Not Quite Forty Pt. 02


Damian’s note said he would be in town the following Wednesday and she answered that of course she would meet him for dinner…and anything and everything else he wanted…that evening.

Then she turned to the next message, the one from young Eddie that made her pussy twitch just knowing it was there….

….Eddie almost violated her most basic rule: No one younger than her now twenty year old son! She rationalized it was OK since Eddie was six months older than her son, with the same body type and, most importantly, a cock similar in size and girth to the one she saw fucking a young girl a few months before…a cock and a scenario to which she often returned when she masturbated.

She had been with Eddie twice. Nothing much happened the first time and immediately after, she figured she just wasted a couple of hours humoring a callow young boy. She did masturbate before going to sleep that night, picturing her son’s cock on Eddie’s body pushing into her pussy.

The next day, he sent her another message and, after some badgering and against her better judgment, she agreed to meet him again. He rose form the table in the coffee shop and Alicia could clearly see the outline of his partially rigid dick in his tight jeans. She felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy clench the closer she got to him. He certainly looked like he might be as big as she imagined her son and she decided before even sitting that she would find out for sure that very afternoon.

They talked inconsequentially for twenty minutes or so until Alicia had enough.

“Why don’t we go over to my place where we can be more comfortable,” she suggested with a sultry smile.

Eddie blushed as he agreed and when he stood, Alicia could see his cock bulging even more inside his jeans.

“So very soon,” she thought to herself as her panties stuck in her damp pussy lips, “that lovely bulge will be in my mouth and pussy…and maybe even my ass!”

When they entered her apartment, Alicia had the young man sit on the sofa and got a couple of cold beers from her refrigerator, loosening two buttons on her blouse before turning back to him. She made a point of leaning forward far enough when she handed the bottle to him that he had an unobstructed view down her shirt. She let her hand linger on his for a moment before sitting in a chair across from him.

She started asking him about more details of his life, any girlfriends and such, directing the conversation toward ever more intimate areas. Eddie’s cock grew in his pants as he shyly answered, or tried to avoid answering, her questions.

As his cock hardened, Alicia slowly spread her knees, a little at first and then more and more until Eddie had a clear view of her lacy powder blue panties. She wondered if he could also see the wet spot she felt down there. Not that it mattered, he would be touching it soon enough, so she decided to take things to the next level.

“Did you jerk off yet today?” she asked as she casually undid another button.

Eddie blushed and stammered an unintelligible response. Alicia just smiled and ran fingers back and forth across her inner thigh just above her right knee.

“Nothing to be ashamed of. If your like my son, you probably jerk off every day, at least once.”

“You…you saw…watched your…son…?”

“I spied on him a few times,” she lied, filling in her own masturbation fantasy, “after I found his crusty cum in his shorts. Then I made sure he could sneak around and see me naked. Ever see your mom naked?”

Eddies face turned even a brighter shade of red and the bulge in his pants was clearly throbbing. Alicia pushed her skirt up more toward her waist and continued stroking her inner thigh, now about half way to her crotch.

“Uh…um…well…yeah…a few…times.”

“Turned you on didn’t it. You’d go back to your room and jerk off thinking about your mom’s tits and pussy. That’s what my son always did. He never thought to close his door all the way so I would stand in the hall and watch him until his cum covered his belly. Was she hairy…her pussy…was it hairy?”

“Yes…oh god…I would. She was so hairy…down there,” Eddie groaned and absentmindedly pushed his hand back and forth across the raging hard on in his jeans.

Alicia pushed her skirt all the way up around her waist bahçelievler escort and unbuttoned her shirt completely Eddie’s eyes practically popped out of his head watching her as she unclasped her bra and let her tits fall free.

“Does your mom have nice tits?” she moaned softly and pinched a nipple with one hand, the other brushing across the now very damp material of her lacy panties, her finger lingering as the moist material pushed between her throbbing lips.

“Sometimes I would touch myself, just like this, watching my son jerk off. I would get so wet doing that.”

She stood and wiggled her skirt down off her hips, stepping out of it and walking over to stand directly in front of him. She bent forward so her tits swayed just inches from his face and reached down to feel the throbbing bulge in his jeans.

“Well…did you like your mom’s hairy pussy and soft tits? Did your mom get wet when she touched herself?” she said again with a chuckle.

She knelt and slowly unzipped his jeans, keeping her eyes locked on his the entire time. She gasped when his rigid cock popped straight up into her waiting hand.

“Damn,” she thought to herself, “this could be my baby boy’s hard cock!”

“You want to see my hairy pussy?” she asked huskily. “I’ll show it to you if you stroke your cock for me, just like you did after you saw your mother’s hairy cunt.”

