New Year’s Celebration Ch. 04


I should have been tired, and completely spent standing at Tina’s door. The day started off before dawn and now a couple hours into the New Year, I should be sound asleep. But I found myself wide awake and invigorated, and lustfully anticipating the next few moments. The light shining from underneath the door suddenly went dark, and there was nothing but silence. I wondered if Tina was planning something, or if she was already feeling some depression over being alone tonight. I didn’t have to wait long to get my answer.

The handle jiggled and the door slowly opened. My jaw dropped at what I found standing in front of me. Tina had turned the lights the lights down low, not off. She was softly illuminated from the torch light behind her; her auburn hair was pulled up off her neck, tied in tight on the back of her head exposing her soft neck. She was smiling as my eyes traced over the spaghetti straps of her a white skin tight silk camisole that reached just past the bottom of her perky 34B breasts, swelling with anticipation as I gazed upon her.

Those weren’t the only things swelling, underneath my robe my tool thickened and pulsed. Her tight stomach exposed with the slight hint of abs underneath her skin as her flat belly led to an impossibly small white silky g string. The tiny swath of fabric stretched to its maximum still barely covered her lips, tucking in between her sex and the soft flesh of her uppermost thighs. Her long legs looked toned as usual, and my eyes slowly memorized every inch of her body until I gazed back into her eyes.

From her facial expression, she seemed a little surprised. I don’t think she had planned this. Her outfit was something she could have worn to sleep I suppose. Maybe the delay in opening the door was just pulling her hair up and dimming the lights. She looked amazing; she smiled at me and opened the door wider, inviting me into her bedroom.

I moved to her quickly and gently closed the door behind me. I softly wrapped my arms around her waist, as she did the same to me, and our lips met in a passionate embrace. It was like the first time we’d kissed. Electrical signals bolted from her soft lips throughout her body, as mine reacted the same way. My cock throbbed hard against the soft robe as our tongues intertwined for what seemed like an hour. I completely lost track of time and space locked in her soft embrace.

She pulled her chest in closer against me, and a gentle moan escaped her lips into my mouth. “I was hoping you’d want to see me tonight, I didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve alone,” she whispered.

“How could I resist you?” I whispered back between our parted lips. “With me around,” I continued between kisses, “you’ll never have to be alone.”

This seemed to draw her closer to me; she pressed her lips a little harder into mine. She was kissing me more urgently, as if she feared if she let go, I would suddenly vanish and she would awaken alone again, having only dreamt this.

But this was very real, and the reaction my body was having to her was becoming more obvious as my cock engorged and throbbed against her belly, stiffening a little more every moment we kissed.

I reached behind her, grasping her thighs just below her tight little ass and picked her up, pulling her to me as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled the front of my robe open, exposing my chest, and pressed her scantily clad breasts against my skin. The silk between us was unperceivable as her nipples hardened. She gripped me tight with her thighs, and I no longer needed to support her, my hands caressed the backs of her thighs and her tight ass. I slid my hands all over her round cheeks, taking pleasure in their complete bareness, separated only by a thin string of material, erotically slipping between them.

Our mouths hungrily fought for control now as I carried her to her bed and gently laid her down on her back. She held me in her grasp pulling her with me on top of her. Our bodies now pressed together, and gently ground my body against hers, as she pulled my robe down over my shoulders. Her lips left mine to kiss down my neck and across my collarbone as she kissed every inch of skin as she exposed it.

I pulled her into a sitting position as I kneeled in front of her, allowing her better access as she undressed me. Her hands deftly maneuvered to untie the belt, opening my robe fully, causing it to fall behind me and exposing my rigid flesh. She looked down at my member just as the first drop of precum oozed itself from the tip. She lowered her head gently opening her mouth, and slowly licked that drop with her soft tongue. My cock throbbed against her touch, aching to be stimulated further.

She lifted her tongue off my stiff member again as I turned my attention to her. I pushed her back until she was resting her hands on the bed behind her, leaning back and giving me better access to her aching body. I kissed her passionately again, her lips were soft, swollen slightly and moist.

