New Orleans Night


New Orleans was hot, humid and steamy as it usually was this time of year, and the whole city seemed to ooze sex. The pretty wrought iron and historic buildings of the French quarter seemed like the setting for some great, romantic love story with beautiful women in silk gowns and gentlemen speaking lustily in French. Sophie walked quickly past the noisy bars, and the drunken couples flashing each other on the street. That stuff just wasn’t her scene, even in a new city where no one knew her. She loved to travel to exotic locales and you certainly couldn’t get a more exotic American city than New Orleans. Voodoo, slavery, vampires, prostitution, hedonism; it was all an intimate part of the city culture, although something that she preferred to discover in a more intellectual manner. That is why she was on her way to take the evening ghost tour, and satisfy her curiosity.

When she got to the store-front where the tour started she saw a flamboyant man dressed as a vampire with black suit, top hat, cape, and long green fingernails that he would place on women’s necks from behind. The gathered tourists were all pressing forward to be in his tour group, and Sophie was too late to join in. She was assigned to another group with a young tour guide dressed in simple black shirt and pants. He did not have a charismatic draw like the other guide, but was certainly attractive. He was tall, short dark brown hair, muscular physique obvious through his clothes. He smiled at her, and introduced himself.

“Hi, my name’s Phillip. I am sorry you can’t be in Rene’s group tonight. Everyone wants to take the tour with the self-styled vampire, but I assure you I can tell a good tale myself.”

Sophie smiled at him, and assured him she was not disappointed. She glanced around at her other tour companions; some older couples, families with teenagers, and a few younger couples more interested in each other than the tour itself. She was the only one there alone.

The group set off, and Phillip certainly had not been boasting with regard to his story-telling ability. He had a low, husky voice that was perfect for relaying the ghostly, ghoulish tales that abounded throughout New Orleans. As they moved from one location to the next, Phillip chatted with her, as all the other tour members were pre-occupied with their own companions. He was friendly and sweet, and she enjoyed the extra interaction. He had dark brown, sexy eyes, and a handsome jaw line. His laugh was boisterous and loud, and made his lips part in a very sensuous way. Sophie felt her pussy becoming warm and moist as they walked along.

Phillip was really enjoying his work this evening. It was very rare that an attractive single woman would be in his group. And there was no doubt that Sophie was attractive. She was 5 8, with long red hair curling around her shoulders, smooth creamy skin, blue eyes, and a curvy feminine figure. Her cotton sundress had thin straps, and a low neckline, showing off her large, curvaceous breasts, and he was captivated by her cleavage. The skirt of the dress flared out revealing long, firm legs, and he felt his cock begin to harden as he imagined them wrapping around him.

As the tour came to an end he wondered what he should do. Ask for her number, where she was staying? It seemed too forward. And then he was struck with inspiration. “Thank you everyone for joining me tonight. I hope you all can find your way home safely. If you are too frightened by what you have heard to attempt the journey, you are welcome to join me for a drink.” His eyes moved to Sophie as he issued the invitation.

Sophie blinked as she listened to Phillip end his tour. Was istanbul escort that last comment directed at her, or did her always end his tours this way? She scanned the group and noted that everyone else was heading off, leaving herself and Phillip alone in the street. Phillip smiled at her, and asked her if she would be joining him. Sophie hesitated for a second, and then answered, “Actually, if you wouldn’t mind, I would really like to continue the tour. I so enjoyed what you were saying, and the bars are just too noisy and crowded.”

Phillip smiled in appreciation at her compliment. “Great!” he replied. “I have a few stories in mind that are not really suitable for a general tour.”

He took her hand in his and led her down the street. Sophie felt her skin begin to tingle at his touch. His hand was large and strong, and she imagined what it would feel like moving across her body. She felt her nipples harden at the thought, and her pussy begin to throb.

Phillip led her into a small, dark alley with a wrought iron balcony up above. The sound from the street was muffled, and the thick air seemed to press upon them from all sides. He started to tell a lust-filled, sexy ghost story that most definitely did not fit the description of family entertainment. As he spoke he noticed her breathing grow slow and heavy, her breasts rising and falling, straining against the cloth of her dress. His story seemed to be having the desired effect. Her lips were moist and full, slightly parted in invitation. Her eyes were fixed on him, and appeared heavy with desire. Was he imagining it, or did she really want him to kiss her?

