Of Wine And Women


The day was just another regular sunday. We left late in the morning, running all the week’s errands in one day. The drycleaner, the grocery store, the liquor store for some merlot, and then back. We laughed together, and generlly looked like the happy couple we are.

We ducked, ever so briefly, into a rally for one of my clients, simply making the obligatory appearance. I stick around long enough for my candidate to see me, give her an approving smile as she fires up the crowd for the speaker to follow, and take your hand.

I notice all the approving looks that you’re getting, and whisper softly into your ear, “baby, they love those pants almost as much as i do.”

I can sense the combination of pride and enbarrassment in your soft chuckle, and i offer you a quick kiss on the cheek.

We depart the rally, climb into my Jeep and head back to my house. Dinner passes in a flurry of joking and laughing as we simply enjoy each other’s company.

After cleaning the dishes, i pour myself a glass of the merlot, and settle into my big leather chair. You grin at me slyly, take the remote from the arm of my chair and flip over to the World Series. You settle gently into my lap, knowing that you’re teasing my cock with your tight little ass.

You lean over and begin rooting for the Giants, knowing that i’m for the Angels, and take a sip of my wine.

“You always did have good taste in wine, dear,” you say with a chuckle.

“I thank you, love,” comes my teasing reply.

I take a sip of the wine, hold it in my mouth, turn your face towards mine, and kiss the warm red liquid into your mouth, savouring the taste of your lips and the wine blended together.

Our lips melt together, and our tongues dance through the wine, warming each other, and teasing us with the taste. I pull away from the kiss just a little early, and a drop of merlot drips down your chin. I lean forward and lick it off you, returning to the kiss.

You shift your body atop mine, intentionally anadolu yakası escort teasing me. You feel how i respond and react and bite my lower lip in response.

I lean forward and lift your shirt over your head, exposing the lovely lace bra that i had seen you put on this morning. I lick your nipples lightly through the fabric, feeling them grow as hard as my cock under you.

You moan gently, and push me away to take my shirt off too. At the same time, we pull each other toghether in a mute and warm embrace.

Breaking the sappy mood, i quickly snap off your bra. I push you back, leaning over the arms of my leather chair, and pull the wine bottle from the table beside us. I let a few drops trickle from the bottle, just coating your nipple and then slowly suck it off. The taste of your skin and the wine mingle in my mouth, and creates a taste of near heaven.

My tongue explores around your nipple, making sure to clean every drop from you.

You laugh at me evilly and stand up. You begin to sway your hips to an imaginary soundtrack, slowly rocking back and forth, letting the muscles in your stomach contract and loosen, showing the firmness, and the tone of them.

I sit back, watching you, growing harder and harder as you dance. You point to my jeans and nod. I pull them down, exosing my boxers. You smile at me, and i can all but smell your arousal.

You point again, and i pull my boxers down, sitting in my chair totally naked. You look me up and down, and smile at what you see. My hard cock waiting for you, the tracings of red hair across my chest, and my freshly shaved balls.

I watch you turn around, showing me your well formed, perfectly rounded ass, the hip hugger jeans just covering the top of your thong, the side straps showing just a little bit over top of them. I can hear each of the buttons as you flip them open, preparing to show me even more.

As your jeans fall to the floor, you ataşehir escort bend over to pull them free. I stand up, and walk behind you, pressing my hard cock into the tightness between your ass cheeks. You feel how aroused i am, and turn around to grab me.

A few strokes of your hand over my cock, and then you say “go sit down again baby. let me do a little show.”

I respond quickly, and sit down in the chair, watching you move to the soundtrack in your mind. My body responds to yours, totally aroused, the precum just starting to form, and i can see that you have noticed.

Your eyes close, thinking of what’s to come, and you let out a soft moan, desire and anticipation combining to form a state of bliss in both of us.

I stand up and take the wine bottle with me. Taking your hand, seeing your body move, lithe and strong, responding to the desire that’s inside both of us. I push you down to the floor, gently holding you, caressing your body with my eyes as i let you down onto the carpeted floor.

I take the wine bottle, and let some fall from the bottle, pooling in the tight crease of your stomach muscles, filling your pierced navel. I slowly suck the wine from your stomach, taking your navelring into my mouth, teasing you with my tongue.

I can see the wet spot growing on your thong. Showing me how much more you want from me. I respond by taking the wine bottle and dripping it onto your thong. I make sure to let the blood red liquid fall over your clit. I slide my tongue down, slowly teasing and tasting the wine mixed with your wetness. I lick hard, pushing my tongue’s pressure over your clit, feeling the wetness of the wine and you, the two juices blending to bring sheer bliss to my tongue.

I push your panties aside with my tongue, sliding it into your pussy, gently probing inside you, tasting all the wetness, the passion and the desire.

My tongue slides out of you, and begins dancing across your clit. slowly ümraniye escort working around it, sucking on it, teasing it, gently at first, then with more insistence. I can feel you responding, tensing, moaning, wanting more.

I reach behind me, and pull the wine bottle from the table, and i let you see the evil grin that plays across my lips as i lick you.

I take a sip of the merlot, and offer all of it, but for the last few drops to you. I hold the bottle to your lips and watch as you drink, my tongue still dancing across your clit.

I pull the wine bottle from your mouth, making sure that the last few drips are still inside the bottle. I tease it slowly down your body, never letting any spill from it, just warming you. My tongue finds your clit again, slowly licking. I plunge the wine bottle into you, almost spearing your wet pussy with the glass bottle.

I work the faux dildo in and out of you, fucking you insistently with it, as my tongue glides over your clit. Nibbling, sucking, pulling on it, as the glass slides in and out of your wetness.

I can feel the pressures build inside you, the orgasm growing with each thrust, and that just makes me work you harder. My tongue pushing against your clit, faster and harder, tasting your excitement. I let my eyes drift up, across your tight hard stomach, seeing the first waves push down you.

The orgasm seems to come from everywhere at once, the pressures of the wine bottle sliding in and out of you, my tongue across your clit combine to send you over the edge.

Feeling how close you are, i pull the wine bottle from you, and slide my tongue into you. I probe inside you, looking for your gspot, and pressing my tongue against it, as i work my fingers over your clit.

As the final crash comes from you, the explosion of your orgasm spreading throughout your body, i suck gently, my lips locking around yours, pulling every last drop of your extacy into me.

I take my lips from your pussy, my finger still teasing your clit, and lift the wine bottle to my lips, sucking all of your juices from it and tasting them mixing with the last of the merlot in it.

I look up to you, smiling evilly, and offer up, “very tasty my dearest,” with a smile.

You look at me and simply laugh, enjoying the pleasure of the moment.

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