My hand reached up and caressed her breasts through the thin fabric halkalı escort of her silk top, gently cupping them rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples. She was aching for me to remove her top, but I left them covered, leaving something for later. Instead my head lowered to her taught tummy. Trailing kisses from the bottom of her breastbone down toward her navel. I stopped there a moment, pausing to gently lick and flick my tongue at her tiny little crevasse as if it was her pussy.

“Oohhh,” she moaned softly, breaking the silence, uttering her first words in what already seemed like an hour.

My head lowered over her hip bones and down her leg all the way to her tiny little feet. Gently placing kisses on the tops of each of her feet, I started back up her legs again. I alternated kisses on each leg, gently spreading her wide to eventually have access to her thighs. I turned my head so I could kiss and nibble on the sensitive backside of her knees. She trembled gently as a forced breath slowly escaped her lips, I felt her body begin to relax in my grasp, and she laid back flat on the bed.

Rolling back over I kissed my way along her inner thighs, stopping just short of her panty covered crotch. My tongue gently traced the outside edge of the tiny material separating her most sensitive areas from my warm mouth. Holding her legs in my hands, keeping her knees wide apart I continued my playful lapping all around her pelvis, licking her from her hip bones all the way through her pelvic crease and down to the tiny creases where her legs met her ass. Gently coaxing her body to send more blood to the sensitive pelvic area of her body; this increased her aroused state, and caused the skin under my tongue to electrify, sending shivers throughout her body.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned again and gently shuttered, as my warm tongue me with the edge of her tight little ass cheeks.

I raised my head again and brought my hands to her protected pussy. I gently caressed her lips through the thin fabric of her thong. She moaned as my fingers began to work their magic over her. Touching gently and caressing I could feel her pussy lips begin to engorge themselves under my touch. I grasped the thin fabric surrounding her pussy and manipulated it, gently pulling upwards with just enough pressure to press her pussy together and cause it to plump further as I continued caressing her with my other hand.

I lowered my head as I played again with her panties, my warm mouth hovering less than an inch over her sweet mound that was now soaking through the thin white fabric. I inhaled deeply, and exhaled warm, hot air, blowing it though the material on to her wet lips behind, begging to be directly touched.

I did the same thing again, causing her to moan with more urgency now, “Mmmm, please touch me!”

I did it one more time and watched her body shiver as pins and needles worked their way through her entire body. Her nipples were already hard, but when the sensations worked their way up her body, I think they became even more erect, straining against the paper thin fabric of her white shirt. Even in the dim light, I could see the slightly darker color of her pink nipples underneath her shirt.

I gently pulled the now soaking wet fabric off her crotch, exposing her smooth lips to the night air. Knowing completely that this produced a cooling sensation to the outside of her plump pussy, I allowed the open air to blow across her for a moment, content to just watch her bodies reaction to the subtle difference in sensations.

“Please!” she softly begged me, “Please!”

Part of me wanted to drag out this longing feeling she was experiencing, and the other part of me wanted to grab my throbbing cock, now pouring precum onto the bed, and impale her. But I wanted to take my time with her; I knew it had been a long time since she’d had full-on sex. From what she’d told me, she’d never had anyone treat her like I have, with respect, and care of her as a person, and I wanted to please her and make this an incredible experience.

I lowered my head to her moist lips, gently extending my tongue I ever so softly began to slide my tongue up and down her engorged lips.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned immediately to my direct touch.

Gently I continued my lapping of her lips, noting how impossibly wet this girl was, it was almost like she’d already cum, I knew she hadn’t, but she was seriously turned on. It only served to encourage me more to bring this little sex pot to a boil!

Placing my fingers near my mouth, I gently spread her lips apart. Now exposing her hood-covered clit to the air, and opening her pink pussy. I slowly dipped my tongue gently inside her, tasting the source of her sweet juice. ‘Strawberries’ I thought, as my tongue savored the sweetness she was sharing with me. I slid my tongue very slowly through her slit, tasting every drop, flicking every crease, as I reached her clit, still hidden by the little fold of skin making her hood.

My tongue began slowly tracing the skin of her şişli escort hood, I made circular motions, and then simple up and down motions that I placed directly on top of, and on either side of her hardening clit.

“Oh yessss!” she moaned to me louder and with more urgency, finally receiving the direct contact she’d been begging for.

