Number Eleven

Big Tits

I was returning from a night call at work when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I was immediately cursing, thinking that the idiot I had just finished helping at the hotel’s front desk wanted yet something else. Luckily it was a constant vibration, meaning I had received a text not a call. I pulled my phone out and opened the message.

‘I wanna taste.’

It was from Courtney, my wife. My mind immediately started going through all the combinations she could create with our wardrobe of lingerie and I said a prayer aloud for green stop lights. Of course it didn’t happen.

Five minutes, or five hours depending on who you are asking, later, I drove my truck into the driveway and saw only one light on in the entire house. The dim light in the upper left corner that was our bedroom. After searching another two hours for my house key I was inside and walking upstairs quietly.

When I opened the door to our bedroom, I was greeted by quite a first sight. Facing me directly across the room from the door was my wife’s delicious ass wrapped in a tight black lace skirt. She was leaning her hands on the dresser and had her back arched perfectly in a successful attempt to accent her thighs and ass.

Without turning around, Courtney wiggled her ass at me and said ‘I’m here for you to use’.

My eyes began to travel across her sexy body. She had on her black four-inch heels, black sheer thigh-highs with seams up the back, and I could see garter straps attached to the lace tops of her stockings. Her stance displayed a slight hint of the bottom curve of her ass and the very bottom of her black thong along with it. The black with black lace covering style of her skirt continued on the corset she had strapped tight around her upper body. The lacing of the corset had the sexy look of getting wider and wider the higher it went as the corset stretched itself around her breasts. Her head was up and I could see her beautiful left eye try and get a glimpse of me without turning her head. I couldn’t wait to see how the front of her looked, but something in me stopped the command. My eyes were glued to the soft skin between the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her skirt. Feeling her thighs with my mouth and tongue while also feeling the heat of her pussy in the air was irresistible. I finally pulled myself together and said ‘turn around, my kitten’.

She obliged immediately and continued to arch her back as she sat on the edge of the dresser and bent one leg slightly. Her eyes looked at me lustfully and then down, inviting me to examine the front of her with as much detail as I chose. The swell of her breasts were luring my cock, which by now was almost painfully straining against my pants, like a flame to a moth. The classy detail of lace at the top of her corset seemed to intensify her breasts even more. I noticed for the first time my wife was wearing black elbow-length gloves, which brought my eyes to her skirt as her hands were resting on her anadolu yakası escort thighs. I tried for a few seconds to penetrate her skirt with my eyes, knowing what was underneath, before deciding to take matters into my hands.

‘Undress me’ I said to her.

She stood up, walked teasingly over to me, and put her head as close as possible to mine without letting more than her hair touch me. Her mouth was at my ear when she whispered ‘yes, my lord’. Keeping like this she ran her hands on my chest to the buttons at the middle of my shirt. With every button she undid a slight moan escaped her lips and drifted into my ear, clouding my senses.

When every button was free, she slowly untucked my shirt in front, on the sides, and finally in back. She backed off a little and placed her hands on the bare skin of my chest. Courtney then slid her hands out to my shoulders, taking my shirt with it. She took my shirt over to the dresser, allowing me to watch her ass and legs again, and came back before me.

Our eyes were locked together. She put her hands on my shoulders and let them glide against my chest as she went down onto her knees. My wife’s eyes went level, which happened to be right at my rock-hard cock, and went right for my belt. She turned from a seductive temptress to a bitch in heat as she freed the rest of my clothing as quick as possible. I didn’t think it was possible to be more turned-on, but a sensation like my cock and her mouth being magnets to each other came over me as I watched her.

My wife slowed down and placed one hand delicately around my cock. She gave it a little squeeze and, as a large drop of precum came out of me, let out the sexiest, sluttiest moan I have ever heard. My brain was in a full-out fight with my cock trying to not cum yet. I watched my wife’s tongue caress my cock as she cleaned off the precum and savored the taste. The feeling of her tongue on my cock is something I could never get enough of. I saw her smile as my cock reacted, growing even larger and harder, to the attention she was giving it. My eyes wandered from her head to the cleavage of her breasts forced by the corset.

I was thinking how beautiful she was when she put my entire cock in her mouth. My thoughts were completely erased and I closed my eyes in pleasure. Watching my wife bob her head up and down on my cock is the sexiest sight on earth and I was not about to miss it here. Her soft hair swayed with every motion of my sex kitten servicing me and her full mouth moaned from its contents. I caught a glimpse of her breasts each time she moved her head back and I couldn’t wait to touch her.

