Not Gay, Butt… Ch. 05


Ron and Jessica have been traveling down paths that they hadn’t even dreamed of only a couple short months ago. They were now halfway through another step, one that Ron

was still a little unsure of. He was truly amazed that he had sucked another man’s cock, and even more so that he had actually enjoyed it. But a deal was a deal, and he had agreed to go all the way with Jack, mostly to get a chance to fuck Cindy, his sexy sultry wife. (see chapter 4) This final episode tells about how they completed the ‘transaction’ and ventured even farther down the road to decadence. They even have a brief sojourn into ‘watersports’. Be forewarned, it’s not your normal man on woman sex. Ron and Jack are Not Gay, Butt…………

Jessica took Cindy’s husband by the hand and led him to the shower, as all four were in need of a good washing after the hot session that they had just finished. She winked at her husband as she watched him take Cindy to the other shower. This wasn’t supposed to be a wife-swapping experience, but the couples just seemed to pair off this way naturally After all, variety is the spice of life.

When Jack and Jessie stepped into the bathroom to shower, Jessie started to sit on the toilet to pee, but Jack just cupped her pussy and led her directly to the shower. Without saying a word, he turned on the faucet and adjusted the temperature, then invited her in with him. They both enjoyed the warm water cascading down on their bodies, and Jack treated Jess to a nice pussy wash. She loved the feeling, but was getting a bit ancy, because she needed to pee. Of course Jack knew this, and took advantage of her dilemma to spring this new thing on her. Kneeling before her, he whispered above the shower noise “You need to pee, and I need to feel it. Right here” he said, pointing to his chest.

“You’re kidding Jack, you want me to piss on you?”

“Very much so lovely lady, it’s a treat that Cindy and I have been enjoying for quite some time now. Go ahead, it won’t hurt, I promise, and it’ll rinse right down the shower drain.”

“But, but….” she protested weakly, but she knew she was going to do it. She had peed all over her husband the first time that she had fucked his ass with a strap on, right through the harness. This was different though. When she had peed on Ron it just sort of happened, this was not ‘just happening’.

“Come on Jessie, piss on me, I want to feel your hot liquid on my skin” Jack encouraged.

After the episode with the strap on and Jessie letting go on her husband, they had both looked up information on urination. They found out that pee is actually sterile, unless a person has some sort of infection. They also found out that if piss is allowed to sit long, the proteins in it decay rapidly, thus causing the unpleasant odor. If washed and rinsed away immediately, the scent goes with it. Even though they had gleaned this information, they never carried it any further. Jack and Cindy were about to change that.

Giving in to the temptation of yet another decadent act, she spread her legs and squatted in front of Jack, letting loose a stream of warm liquid on his chest. She could smell her pee as it splashed on him, but it wasn’t as strong as she thought it would be. Much to her surprise though, as she was about to finish, Jack clamped his mouth right on her streaming cunt and sucked in the last vestiges of her relief. The feeling was amazing! She was too surprised to be disgusted, and the ripples of pleasure that coursed through her body were intense. “This is wrong! Oh, but it feels so right” she thought as Jack sucked and swallowed on her emptying pussy.

Jack smacked his lips and stood, helping the dumfounded woman straighten up as well. He held her close, her own piss still on his chest as he pressed against her breasts. He then carried it further, covering her mouth with his in a deep kiss. Jessica wanted to protest, but he held her tightly and she gave in without a struggle. She had learned to like the taste of cum, and would even lick her husbands ass hole if it was well scrubbed, but this…..

She allowed herself to indulge in the new taste and smell, and was surprised that it wasn’t unpleasant at all, in fact her cunt was starting to lubricate again, and Jack took advantage, slipping a finger inside her moistened pussy as he broke the kiss. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and gently guided her to her knees. Jessica knew what was coming, but found herself unable to stop it. She looked up at Jack as he aimed his semi-erect penis between her tits and started his stream.

Jessica couldn’t believe how hot that stream was, coming right from Jack’s bladder. It splashed from between her breasts up on to her chin, and ran down her stomach and across her pussy. Jack aimed lower and she instinctively spread her pussy lips as his well aimed stream found her clit. Jessie gave in to the exotic feeling of the warm spray as her body convulsed in orgasm. She couldn’t believe she was cumming from being pissed on! The forbidden nature of this act was not lost on her, and as she succumbed to the pleasure she reached güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri between her legs to rub her clit and squeeze the last bit from her climax. Jack just stood above her grinning from ear to ear, and she even surprised him by taking his cock in her mouth after he had finished. She sucked in hard, and was sure that she got at least the last vestige of his release.

