Nice and Quiet Narelle

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A shy young woman working as a computer systems developer, Narelle feels more comfortable at a keyboard than with people. She tries not to draw attention to herself and likes everything to be nice. A frustrating and unfulfilled need led to seeking Doctor Love’s help. Narelle’s story is a journey of self-discovery and transformation to the woman she longed to be.

I never would have believed I’d see my story in print. Thank you both so much. Narelle.

I anguished over the decision to visit the Practice and see Doctor Love. I’d thought about it for months and searched the Internet desperately looking for what I wanted. I dreaded the thought of attending a clinic. It made me physically ill thinking how sterile and embarrassing it might be. I didn’t have a problem. I had a need, an intimate need that I’d endured for far too long.

It was a sensitive and personal matter that I finally accepted I needed to share with someone. Someone I had to feel comfortable with. I rarely meet that type of person. I know it’s me and not them. I’ve always been a quiet and shy person, happier with computers than around people. The Internet wasn’t going to fully satisfy my need.

My research looked promising when I discovered Doctor Love’s Practice. It sounded nice but expensive. The promise of sensitive and individual care and attention in a comfortable setting with respect for privacy aroused my interest. The fact that people who attended were known as Guests appealed to me. I went and looked at the building a couple of times. It was a nice-looking old home rather than a clinic, making the thought of attending more pleasant and discreet.

The web site had an option to book a review of the Practice. I thought it strange at first. I’m not one for rushing into anything and decided to think about it. I returned to the site several times before deciding to provide my contact details. I can smile now, remember my finger nervously paused over the enter key and finally summoning the courage to press.

I later convinced myself that it had to be the best option as I anxiously waited for that phone call. Maddisyn’s call caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it so soon and relieved it put me out of my misery. She actually sounded so nice and caring and was very helpful. It was just what I wanted to hear and I’m glad I went on the tour with her. The Practice has given me more than it promised. Even more than satisfying a frustrating and consuming need.

I don’t have friends and like it that way, preferring not to draw attention to myself and to go unnoticed. I dislike conflict and like everything to be nice. It hasn’t always been the case. My parents divorced when I was young and I haven’t seen much of them since. It was a scary time in my life. My elderly aunt brought me up as my parents moved away but sadly, she died a couple of years ago.

I did well at school and university but shunned by other students as being boring, a nerd or at worst a weirdo. Of course, I was none of those things. Relationships didn’t come naturally. Guys thought of me as plain and uninteresting. Some found my intellect confronting. In the end, I much preferred not to attract their attention or interest. You get less hurt that way.

There was one brief intimate relationship shortly after starting my computing science degree. It didn’t last and it hurt. There hasn’t been anyone else since. I put all my energy into my studies and now a career as a computer systems developer, living alone in an apartment. While I’m happy with most things in my life, I knew there was something missing and that’s why I’m attending the Practice.

I’ve been seeing Doctor Love for over a month now and it’s has been a journey of personal development, sensual self-discovery and fulfilment. Just like the web site promised. He’s old enough to be my father but there was just something nice about him when we first met. It surprised me, not normally warming to someone so quickly.

Doctor Love’s easy to talk to, we smile and laugh and he’s interested in anything I wanted to say. We could have discussed anything, and have without any embarrassment. It’s a strange feeling, not being embarrassed or worried. I feel relieved the therapy is working out so well, enjoyable in fact and I couldn’t be happier. Doctor Love’s one of those rare people I seem to get on with.

‘Would you like anything to drink?’ Maddisyn asked as I sat on the couch in the Practice Sitting Room.

It’s where Guests could sit and wait for their appointment. It’s a lovely room. It has beautiful comfortable furniture matching the old building and a large open fireplace. I like to sit and use the free Wi-Fi. What I really like is that I’m always alone, apart from Maddisyn who sat at her desk. Nobody else uses the room. I like the privacy and seclusion and only dealing with Doctor Love and Maddisyn, making it less distressing to visit.

‘Thank you, but I’m okay,’ I replied returning a faint and slightly nervous grin before istanbul escort looking back down at my notebook computer.