He leaned in close to whisper the bawdy punch line to his story, and got his answer. She smiled and giggled. The tip of her tongue wet her lips, and she leaned forward and kissed his cheek, gently and sweetly. He needed no further encouragement. Phillip took her in his arms and kissed her lips, harder and with passion. Their tongues intertwined, moving in and out of each others mouths. Phillip could feel her nipples hard on his muscular chest.

Sophie felt his cock pressing against her thigh. Her fingers ran through his hair, and her whole body shivered with desire. It had been a long time since she had been with a man, and she wanted Phillip to touch her all over. For a brief moment her brain urged her to stop this foolishness, she didn’t know this man, what on earth was she doing? But her body was determined to give her brain the night off.

Phillip’s left hand slid up her back, entwining in her hair, whilst his right hand moved up her side, caressing her full breast. Her breath caught in her throat as his thumb circled over her tender nipple. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes in pleasure. Phillip brought both hands to her huge boobs, heavy and full, and started to kiss her neck. “Oooohh, Phillip…. Mmmmmm… yes… don’t stop…” she whispered, her voice breathy and jagged with lust.

Phillip felt his cock grow ever bigger, and knew he must have a very obvious erection. He glanced around, and saw a few people on the main street passing by. “My apartment’s not far. Governor Nicholls Street” he whispered.

She managed to nod in agreement, although she really wanted him to continue. Her pussy was so wet and she couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock inside her. She had felt it pressing into her, and knew it was impressive.

They half ran through the streets of the quarter, feeling the city pulse with excitement all around them. Their hot bodies were moist with sweat, and the tension between them was brutal. They came onto the avcılar escort quiet street, and walked up the steps to Phillip’s apartment. Phillip held the door for her, and she stepped into a small but neat apartment with a beautiful balcony. The street light coming through the window was enough to see by so Phillip didn’t turn on the lights. Sophie stood by the window, looking out across the city. Her lips twitched in anticipation of what was going to transpire between them.

Phillip was enchanted by her curvy, feminine form silhouetted in the window. She was beautiful, and his body was aching for her. He could not believe his luck in enticing this gorgeous woman back to his bed for the night. He came up behind her and encircled her in his arms. She twisted her head around to meet his, and they kissed, softly at first, but then their desire overtook them again. His lips ran all over her neck and shoulders as his hands cradled her boobs and his thumbs rubbed over her nipples. She moaned again in delight.

Her hands reached back behind her and started to massage his cock through his pants, thrilled as it grew even harder under her fingertips and she heard Phillip groan. His right hand slipped to the back of her dress and pulled the zip over her skin. He pushed the straps down over her shoulders and her breasts popped free. They were firm and sat high on her chest, yet smooth and silky to the touch. His fingertips moved over her nipples for a few seconds, before siding down over her stomach and pushing her dress onto the floor. She was wearing a pair of pink lacy panties underneath, with just a thin strip of lace running up her firm ass.

She turned around and put her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply, then began unbuttoning his shirt. His hands moved down to her ass and massaged up and down. She started to rock her hips undulating into his cock. He picked her up and carried to the couch, sitting her down on his lap. She lay back in his arms, hot with desire for more of his touch. His lips came down to her boobs and he started to roll the tip of his tongue over her pert nipples. His hand slipped down and started to pull at her underwear. She lifted her hips, allowing him to strip off the pink panties, tossing them into the darkness of the room. His fingers slid back up her firm thighs and ran through her silky pubic hair. Her thighs parted at his touch, and he dipped a finger down to find her pussy hot, wet and waiting for him. His fingers slid easily up and down her pussy lips, eliciting more moans and cries from her.

