Nicole’s Revenge


As Nicole reached over to silence her alarm clock, she thought, “Oh, great. Another Monday.” After a few yawns, she decided she had better get out of bed. Monday for Nicole usually meant running meaningless errands for her incompetent boss. Getting him coffee, dropping off his mail, and whatever other items on his agenda were. She just wanted to get this day over with so she could meet up with her friends and do some club hopping.

Traffic was horrendous as always. Some idiot always trying to get somewhere faster than everyone else and in the process causes a traffic accident. When would the monotony end? Nicole finally made it to the office. She drove past those, oh so close, parking spots that all of the CEO’s and other big shots had only to find that her normal spot was taken. After finding a spot all the way on the other side of the lot, she began her trek to the office.

As she entered, she received the usual stares by other peons in her building. She had always secretly enjoyed those stares and even invited them by always pushing the limits of the company dress code. She rode the elevator up to the fifteenth floor and thanked God for not having to listen to any more of that awful music. Her office was already bustling with traffic before the 7:30 start time. There’s always some little guy trying to make an impression on the boss by working his ass off, only to feel unappreciated when he’s ignored for a promotion. Nicole was well past that point. She had spent the past six years at her desk working for one of the top partners in the company and had never even been considered for any type of promotion. She had finally realized that the only way to be somebody important was to either know someone who’s already established his or her niche or to fuck somebody that’s already important. Unfortunately for Nicole, neither of those were an option. She didn’t know anyone and she had repeatedly told herself that she could never lower herself to pleasure any of the corporate pigs at her office.

Nicole’s phone buzzed at exactly 7:30. The voice on the other end was her boss and tormentor Mr. Rinker or Mr. Sphincter as other employees dubbed him. It was just the normal routine. Mr. Rinker asking Nicole why she wasn’t there at 6:30 working like cute little intern Jenny-who-gives-a-shit was and then asking her to run to Starbucks and get his usual drink, a vanilla frapucino. Nicole hung up the phone and started for the coffee shop. The line was terrible as always istanbul escort and after fifteen minutes of waiting had subsided, she put a lid on the cup and headed back to the office.

She buzzed Mr. Rinker to let him know that she was back with coffee-in-hand. No one answered the line. She figured he was probably talking to another one of his big shot friends. She walked down the hallway to her boss’ door and knocked lightly. The door opened a little and Nicole heard something. Not a response or hello, but a low moaning noise. Her curiosity sparked and she nudged the door open a little further. The sight she saw next nearly made her want to burn her retinas so she would never again have to see anything like it. There was all of probably three hundred and fifty pound, baldheaded Mr. Rinker slamming his old, shriveled cock into and out of Jenny-who-gives-a-shit. Nicole quickly shut the door and returned to her desk. She thought to herself, “Huh, must be promotion time again.”

She let about twenty minutes pass before she buzzed Mr. Rinker again. This time she received a hoarse, out-of-breath answer asking her why it took her so long to bring his coffee back. She almost laughed at the remark, but instead gave a bullshit excuse about a police chase or something like that. She walked back to the fat pig’s office and opened the door. This time Jenny was sitting in front of his desk pretending to take notes. Nicole handed the pervert his coffee and in return got a list of errands to finish before the end of the day. She grabbed her coat and proceeded to leave but stopped short as she heard a low-voiced conversation from down the hall. It was Mr. Rinker and Jenny. She strained a little harder to hear and caught what sounded like ‘same time tomorrow.’ That evil thought that we all have popped into Nicole’s mind. “Same time tomorrow,” she thought, “oh, this will be good.”

Her club hopping with her friends had left her with a night of meaningless sex with some stranger and a hangover from hell. But she couldn’t let that stop her, no; today was the beginning of Nicole’s revenge.