My tongue’s caresses became more consistent and gently flicked over her hood again and again, applying gentle pressure on her body’s most sensitive area as she began to writhe and moan beneath me. Her body responded to the control I had her under, gently causing every movement across her entire body with my tiny moist tongue. She began to get even wetter, and I felt my cock stiffen further, now pouring precum from the swollen head.

“Oh, yes baby!” she cooed, “Mmmmm!”

My tongue became more insistent looking for that first elusive orgasm to release from within her body. She began moaning more regularly now, gently thrusting her hips toward my mouth, encouraging me to continue. I reached up with my fingers and began to gently cup and knead her breasts, not quite touching her erect nipples just yet.

“Oh baby!” she was louder, and much more insistent, “Oh yes, I’m going to cum for you!”

I continued by gently lapping her hood, and caressing her breasts. Her breathing increased, and her body arched her back and stiffened, I cupped her breasts and pinched both nipples between my fingers now, as she began to cum.

She softly moaned, “Oooohhhhhhhhh!”

Her body gently shuddered against my touches, again and again. Softly she bucked her hips against my mouth as her pussy lips engorged and her body released a wave of tension. Her pussy released a small stream of sweet nectar for my efforts. I slowed the pace of my lapping down, and began licking her lips again slowly, preventing her clit from over-stimulating. But I wasn’t done yet, that wasn’t the orgasm I was looking for, and I told her so.

“I’m not done with you just yet!” I said coyly.

She only responded by moaning, “mmmmmmmmmm!”

I took that as a sign to continue and went back to my work on her engorged pussy. Her slick lips slipped past my own as I sucked her smooth cunt into my hot mouth. Sliding my tongue through her slit with urgency and beginning to flick her clit before releasing her lips and allowing my attention to solely focus on her tiny button again. She began writhing and bucking her hips against me again, obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. My cock swelled between my legs, throbbing and still pouring precum from the angry head, aching for attention. I knew I would get plenty, but Tina was first tonight.

My pressure and pace increased as my tongue worked over her clit again. Tina began pumping her hips into my face urgently. I could tell she had another orgasm trying to release itself from her body. I ravaged her clit now, faster and harder; reaching up to her chest, I caressed her breasts as I had before, over the silk fabric of her shirt, waiting for the right moment to pay attention to her hard little pink tips that were aching for my touch.

Suddenly she squirmed, “Oh, Scott!” and another louder, more urgent grunt escaped her lips, “Uunnggghhhhh!”

She bucked her hips toward my face, as I continued to ride her clit through her orgasm, her pussy got noticeably wetter this time, and as I pinched her nipples her body convulsed under the attention from my skillful touch. She was breathing heavy and fast as her body slowly subsided from the wave of pleasure that just passed over her.

I lifted my mouth completely off her, and watched her body react to what I was doing to her. Her perky breasts trembled atop her heaving chest, as her belly tensed and relaxed with her breathing. I looked at her pussy, gradually becoming more engorged, and more soaked with her own juices and my saliva, she looked spent already with her legs splayed out in each direction having just enjoyed orgasm number two for the evening.

She thought I was done, and she nearly jumped out of her skin when my mouth sucked in her puffy lips again. Sucking her taste into my mouth and slipping my tongue through her well lubricated slit.

“No please!” she pleaded, “I can’t take anymore right now!”

I just grinned with a mouthful of pussy and kept sucking, careful not to touch her clit with my tongue, which may have been painful at the moment. I waited for her clit to desensitize a little. When I noticed her relax, I dove right back in her.

My tongue ravaged her hard clit, as I pulled her hood back with two of my fingers. Now attacking it directly, she shrieked, as I continued my assault. Her pussy felt fiery again and I lapped and licked and flicked my tongue over her love button. She lowered her hands and help me spread her lips and pull back the head, fully exposing her clit to my oral attack.

With my hands now free, I reached up and slipped her top up over her magnificent tits, cupping and massaging her breasts, and sarıyer escort gently twisting her nipples them between my fingers.

She writhed in pleasure, “Oh yes, oh yes baby!”