Maddisyn is only a little younger than me, about mid-20’s and attractive looking. One of those girls who’d be popular with guys. Not really the type I associate with and usually tried to avoid. As I got to know her, I realised Maddisyn was different to those other girls. She has such a nice gentle soul, quietly spoken and with a natural smile. Maddisyn’s a little quiet and reserved, a bit like me but has so much more confidence. There’s a lot to like about her.

‘I love your dress. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Is it new?’ Maddisyn asked.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I muttered and briefly returned her gaze, a little nervous at the attention.

I was actually pleased that Maddisyn liked it. She always looked lovely and I wish I had her dress sense. I didn’t have much of an interest in fashion and preferred to dress plainly. Not in an Amish of nerdy way, just plain and simple without standing out.

I realised in the sessions with Doctor Love that my appearance was an area I needed to work on. I just did an internet search for clothing for work and purchased a dress on-line. It was light grey and knee-length with short sleeves and buttoned up to the neck. It’s a simple dress and I liked it but I wish I could be more like Maddisyn.

‘It would look lovely with a thin black belt and matching shoes,’ Maddisyn suggested, in her usual helpful manner.

I glanced down at the tired looking black flats I was wearing. ‘Mmm,’ I sighed, seeing her point.

I appreciated her helpful comment, secretly hoping for more. I made a mental note to check out some more dresses and have a look at the accessories. I hadn’t noticed any when I was viewing on-line but some of the models were wearing jackets like Maddisyn was wearing.

‘What about a jacket?’ I tentatively asked, taking the opportunity for advice.

‘Oh yes, a plain dark jacket matching the belt and shoes would look nice,’ she suggested with a nice smile.

‘Thanks,’ I quietly replied and gave a little smile.

‘Anytime, Maddisyn smiled, obviously enjoying sharing her fashion sense. You’re a little early but Doctor Love can see you whenever you like.’

‘Sorry. I hope you don’t mind,’ I answered apologetically hoping I hadn’t upset her plans.

‘Not at all, she reassured me. Doctor Love leaves plenty of time between appointments.’

I was actually 45 minutes early. I hated being late and feeling rushed and would rather relax in the Sitting Room. The notebook computer in my backpack was a constant companion. There was, however, another reason for being earlier than normal. Will she think it weird? Would she help? I felt a lump forming in my throat and my heart was pounding like a drum beat.

I took a deep, calming breath and tried to settle my nerves. ‘Doctor Love said to ask if you could help me with makeup. If that’s okay? I mean . . . if you have time?’ I asked trying to hide the nervousness in my voice.

‘I’d love to, Maddisyn replied with a comforting smile. I often help Guests with their makeup and hair.’

I smiled and felt relieved. I’d been worrying about how to ask Maddisyn since Doctor Love suggested it. It was another area we’d decided needed attention and the Internet wouldn’t be much help. Makeup really wasn’t my thing. Maddisyn’s nice and I was getting to know her better but makeup, that was a big step for me. I didn’t really know what I wanted and was definitely out of my comfort zone.

‘Shall we go to the Guest Lounge?’ Maddisyn suggested with a hint of enthusiasm.

I grabbed my backpack and followed her into the lounge. The room is where Guests could freshen up and prepare for their consultation. Apart from the expected facilities, it has a spa bath set in a wrap-around window and a separate room has a massage table and a large shower with changing facilities. I wouldn’t even think of having a spa or a massage. Maddisyn had mentioned she did massages and worked in the beauty and spar industry.

Maddisyn always looked nice and never overly made up. I was hoping for something similar. I was afraid of doing it myself and making a mess. She sat me in front of a lovely white dressing table with a large ornate mirror. There was a collection of cosmetics and various items for their application. Maddisyn sat opposite me on a stool with wheels but to the side so I could see my reflection in the mirror.

‘Do you wear any makeup?’ She inquired scanning my face.

‘Just moisturiser and sometimes lip balm. I’d like something not too colourful, if you know what I mean?’ I added, feeling it sounded a little strange.

‘Light tones and shading would suit your fair complexion and honey blonde hair,’ Maddisyn suggested, filling me with confidence.

‘Sounds nice,’ I muttered, a little embarrassed that I knew so little about makeup but happy that I was avcılar escort in good hands.

‘Remove any makeup before applying some more, she advised. You’ll get a better result.’

