Night Train: A Flexible Girl


Later on, Andrew could hardly remember at which point things became “interesting” that night. Maybe when he dared the girl with “Wish I’d saw how flexible you are”, and she answered without hesitation “Want me to show?” And, gosh, if she showed!

* * *

That was a usual night train in a cold Ukrainian night: pretty crowded at starting station, but as everyone took their compartments, and relatives and friends of travelers left the car, it turned out there were not that many people traveling on November Tuesday. In Andrew’s compartment, there were only two of them (out of four places): himself and Nadya, slightly younger than him, pretty friendly and talkative.

With this freedom of the entire compartment left for two young and cheerful people, there’s nothing strange that chit-chat emerged even before the train really departed. Usual thing: some jokes about trains, and terminals, and weather-very simple, but ensuring the common “dictionary”-then some more common topics are found, like the same rock bands they loved and even visited one recent concert simultaneously, then “tell me something about yourself” stuff… No real interest in each other, rather a happiness to find someone of “your circle” and joy of an easy road chatter.

Nadya was a student, studying arts or something like this, and Andrew, though only a year and a half older yet already graduated, behaved slightly like “an older companion”. He proposed to share the bottle of cheap red wine he frequently took with him to smoothen boring nights in trains, and the proposition was willingly accepted, adding to the joyfulness and easiness of talks. There was a well-known effect of “accidental fellow traveler”: when you know you’ll never see each other again, it is easy to tell the things you’d never tell to an acquaintance or even friend. Everything is lightweight and unreal, so easy to forget…

Andrew suddenly found himself explaining complex matters about his preferences in books and sex (only two things that really mattered to him at that age), and Nadya turned out to be a really fitting and open partner to talk about those topics. Both had seemingly enjoyed the conversation, which could jump from new Ukrainian poetry to image of own body in this poetry, to image of their bodies Andrew and Nadya had in their heads (and how they’ve differ between males and females), to sudden Nadya’s acknowledgement that anal sex is painful for her but allows to play with gender roles, imagining herself a young androgynous boy… and back to modern poetry with appropriate citation, without any pause or embarrassment.

The situation started to turn Andrew on, to the least. He suddenly became aware of how Nadya looked, not only what they talked about. She had-according to her own opinion-almost androgynous body, slim and with small curves, dressed in a short green woolen dress and black woolen tights underneath (really cold November!). The narrow funny face was framed by locks of blonde-to-red hair, which were in a decent ponytail at the start, but with more wine and warmer air in compartment got out if it and danced wildly when she enthusiastically told something. She was not “beautiful like painting” by any means, but she was young, and lively, and nice, and some part of Andrew’s mind already anticipated how he will fantasize about this girl someday in future. Almost automatically, he became somewhat flirtatious, even to risky edges-though it still was just the way of talking, nothing more, and it seemed both of them understood it equally.

And then, the conversation came to Nadya’s yoga studies. Faithfully, she had already mentioned yoga several times, but Andrew mostly neglected it, considering fitness topics as boring. But at some point, Nadya became to explain inspiredly, how her relationship with own body and her awareness of life came from yoga, and it was all really new and interesting (and it was all around her body, which also was important at that point). It turned out Nadya is practicing yoga for several years, and it changed her significantly, so currently her level of practice was pretty high and new horizons of understanding and using her body had opened for her almost daily.

“This should change your sex life significantly”, mentioned Andrew among other things, and it turned out to be a sensitive point. Nadya still hasn’t met partner fully appreciating her attention to body and urge towards investigating its abilities and limitations, pushing the borders and experimenting. That was exactly the moment when Andrew said the phrase, changing their evening: “They are fools. The girl who mastered her body and aware of it, it a great gift. (after slight pause, with change of tone to dreamy) Wish I’d saw how flexible you are”. And her immediate answer: “Want me to show?”

Then, without waiting for Andrew’s (obvious) answer, Nadya freed her legs of hard autumn boots, and raised those long legs in black woolen tights: first straight to Andrew, then parted them and raised them higher in a wide V shape. All the time she looked in Andrew’s eyes (they sat on istanbul escort opposite bunks of the compartment, merely two feet from each other), and he tried to return the look, yet couldn’t help himself but look time-to-time between her parted legs. All he could see was just a black wool of her thick tights under lifted up short dress, but he still can’t draw his glance from this area, almost feeling like he would see something… Everything became even harder when Nadya, with visible ease, raised her legs and placed feet behind her head. She now sat (or lied? or how it can be called?) with her back leaned against the wall, almost folded in double, with her ass sticking towards Andrew.

