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number 2I remember where it all started. I was at my best friends house playing downstairs. I had to go to the bathroom so I went upstairs when I got to the top his sister was coming out. She just got out of the shower so when she came out she had a towel wrapped around her hips but nothing on the top so her big tits was out for all to see. she was 18 I never seen a woman nude or half nude as the case maybe. The next time i seen her nude was when we was playing in the attic and the way to it was through her room. I didn’t knock just opened the door and there she was completely nude with her boyfriend. They were facing each other she had her leg over his hip so her pussy was in in view . These experiences replayed in my head over and over. Later that summer I was at another friends house swimming. My female cousin was visiting I remember she was a hot girl any how Im going off topic lol. She dove in the pool and her top came off and her little perky tits bounced out I couldn’t say anything. My jaw dropped. Her tits was perfect small perky her little nipples was hard her ariolis was light pink. She was my age these were tittys like the girls that are in my class at school. That was it for the next couple years. That’s when movies like Porky’s a****l house came out. John Belushi Climbing up the latter and the lady walking over to the window. Sorry another tangent. Any how my mom got remarried and he had a daughter my age. She would come down and spend around 6 weeks in the summer and a week atChrismas She was a tomboy so we had a lot of fun. My bedroom was next to the bathroom. My closet was where you got to faucets. You could see in to the shower and the toilet where the grout was missing. It was her last week of the summer I was in my room this is when I found my gold mine lol. I was cleaning my room and I opened the door to put my clothes away and the door open on the faucet area. I seen light coming in so I looked in about that time my stepsister went in the bathroom and I seen her. halkalı escort She started to undo her pants and I thought to myself I can’t believe this. She pulled down her pants she had these cotton panties the kind with the 3in waist bands. I could see her pussy lips showing through. Then took off her shirt she had on a small lacy bra. She undid her bra and I started to flash back to my cousin coming out of the pool. Her tits stood straight up. Then she pulled off her panties and I could see her hairy pussy as she step in the shower it was like the scene out porky’s. I watched her til she was done showering then dressing. I heard the bathroom door open so I hurriedly shut the door. She knock on my door i panicked I had a hard on and didn’t know what to do. I said come in as i was reaching for my ball glove. I kind of held it over my boner. I said you want to toss and she said I just got out of the shower. She said lets stay up tonight and watch some scary movies I’m not going to be here much longer. I said sure. For the next couple hours all I could think about is what I seen today. That night our parents was heading to bed my stepsister said I’ll be back and we will start the movies. She came back in and she had had one of her dads shirts on and a pair of shorts that she got from me.I was laying on the couch and she came running in he room and she jumped on the couch. She landed on my legs I could feel her crotch on my legs when she landed she said whoo as she lifted her hips up spreading her legs I could see down the leg of her short she doesn’t have any panties on so I move slow to make her hold that potion so I can see light colored hairy pussy. I’m laying on one end of the couch and she is laying on the other. She laying on her side with her legs in front and mine are in the back. I look down and I can see the pants legs are to big for her so her ass cheek is hanging out and when the light is just right I can see the hair nişantaşı escort surrounding her pussy. I’ve seen this movie so I know a scary part i coming up so I slid my foot down so when it come I was going to push her to scare her more. When I did my foot went between her legs and right in her pussy she squealed and jumped. She turned and jumped on top of me and we began to wrestle some. I grab her and hang her off the edge and her shirt fell down over her head well I’m holding her arms so she can’t fix it. I act like i don’t notice but they was right there perky and perfect I let her slid to the floor with her legs are start up in the air now both pants legs are down and her pussy is bare and up in the air. I go to grab her to roll her over t wrestle like we have 100’s of times before but this time feels different. I reach out and grab her to roll her over but I feel her bare ass as we roll over then we hear her dad yell hey stop wrestling around so we got back on the couch and finish watching the movie. We feel asleep watching the movie. I woke up and i looked down and there it was again her pussy out in the open. I take my foot and I start to slid it up and down her pussy slowly she starts to moan a little so I stop but just then she put her hand between her legs and she started to play with herself she let out a slight moan and stops so I get up and put a blanket over her and went to bed. Her dad took her home that weekend so I had six months to think of that evening and planned or her next visit. I’m trying to figure out how I can see more of her without getting caught. between she left and she came back I discovered masturbation and I use that night more than anything.I get home from school and she was suppose to be there by the time i get home. When I came running in to see her I was in shock she has changed she was in a skirt I never seen her in a skirt but damn she looked great. she asked if I wanted to play a board şişli escort game. I said sure lets play so she go gets the game so i sit at the table. When she came back she said lets sit in the floor. She starts to sit the game up so I come over to sit down she sits back and crosses her legs. I looked over and her panties are in plain view these were different than the ones she had on the last time she was over. These are tight showing the outline of her pussy its a small g string and i’m not seeing all the hair I seen earlier that year. I can hardly think about the game. I look up and she says do you like what you are seeing. I turn red and try to deny it but she knew she busted me. She I win you have to clean up the game I’m going to shower and she got up and walked away. I hurriedly cleaned up the game I really just grab everything and shut the box and I went to my room. I lock the door and opened up the trap door it was just in time she went in and I seen her take off her skirt her panties were different they were a small g string with a spaghetti strap. Then she took off her shirt her breast are bigger than they were but just as firm. I feel myself getting hard so I start to rub him. then she pulled her panties off and she had no hair. I never seen that a pussy with no hair i loved it. she gets in and she starts by washing her tits. I take my cock out and I start to stroke it I see her move her hand down and starts to wash her pussy the suds are running down her lip and down her inner thighs I start to stroke faster then it happen I shot my load so I clean myself up and zip my pants up and go out into the living room.Her dad yells in the house k**s we are leaving we will be back in a few hours. She walks out she is in her towel. She said I was thinking about the way you was looking at me turned me on. I’ve changed since this summer. She walked over dropped her towel and she mounted me and started rubbing her pussy on my crotch making my cock grow. She reaches down and unzips my pants and pulls it out. She take her pussy and spilt her her pussy lip sliding up and down my cock. She grabs head and force it between her tits after a few minutes she stands up and says if your lucky I may suck your dick and if you are really lucky you may get to touch me.Please leave a commitEdit DeletePublished by aswaswas 9 minutes ago

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