She stood and stepped back a little, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her dripping panties. Eddie took his cock in his hand and began slowly stroking himself. Alicia turned her back to him and bent forward, slowly sliding her panties down over her hips and knees, just like a porn video. She heard Eddie gasp even before she turned around to face him, a drop of his precum bubbling over the tip of his rigid dick.

Without another thought, she straddled his legs and lowered herself down until she could feel his throbbing cock plunge into her sopping pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him bury his face in her tits as he fucked her. After only a few thrusts, she could feel his pasty cum filling her pussy even as he quivered and moaned.

It was certainly not enough to get her off but that didn’t concern her at the moment. She knew a young man like him could recover very quickly.

When his flaccid cock slipped out of her, she stood, took his hand and led him back to her bed. She pushed him down on his back and crawled up between his legs, taking his cum covered cock into her mouth, licking and sucking the shaft and his balls until he hardened again.

She had two orgasms while he fucked her the second time.

“I always wanted to have sex with my mom,” he confessed to her as they lay cuddled together. “I still do.”

“Well, I want to fuck my son, so maybe we can work something out.”

Eddie grinned broadly and slid two fingers into her sticky pussy, his cock hardening again against her side.

“Anything you want…anything at all…Mommy!”

Alicia rolled on top of him and was already cumming when his cock pushed into her pussy again….

….Alicia’s pussy throbbed reading the young man’s note. He was asking, pleading really, to get together with her again that afternoon.

“Please Mommy…please…I’m so horny…I need my cock inside your pussy…I’ll do anything you want…anything at all!”

Feeling a drop of her juices seeping down one leg, Alicia reached down and spread her pussy lips with two fingers. Her rather large clit popped out from under its fleshy hood. She swirled it between two fingers as the familiar tingle of a growing orgasm surged through her groin for a quick climax.

She wrote back for him to come over in an hour since she had other plans for the evening. Alicia figured she could fuck the young man at least three times before she was to meet some female coworkers for a girls night out. It turned her on to think of Eddie’s cum coating the inside of her panties and her pussy all evening.

After a quick reading, she dismissed the two messages from the dating site. That left her with Jorge’s message and her already damp pussy clenched in anticipation as she opened it….

….Since their first night together about three weeks before, Jorge sent her a sext message every morning with a bahçeşehir escort picture of his hard cock. The last time, his gummy cum drizzled down the shaft and over his fingers. She looked at that one when she masturbated the night before.

She and Jorge had gotten together twice more since their first encounter. The second time, he used his tongue on every part of her body and drove her absolutely up the wall when he licked her asshole while he fingered her pussy. He suggested they try anal but she was not at all sure about it at that point. She did cum more times than she could recall and when he left, his cum seeped from her pussy and smeared her cheeks and chin.

The last time she saw him was about a week before. He became extremely excited when she told him she couldn’t fuck because she was on her period.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he insisted, “of course we can fuck and much more. I bet you are hornier than usual too.”

He was right, of course. She had squirmed around all day and even masturbated upon getting home…to relieve the cramps she told herself…but was still unsatisfied. Yet she hesitated, mostly because she never tried period sex before and was frankly a little embarrassed.

That didn’t keep Jorge from charging ahead.

Thirty minutes after their phone call ended, he was knocking at her door. He literally swept her off her feet when she answered and carried her to the bed. Then he ever so slowly stripped her until she lay completely naked with only the string from her tampon dangling between her thighs.

He wasted no time removing his own clothes and when naked, climbed on the bed next to her, kissing and stoking all over her body until his face was buried between her legs and his hands pinched both of her sensitive nipples.

By that time, Alicia was moaning softly, losing herself in the flood of tactile sensations washing over her body. She barely noticed when Jorge took the tampon’s string in his teeth and gently pulled it out of her, letting it dangle over his chin for a moment. She gasped when she glanced up to see it swinging there.

Jorge smiled and let it drop to the bed then buried his face in her dripping pussy, sucking her clit and licking her slit as the first orgasm surged through her groin. She flailed wildly, cumming over and over as his fingers filled her, groping until he could roughly massage her spongy g-spot.

Just as she though she could not cum any longer or any harder, Jorge rolled her to her stomach and rammed his throbbing cock deep inside her, pounding her cumming pussy relentlessly until his sperm flooded inside her and washed out down her legs mixed with her juices and blood.

“Oh my god,” Alicia gasped as she regained her breath cuddling under Jorge’s arm, “I’ve…I’ve never…cum like…that hard…before!”

She looked up at him, a few smears of her dried blood and his own jism coating his cheek and chin. He bent forward and kissed her tenderly, a kiss that soon became much more passionate. She rolled on top of him and took his slick cock in her hand, sliding it quickly inside her pussy.