Then he did something even himself couldn’t expect. Maybe it was wine, or openness of their speeches, or frustration of her pose showing almost everything and still nothing… But he just-in one confident motion-reached beneath Nadya, grabbed her tights and pulled them from her ass and up her raised legs, exposing her buttocks, then her crotch (either he did more than wanted, or it was exactly what he wanted, but her panties were also caught up in his movements and now were with her tights around her thighs).

“Hey!!”, yelled Nadya with such a real irritation, Andrew at once felt regret for his escapade. But in the next second cold part of his mind noted, that despite her irritated yell, Nadya hasn’t moved a bit, still having her ankles around her neck, and… And having her pussy exposed the way Andrew had never seen before and admired at once (so, that “cold” part of his mind was very, very small part).

She was clean shaved, with small pink lips, widely parted and stretched, with her opening being really open. And very wet. Andrew had several seconds to enjoy the sight, and note her clitoris looking out from under its hood, and a drop of her juices flowing towards her anus, clearly visible. Then Nadya said, now in Very Soft Voice: “Check if the door is closed”. Andrew checked and turned the door-knob. “Now, turn off the lights”, continued Nadya in the same soft voice. Andrew obliged, with a trace of regret: now he would not see her so clear. But he was still seeing her: there was multitude of road lights outside, everything inside compartment was illuminated with bouncing spots of light. (But now, due to lights inside turned off, anything in the compartment will not be visible outside, he understood.)

While he performed her requests, Nadya just sat there, and she seemed pretty comfortable in this strange pose, with feet behind her head, with naked ass… Like she just practicing her asana, breathing deeply and rhythmically. Andrew could not (and did not want to) stop himself from touching her, but she stopped his hand with serious and almost angry “Don’t!” He froze, surprised. “Not hands”, she said now in soft voice again, “your mouth, please”.

Of course, Andrew chose to oblige, and did so very slowly, trying to calm himself and enjoy every bit of this strange moment. He sat on his knees on the floor, against Nadya and put his hands flat on her bunk on each side of her body, but not really touching her. Then he lowered his face and started intently, even demonstratively, at Nadya’s very private parts. Seconds came and go, and the only sound (except for train sounds around them) was their deep, rhythmical breathing. And the only movement, Andrew noted, was small petals of her lips parting even more, with more glistening wetness on them.

Later, Andrew was almost proud of him that he was not the most impatient to move first. That was Nadya, who stretched the hands alongside her body, hugged her buttocks and spread them a bit more, almost like an invite. He obliged again, but still without hurry: just a light, almost imperceptible, wide lick bottom to top, the first impression of her taste and her wetness, and pause again. And then, he continued in the same manner: tongue into the opening, back off, pause. Small circle above her clit, pause. Full mouth but light kiss covering all the petals of her inner lips, several licks, pause and look at her again.

That seemed to be exactly the style Nadya wanted it: a thorough study of sensations, with mindful inventing new and new kinds of sensations to study. She starred at everything Andrew did with friendly attention and the slight smile, and at some point started to moving herself. At first, that was just a small stretches, like to work up her leg muscles by tensing and loosening them, without pose change (that looked wonderful from Andrew’s perspective: everything between Nadya’s legs started to dance and contract, and he tried to match this dance with his lips and tongue). A slight yet audible moan now came out of her mouth with each breath, like she really enjoyed what she felt and enjoyed to show this enjoyment.

Then, in one long movement she had raised her legs (bumping in the top bunk and giggling), then had taken her tights and panties off, and spread the legs in an almost perfect split, so they lied avcılar escort on the bunk perpendicular to her body. She had to take Andrew’s head and draw it back between those legs because for several moments he was just petrified looking at her very open, very spread sex. When she pulled him back, he now licked and sucked her with enthusiasm and inspiration, trying to get more of her taste, more of her smell, more of the feeling of the tender trembling skin of her pussy.

