New Heights?


*This is a work of fiction. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Family vacation places suck. They suck balls. Especially if you’re a single guy with no family. But, if you know where to look, they can be fun.

A couple of months ago, I had to go to one of these vacation places, alone. The place was in North India, a little lake near Nainital, with a big resort to stay. Of course, I was supposed to be going with my family. Unfortunately, my father passed away suddenly, so my family wasn’t in the mood for vacation, but my doctor forced me to go on one, before I died of a heart attack or something. I didn’t want to go alone, but my friends were busy, and well, no one gives a shit about going to the fucking mountains.

Either way, I eventually got there after a 2 hour long flight from Delhi, a 7 hour wait for the train, an overnight journey with a hippie raving on about how beautiful the light in the train was,, and finally a 3 hour long drive.

As I settled in, I realized that the resort was occupied by basically two types of people: People on honeymoon who were busy fucking, or people on family vacations who wished they, or their parents, hadn’t fucked. Either way, the place was an island, 1 km from the nearest village, eight from the nearest town, and 20 km from the closest big tourist attraction.

The first day I was there, I slept like a log. In the evening, I went out for a bit, checking out the town. When I returned, I saw four chicks go into a room.

This was odd. An anomaly. Unless there was someone here who had four daughters and brought them on vacation, I was not the only single person in the resort.

The next day was a bit more eventful. In the morning, I set out with a small backpack for the 8km trek to the nearest town and enjoyed the scenery. There, someone told me about another interesting trek I could take.

When I returned to the resort, I saw the four chicks clicking pictures in the lawn. I smelled of sweat and had muck on my clothes. I decided not to go talk to them just yet. The receptionist gave me my keys and told me that I was ‘welcome to come for the hotel’s complimentary evening entertainment’.

The complimentary evening entertainment actually resembled some sort of medieval torture. Families stood together, unsure of what to do, with hotel staff trying to make them take part in games. The ‘ice-breakers’ created more ice than they broke. The housie made people want to kill the hotel staff for their pronunciations. Finally, they decided to chill and put up a Karaoke machine.

To the Japanese, the people who invented Karoke, it is a delightful pastime. To other people, it can come across as the Japanese revenge for Hiroshima. A bald dad crooned into the microphone, pointing at the machine – which clearly did not know music from torture – while mom cheered him on with the pre-teen daughter and the uncomfortable acne-ridden son. I stood quietly in the corner, thinking of ways to leave, while checking out the room.

The four chicks I had seen earlier were there too. Three of them wore obvious signs of discomfort and pain, while the last one was intent in texting. I checked out the last one. She was sitting, but I had seen her before, and was about 5’2 or 5’3, with black hair and an interesting face. Around my age (early twenties) her body was a bit on the heavier side of fit, but I didn’t really mind, because she was bent forward in her chair, and I could see the most marvellous cleavage I had seen in months.

I turned my attention to the crowd again, before she realized that I had been checking her out. Now the father was coaxing the uncomfortable teenage son to sing while zooming in on his son with the camcorder. If singing in a breaking voice wasn’t bad enough, a lifelong memory of acne in 8x zoom is.

“Are you really enjoying this?” asked a voice behind me.

I turned around to see who it was. Pleasantly, it was the cute chick I had been checking out earlier.

“No, I am trying to decide whether to use the mic to club the father to death or shove it up his ass and videotape it.”

“Ah. I’m Sarah.”

We shook hands. I gave her my name.

She told me she was from Delhi and had been conned into going for this vacation by her friend, something I hadn’t managed to do with my friends. Her friends were bored too, but had decided to stick to their room and have some sort of extended sleepover while watching TV. It was odd.

“What about you? You doing anything apart from hiking?”

“I actually go hiking.”


“In esenyurt escort the mountains that surround us.”

“I got that, but where to?”

We got talking, and then we began to flirt. Eventually her friends called her and she left for her room, and I crashed in mine.

The next morning, while I was reading news about places I didn’t know existed while eating breakfast, Sarah inturrupted me.

“Please tell me you are doing something today.”

“How are you concerned?”

“I need to do something. Anything.”

“You could cab it to Nainital and go shopping.”

“We did the day we got here. It’s not that great.”


“What are you doing? I need some company?”

“Today? I’m thinking of staying in, actually.”


“I am going for a night trek. Not your thing, don’t worry.”

“What? Tell me!”

“Well, there is this lake up in the hills from here. You have to walk there. It’s a three hour long trek.”

“But why night?”

“Well, it’s uninhabited at night. And supposed to be haunted.”

“You want to be alone near a lake, in the middle of the night, with ghosts?”

“Told you it wasn’t your thing. I understand.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going.”

“You’ll need gear. And the will to work out.”

“I hit the gym five times the week back home.”

“Ok. Meet me at 6 this evening in the lobby.”

“I don’t have any gear.”


In the evening, I packed my bag with my necessities, and went out, nearly forgetting about Sarah joining me. On second thoughts, I didn’t think she would show up, either way.

Sarah surprised me. She was waiting for me in the lobby dressed in a T shirt and sweatpants, with a small backpack slung over her shoulder.