I put my hands under her arms and raised her up. My sex little bitch fought to keep my cock in her mouth as I raised her and I couldn’t help but pause to feel her hot, soft, wet mouth on me. My cock wanted to experience another hot, soft, and wet part of her body however. As she stood before ataşehir escort me, my cock poked under her skirt and touched her thighs. We both moaned this time and I brought her to me and kissed her hard. My tongue probed her mouth and she opened up invitingly and wrestled it with hers. My hands did not waste any time in finally feeling her. They went first to her heaving breasts, sliding my fingers along the top of her corset and dipping into her cleavage. I then gave her breasts several squeezes before traveling to her ass. I felt her push her ass into me slightly when my hands reached it and I groped her hard. While we continued to make out I spanked her ass and ran my fingers along her thong until I touched her hot cunt. I lightly slapped her wet pussy and she paused long enough to moan ‘yes’ to me before continuing to kiss me and slide her tongue across my lips.

I could tell my little wife was getting to the point of needing my cock in her and I stopped kissing her until she opened her eyes. I read exactly what I wanted to see in her and led her over to the dresser. Without needing to be asked, my wife resumed the position I first saw her in. I lifted her skirt and spanked her ass again, holding my hand on her longer than before, and she wiggled it again for me. I then slid four fingers under her thong at the top and went down until my fingers were between the thong and her pussy. I slowly pulled down, forcing the thong off of her shapely hips and finally around her thighs with the stockings.

At last I let loose the animal lust in me and pounded my cock into her soaked cunt. I heard my wife cum at once and paused to caress her ass before I started to fuck her over and over from behind. Courtney tried to spread her legs, making herself look even more sexy by stretching the thong on her thighs. I placed my hands on her sides and gripped her tightly as I kept fucking her velvet pussy. She was moaning so consistently that I could no longer tell how often she was cumming, but the feeling of her juices on my balls told me it was increasing as I thrust into her.

I could feel her legs getting weak from sexual pleasure and I stopped fucking her. My wife’s lust betrayed her body and she began to whimper and fuck herself using my cock. When I pulled out completely her weakness took over and she slumped to the ground. My good kitten didn’t hold things up a second however. She immediately turned around and got her hair out of her face, ready to clean me. She took the tip of my cock in two of her fingers and examined me for where I was dirtiest. A large amount of her white gel-like pussy cream had gathered on the top of the base of my cock from the pounding I had just given her and this is where her return assault on me began. I felt her hot tongue once more on me and I closed my eyes in passion as she licked her cunt juices off of my hard cock. She ran her tongue over every inch of my cock, catching more precum ümraniye escort from the tip as she did so, and then turned her attention beneath my cock.

My wife knows how much I love her tongue on my balls and the skin below, and as I watched her being such a dirt slut in cleaning her own cum off of them made me crazy with lust.

‘Take off your corset’ I managed to get out between moans and groans.

Without stopping her service of me, Courtney undid her corset and freed her breasts. I could see sweat glisten on her cleavage and how hard her nipples were. I had a feeling they were as desperate for attention as my cock was to get back in her little pussy. I lifted her up again and, after quickly sliding her thong off her legs, threw her down on the bed. She instinctively spread her thighs open for me and I placed my cock back in its hot, wet home. My mouth passed up hers for the moment as I went to her breasts instead. I tongue found her left nipple and I felt her tight cunt cum again against me. The feeling of her hot breasts on my mouth made me fuck her faster and deeper. After tasting both of her breasts, I put my lips back on hers and tasted her sweet cream. Our tongues ran roughly together, trying to match the heat and passion between our legs.

I stretched my wife’s arms out behind her head and, letting her own lust keep them there, put my fingers on her nipples. I placed my mouth on Courtney’s neck so I could hear her scream from all her sexual points being stimulated at once. Her entire body seemed to be tightening up and I could feel it around my cock. I suddenly had the unquenchable desire to orgasm myself. I leaned myself into her more, spreading her legs as wide as possible, and pounded her cunt as hard and deep as I could. I heard and felt my wife being overcome by an intense orgasm as I ravished her.

While she was still quivering and moaning, my own orgasm reached the brink and I pulled my cock out of her slick cunt. Without warning to either of us, my cock erupted with cum. My hot cum landed on my wife’s sweaty, hot breasts, glazing her nipples and cleavage. The last spurts of cream landed on her taught stomach as I struggled not to collapse on her.

I managed to pull myself off to the side of my nearly unconscious wife, but I was not finished with her. My cock was literally dripping with her juices and some dropped and mixed in with my cum on her breasts as I brought it to her mouth. She eagerly took my still-hard cock into her mouth and, like a true kitten, licked me until every spot was clean.

I watched as my wife began to scoop my cum off her body with her fingers and bring them to her mouth to consume as well. She looked at me with her deep, sexy eyes as she licked my sticky cum off of her fingers. I followed her fingers back down to her breasts, watching as she ran them across her nipples and we both moaned. Courtney finished her decadent yet provocative performance by raising her breasts to her mouth and licking the rest of my cum off of her nipples. She then collapsed on the bed as she was. I went out of the room for a minute and returned to see her breathing slowly and almost purring. I softly removed the remainder of her clothing and carried my delicate wife, my pretty kitten, to the hot shower I’d prepared.

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