But now he felt he wants more. Not “more” in pornographic sense of “oral sex is just a prelude, now I’ll penetrrrrate you!”, but he wanted to do something incredible with this lean flexible girl, he wanted to amaze and delight her to the level of his own amazement and delight. Obeying to a sudden impulse, he showed his hands under her back and slowly started to rise from his knees, trying to not break the contact between his mouth and her pussy. With some effort, he managed to lift Nadya from her bunk, simultaneously turning towards the window and trying not to get her bang into any of narrow compartment’s furniture. She helped him, holding his head with her hands, and crossing her legs behind his back.

In a several almost awkward seconds Andrew had straightened up, with Nadya setting on his shoulders, her pussy to his lips, her legs crossed behind him, her elbows on top bunks to left and right, helping them to hold the pose. Andrew’s impulse worked just right: this pose turned out to be comfortable enough to play yet pretty uncommon, almost weird, and it was an amazing sort of weird. Almost immediately Nadya started to experiment moving on Andrew’s shoulders, transferring her weight back and forth and from thigh to thigh, and her pussy movements were fantastic against man’s lips.

He had now just to stay straight, lick her and suck, insert his tongue when her vagina opened for him, and kiss her lips when they were closed. Nadya moved constantly, like doing some strange workout, raising and lowering legs, spreading and closing thighs, leaning backward so she almost lied horizontally in the air, with his hands supporting under her back and her hands holding the bunks. And constantly she moaned, “aah”-ed and “ooh”-ed and sometimes said something under her breath. Despite her excitement, what she said was extended comments with a good sense of humour like “yeah, this (deep breath) way it feels nice, (moan) let’s try more” or “wow, didn’t think (deep breath and moan) you will do this” (when he licked her anus and even tried to insert his tongue, which both of them seemed to enjoy).

It lasted for a pretty long amount of time. Andrew even started to be afraid he will need to change position to something less acrobatic. Yet while he considered this, he suddenly became aware of the change of Nadya’s juices taste and amount, they now flowed constantly, he felt like his cheeks and chin and even neck and shoulders becoming to be covered with this sweet liquids. Then, Nadya pushed her head back, and almost lied horizontally in the air between bunks, with her pussy pressed tightly into Andrew’s mouth. She sighed deeply and said in suddenly sober voice “Oh, that’s going to be the big one”.

And, almost without pause, but in absolutely different moaning voice, “Ooooh, it is! It is unique!” Andrew protruded his tongue as deep as he could and experienced the very intimate feeling of walls of her vagina contracting and clenching tightly. That felt like several minutes, while they just were in that strange position, and Nadya continued her moaning talk. “Great”, she said, and other epithets like that, “and really new, never felt it in the air!”

“Now you can put me down”, said he finally with a giggle, even apologetic one, “you should have sore hands for now”. “Yeah, a little”, confessed Andrew, tenderly taking Nadya from his shoulders and seating her onto steel table of the compartment, “but totally worth it!” Nadya shivered a bit when her naked ass contacted with table’s cold metal rim but did now attempt to lower her dress, pulled up to her belly. To the contrary, she moved slightly on the table, as if being accustomed to new strange feeling.

“Yeah, totally worth it.” she finally said and with both hands tenderly brushed his face, wet with her juices. “You totally got it right, it was the kind of invention that makes the world more interesting.”

“And now”, she said matter-of-factly, “I have to invent something myself.”

“And it will be -“, asked Andrew playfully.

Nadya calmly unzipped his jeans, while looking around her, as if looking for some inspiration. Finally, she said:

“I want it to be strange. And unforgettable.”

Andrew’s jeans and boxers fell to the floor. Several moments they just stayed this way: Andrew, naked below the waist, with fully erect cock, stood still in front of Nadya, also naked below her waist and looking around thoughtfully. Finally, she seemed to make up her mind.

“Now, look at me. We’ll do it this way”, she said, shifting herself on the compartment table. şirinevler escort That was a long piece of plastic in a metallic frame, starting just below compartment window and protruding between the bunks. Nadya shifted herself to the far end of the table, leaning her back against the window. Then, she took off her green woolen dress in one slow sensual motion. Very short and thin white undershirt was now her only closing item, and it followed the dress.

