New Years Eve


New Years EveThe countdown had begun, and my friends were nowhere in sight. I pushed through the crowded bar, straining ears and eyes to see them. Nothing.I bumped into a slim, younger woman, spilling her drink on her neat black dress. I apologised as best I could, but she just threw her arms around my neck and gave me an alcohol fumed snog. Her tongue battered its was past my teeth and we wrestled a little. My hands went around and grabbed her bum, sliding under the short dress and gripping her naked buttocks.The clock struck 12. Everyone ‘Happy New Yeared’, and the woman leaned against me again, another kiss and grope.”Come on,” she slurred, “I’ve been invited to a party.”I looked around one more time. Then I looked are her arse, and followed meek as a kitten.Outside, we bundled into a cab with a few other guys and off we went. I had no clue where we were going, but considering the snogging and fondling, the trip didn’t really last long enough for me anyhow.Out we fell, following three of the guys to a door and on into a dimly lit living room. Music was already playing, and there were already some other people about. The girl I was with screamed, grabbed a bottle of something from the side and moved into the middle of the room; dancing to the heavy beat of the loud music. Another girl was there, and they started to dance together, much to the delight of the assembled guys.”Get ’em off!” someone yelled.The girls danced on, but the girl I’d come in with (I later found her name was Emily) spun a little, slipped off her jacket and flung it into the crowd of blokes. The other girl (Diane I think) flicked off her shoes, and pulled the top of her dress down. Her large, pendulous tits bobbed out, the nipples saucer-sized and erect. Her boobs jiggled enticingly to the music, and the lads in the crowd crowed their approval.Not to be out-done, istanbul escort Emily, pulled her dress off over her head, not elegantly, but it came off. She blew and shook her long hair out of her eyes and continued to dance in her little thong and half-cup bra. She had a slim, lithe body. Small breasts, the nipples just peeping over the bra. Her dark pubic hair frizzed around the edges of the black thong.Diane, stepped out of her dress. Her panties where white and sheer and stained with moisture. It was pretty clear she shaved.Emily caught my eye and came toward me. I pulled her to me, kissing her deeply, and unfastening her bra; throwing it to the crowd. Our mouths disentangled and she pushed me back a little. I fell into the sofa and she leaned over, ripping open my trousers and pulling out my semi-erect cock. She smiled at me then sank her mouth over my throbbing tool. I could feel her lips and tongue working my hard cock, her warm saliva dribbling down to pool in my pubic hair.Another of the guys walked up behind her, ripped off her panties and slid his cock into her pussy. She looked over her shoulder, smiled and went back to work on my cock as the guy slammed his cock into her pussy.Over her shoulder I could see Diane, kneeling on the floor, alternating between four cocks with her mouth. A fifth guy was kneeling behind her, his hand running over her buttocks and sliding between and underneath. She tensed a little, presumably as his fingers parted her pussy lips, or maybe slid inside her wet cunt.I could feel pressure building in my balls, and looked back to see Emily sucking hard on my cock, her shoulders still being rocked back and forth by the buy fucking her from behind. He tensed, his faced screwed up. His hips shuddered. Then he moved back, gasping, avcılar escort his dripping cock bouncing in front of him. Almost immediately another took his place.Emily opened her eyes and looked into mine. That tipped me over the edge and I felt my cum spurting deep inside her mouth. She coughed a little, and cum ran down my shaft. She continued to lick and suck on it, as the new guy behind her got faster and faster, spasming his load deep into her pussy.When he withdrew, she stood up, swaying a little, then moved back to the middle of the room. Diane was raising to her feet too, her face dripping in several loads of cum. The two girls bumped into each other and embraced. They locked mouths, in a cum soaked, deep kiss, their hands running over each other’s bodies. Emily cupped a full tit in her hand, then leaned to bring the hard nipple into her mouth.A short, stocky guy pulled Diane away, bending her over a small table and ramming his cock into her from behind. She gasped, but as her mouth opened it was filled by another hard, ready cock.Someone else pulled Emily over to the larger table at the rear of the room, he pushed her back onto it and spread her legs. I moved forward to watch, my cock stirring again. The man with Emily spat on his hand and rubbed it over his cock head, then, without a pause, pushed his meaty cock into her tight, unprepared arse hole. Emily winced, but took it, and the guy started ramming in and out, holding her legs high. She threw her head back, gasping, only to find a cock waiting for a wet mouth. She grabbed it, pulled it toward herself and started sucking madly.The guy in her arse didn’t last long, pulling out and spraying cum into Emily’s dark pubes. Then he turned and staggered away.I moved in, watching her small breasts heave as she sucked vigorously on the thin şirinevler escort cock, her hand snaking under his balls and squeezing. I looked down at her cum soaked pussy, white semen oozing out from the red slit of her pussy. I lifted her legs a little, then slid easily inside her. She popped the cock out of her mouth, just as he shot his load across her face and neck. She saw that it was me inside her and smiled. “There you are.” she grinned, and pulled her self up a little. I leaned forward and we kissed again as I slid in and out of her moist tube.I could feel Emily’s breathing quicken, her upper chest started to flush red. I’m pretty sure she orgasmed just as I unloaded deep inside her.Unfurling ourselves, she slapped me on the shoulder and said ‘I need a drink.’ and headed off toward the kitchen.I turned, and bumped into Diane. She flung her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a slightly cum drenched kiss, then dropped to her knees and slurped my cock deep into her mouth. All the way down to my pubes; I could feel my helmet jar against the back of her throat. Still excited from my recent orgasm, my balls exploded again almost immediately. She coughed, stood up and headed for another hard cock.I headed for the kitchen, where I stopped in the doorway. Emily was kneeling on the floor, blowing first one then another of three cocks in front of her, while another guy was mounted behind her, ramming in hard. He shuddered as I entered the room, pulled out and sprayed a thick gob of cum on her pert arse cheeks. The cocks in front of her started going off like fountains.Emily pulled herself up to her feet and staggered toward me. “I need a rest.” she huffed. I put my arm around her and we headed to the main room, finding some clothes, and headed out to find a cab. I had no idea where she lived, so we just went back to my flat and collapsed in the bed.When I awoke, the sun was streaming in through the window, and Emily was nowhere to be seen. I checked around, and found the door slightly open. I guess she must’ve gone home, but I had no way of knowing.Then I saw the post-it on the fridge. “Had a great time, call me, Emily” and a phone number. I smiled and put the coffee on.

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