We started with moisturiser and then the foundation. Maddisyn took me through all the stages, first demonstrating and then letting me have a go. I felt more relaxed as we worked together and I discovered what to do. Maddisyn certainly knew a lot about makeup.

‘You don’t need concealer, she mentioned. You only need it to cover any dark circles or skin blemishes.’

Maddisyn used a brush and showed how to apply face powder to set the foundation.

‘Could you smile naturally for me? Maddisyn smiled. I’ll apply some blush on the centre of your cheek and then upwards just a little. You can do the other cheek. The secret is not to overdo the colour.’

Maddisyn turned her attention to my eyes. ‘I haven’t noticed you wearing your glasses.’

They were another change Doctor Love and I had talked about. ‘I got contacts,’ I quietly replied.

I realise that I subconsciously used glasses to look less attractive and more intelligent. I think Doctor Love explained it as a nerd stereotype. I decided to wear contacts instead of looking for a stylish pair of glasses to replace the thickish full-framed ones I was wearing. Pleased with my new look, I was relieved that the change was going so well.

Maddisyn applied some eye shadow and then liner with a pencil, showing me how to smudge with a cotton swab. She worked her magic with a tender touch and kind and helpful words. We’d never been so close but there were no awkward moments. I was surprisingly relaxed. I could feel her breath on my cheek as she applied the mascara on my eyelashes. It felt nice receiving the attention from such a lovely person.

‘What colour lipstick would you like?’ Maddisyn’s smile signalling her enjoyment.

‘I don’t know. What do you think?’ I replied, knowing she would have a better idea.

‘Soft shades like a nude peach or soft pink. A brownish nude would suit your bright eyes and hair colour perfectly,’ she recommended showing me the lipstick.

Her suggestion sounded nice. Maddisyn showed me how to use a lip pencil to outline my lips and then applied the lipstick. Blotting my lips with a tissue completed my transformation. We looked in the mirror and I felt so happy.

‘What do you think?’ She asked my reflection, looking pleased.

Turning and leaning forward, I gave Maddisyn a little hug. ‘Ooh . . . it’s so nice, thank you.’

‘I’ll give you some makeup remover for when you get home. If you’re not happy with what you’ve done, just wipe it off and have another go,’ she said handing me a small jar.

I placed the jar in my backpack while Maddisyn tidied up and followed Maddisyn to the door to see her out. ‘I’ll use the lounge and then see Doctor Love. Thank you for your help.’

‘My pleasure,’ replied Maddisyn and then closed the door behind her.

I listened intently at the door and heard her high-heels striking the polished floorboards as she walked. They fell silent as I suspected she reached the carpet beneath her desk and I heard the faint sound of her sitting and moving her chair forward.

My mind drifted to the previous sessions with Doctor Love, causing a thrill of anticipation as I went back to the dressing table and unzipped my backpack. I was more than enjoying his company during the counselling sessions, becoming increasing aroused every time we met. There’s something undeniable sexy about Doctor Love. He’s good looking for his age. I was captivated by his heart-melting smile and the warmth in his eyes and he could be ever so charming.

I knew the counselling alone would never satisfy my need. My thoughts and feeling for Doctor Love were constantly on my mind as I played with myself between our sessions, offering some relief from my sexual frustration. Can you imagine my reaction when Doctor Love proposed sexual therapy? It was exactly what I needed to satisfy my deprived body. The sex was amazing! I shouldn’t have been surprised; he is a sex therapist after all. I couldn’t resist the temptation of more of Doctor Love’s therapy.

I removed a bright red dress and red G-string from my backpack. I could feel my heart racing as I placed them on the table. They were other items I’d purchased on-line. I slipped out of my grey dress, bra and briefs and placed them in the backpack. Standing naked in front of the mirror and feeling ever so naughty, I put on the G-string and felt another surge of arousal. It had pretty lace edging and the small triangle of material hardly covered my shaven pussy.

I checked out the thin strip of fabric in the cleft of my backside. ‘You’ll soon have some cock,’ I grinned at the image in the mirror.

I slipped the dress over my head and it fell into place and felt soft and luxurious against my skin, teasing my nipples to hard nubs. It was a mid-thigh mini with a plunging şirinevler escort halter neck. It fitted my small but well-rounded breast perfectly. I’d never worn such intimate and revealing clothing before, normally a nice girl. Looking in the mirror, I felt incredibly sexy and excited at the thought of Doctor Love’s warm and roaming gaze over the dress.