Ron and Cindy enjoyed a similar experience, the exception being that Ron had no such qualms as Jessica. When Cindy kneeled before him and asked him to let go, it was splash away! She reveled in the hot liquid spraying on her breasts, then opened her mouth to take in some of the salty liquid. When he had almost done and was flexing to finish emptying his bladder, Cindy took his cock in her mouth and sucked, helping him drain completely. Swallowing the forbidden drink, she rose up and kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue exploring his as they shared the flavor and scent of this lusty act.

Ron didn’t need to be prompted. He squatted down before Cindy and invited her to treat him to the same delight, his tongue lashing out as she let her spray loose on his lips and chest. He happily covered her pussy with his mouth as she finished up, and even swallowed a bit of her yellow nectar. “This is so bad, I can’t believe I’m doing it, and loving it! I’m getting to be such a deviate” he thought to himself. The fact of the matter was that he did enjoy it, and planned on pursuing it more with his lovely wife.

When they had finished their showers and dried off, Jessica scrubbed her shower down with disinfectant. No matter what they had read, she still wasn’t convinced that it was all that sterile. Ron sprayed his shower with tile cleaner too, and gave it a good rinse. He too wasn’t totally convinced, but it didn’t bother him as much.

When they emerged from their showers and straightened up, Ron suggested a little Italian Bistro for a late lunch, and they all agreed that some pasta would be great. Nobody mentioned the golden shower episodes that they’d just enjoyed. They headed to the restaurant with the men up front and the women in the back seat of Ron’s SUV, the guys making small talk about sports and the gals primping with each other’s makeup and hair. The primping became a little hugging, then progressed in a short time. Before they had gotten two miles down the road Jessica and Cindy were locked in an embrace, their lips pressed together in a long tongue kiss.

“I think the girls are starting the meal without us Jack” observed Ron, checking out the turned on pair in his mirror.

“I’d say you’re right, bud. Hey you two, get a room!” Jack laughed.

Both men were delighted to watch the action though, these two ladies were getting nice and warmed up for what was to come later. They stopped short of undressing each other though, and as Ron pulled into the parking lot of the Bistro they separated and smoothed out their clothes. The men had to wait a bit for the disheveled women to primp some more, straightening up their makeup and combing their hair.

“Now, can you two hold off until we get some food?” Jack joked.

“I don’t know honey, Jessie tastes pretty damn good if you ask me” came Cindy’s smiling reply.

“Well, you’ll have to, unless you want us to leave you two here in the car while we go in and eat.” Jack grinned.

“Do they have take out?” giggled Jessica.

She was just joking, although that kiss in the back seat had really got her going again. She could feel the dampness in her crotch soaking into her freshly donned panties, a feeling that she had come to enjoy quite a bit in the last couple of months. She had changed from a cold dry woman to a wanton bitch in a very short time, and was very pleased at her transformation. Without a doubt, Ron was pleased too.

They enjoyed a hearty meal and an after dinner cocktail before heading back to the house. It was still too early to make the bar scene, and besides, they had other things in mind. Jessica asked Ron to stop at the local drug store before they got home, and the two ladies went in, leaving the guys in the car.

An uncomfortable silence ensued for a moment, then both men seemed to start talking at once. Ron shut up, and let Jack continue.

“Hey man, you know what they’re in there for?” he asked rather nervously.

“Yup, probably a couple more of those disposable enemas” Ron replied. “Jessie likes for me to be squeaky clean before she sticks her fake cock in my ass.”

“You really like it, letting your woman fuck your ass hole?” inquired Jack.

“Well, it’s…. uh…. yeah, actually I do. It’s not something I’d want to do every day, but now and again, that rubbing on my prostate is intense! How ’bout you, do you like it?”

“I don’t know bud, never tried it” came Jack’s unexpected answer.

“Holy shit! I didn’t know that. I guess I just assumed…….” Ron exclaimed.

“Well, I guess there’s always a first time, eh? Be gentle, will you please?” Jack quipped.

“Uh, sure man, I can’t believe I’m gonna fuck another virgin güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ass hole. Are you sure you want to go through with it?”