Sophie lay there in ecstasy, wondering how she had ended up naked in a man’s arms, with his tongue on her tits and his fingers in her pussy. Phillip’s fingers slid inside her pussy and she rocked her hips back and forth. His thumb found her hard, swollen clit and began to rub it in time to her hip movements. Her motion became faster, and more desperate, her pussy bucking up and down under his hand. Suddenly, he felt her pussy walls spasm, and her whole body tensed as she climaxed. “Phillip..Phillip! Oh, YES, MMMMM.. Oooohh, Mmmmm…..”. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her whole body shivered, and she felt tingles of electricity coursing through her muscles and tendons. This man was incredible.

Phillip groaned in lust as she sat up next to him on the couch. Her hands went to his pants, fumbling to undo the button and fly, ripping them off his legs. Her boobs bounced up and down with the activity, and his cock jumped as he watched them swaying in front of him. She knelt down in between his knees, and leaned forward taking his throbbing cock in between her beautiful şirinevler escort boobs. The tip of his cock poked through her cleavage, and she extended her tongue out to touch it. He gasped as he felt her moist, velvet tongue on his cock for the first time. She pressed her tits together and rubbed them up and down around the shaft of his cock, her tongue licking at the tip. He groaned, and begged her to suck him harder.

Sophie circled his cock with her lips, and sucked hard for a few seconds before beginning to glide up and down the length of his shaft. Her left hand massaged his balls whilst her right kept a firm grip on the base of his cock. He gasped and groaned as she worked, the muscles in his buttocks and thighs clenching. His hips began to jerk a little as he felt his balls swelling with cum. There was no way he could hold back, and he cried out in ecstasy as his cum exploded into her mouth. She sucked him harder and massaged his balls, squeezing every last drop of cum she could out of him. He panted for breath, sweat rolling down his brow.

Sophie felt drops of pussy juice rolling down her thighs. She sat back on her heels, looking deep into his eyes, and whispered the words that every man wants to hear. “Fuck me, Phillip. I want your huge, hard cock inside me, I want you to make me come again and again!”

Phillip wanted to fuck her, wanted to slam his cock into her tight pussy over and over, but he wasn’t up to it yet. He pulled her back onto the couch and then slipped down into place between her thighs.

Sophie thrilled at the thought of his tongue going where his fingertips had been just before.

Phillip slid his large hands up over her thighs, pushing them apart. He could see her pussy glistening, and smell its hot, sweet scent. He leaned in closer and she felt him exhale his hot breath on her thighs and groin.

She gasped a little, and then gasped louder as his tongue traced up and down her outer lips. Lazily his thick tongue moved up and down, slowly making inroads into her inner pussy lips with each stroke. It felt heavenly, and she moaned in appreciation. His tongue finally settled on her budding clit and he sucked gently on it. She panted and moaned, throwing her head back as he fucked her with his tongue. She pulled her knees up, giving him even better access to her dripping pussy. He reached his hands up and started massaging her gorgeous tits again, excited by how big they felt in his hands. His cock was growing hard again, as she climbed to the heights of another orgasm under his tongue. “Oh Phillip, please!” she begged. “Don’t make me wait any longer! I want you deep in my pussy now!”

Phillip rolled onto the couch and positioned her beneath him. He angled his cock between her hips, and pushed into her pussy, just like they had both been waiting for all evening. Sophie wrapped her legs around his waist, and rocked her hips in response to his rhythm. He kissed her hard, and his tongue matched the movements of his cock. He felt her tits pressed into his chest, her nipples hard and responsive. Her pussy was so hot and tight around his cock, so wet and slippery. It was the best fuck he had ever had. Their cries of pleasure mingled together, as they urged each other on, driven by pure lust.

Phillip sensed that Sophie was coming close to orgasm again. Her eyes were clenched shut and her whole body began to tense. Her cries of “Fuck me harder, NOW!” confirmed it. He thrust as hard as he could, and felt the waves of cum stream out of him. His cock throbbed and pulsed inside her, and he felt her pussy throbbing in return. They lay there in each others arms, kissing softly as their breathing slowed, and his cock eventually slipped out of her pussy.

Sophie released a long sigh, and smiled at Phillip. “That was definitely the best and most thorough city tour I have ever taken” she said.

Phillip laughed. “And that is definitely the best gratuity I have ever been given” he replied.

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