Nothing Gay Right? Gay


Nothing Gay Right? GayFor Phoenix and Damon, it was just another day playing video games. Phoenix had golden honey straight hair, a rich deep tan, and sapphire blue eyes. Damon was the opposite he night black curly hair, skin as white as fresh snow, and brown eyes like mud. Both were in college and both did Parkour in their free time. Today they were playing on Phoenix’s Xbox one. Phoenix was thinking about some of the hottest girls in school and things that would do with him.”Hey what’s the most recent piece of tail?” Phoenix asked.Damon looked over at Phoenix. “I mean it’s only been a few weeks since I was buried deep inside a girl, why?” Damon asked as he paused the game.He nodded as he was trying to stop Damon from noticing his bulge in his shorts. It was too late Damon went wide-eyed as he saw Phoenix’ bulge in his shorts. Damon looked down at his own shorts and blushed as he was also hard.”How big are you man? You’re bigger than me.” He says quietly as he blushes again.”How about we compare sizes and see who is bigger.” He said with a wink.Damon nodded at that. “Nothing gay right?” He asked nervously.He sighed. “Yes, nothing gay.” He rolled his eyes.”Ok good.” He sighs.They both slid down their shorts and underwear. Their cocks sprung free and they moved closer to each with their cock within inches from touching. Damon was cherry red just looking at Phoenix’ cock. His mind went to all the videos of guys giving other guys blowjobs at that thought his cock throb esenyurt escort at it. Damon could tell just by looking at Phoenix’s cock that he was much bigger than his. Phoenix was at ten inches plus.Phoenix’s voice cut through his thoughts. “Hey, I’m way bigger than you!” Phoenix declared smiling like a fox.”Yeah ok so you want a reward for having a bigger cock?” He asked shrugging.”Now you mention it I do,” Phoenix said still smirking.”Ok, you want a cookie or something?” Damon asked looking at him.”Something else” What “For you to give me a head.” He stated plainly.Damon paled for a second. “You said nothing gay!” Damon was shocked.”It’s not gay plus and no one will know about it,” Phoenix said moving closer to him.”No, I’m not gay!” Damon yelled at him.”I told you it’s not gay and lower your damn voice Damon or I will you make you regret it,” Phoenix growled at Damon.Damon shut his mouth quickly when Phoenix growled at him which his cock started to throb more. Damon’s cock was at least two or three inches smaller than Phoenix. Phoenix’s cock was beautiful and big. How big does it get? It was uncut twelve inches long and four inches wide, His head was barely poking even if he was fully hard. His mind formed an image of him deep throating that beautiful cock and swallowing his massive load, maybe get a facial. Then Phoenix coming around to plow him in his ass, then coming deep within him. Damon’s cock seems to like that idea of getting avrupa yakası escort plowed by that monster uncut cock because his cock twitched and throbbed more. Damon looking at him and shudders.”I am not gay, so I will not suck your cock.” He crosses his arm glaring at Phoenix.Phoenix smirked. “Oh, you going to suck my cock one way or either faggot.” He growled at Damon.Damon went wide-eyed and paled as he looked at Phoenix who was stronger and faster than he was. His body was his cock in his mouth badly, but his mind was screaming no. When he looked at Phoenix he was moving closer to him, his cock in his hands.”Open your mouth faggot boy,” Phoenix growled again as he was inches from Damon’s face.”I’m not a faggot!” Damon declared.Phoenix slapped him lightly which made him flinched slightly and then Phoenix shoved his cock in Damon’s mouth. His eyes widen Phoenix cock enter his mouth. Damon was trying to move away, but Phoenix hand gripped the back of his head forcing him to suck. At first, he was gagging and choking but slowly he got used to it and started to bob his head. Phoenix moaned as his hands started to run Through Damon’s hair as he started to thrust in his mouth. Which caused Damon to moan as he reached down to stroke his own throbbing cock. Phoenix had already let go of his head and Damon was sucking his cock on his free will.”I’m close keep going faggot and you will get anadolu yakası escort a nice reward.” Phoenix shivered.Damon heard Phoenix words and started to take more into his mouth sucking faster, harder and deeper. Damon moaned as he stroked his cock while he sucked Phoenix’s cock. Before Damon knew he already blew his load onto the floor. Phoenix groaned more as his cock pulsed and Damon’s throat was blasted with a heavy load of hot seed.Once Phoenix told him to do what. He wrapped one of his hands the base of his member and started to swirl his tongue around his shaft. Phoenix grunted as he thrust into his mouth more. Damon started to move his hand up and down on his shaft slowly. Phoenix’s cock started to throb more and more as Damon worked his hand and mouth over his cock.”Mmmph.” Was all he said.”For a person who isn’t Gay, you sure know how to suck a cock.” Phoenix grunts. “Make sure you use your tongue and hand to please me, boy, and don’t forget to play with my balls” Phoenix ordered.Damon was enjoying himself as he sucked his friend. He moaned on Phoenix’s cock which made it vibrate. Phoenix’s moan made Damon suck faster.”Swallow more of it, baby that’s it, now play with my balls,” Phoenix ordered.Phoenix grunted more as he unleashed his load into Damon’s mouth. Both Phoenix and Damon were doing a mixture of moaning and panting. Phoenix looked down and smiled at his friend as he slowly pulled out his cock out of Damon’s mouth. Phoenix smiled as another load of cum blasted Damon’s face who which moaned in pleasure.”That’s a good boy sucking my cock for the first time like a real cock sucker.” He pants as he moans a little louder. Damon did as he was ordered and swallowed all his cum panting hard.”Now your my bitch.” Phoenix grins. Time for round two get sucking and work the balls more this time.

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