“A deal’s a deal, and I guess I really am curious. The ladies sure seem to enjoy it, and you just made me feel better saying that you like the fake one sometimes.”

“Yeah,” Ron interjected, “And I gotta believe that the real deal has got to be better. I’m glad that Jessie found you two. I’m sure I couldn’t do it with a real gay guy.”

“Me too bud” replied Jack. “I probably won’t ever do it again, but at least I can say I had the experience.”

“My feelings exactly. I guess it’s gonna be okay. We should just let it all hang out this one time and enjoy the ride.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the two giggling sexpots returning from the store. Cindy took out one of the enemas and waved it in front of Jack’s face, a sly smile on her face. “You ready baby?” she inquired. “Ready as I’ll ever be, my love. Let’s go for it.”

With that, they headed for the house, and the next segment of their demented adventure.


The four lovers walked arm-in-arm into the house, and Ron went to the refrigerator to crack open a bottle of champagne. Jessica had bought a case, wanting to make sure that there was plenty in the event that Ron needed plying with alcohol to agree to this interlude. She needn’t have worried, but it was nice to have something to help them loosen up some.

Cracking the first bottle and pouring four tulip glasses, he raised his up in a toast.

“To paths never before taken.”

“Here here” The other three chimed in.

“And to Jack’s soon to be popped ass cherry” included Cindy.

“You’ve never…?” Jessica inquired with a raised eyebrow.

“Nope” was all that Jack replied. “This is going to be interesting” thought Jessica as she began to prepare her ‘tools’. Opening one of the boxes of the disposable enemas, she took one out and circled Ron’s cock with the unopened bottle. She then did the same to Jack, watching as both cocks began to grow in their respective pants.

“I guess we need to play spin the enema to see who goes first” suggested Jessie, laying the bottle on the hardwood floor and giving it a spin. The cap of the bottle ended up point closest to Ron, so she picked it up and kissed her husband, pressing it against his growing erection. She helped him remove his shirt then unbuckled his belt, releasing the button on top of his jeans and slowly pulling down on his zipper. His cock sprang through the opening in his shorts, almost fully erect from the teasing he was getting. She took the growing member into her mouth, feeling it grow to full erection as it pressed on her tonsils. She finished helping him remove his pants and turned him around, admiring his soon to be fucked pucker with her eyes first, then a swirl around it with her tongue. She then covered her fingers with some lube and insinuated the nozzle of the now opened enema into his rectum, guiding him to his knees on the living room floor. He raised his ass up as she squeezed the bottle to empty the contents into his bowels.

Cindy was working on her husband while Jessie was preparing Ron, and soon both men were completely naked. Their cocks were both jutting out from their bodies, and with Jessica cupping Ron’s liquid filled ass, she stood him up before Jack. She grasped both cocks, gently guiding them together. She smiled as she rubbed the two spongy heads together, precum oozing from the two members. Cindy bent down and ran her tongue between the two, enjoying the taste of both men at once.

“Now that’s what I call a cocktail” declared Cindy, circling her precum coated tongue around her lips. She shared the taste with Jessie in a passionate kiss, then returned her attention to the men. “Time to go, eh Ron?” she suggested.

“Most definitely, girl. And quickly!” he answered, making his way to the bathroom post haste. Jessica followed him, still pressing a finger against his asshole. He sat on the toilet and did his business while Jessie turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. She shed her clothing and they both stepped into the shower, where she gave him a good cleaning and a final rinse with the massage head before getting out and toweling him off.

“Here we go darling, “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, huh?””

“You’re probably right hun, but just this once, okay?”

“Whatever you say honey” she replied coyly, not really sure if it would be or not.

They walked hand in hand to their bedroom and found Jack and Cindy had started without them. The two were enjoying each other in a 69, with the dark haired woman lying on top of her husband, engulfing his entire manhood until her lips pressed against his pubic hair, then slowly rising up to circle her tongue around the sensitive crown. Jack teased her clit before plunging between her folds, enjoying the heady aroma of his turned on woman. She moaned around his cock as he plunged back into her pussy and slipped a fingertip into her wrinkled opening, wriggling it back and güvenilir bahis şirketleri forth to open her up before pressing in further. She loved having her ass fingered while being eaten, and Jack was doing a marvelous job. She had his cock rock hard, well prepared to penetrate Ron’s sphincter.