“Really naughty feeling,” said Nadya, shivering again, “like I’m completely, absolutely naked in a very public place.” Andrew understood. Although there were only two of them in this compartment, and nobody in November night outside the train window, it indeed felt like something unusual: you’ll never be naked in trains. You’ll never see naked women in trains. You’ll never have sex in trains…

Next, Nadya did a strange thing (with complete correspondence to her earlier announcement): she spread legs, leant forward, and in one graceful movement lied on table with her breasts and belly, while her legs were spread to the sides, her ass and sex touched or almost touched window glass, and her face exactly above Andrew’s cock, which she immediately and without ceremony swallowed.

She was not trying to suck him with some tricks or fancy techniques, just did it in slow full-length motions, gripping his ass with hands and pulling him closer. It was just enough for Andrew to last a bit longer and split his attention between this sensation and enjoying unusual sight of Nadya’s posture while fondling her back with his palms.

After several minutes he discovered that can reach her ass, and gained everything he could from this discovery. He cupped and fondled her buttocks, moving further and further, and eventually reached her anus. At this moment Nadya stopped sucking him for a moment to wiggle her ass. Being not sure whether she wants to encourage him or move away from his fingers, Andrew chose to just ask.

“Hm?” he said, pressing middle finger more firmly against tight ring.

“Uh-huhmmm”, hummed Nadya enthusiastically, nodding with his cock and her mouth, and doing now an obvious movement with her ass, so that Andrew’s finger at once dipped inside a bit. And then, she continued sucked him.

Investigating possibilities and sensations, Andrew with Nadya’s silent guidances soon developed a pretty complicated pattern of movements. With his pelvis and her hands they pushed and pulled against each other, so that Andrew’s cock moved in Nadya’s mouth, and entire Nadya’s body shifted slightly on table, back and forth, forcing Andrew’s finger into her ass, and forcing Nadya’s cunt to touch cold window glass (both feelings she seemingly liked). With another hand, Andrew tucked up her hair and sometimes slightly pulled.

That last for some time. Only when Andrew felt the train slowing down, and road lamps outside became brighter and some night townhouses emerged beside the tracks, only then, almost reluctantly, Andrew said “I’m almost over the edge”, giving Nadya the possibility to move away. But she only hummed “Uh-huh” again and slowed the pace of sucking, while moving her bottom faster against Andrew’s finger and train window. So, when Andrew felt like lightning struck his groin and spurts of his semen filling Nadya’s mouth, at the same time she pressed herself to window with such strength his finger dived into her anus completely and felt strong contractions there: Nadya came second time in a row, seconds before the train stopped at station.

They have no time to talk or invent something else: steps and voices of new passengers emerged in a corridor, any moment somebody may knock compartment door. Andrew quickly pulled his pants, and then in several harried motions make beds for them. While he bustled, Nadya only had time to put on her small undershirt, and hide her tangled clothes, before diving under the bed sheets-mere seconds before new passengers actually came and knocked.

All in all, when the door was opened, everything looked pretty decent: Andrew fully dressed sitting on his bunk, Nadya seemingly in her nightwear under the sheets (only Andrew knew “nightwear” lasted not longer than her belly). The only “indecent” thing was that Andrew noted only half an hour later when everybody except him was in deep sleep: very graphic print of Nadya’s vagina glistened in dim lights on the window glass. But he doubted anybody understood what this spot means. Heck, even Andrew himself almost could not believe what he sees.

* * *

Andrew had a deep and good sleep and waked up with unexpected in November lights of the morning sun. Everybody in the compartment was already awake, and those two who arrived at night (friendly elderly couple) were even fully dressed to leave the train on the upcoming station.

“Good morning, sleepy!” Nadya said. She was not that dressed. She sat at the table, with her legs on the bunk and her sheets and blanket wrapped around her waist. Above the sheets, she still had only her undershirt. In bright daylight, it was not looking that decent: Andrew definitely could see the outline of her lightly colored areolas under the thin white matter, and her erect nipples made this sight almost pornographic. Though, it is not that rare in night trains to be dressed in this kind of simple clothes at night, so nobody seemed to complain or pay attention to Nadya’s overlook.

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