Next Day Fun


Next Day FunAfter dinner we took off and headed home and I talked to the wife and told her doing things at the office was over. She wasn’t happy about it but understood and agreed that work was off limits for playing around. I made the mistake when telling her that work was off limits but other than that any thing else was ok. She said ok then turned to cindy and said seeing the look on judys face was worth it though wasn’t it. Cindy agreed and said I thought she was going to fall over when she saw you didn’t have anything on. We drove along talking about it and my wife slid over next to me and started playing with my cock, She opened my pants and pulled me out and sat there stroking me. When we got home and before we got in the wife and cindy we pulling off there clothes. We spent most of the night having wild sex then the three of us curled up and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and hit the bathroom then went in and started making coffee. I was standing at the counter when I felt an arm reach around me and grab my cock. I turned around expecting my wife but cindy was standing there and gave me a kiss and thanked me for letting her join us. I said she was welcome and told her I didn’t mind a bit having her join us but she should really be thanking my wife. She smiled and said I have, I turned around and finished filling the coffee pot and felt cindy;’s hand rubbing over my ass. I still had my back to her when she asked if she could thank me. I told her she just did and she said but not like I want too. I didn’t know what she meant but I found out a minute later. I was standing there when I felt her spread my ass apart then felt her tongue working on my asshole. I was a little surprised but didn’t move since having her eating my ass felt fantastic. I stood there enjoying her tongue on my ass when we heard my wife ask what was going on. Cindy stopped just a minute to tell her she was just thanking me for last night then went back to work on me.My wife came over and gave me a kiss and said yes last night was wonderful then looked down at cindy and said what about me. Cindy looked up at her and said turn around then leaned over and spread her ass and started working on her. The wife leaned over the counter on her elbows and pushed her ass into cindys face and said oh god yes. I was about to move and cindy stopped me and kept me there and would move back canlı bahis and forth between the two of us. She worked on the two of us for a bit and I heard the wife start moaning and then started shaking and cumming. When she was thru cindy went back to work on me, I didn’t want her to stop but she said she had to or there would be a mess on the floor. She got up and said she was sorry then took off for the bathroom. When she came back we were sitting at the table and my wife grabbed her arm before she sat down. My wife told her it was her turn and had her lay down on the table and the wife move up and started eating her pussy then moved down to her ass to return the favor. Cindy pulled her knees up to her chest and laid there with everything wide open while the wife worked away on her. My wife was working on her ass and cindy moaned and asked her to use her fingers in her. My wife wet her finger and then slowly started pushing her finger in. Cindy started moaning then told her to push it all the way in. The wife slid it all the way in and cindy laid there moaning telling her to fuck it. I stood there watching the two of them go at it then leaned over and started sucking and biting on cindy’s nipples. It only took a couple minutes and cindy started screaming saying more then said she was going to cum. She laid there shaking and cumming, when she was done my wife sat there still working her finger in and out of her ass asking her if she enjoyed that. Cindy just laid there exhausted moaning and saying yeah. She layed there a bit then the wife helped her off the table and said lets go get cleaned up. As they got up to go clean up my wife looked at me and said don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you.When they came back I was sitting there drinking my coffee and they got a cup and asked what we were going to do today. I told them I didn’t know and asked what they wanted to do. At about the same time both of them said they wanted me to show off for them. I told them if that was what they wanted I would but it wasn’t very nice out and looked like rain. My wife said that’s ok we can find somewhere to go. We sat around having coffee and talking for a bit then got dressed and took off. We drove around a bit and the wife said she was hungry, we stopped at a fast food restaurant and went in to eat. We were sitting there eating trying to figure out where they bahis siteleri wanted to go to have me show off for them. I was sitting on the inside of the booth and my wife asked if I would go get her another coke. She moved out and I slid out and went to get her a coke. When I came back she had slid in where I was and I sat down on the outside of the booth. We sat there talking and I felt my wifes hand on my leg. We sat there talking and she started moving her hand up my leg till I felt her fingers against my cock. I looked at her and she smiled at me and pushed my shorts up so she could get to my cock. I asked what she was doing and she said just having a little fun, then looked away a second then back at me. I looked over where she had looked and saw two girls sitting in a booth kitty corner from us and knew what she was up to. I asked her if she was sure she wanted them to see. She smiled and said why not there’s no one else around. I glanced over and the two girls were sitting there eating and talking so I opened my legs wider. When I did my wife pushed my shorts over out of the way and pulled my cock out and started playing with me. It only took a minute and I started getting hard. I didn’t look right over at the girls but kept glancing over keeping an eye on them. They kept talking between themselves and eating and didn’t seem to be paying any attention. The wife kept playing but they were to interested in what they were talking about to notice. The wife kept playing then leaned over and whispered to me and said I want you to show it to them. I said they didn’t seem to be interested, she whispered to me and told me what to do. I asked if she was serious after she told me and she said yes do it then we will get out of her real fast before anyone else comes in.I got up and turned and went into the bathroom like she told me to do. I waited just a minute then slid my shorts off and came back out. I walked up to our table with my cock hard as a rock standing straight up in the air. Just before I got to the table I heard one of the girls say oh my god and looked over and both of them were sitting there looking at me. I never would have done it except where we were sitting was around the corner from where the counter was and no one else could see. When I got to the booth my wife slid to the edge and grabbed my cock and leaned over and kissed it then güvenilir bahis I took my shorts and pulled them back on. When I looked at my wife she was sitting at the edge with her legs spread wide open showing them her pussy. We got up we started heading for the door and saw my wife turn around and walk over to the girls and say something to them. We got out to the car and got in and a minute later the wife came out and got in and I asked what she said to them. She laughed and said i just asked them if they ever got to see anything like that when they went out for lunch. It was pouring rain so we decided to just head back home and have some fun. We were driving back and cindy was in the back seat and my wife turned around and told her to come up front with us. Cindy started working herself over the front seat and my wife stopped her halfway over and pushed her dress up and started playing with her pussy. Cindy was laying halfway over the seat with the bottom sticking up over the seat for everyone to see. I thought she would get down real fast but she just laid there letting my wife play with her. I don’t know if anyone did see but im sure it would have been a nice view if they had.We got in the house and the girls stripped immediately then came over and started stripping me. They both got down on their knees and took turns working on my cock. They took turns on my cock and then cindy stopped and asked if we had any baby oil. My wife told her yeah then got up and went and got it. When she came back she handed it to cindy and she took it and asked if i would do something for her. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but told her yeah, she asked if i would be willing to try fucking her in her ass. I told her if she wanted i would and she said yeah then said my wife finger felt great now she wanted to know what it felt like to have me in her back there. She poured oil all over my cock then turned around and got down on her hands and knees. I got behind her and started to push my cock in her and my wife took some oil and poured it over her ass. I took my time and had a little trouble getting in her at first being so tight but once i got the head in the rest was easy. My wife kept pouring oil over us as i kept working my way in then after i was all the way in i started pumping her nice and slow. Cindy started moaning then started telling me to do it faster. I picked up the pace then felt my wifes hand behind me and felt her start pushing her finger in my ass. It didn’t take long and we both started cumming. After we were done we laid around relaxing before starting all over again.

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