“Is there room on that bed for another couple?” Jessica asked with a smile.

Cindy took Jack’s cock out of her mouth just long enough to invite them in, as if they needed an invitation. The 69ing couple moved over a bit to make room for the newcomers, and returned to pleasuring each other for a little longer. Laying down next to them, Ron positioned himself on top of Jessie as he reached over to help Jack tease Cindy. Jack removed his finger from her asshole and it was immediately replaced by Ron’s lubed one. He slid it in past the second knuckle without effort, turning it back and forth after he had penetrated her star. She moaned again, and pushed up to the invading finger before pressing back down on the slithering tongue buried in her sopping cunt. Jessica reached down to grasp her husbands member and aim it towards her own wetness, sighing as he easily slid into her. The four found a rhythm and continued for a few minutes, until Cindy decided it was time for the boys to rumble.

“Okay guys” she commanded, lifting her head from the cock she had been sucking on, a trail of saliva connecting her lips to the precum oozing slit. “I think it’s time to rock and roll, if you know what I mean.”

“I think you’re right Cindy” agreed Jessica as Ron rolled off of his wife, his cock glistening with her pussy juice and pointing toward the ceiling. Cindy leaned over him and sucked the shining shaft into her throat, marveling at the delicious scent and flavor of her girlfriends juices that had been collected from deep within her.

After savoring those juices for a moment, she coaxed Ron onto his belly, then helped raise him up on his knees. She nibbled her way across his buttocks, ending up at the eventual target for her husband’s fat cock. She insinuated her tongue into the dark star as she squeezed his prick in her hand, then reached for the jar of lube that sat on the nightstand. Dipping her finger into the clear jelly, she smeared a generous amount on that wrinkled muscle, then slipped her finger knuckle deep into his ass. She pushed in and felt his prostate, sliding the tip back and forth against the walnut a couple of times before pulling out and collecting Jack’s hard cock in her slippery fist.

Jack moved with her as she guided him behind Ron, and between his slightly spread legs. She stroked the head of his well lubed dick up and down that inviting ass crack before aiming it directly at the brown star. Cindy had taken control of the situation, and continued to direct the action by pressing another lubed finger against her husband’s ass hole, pushing him toward Ron to open up the ‘never before fucked by a man’ sphincter. The head popped in surprisingly easily as Ron slightly shifted to accommodate his buddy’s penis in his now eager hole. Now that things were started, Ron’s desire to feel real flesh deep in his rectum took command of his needs. He pushed back slightly, engulfing a good portion of the fat penis, then just relaxed some, allowing himself to get used to the girth of the big cock.

Jessica looked on in fascination as her husband’s asshole stretched wider than she had ever seen it. Jack’s dick was quite a bit fatter than the dildos that she had shoved in his butt, including the strap-on that she so enjoyed pleasing him with. “That’s it baby, take that big fat fucking cock, push your ass back to him. I want to see four balls pressing together” she encouraged.

Ron was more than happy to oblige. The real thing felt much better than the fake phallus that his loving wife had used on him. The head was spongy, and the shaft was hard, but it gave more than the cyber skin dildo that attached to Jessica’s strap on. Plus the heat! As he felt Jack’s dick slide into his rectum, he felt like he was taking his buddy’s temperature, a complete reversal of how it’s usually done. Jack felt the same way though, Ron’s insides swallowing him felt like he was on fire. He loved butt fucking his wife, but somehow this feeling was so much different. The sphincter was gripping him tighter than he ever remembered, and Ron had started pushing back with enthusiasm, swallowing more and more of his fleshy shaft into his bowels. Soon the base of his cock was at the ring of his outer sphincter, and their balls were indeed pressing against each other. The feeling was incredible!

The two men began rocking back and forth together, and the women had abandoned their guidance and just sat back and watched Jack buttfuck Ron. Jessica reached over and idly spun her finger around Cindy’s nipple for a while, then slid her hand lower to feel her wet slit. The girls lightly touched each other for a bit, enraptured by the scene just inches from their eyes. Jessica tore her attention from the slippery event long enough to reach down and get her strap on harness from under the bed, then showed Cindy how to put it on. She helped her slip the little cock with the vibrating bullet into her pussy and then strapped the buckle behind her. She tried to keep her attention on the two men grinding together, but she had a need herself. She wanted Cindy to fuck her while they watched the two men go at it.

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