New Traditions


I used to spend the Summer months in southern Ohio with my aunt Sandy and her family. It was my chance to get away from the inner city and spend some time in the country for a while. In the more recent years, Sandy had been divorced and all of her children had grown and moved out of the house leaving her by herself. It had been at least five years since I had spent any length of time down at her house. But with her divorce and sudden loneliness, I decided it was time to restart a tradition.

The first night I was down at Sandy’s, we had a great time. We went out to dinner and sat around watching videos till late in the morning. I could tell that my company was just what Sandy needed. The next afternoon, Sandy and I spent the entire day down town at the annual 4th of July celebration. We listened to music and played games until the sun went down. And after the fireworks display was over, we headed back to the house where we talked for a long time about how so much had changed since I’d spent some time with her. There was something different in Sandy’s eyes that night. Something I didn’t recognize. But I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it.

I was listening to music on my CD player while Sandy took a shower on her way to going to bed. When topkapı escort she was finished I the bathroom, I heard her call for me to come and say goodnight. As I headed into her bedroom, I noticed Sandy was wearing a pink teddy which seemed strange to me. She was supposed to be headed off to sleep. Why would she need a teddy for that? Still naïve to what was going on, I bent over to give Sandy a kiss goodnight when the odd behavior hit an all time high.

As our lips met, I became aware of the fact that the length of the kiss was much longer than what you would expect from an aunt and her nephew. I opened my eyes to find Sandy’s hand reaching behind my head. The was a slight break in the kiss when I noticed Sandy open her mouth and extend her tongue. I had never thought of my own aunt in that way before, but I found myself having uncontrollable urges to open my mouth and let her tongue in.

Our tongue began dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. I could hear moans and groans coming from Sandy as she reached down and grabbed my hand, placing in gently upon her soft breasts. As we continued to kiss, I fondled my aunt’s chest and felt her hands trace a line down my chest and not stopping until they were firmly tuzla escort placed on my crotch. She began untying the sweats I was wearing. Once she had loosened the string, she pulled them down to the floor. She broke off our kiss and whispered,” Oh God Dwayne…I want your cock in my mouth.”

Sandy immediately took down my underwear and was face to face with a dick that was rapidly growing harder with ever passing second. As I looked down at the top of my aunt’s head, I saw my cock disappear into her mouth sending a shockwave through my body. My hands quickly went to the back of her head and I fucked her mouth as if it were her pussy. I had never experienced a blowjob that felt that way before. Maybe the fact that this fifty year old mother of three was sucking her twenty year old nephews cock was enough to put me over the top. The fact that Sandy was related to me seemed to make everything that much more exciting and erotic.

I kept looking back at Sandy’s milky white ass that was just appearing outside of her short teddy. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I seriously had never envisioned fucking my own aunt, but now that this was happening, all I could think about was working my dick up her juicy ass. pendik escort Within moments, I had Sandy on her stomach as I kissed down her back and slowly removed the teddy she was wearing.

I whispered in her ear that I wanted to make love to her delicious ass. She smiled and responded,” Oh yes baby…I want your tongue up my ass and in my pussy.” Just hearing her say the words almost did it for me. I ran my tongue down her back and to the top of her crack. Using my fingers, I spread her ass apart and began dragging my tongue up and down her crack sending waves of pleasure through Sandy’s mature body. Before it was over, I had licked every inch of my aunt’s scrumptious ass and cunt on my way to giving this mature woman her first orgasm of the night.

I positioned myself behind Sandy and motioned for her to get up on her hands and knees. I used my hand to guide my cock towards her pussy and as it slipped inside of her, the warm sensation of her pussy walls was more than I had even imagined it would be. I pumped my cock in and out of my aunt’s slippery cunt as I watched her ass bounce off of my thighs with every thrust. I couldn’t hold it anymore as I blasted my worm sum deep inside of her and we both collapsed onto the bed trying desperately to regan our composure.

What had just happened? I had just fucked my mother’s younger sister. A woman I grew up loving for her motherly nature and kindness to me. Had I just ruined my relationship with her forever? Or was this simply a stepping stone towards a deeper relationship with her?

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