The combined feeling of tingling nipples and wet pussy was wonderful. I loosened my long honey blonde hair from its tight bun and brushed it, making a parting in the middle. My transformation was almost complete, finally placing my shoes in the backpack and removing a pair of new red high-heels.

I used the side door that led to the back of the building. Recalling the noise Maddisyn’s heels made on the polished floorboards, I carried mine down the long passageway and quietly made my way towards Doctor Love’s suite with the backpack. I paused and stepped into my heels before entering the suite. I was so excited about the session, hardly able to wait to see what Doctor Love thought of my dress.

Doctor Love’s suite was a place I could go wild and be the naughty girl that I’d longed to be. The old furniture and period furnishings are similar to the other rooms in the Practice. There’s a lovely antique desk in the suite but we usually sat on one of the plush couches with its soft cushions.

I thought he looked so distinguished sitting at the desk wearing a three-piece suit and tie as I entered. My high-heels announced my arrival and he turned to meet my gaze. My heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw his charming smile and my yearning throbbed painfully in my panties as he came to greet me.

‘Hello Narelle, come on in and make yourself comfortable. Your dress is stunning. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you.’

I felt Doctor Love’s gaze on my made-up face, then traveling down the opening of the dress discovering every curve of my body. His eyes traced my slender waist and hips and then down my legs to my high-heels. His lips cured into a broad smile and I heard him exhale an aroused breath as his eyes finally settled on mine. A shiver rippled down my spine, imagining Doctor Love’s thoughts of what he could do with a naughty girl. After all, I was dressed for pleasure.

‘Thank you, I replied, grinning as we made our way to one of the couches. Maddisyn helped me with my makeup.’

‘It’s lovely and you look beautiful, Doctor Love commented as he took a seat on one of the couches. Not one of the new dresses for work?’ He softly laughed, almost to himself.

‘Ooh no, I replied with a cheeky grin. I wore a new one at work today and Maddisyn said she like it. I just changed into something special I wanted to wear.’

Doctor Love was now wearing a shirt with a tie and waistcoat, having removed his jacket. I sat opposite him on the other couch. My confidence grew with his flattering welcome and interest. I crossed my legs knowing my dress would ride up my leg and he would have a view all the way along the bottom of my thigh.

His eyes were obviously roaming. ‘My legs look lovely in the dress, don’t you think?’

‘Yes, and also in heels,’ he smiled politely.

I loved the thought of teasing and flirting but never had the confidence or opportunity before seeing Doctor Love. Leaning forward, I felt my breasts fill the soft fabric of my dress adding to the sensation of aroused nipples which attracted his gaze.

‘Shows some nice cleavage?’ I continued to tease.

‘The dress suits your lovely figure,’ he replied causing me to smile at his gentlemanly comment.

My naughtiness was a wonderful sexual turn-on and I could feel the moistness seeping into my panties. I first experienced this intense sexual wanting in adolescence. It’s been a festering and frustrating situation ever since. Embarrassed and even ashamed at times, I withdrew socially trying not to draw attention to myself and later finding solace in my academic pursuits and career.

As we discovered, I had underlying relationship issues that stemmed from my parent’s marriage breakdown and the feeling of being abandoned. I often wondered if I may have been the reason for their separation. The lack of intimacy in my life added to the frustration.

Doctor Loves counselling was wonderful. My plain appearance and manner became so entrenched it was a barrier to my sexual fulfilment. The failure of my first intimate experience shattered my confidence to pursue other relationships. I think of myself as a nice and quiet person and that is how I liked being perceived. It all seemed so obvious after our discussions.

At times, I yearned to become naughty and wild Narelle, satisfying my deep sexual frustration. It’s been an emotional journey and I’m so grateful for Doctor Love help. I feel secure and comfortable and our sensitive and personal discussions just flowed with purpose and a destination. I have become drawn to him professionally and physically.

Doctor Love smiled and distracted me from my wickedness. ‘How did you go with your homework?’

I returned his smile as we shared our little joke. Doctor Love asked me to keep a diary on tasks he set. I also recorded social and sexual matters that I experience since we last meet for us to discuss. I called it my homework and the name stuck.

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