved sucking her inner lips. Remember when we saw her sit on the dildo and her labia stretched around it? Her inner lips are just that long, I stretched her flaps a good two to three inches and then sucked them into my mouth. Her juice is just so sweet”

“You are getting overly excited just telling me.”

“I know, I know, but it was just so good. I told her that her rose petals were special and that she should cherish them. Then I found her clit and sent her skyrocketing. She was so loud; did you hear her cum?”

“No dear, but go on.”

“Well, then, Abigail started getting aggressive. She started mashing her mouth against mine and then said she wanted to fuck me with the strap-on. I guess she had never used it before, she is always on the receiving end. So, I bent over her bed.”

I remind Catherine, “Your favorite position.”

“Yes, yes. Anyway, her dido is exactly like mine. It’s eight inches with the same mounded glans and veins. She said, and I quote ‘Bend over the bed Catherine, I’m ready to make you mine.’ Isn’t that wild?”

I agree with Catherine’s assessment.

“Let me tell you, she drilled that thing into me and pressed her hips against mine. I was flat against the mattress. She pounded my pussy and I think I came twice. I was so proud of her dominance.”

“Well, it sounds like you had a fun time and were very satisfied.”

“Almost, I had to have those tasty flaps in my mouth one more time. So, I suggested we end the evening with a good old 69. I captured the pink flesh of her labia and sucked all the sweet cum from her pussy. I loved licking her smooth mound. She waxes, just like me.”

“Well my dear, you must be exhausted from your night of love.”

“I am, I want to rest for a while, but not before I give you that blowjob I promised.”

Catherine squeezes my cock. She has herself really worked up, and I’m not about halkalı escort to stop her. I toss my journal and pen onto the nightstand. She gets on her knees, leans over my stiff seven-inch shaft and goes to work.”

“Get ready for another triple-threat. One last night and now one this this morning. It’s the least I can do for letting me enjoy my time with Abigail.”

Catherine wraps her left hand around my my shaft and squeezes. She uses her right hand to grab my balls, running her fingers around each one. She sucks as much of my cock as she can and creates a great suction as she moves her tongue back-and-forth along the underside. She works my cock over and my climax builds quickly. Her rapid hand job, ball squeeze, and suction, the triple threat, has me on the verge in no time. I proceed to fill her mouth with several ropes of jizz.

Catherine releases my shaft and gulps down all my cum that fills her mouth. She licks her lips and cleans some that dribbled out. Once again, she plants a soulful kiss on me and sticks her tongue into my mouth so that I may taste my own semen.

Catherine lays back down next to me and pulls the bed sheets up over us, “So, are you going to record this in that little red book of yours?”

“Yes, I plan to, as well as your evening with Abigail. Is that alright?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to read it on Is it OK if we rest for a little while? Your baby is a tired gal.”

I can use a little more rest after that incredible blowjob. I guess breakfast will just have to wait. We rest for about 45 minutes before hunger takes its toll. I let Catherine rest longer while I cook up some bacon and eggs. The good smells awaken her, and we enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

“So, my sexy lady, what would you like to do today? Do you want more time with Abigail?”

Between bites Catherine let’s me know that Abigail wants to sleep until Olivia gets back. Apparently, Catherine wore her out. I know exactly what she is feeling. Catherine suggests we go to the Sugar Pine trail to hike and picnic. The only downside of leaving the trailer is that we will have to put some clothes on.

By 10:30 AM, we are dressed, packed and ready to go. I have a backpack stuffed with food, water and a blanket. Catherine is excited for the day to begin. As always, she has her Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt covering her Double-D’s. I love the way the words slant, pushed out by her huge tits. As we get into the truck, we look over to space 7. The r-pod isn’t moving; we assume Abigail is sleeping comfortably after her long passionate night with Catherine.

“I think you wore out your little princess. Too many orgasms can do that to a body.”

Catherine smiles, “I can never have too many orgasms.”

We drive the short distance to the park entrance and then head onto the Sugar Pine trail. It’s easy to locate since we were here before. Wow, was it just yesterday that we caught Olivia and Abigail making love in the woods. No wonder Abigail is resting this morning, she had a busy day. It’s close to 11:00 AM and there are several cars in the parking lot. The trail is popular today.

We begin our journey at the trail head, I have the backpack. Catherine looks cute wearing her floppy hat and holding her walking stick. She looks like she is ready for an all-day trek. We head down the same trail as yesterday.

Catherine looks at me, “I wonder who we will catch today?”

She is always the hopeful voyeur. Nearly two hours in to our hike we approach mile marker three. We walk past the infamous area where we saw Olivia pounding her eight-inch dildo into Abigail’s sweet pussy. I ask Catherine if she wants to picnic on that exact spot, but she declines.

