New Year’s Day teacher 100% true


New Year’s Day teacher 100% trueHey friends with new years coming soon I am reminded of one in particular that was VERY special. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I was home alone on new years eve several years back just tired of the bar scene and too over worked to want to go out so I didn’t. I grabbed some beer on the way home and planned on making it an early night. I got everything done that I needed to and kicked back on the couch, cracked a cold one, and got on my web tv. ( they were fairly popular in the late 90’s). I would go to the free chat rooms and search for people who wanted to talk about or even have sex. I was in my usual room when I scrolled the list of people in the room and saw a name I didn’t recognize. I sent a private message with greetings, introduced bahis firmaları myself, and waited. Then there was a reply. Reading the post, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, bingo! It was a woman who lived close. We talked a while, she was a school teacher, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and didn’t want to go out to party. She was horny though… Me too! And she had an obsession… Men’s asses. I was curious so I asked. She was wanting to use dildos on a man’s asshole. And there it was, I thought it over and told her I’ve had women in the past who would slide a finger in my ass while giving me head and enjoyed that so I was willing to give her obsession a shot if she’d be gentle. It was getting late and she didn’t want to risk getting out with all the kaçak iddaa drunks on the road that night and I figured that was it but she suggested we meet the following day at a hotel. I was surprised and of course agreed! We met the following day at the designated hotel, she parked next to me and told me to get in so I did. We drove around for a bit, she said this made her more comfortable that I wasn’t a threat to her. ( totally understandable since I had my shoulder holster on fully loaded Lol ). She drove back to the hotel and I walked in to get a room and when I got back to her she asked how much it costs? I said $40 why? She gave me a 20$ and said it was only fair… I like her! We walked to the room with her leading so I could watch her ass. She went straight to the kaçak bahis bathroom so I took the opportunity to remove my coat and hidden 9mm in its holster and hid it under my coat so I wouldn’t scare her. I had showered before leaving home but she wanted one for herself so I gave her her privacy and took the time to get naked and sat at the table smoking a cigarette. She came out of the bathroom after her shower wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. She walked over to me and I stood up from the table already hard and she was surprised that I had been honest when I said I wasn’t” hung” but I was ok in length and pretty thick. She led me to the bed and removed the top blanket, telling me it was a running joke between her fellow teachers that the top blanket was the” cum blanket” I had to laugh and agree, it made sense to me. We started making out and she was a good kisser, I had my hands all over her ass, it was nice. And I’ll finish this at a later date. It’s a cool story, I hope you like

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