We began our climb, from a small rocky outpath from the village and got talking. Being late June, the sun was in no mood to set, and we covered good ground in daylight. While taking in the scenery, we finally got to the most difficult part of the climb by sunset.

We had both broken a little sweat, and I found it hard to concentrate on the climb. The T shirt was clinging to Sarah’s body, showing more than she knew. Her ass had started to cling to her pants, and I had unconsciously started humming, “I like big butts”.

As we were walking, Sarah slipped and fell on scree. Scree is basically rocks that get mixed with loose earth that becomes something akin to ball bearings when you step on them.

I gently helped her up by putting my hands bellow her shoulders and pulling her up. My hands grazed her boobs ever so slightly, and I was tempted to try more, but hell, the gentleman genes kicked in.

“Hey, how long is your damn lake?” she asked.

“It’s not my lake.”

“Ok, how far is it?”

“I don’t know, a few more minutes, actually.”

“Are you sure you aren’t lost?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“How do you know we’re going in the right direction?”

“Because of that,” I said, pointing at a broken sign.

“This lake was supposed to be a big thing, except no one found the cash to develop it. Whoever did, decided to start the rumor about it being haunted. Either way, it’s abandoned and it freezes over in the winter. Pretty cool, huh?” I added.

As we climbed some more, we reached a small broken wall of sorts. With the sun setting, there was barely any light to go on.

“I need a push up,” Sarah said to me.

“No, sports bras are best for hiking.”

“No, I mean a leg up.”

“Oh, ok.”

I began to help Sarah up, but she found it a bit difficult to climb. Eventually, I held her butt and pushed her over the broken wall. Her ass was lovely to touch, but I wondered if I should do more, but decided against it.

I easily climbed the wall and grinned at her. This was unfair, as it is easy for me to do these things. I am about 6’2, which makes the world a bit easier to climb. Also, I have some Iranian genes mixed with a lifetime of learning to box, so a large hairy body to boot.

“Don’t show off. You still haven’t gotten us anywhere.”

“Really?” I said, jumping off the wall, and taking a few steps. “What do you think that is?”

It was the lake. It was actually more like a pond, but unlike any of the other lakes in the area, it didn’t have tourist boats in it, or the garbage they throw in. It looked clean and didn’t stink. A small beach had been created on the shore, just the perfect place to spend the night.

I walked over to the beach-like area and dumped avrupa yakası escort my gear, and collected some firewood for a fire. By this time the night was coming on quickly, so I lit a small fire by the place where I had put my sleeping bag out. Sarah helped out of course, but by the end of it, we were pretty tired and sweaty.

“Listen, if you want, you can go take a small wash in the river,” I said.

“I’ll think about it. You going in?”

“After a bit. I need to get more wood.”

“You don’t have any of your own?” She asked, teasingly.

“I do, don’t worry. But I don’t want to put mine in the fire.” I smiled.

Sarah went off to take her bath in the river. I stripped to a pair of shorts and decided to bathe, too. As I began to swim around I noticed that Sarah was washing up on the other side. From what I could see, she was wearing a T shirt, bra and panties, all of which were clearly outlined by the water. I decided to risk it. You can’t argue with an erection.

I slowly swam towards her and thankfully, she didn’t notice me coming. Finally, I stood up in the water next to her and gave her a surprise.

“Oh, what are you doing here?” she asked flustered.

The water had excited her nipples. I could see they were large and erect, the kind that make you want to put them in your mouth.

“I thought you needed company.”


“You don’t?”

“As long as we are here…”

I waded over and kissed her. It was first a small kiss, just a liplock. I broke it and looked at her.

“Works for you?”

“Oh, yeah. It does.”

I kissed her again, this time I put my tongue in her mouth. It was accepted easily, and I realized that she was a good kisser. I began to put my hands over her body. I groped at the boobs I had wanted to grope since last night. As we began to get into heavy petting, she pushed me off and waded to the shore. I followed her. On the shore, I made my way to her, trying to begin where we left off.

Sarah put her finger on my eyes and closed them. When I tried to speak, she put a finger to my lips. The finger then trailed downwards, past my chin and hairy chest, lower, to the hem line of my shorts.

I know that usually cold water makes a dick soft. But thanks to making out with Sarah, I was nearly erect. Sarah now grabbed my cock with her hand and slowly jerked it. She must have also sunk to her knees, for the next thing I felt was her deliberately licking the shaft to the tip. Her hand gently cupped my balls, as I felt her hot mouth slowly taking me in.

I have been given head many times, but this woman really had a very talented tongue. As she sucked me off, she would gently massage the sensitive underside of my cock with her tongue. She got me to the edge and suddenly pulled off, and grabbed the base of my cock, giving me time to cool off, as she unhurriedly sucked on my balls. I opened my eyes, wondering how long she would keep up with this delicious torture, but she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and sucked my cock again.

I was in ecstasy. Again, as I neared coming, she pulled away, giving me time to cool off. Then, she stood up and closed my eyes. I was hoping she would blow me again, but instead, when I opened them, she was walking away from me, while swinging her hips.