We are both a little winded and ready for a break. We keep hydrated with water, but now require something a bit more substantial. Just beyond the mile marker, the trail winds past a wide-open field of California poppies. The rich green carpet is dotted with the golden flower. It’s a true autumn wonder. Catherine sees a small opening among several tall Sequoias that appears to be the perfect spot for our picnic.

We veer off the trail and walk thirty yards to the spot. I lay the blanket down and prepare lunch. The warm sun is high in the sky. Catherine sits down next to me, takes off her tennis shoes and pulls her sweatshirt over her head. Her gray tee is stained with perspiration. Dark patches of sweat run down the valley between her boobs and more is visible under each round mound. The sweat stains provide a nice frame surrounding her breasts. Her large nipples are erect and very prominent as they poke through the thin material.

“What are you staring at?”

I reply, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“My boobs have quite the effect on you, don’t they?”

With that comment, Catherine grabs the hem of her tee and pulls it up over her head. Her tits bounce and sway in the mid-day sun. She uses her tee to dry her skin and throws it at me. She runs her fingers around şişli escort her red aureole and pinches her nipples.


“Much better. Do you plan to stay this way? What if some hikers pass by?”

“Let them look and drool.”

I just shrug my shoulders and hand her a sandwich. I also brought some macaroni salad, chips and fruit. I prepare a plate for her while I admire her brazen attitude. Catherine and I enjoy a leisurely lunch. I’m just about finished when Catherine takes some mac salad and rubs it around her left nipple.

“Care to help a girl clean up?”

She grabs more salad and smears it all over her left breast. I was going to ignore her nipple, but I cannot ignore her entire boob. I crawl over to Catherine and lick her skin from bottom to top. I surprise her by grabbing her left breast in both hands and licking all over and sucking her nipple hard between my lips. She wasn’t prepared for me to be so aggressive.

“Geez Rob, you are a mad man. You’re making me horny right here and right now.”

“Let’s do this Catherine. If your going to flash your tits, you’re going to pay.”

I grab the top of her jeans, unsnap and unzip. I pull them down around her hips while she lays down.

“Just as I thought, no panties. Were you expecting me to eat your pussy out here?”

Catherine smiles and shimmies her ass, helping me to pull her pants off completely. She spreads her legs and I bury my face between her thighs. Pussy heaven. I inhale her womanly scent and taste her essence. I use my fingers to spread her puffy outer lips giving me access to her inner labia. My tongue has full access to her pink flesh and clitoris. I use my tongue and lips to full advantage. I lick Catherine’s cunt over and over.

Catherine uses her hands to hold my head in place. She raises her hips and grinds her quim against my tongue and lips. My tongue darts into her gash, licking and sucking all around. I locate her clit, now free from its hood. Catherine is alive and becoming wetter and wetter. I lick from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. I twirl my tongue around her clit over and over until she unleashes a torrent of cum once again.

Catherine’s thighs quiver, her hands hold my head in place as her orgasm spurs through her body. She moves her pussy back and forth over my lips. I use my tongue to gather her honey. Her body spasms continue as I lick relentlessly intent on driving her to a second climax. I place my hands on her thighs to restrain her movements. I drill my tongue deep into her inner core for one more volley. I catch hold of her inner lips with my open mouth and suck them in. My tongue concentrates on her sensitive pink pearl. I lick and suck her pussy until she comes again. I gather even more of her cum as it flows from within her labia. She screams out as she climaxes a second time.

Catherine collapses into the soft blanket, pushing my face away from her cunt and the overwhelming stimulation. She is breathing as fast and as hard as anytime I’ve been with her. She squeezes her legs together keeping me from anymore contact. I’m not going anywhere until her body returns to normal.

As Catherine comes back to her senses she utters in a raspy voice, “What the hell was that?”

I let her know that if she is going to tease me out in the open like this, she can expect these kinds of results. I move up her body, pinning her to the ground. She has a grin a mile wide. We share a passionate kiss sharing the cum on my lips.

“You like my pussy cream, don’t you? I know I do.”

“I love your taste and always will. Are you ready to be mounted?”

“Right here, out in the open?”

“It didn’t stop you from removing your shirt and flashing your tits.”

“Yes, but I could always cover up, if I need too.”

“It’s too late to think about that now. I have a raging hard-on and I need a wet place to hide it.”

I don’t bother with preliminaries. I spread Catherine’s legs, kneel up and unbuckle my jeans. I’m not wearing underwear either. My plan was to fuck Catherine this afternoon on our hike. I push my pants down just far enough to unleash my seven-inch staff. I grab my cock and position my shaft along Catherine’s moist slit. Her inner lips are still flared from her multiple orgasm. My cock slides into the wet cavern and we both grunt as I hit bottom and our hips collide.