My tongue flicked over her clit faster and harder, a slid one of my hands down, placing a finger at her entrance, her juices instantly lubricating it. My free hand did it’s best to satisfy the needs of both her nipples, as I caressed one, the other screamed for attention. My heavy cock was now pouring clear precum onto the bed in a solid stream.

I slipped a finger inside her and instantly found the spongy g spot I was looking for. I stimulated it gently by curling my finger slightly inside her driving her over the edge. She bucked wildly now against my finger and face as I assaulted three of her body’s most sensitive areas rocketing her toward ecstasy.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, “Oh fuck yes Scott, I am going to cum again!” she grunted loudly this time. She was panting now, and I reveled in controlling her whole body, see her writhing on the bed, moaning my name was enough to make me cum for her without any external stimulation, but I still have plans for that and did my best to focus on her pleasure.

I felt her cunt engorge with blood around my fingers, tightening her around my digits. Next her outer lips filled the same way, plumping her pussy seconds before she reached her apex.

She screamed! “Oh fuck Scott, I’m cumming!”

As her last word was spoken, I pinched her nipple hard between my fingers, while I assaulted her g spot and clit, and she erupted. Violently bucking her hips off the bed, she pushed my finger out of her, and sending a gushing torrent of cum forward over my chin and neck. I moved just far enough away to give her a little room as she bucked again, grunting, sending a shower of cum into my mouth and over my face. She came again, gushing a stream of sweet juice onto my neck and chest. Again and again a seemingly unending flood of her pleasure shot out of her pussy, soaking me and the bed between her legs. Her last few were more like gushing spurts washing through her gash as her pussy throbbed with her orgasm in front of me.

“Oh my god!” she moaned as she shuddered with the final throes of her orgasm. “That was unbelievable! I’ve never cum like that in my entire life!”

“Thanks!” I said, grinning as I moved on top of her, planting a sensual kiss on her lips so she could taste her juice she just squirted all over me. “I was looking for that one, and finally got it!”

We laid there on top of each other kissing for a few moments, silently her hand slid between us and grabbed hold of my granite-like cock. It was slick from all the precum that had been spilling out, and she began to position the throbbing head at her soaking wet entrance. She stroked me against her by sliding my head through her soaking wet gash a few times, and placing the tip at the entrance her warm, soaking wet honey pot.

“I want you inside me.” She moaned.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, just be careful with me, it’s been a while.” She quietly continued. “I’m like a ‘born-again-virgin’ down there, nothing more than a finger in over two years, and you’re kind of big, so take it slow okay?”

“You guide the way baby,” I said to her reassuringly, reaching down and placing each of her hands on my hips, allowing her to control the pace and depth. She immediately began pulling me inside her, as she gazed lovingly in my eyes.

My cock was so engorged that the head was huge and throbbing, it pressed against her tight entrance with a little difficulty, despite her soaked state. She gently pulled harder, increasing the pressure around the tip of my cock, trying to force me to invade her re-virginized body. We stared into each other’s eyes as she pulled harder still, forcing the head past her tight vaginal sphincter with a “pop”.

She yelped once as her eyes filled with tears, I tried to pull back, but she clutched me, drawing me more deeply into her ever so slowly.

“Should we stop?” I quietly asked her, “If it hurts too much we can stop.”

“No,” she replied, “I’ve never been so happy!”

She pulled me further, sliding more of my cock inside her warm, wet cavern. She was so tight, her outer muscle ring gripped me almost painfully as I slid deeper inside her. When she had about half my length inside, she reversed me and gently pushed me back, needing more lubrication for the rest of my length. When the rim of the head pressed against that sphincter again from the inside, she pulled me back in deeper now, each ultra-slow thrust allowed both of us to feel every ridge and vein eliciting a quivering response from her as we joined our bodies together for the first time. This time she kept pulling at my hips until her pussy lips rested against the base of my shaft, the head simultaneously bumping her cervix gently.

“Oh my God, you’re huge!” she moaned, momentarily flattering my ego, but I was still focused on being careful with her.

After gently taking me in and out a few times, we began to establish a slow rhythm, sensually enjoying even the tiniest sensation. Tina was becoming more comfortable now, and her pussy was expanding and beginning to accept my invading member with more ease. Each time I entered her, I could tell she was more comfortable, and was enjoying every sensation.

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