Her ride to the office seemed unusually quick. No major traffic incidents, for once something seemed to be going right for her. As she sat at her desk, her phone buzzed and she was once again asked to go and retrieve the boss’ coffee. Instead, she sat at her desk staring blankly at some papers until Jenny walked by. She pulled out avcılar escort her digital camera and made sure that everything worked and that the batteries were full. She paused a minute to ask herself if she was sure she wanted to do this. Six years of insipid errands ran through her mind and Nicole decided there was no turning back. She walked down the hall and opened Mr. Rinker’s door. Today she was treated to the sight of Jenny’s mouth being stuffed with her boss’ dick. She positioned the camera to make sure that she could get Mr. Rinker’s face into the picture. Snap. The plan was well on its way now. Nicole had to admit that even for eighteen, this little girl definitely knew what she was doing. She snapped a few more pictures before they changed positions. Jenny quickly bent over the desk and put her ass in the air as high as she could get it. Mr. Rinker walked over to her and slid into Jenny with no problem. It would have probably been a very erotic voyeur situation for Nicole, but then again, Mr. Rinker was nothing near her average guy. Some more pictures were snapped and Nicole became satisfied that she had more than enough to begin the next step of her plan.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully as Nicole pondered over her next step. With a couple of clicks she sent her pictures to the rest Rinker’s partners. Nicole rushed to work the following day only to act surprised after she was told her boss was in an emergency board meeting. A sly smile began to form on Nicole’s lips. Hours after hours ticked away and still no sign of Rinker or the other members. As Nicole began to clean off her desk and call it a day, she saw everyone leaving the conference room. Rinker had a very reddish tint to his face, as did his partner Jenny.

Days passed with a ton of rumors about Rinker being fired and the company facing bankruptcy or maybe a hostile takeover from a rival company. Nicole almost began to feel bad about what she had done, but after all; this was the same man who had made her his own personal bitch for the past six years. Only a firing would do her justice. Nicole grabbed her purse and keys while on the way to the door. All of this anticipation was eating away at her. Some beers, some laughs with her friends, and maybe that hot waiter she had her eye on would hopefully take her mind off the situation at work. A ringing telephone stopped her dreams in progress. “I need you at the office now Ms. Shelton,” mumbled the voice on the şirinevler escort other line; Nicole recognized it immediately as the company’s founder Mr. Wells. “Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.”

Nicole entered what looked like the War Room at the White House. A large round table surrounded by chairs and bleary-eyed men in executive suits. “Please sit Ms. Shelton,” announced Mr. Wells. Nicole pulled her chair out in astonishment that she was even in the same room as these million-dollar men. “Ms. Shelton, we aren’t going to take a lot of your time here. We have made a consensus decision on the fate of Mr. Rinker and this company. We have found that serious misconduct has occurred repeatedly right under our proverbial noses. This is an inexcusable act that has been committed. If legal action is sought, it could damage this company severely. After speaking with the parties involved, we have averted legal action by releasing your former boss, Mike Rinker. That was not the hard part of our decision. Mike was a trusted man in very high standing with all of us in this room and we had never even had the slightest thought of having to replace him. No one is remotely close to taking his position in the company, that is, except for you Ms. Shelton. You have worked with Mike very closely over these past six years and we feel as though you have demonstrated enough knowledge and good work ethic to fill his spot. You will begin as of now. Do you have any questions of us?”

Nicole sat quietly trying to take in everything that was going on. She just wanted to get revenge on Rinker and get him fired. She wanted a better job, but not something like this.

“Ms. Shelton,” asked another executive, “are you okay? Do you have any questions?”

“No, sir. I thank you for considering me for this position and I gratefully accept it. I promise you will be glad you made this decision,” Nicole couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth.

“We had better not Ms. Shelton. You are now excused to return to work,” voiced Mr. Wells.

Nicole’s life had been turned upside down just for trying to get a little justice in her life. Her nights of beer and men had all but stopped. Being in an office from six in the morning to well past ten at night will surely put a damper on any social life. Nicole started using her newly acquired powers to reorganize her entire staff. Her department has recently been dubbed the ‘driving force behind Wells and Associates great success.’ She even made Jenny her personal assistant. After sometime Nicole did admit to Jenny about her setting up Mr. Rinker. You may wonder how Jenny felt about the entire thing. Well, you could ask her, but right now she has her lips glued to Nicole’s clit. I guess some people will just do whatever it takes to get ahead.

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