Catherine whispers, “I guess you mean business?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well then, I’m ready, give me that hard cock, cum inside me”

My arms are planted on the sides of her shoulder for support. My chest rubs against her Double-D’s and erect nipples. I use my hips to thrust in and out of Catherine. I savor the feeling of her wet juices coating my shaft. We stare into each other’s eyes; wide smiles cover our faces. She wraps her legs around my thighs forcing me deeper into her center. I feel my glans push up against her cervix. Our lips meet in a tender kiss that deepens into a sarıyer escort passionate connection. Our tongues parry back and forth, moving from her mouth into mine and back again.

We break apart and Catherine whispers, “Make love to me, Rob. Slide that wonderful cock in and out. I can feel you so deep.”

I lift my hips, pulling my cock up from within Catherine’s folds and push in again. Her inner flesh grips me like a velvet glove. Each time I pull up, the tip of my cock nearly exits her cunt, only to be drawn back in by the pressure of her legs on my thighs. Catherine maintains a tight lock on me. I maintain a steady rhythm, moving up and down, gliding within her wet pussy.

Catherine uses her kegels to squeeze my shaft as that familiar feeling of release grows. Every nerve is concentrated in my cock. My orgasm is just seconds away. I ejaculate quickly spewing several ropes of jizz deep inside Catherine’s pussy. I continue to bang away, making sloppy noises that fill the quiet surroundings. My hot cum coats my shaft and leaks down Catherine’s ass. A lite sheen of sweat covers our bodies. We kiss some more as we enjoy our post climax. Our bodies are completely relaxed. I feel myself soften. Catherine senses it too and squeezes her pussy muscles to hold me in place.

I lift my weight from Catherine as we gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Cath, you are a dream come true. How did I get so lucky to be with you?”

“Maybe it’s this seven-inch monster that keeps invading my pussy.”

I lift, and we rearrange ourselves. I pull up my jeans while Catherine grabs her pants. She remains topless for another fifteen minutes while we gather our picnic trash and stow it in the extra bags I brought. We stand up and hug one last time. Her boobs feel so nice squished against my chest. We wonder aloud if anyone happened to see us out here in the woods. I hand her sweatshirt to her to put on and throw her gray tee into the backpack. Catherine suggests a shower once we get back to the RV Park. I tell her that’s a wonderful idea, however, I doubt I’ll be able to repeat our performance from yesterday. She’s OK with that, as we both wore each other out this afternoon.

We arrive back at the Sequoia RV Ranch, pull into our space 6 and notice that the r-pod is no longer in space 7. Catherine and I look at each other. Catherine is the first to speak, “What’s going on? What do you think happened?”

I park the truck and we walk up to my trailer. Taped to the door is a note from Abigail.

My Dearest Catherine and Rob, I am so sorry to tell you that we have gone back to Visalia. Olivia’s job requires her to cut her vacation short and return to work at once. Too many fires to put out. I told her I could stay until Saturday and that you would look after me. She was insistent that we end our trip and take the trailer home. I am so sorry. I was so looking forward to spending more time time with you and sharing my bed. You opened my eyes to many things and I will never forget the incredible orgasms we shared. I will work at being more assertive in the future. Please stay in touch, call or visit anytime.

Fondly, Abi. (xxx) xxx-xxxx

“Rob, I am so sad. I was looking forward to spending more time with Abigail. I wanted to talk her into a threesome with me and you. I’m sure I could have persuaded her once I had my tongue buried in her pussy again. I’m sorry you didn’t get to suck those perfect pink nipples.”

“I’m sorry too, Cath. She seemed to have a magic touch with you. I guess we’ll never know. Let’s get some rest; you can think about the ‘what if’.”

Catherine grabs the note and I open the door. I fix us some hot tea while Catherine undresses and slides between the bed sheets. I join her, and we catch some much-needed rest. Soft music from my iPad lulls us to sleep with her head on my shoulder and my hand holding her breast.

Later in the afternoon, we did manage to shower together and have a lite supper. I think Catherine is a little depressed regarding the sudden departure of her newest sex partner. We spend the night cuddling in bed and watching a few movies on the flat screen. Secretly, I’m OK with a little respite. Catherine can wear a fella out with her insane body.

Early the next morning we are laying in bed. Catherine’s hand wraps around my cock. She loves to slowly stroke my morning wood. I enjoy her touch while I kiss her cheek and nuzzle her neck. We are content to enjoy our time together.

My cell phone chirps. I reach over to the nightstand and read the latest text. Catherine asks about the message and I tell her it is nothing important.

“Come on Rob, what’s it say? A text this early in the morning must be important. Someone needs your attention.”

I try to put her off, but Catherine is insistent; she won’t let it go.

“It’s a text from Denise, my neighbor. Nothing to worry about.”

“What does she have to say this early in the morning, come on Rob, spill the beans.”

“OK, OK, Denise says she just got the rest of the week off and was wondering if she could join us.”

Catherine’s eyes light up, she squeezes my cock a little harder. I ask her to loosen her grip, otherwise I might break. She sits up and the bed covers slide down her boobs. For some reason, her nipples are on high beam.

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