“What the hell?” I shouted.

Sarah turned and with a sexy smile, beckoned me to her with her forefinger.

As I began to run towards her, she ran to the sleeping bags. Here, she stopped, as I caught up. I had kicked off the shorts near the shore, and was running butt naked towards her, with a hard cock bouncing in the wind, hoping to get more.

When I reached her, I began to kiss her again, this time kissing down her neck and grabbing some more of those beautiful breasts. She stopped me.

“Lie down. Trust me, just lie down.”

I had placed my sleeping bag on the ground and so had she, right next to it. For a pillow, I had my sack. I lay down against it, and looked up at her.

Sarah slowly came over and sat down on my crotch. Her warm pussy rubbed against my cock, keeping it hard. She looked at me and slowly bent down to kiss me. Then, she sat up and quietly removed her T shirt and unhooked her bra and let loose some of the best tits I had ever seen.

I reached up to kiss her again and moved lower to kiss her neck. She whimpered a little, and rubbed her ass up and down my cock, giving me the signal to go lower.

Soon, I was at anadolu yakası escort her tits. I put one delicious, large, erect nipple in my mouth while my hand played with the other. As I went on, she moaned louder. I let go of her nipple and bit her ever so slightly on her breast. She moaned out louder than ever, as her hands curled up in my short hair and seemed to beg me to go on.

I kissed her tits some more, and gave her another hickey. At this point, Sarah slowly raked four long fingernails across my back, giving me some of my own medicine. Lucky for me, I liked it, and moaned out. When I bit her nipple ever so slightly, she sank her teeth into my shoulder, giving me something to remember her by.

Her tits were perfect. I loved them. As I played some more with them (with my mouth, of course) Sarah gave me another hickey on my neck. All this while, her pussy was rubbing against my cock, turning me on, even more.

Finally, she stopped. She looked in my eyes and got off me. She lay down next to me and pulled off her panties. I got my cue.

I got on top of her, kissing her lower and lower. I stopped briefly at her breasts, which were tantalizing, but there were more interesting parts to her.

I went from her breasts, kissing her lower and lower, down to her pussy. She had trimmed the hair, and already, I could smell her juices.

I got my head down between her legs. She propped them up waiting for me. By putting my hands around her thighs, I had her in place. I slowly blew on her pussy, the warm air just tantalizingly close to her clitoris. She moaned.

I would have teased her some more, but Sarah pushed her crotch towards me, trying to get me going. But I wanted to tease, so I backed up a bit and teased her some more. Finally, she grabbed my head and pulled it into her crotch.

When I went down on her, she moaned louder and louder and placed her legs on either side of my head and began moving her pelvis. In effect, she was humping my face.

I ate her out for a few minutes and she was thoroughly enjoying herself, but then she suddenly stopped me. I looked up, and she asked me to come up and kiss her. As I was kissing her, she pulled the Cargo pants I had been wearing towards herself.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“One minute.” She said.

Reaching into my pants, she finally found my wallet, and pulled it out. For a second I wondered if she wanted money, but instead, she searched my wallet and pulled out a rubber.

She pulled one out and I tried to take it from her. She refused to give it to me.

“I want to put this on you,” she said.

“How did you even know it was there?” I asked.

“A boy scout like you is gonna have a condom, you know.”

She motioned me to lie on my back. I wondered what she was trying to do.

“Lie on your back. I wanna do this.” she pleaded.

I lay on my back and she sat up next to me. Then, she grabbed my cock and sucked it for a few seconds. Already, it was hard. She made it harder. I could’ve used my cock as a crowbar now.

Sarah tore the top of the condom pack with her teeth. Then, she rolled it on to my cock slowly, teasing me.

She put her legs on either side of me and began to sit down, slowly impaling herself on my cock. She sank lower, taking a bit more of cock in every time.

Eventually, she began bouncing up and down on half the length inside her. I wanted more. I stopped her.

Sarah got off me, and lay down. I got on top of her and immediately, got inside her. Her pussy was tight, and after a few minutes of thrusting, I was finally in.

When I started fucking her with earnest, Sarah wrapped her legs behind me and helped me on. With her hands, she raked scratches across my back.

Finally, I felt something weird happening. Sarah’s back arched and her eyes rolled into her head. Her pussy suddenly squeezed my cock for all its worth. As she moaned out the loudest ever, I realized that she was cuming, and that set me off too.

As my orgasm finally subsided, I looked down at her. My cock was still hard, and inside. She kissed me as I finally got off and removed the condom. I was tired.

Sarah and I cuddled up by the fire in my extra large sized sleeping bag, while looking up at the stars. As we cuddled and talked, Sarah slipped her hand low again.

“You already up for another one?” She asked.

“It’s your fault.” I grinned.

We had a lot of fun that night. The next morning we trekked back to the resort, and got sneaky stares from the staff. Sarah told me that she was going to go get some sleep but meet me back in my room in the evening.

I looked at myself in the mirror, as I undressed for a shower. My chest and neck were riddled with hickeys, my back with scratches, and what I had expected to be the worst vacation ever was turning out quite the opposite. I smiled. This was good.

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