As she thrashed up and down on him, he again pinched her nipples. She fingered her own clit, another massive climax exploding over his cock and balls. She kept grinding on his rigid rod until he again shot his load of cum deep in her pussy. When they we both finally spent, she slipped off him and cuddled once again under his arm.

“See,” he cooed into her ear while idly twirling a nipple in two fingers, “you are much more adventurous than you think. You just need to try more things, you might like them.”

“That sounds like you have a few ideas already,” she responded and licked his earlobe.

“Of course I do and a few fantasies as well. I’m guessing you have a few unfulfilled fantasies too. I am more than willing to do a lot or only a little with you, as long as you are comfortable.”

“Um…and precisely what are you referring to?” she muttered squirming against his body.

“Let’s see. The obvious one is every man’s fantasy of two women at the same time,” he responded immediately pinching her nipple just a little tighter. “What fantasy would you like to try?”

Alicia didn’t dare mention she dreamed about her son’s cock fucking a young girl…and imagining bakırköy escort him fucking her. She leaned over and ran her tongue over one of his nipples.

“I’m not sure,” she murmured, “I’ve never done anything like that, never been with more than one man at a time, let alone another woman.”

“Did you masturbate this morning? What did you think about until you climaxed?”

“Your cock picture,” she answered, reaching down between his legs, “and remembering how good you taste.”

Jorge leaned over and kissed her again tenderly and started to get out of the bed.

“You think about it. Right now I need a shower and to get going.”

She got up and went into the shower with him. They slowly washed each other. Alicia paid special attention to his cock and balls and he stiffened yet again. She fell to her knees took him in her mouth and sucked him while she fingered his asshole until he shot his cum down her throat one more time….

….As soon as she saw the newest picture, her pussy twitched and nipples stiffened. Jorge’s cock was rock hard, with creamy jism oozing down over it with a hand wrapped around it…a small, delicate hand with bright red finger nail polish.

Alicia had no illusions she was the only woman in Jorge’s life, any more than he expected her to be exclusively his. But this was something different…a clear invitation.

She held the phone with one hand and fingered her newly shaved pussy with the other until her orgasm built and flooded through her body. Then she took a picture of her pussy for him, making sure the droplets of her juices glistening In the remaining cunt hair and the finger splitting her moist lips were clearly visible. Then she texted a response along with the picture.

“I’m willing to play with a girl with you…if you will play with a guy with me.”

Before she received a response, the knock on the door announced Eddie’s arrival. Alicia stood behind the door as she opened it since she was still completely naked. The bulge in Eddie’s jeans instantly grew when he saw she was already nude.

“You are so hot, Mommy!” he exclaimed. “What do you want me to do for you?”

She just smiled wanly, took his hand and led him to her bed. She lay with her back resting against the headboard, spreading her thighs wide so Eddie and an unobstructed view of her already dripping pussy.

“Strip for me…very slowly,” she murmured and started touching her inflamed clit.

Eddie seemed to get into the spirit of the moment, gyrating his hips and swaying back and forth as he slowly removed his clothes. He even turned and bent over as he pulled down his boxers, giving her a clear view of his ass and dangling balls. When he turned back to her, his cock stood straight out from his belly.

“What else, Mommy, what else do you want your little boy to do for you?” he asked huskily, reaching to wrap his hand around his cock.

“Jerk off, baby, jerk off for your Mommy to see,” she groaned, “and tell me what you want to watch Mommy do…until you cum.”

Eddie stepped closer to her, stroking his engorged cock right in her face.

“Oh Mommy, I want to see you touch your pussy, to see you cum with me,” he groaned, his breathing becoming more ragged by the second.

“That’s it, baby, cum for Mommy,” Alicia gasped, her pussy on fire watching him jerk off while she fingered her clit and pussy hole.

“MOMMY…OH YES…MOMMY…NOW…YESSSSS!” he shrieked as his cum squirted out of his cock on to her face and then down over her tits.

Alicia moaned her own orgasm then pulled him down for a deep passionate kiss.

“Clean up your cum, baby, with your tongue…lick Mommy clean!”

Eddie didn’t hesitate. He straddled her on the bed and began licking his sperm off her tits and belly. When that was done, he moved to her face, licking all around until finally ending at her lips. Alicia fondled his cock while he was doing that, eagerly opening her mouth and taking in his cum covered tongue.

His cock was hard again so she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her. Eddie sucked her nipples as he thrust his cock into her, moaning his pleasure until he again filled her pussy with his sperm. He didn’t even need to be asked to slide down her body and suck his own semen leaking out of her. Alicia climaxed again on his face.

A couple of hours before she was to meet her coworkers for drinks, she shooed him out of the apartment. She leaned back against the door after he left, not even sure how many times she, or he, had cum that afternoon.

She was positive, however, she found a someone she could fuck with Jorge.

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