No One’s Reality


She lies in the quiet stillness of her bedroom enveloped in the darkness crying softly. Shadows and faint moonbeams play on the wall as she clutches her pillow tightly to her trembling body, burying her face wet with tears against it. She bites into it to muffle her sobs, clenching her teeth with such force and intensity that her jaws start to ache. Her body quivers as the fierce longing in her heart slices harshly through her gut like a dagger with a freshly sharpened blade. The bleeding of its wound leaking out through her tears.

Her thoughts are consumed by the craving she has to feel the fire of the unbridled passion of a true lover and not just a selfish sexual partner; someone who rages with lusts to not only ravage her body but also to taste the sweetness and essence of her heart. For her being is such as that the two cannot be separated. For her to give her body, means also that she gives her soul.

With sadness and regret she reflects upon the only one she had shared her body and soul with for so many years. The pain and rejection caused waves of fresh tears to spill out of the corners of her eyes. He left her heart tattered and ragged, her nerves and emotions bruised and belittled. She wondered if anyone could love her the way she needed, the way she wondered if she sometimes deserved, or if anyone would even want to now. She felt like a damaged good sitting forlornly on a cold shelf. An item no one was interested in purchasing, and left there forgotten. It’s only function, gathering dust.

She had optimistically tried flirting and making male friends online since she was so shy in person and had limited options at the moment for meeting a special someone face to face. She had talked to oodles of men who claimed to be fans of her plus-size figure, her soft and plump curves. Hours had been spent chatting with them, stroking their egos as they stroked their cocks, and cumming over and over to her sexual descriptions that she typed out vividly upon their screens. She had even gathered up the courage and had phone sex with a few of them, getting an adrenaline rush from hearing the sounds they made cumming in her ear to her sensual voice they cooed at.

A few of these gents she had grown quite attached to and seemed to form a special bond with, but in short time they grew weary or announced they had someone else in their life canlı bahis şirketleri already, and they moved on leaving her alone and empty once again. The emptiness was growing wearisome. How did so many claim to fantasize of someone like her, yet when it came to choosing her as their lover, their mate, the one they showed off publicly that they adored, then she was the last one left still sitting on the bench.

She was tired of being a fantasy, she yearned to be someone’s reality.

She groaned with anguish into her damp pillow that was quickly soaking up her salty streams. She was growing weary of dealing with her quiet pain for so long and even though she felt hopeless, and almost quite tired of living, her own fantasies continued in her mind.

Her tears slowed down to a soft trickle as she turned over onto her back and stared up at the blank ceiling. Her mind started to drift and picture what it had drawn up during an erotic story she had read earlier that evening, when she knew she should have been working. She pictured a tall sturdy man with dark hair and light eyes approaching her as she sat alone on a beach. She imagined the breeze blowing softly through her hair, her body slimmer than it actually was in real life, clothed in a thin but revealing short dress, and the deafening roar of the thunderous waves crashing in front of her on the shoreline. Lying on top of the sheets, as she glimpsed him in the corner of her mind, her hand slowly eased it’s way down below the waist of her panties. She started rubbing the hair of her pubic area, playing with it, as her mind kept drifting further.

In the darkness her hand further probed into her female mound, rubbing her pleasure’s center as her mind played out the scenes of him quietly coming and kneeling before her. His blue eyes blazing with passion and want as he reached out to caress her cheek; how he leaned forward and pressed her gently backward until she was lying down on the sand under him. She conjured up imagery of him forcing his tongue hungrily into her mouth, tasting the tears of loneliness on her lips. Sucking her bottom lip between his teeth until it was swollen and pulsing.

Her thighs under the sheets parted slowly as her thumb rubbed her clit and her two fingers penetrated her depths. God how she yearned to be touched; how she needed to be touched. canlı kaçak iddaa Her tears sprung forth again as her midnight daydream played on. Her man of mystery placing a hand on her breast as his mouth explored her neck, alternating between long sensuous licks and erotic slow nibbles.

She felt herself grow moist both in and out of the dream. Felt his hot breath as he made his way down betwixt her cleavage. Burying his face totally in the midst of her heaving bosom, his tongue tracing her valley until the neckline of her dress presented an obstacle. He slowly pulled up her short dress and eased her out of it, laying her back again on the ground. He stopped for a brief moment, gazing at her now naked body with raw primal hunger, before diving back down taking her left nipple and part of her huge arreola into his mouth, fiercely sucking on it. His left hand wildly and insistently kneaded her right breast while his right hand eased between her lower back and the sand, clutching her to him. She moaned in pleasure. His mouth feeding on her hungrily; his hand squeezing her so tightly. She wanted to be devoured by him. Her hands were all over him in response; in his hair, on his neck, on his back, and pulling him ever tighter to her as she lay there breathless.

As he continued to mouth her, his hand behind her back slid down and separated the cheeks of her ass. She moaned as she realized where he was headed and let out a small gasp as she felt his finger probe her deeply. He slid his finger gently in and out as he slowly pulled away from her chest. He smiled at her coyly as he then adjusted himself so he could slide down the length of her body and eased her legs further apart. She watched in awe as he looked at her down there hungrily and as he put his face within inches of what made her a woman. He took a deep breath appreciating the aroma of her arousal and then slowly started showering her with soft kisses on her inner thigh before working his way back up to her pussy. He kissed her outer lips before spreading her to kiss deeper within. His tongue traced every nook and cranny, sampling all the delights she contained there. He moaned into her sending waves of warmth and pleasure coursing through her body. She had only experienced oral sex a few times, but never in this worshipful manner.

His hand was still working her ass as he probed canlı kaçak bahis her depths with his tongue…licking, sucking, flicking, nibbling. Her hands pressed his face into her. She did not want to smother him but it was so hard concentrating on that. She wrapped her legs around him resting them on his back while he laid on his stomach feasting on her womanhood. She started to tremble as she felt ecstasy approaching.

In the bed in the silence in the dark, her legs were trembling as she felt her orgasm building. Her arm was getting sore and muscles tight as she stroked herself with ferocity. But in her mind she saw him pull away and smile devilishly and say, “Not yet my love. You will not cum without me in you, feeling your flames engulf me.”

He eased up enough to slide down the denim shorts he was wearing exposing his erection that would make any average man envious, and then forcefully drove himself into her soaking and awaiting sheath. She groaned loud as he impaled her; partly pain, but mostly pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned down over her, thrusting powerfully into her, her back grinding into the grains of sand chafing her. But she did not care because her mind could only focus on how tightly he filled her. Waves of electricity that shot through her as he rammed against her cervix. She cried out with each downward hit. He was grunting and putting all the strength he had into each slam.

By now in bed her arm was on fire. She was rubbing so hard feeling her climax building and building and building, until she could hold back no longer and let out a fierce scream through her clenched teeth. Imagining as she did so that she was doing the same with her mystery man inside of her on the beach. Her vaginal muscles milking his cum into her wet cavern, making him groan and cry out in a raging yell before collapsing down on top of her and their perspiring bodies making them stick together as he showered her body with breathless kisses.

She lay on the bed, her body coming slowly done off of her sexual high, with this last image stuck in her head for quite awhile. She withdrew her hand and thoughtfully sucked her fingers clean, imagining her mystery lover doing it for her. She sighed as the climax waned and her heartache built slowly again somewhat. She pulled her covers up over her and tightly around her neck, and then curled up on her side to sleep as a few more tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. She still hungered and hurt inside, but with another midnight cum she would sleep soundly and dream of this lover she still hoped she would one day find.

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