Office Assistance

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It’s late. The night is cool and clear with the night black above the street lights. The building is quiet; most of the windows are dark. The wind stirs. I shiver but not with chill, my arms warm in the pale green sweater that clings to my chest.

No. I shiver with anxiety and desire. The very dedication that I have admired my lover for keeps him so distant from me. Yet I know he needs me. And I feel intently the need I have for him.

I’m reminded of my bareness as the breeze stirs the lacy black skirt that swooshes above my knees and blows underneath to plant a cool kiss on smooth lips. The power of love combined with lust keeps me moist there.

I know he’s working late. My presence will be a surprise to him. He has been working so hard lately I think he deserves a little distraction. He forgets about that other part of himself when he’s so busy; he turns it off to focus on his clients. That part is what I’m here to turn on. The part of him that looks intently at me, watching and waiting, enjoying the attention and view until he decides to take control.

I tremble again as I enter the building with just a little anxiety building in me. Since he’s not expecting me I can only hope he finds this a welcome distraction. I prepare myself for the worst. Perhaps I’m coming at a bad time. I decide I’ll be gracious and walk away with a kiss.

I step into the elevator and catch sight of myself in the polished stainless steel. Nipples outlined by my sweater, buttons left open over my cleavage and the shapeliness of my legs showing under my short but full skirt. My eyes glitter with lust and the corner of my lips twitch as I note the swish of my skirt around my hips as I turn around. I feel like a creamy pool of wetness is gathering in my womanly center. “Like hell I will,” I grin at my reflection. I push such pushover thoughts out of my head and think about the release we’ll both be getting.

Quietly I slip in through the main doors of his office turning the bolt locked as I ease the door shut behind me. The door to his private office is ajar. I see the light from within as I approach, my lips curling in a smile of anticipation. I feel the buzz, warm and tingly, building at the top of my slit.

“Hi, baby.” I lean against the doorway.

“Hi,” his smile at seeing me washes away the last smudges of any hesitancy I had left. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I had to see you. I think you’ve been working too hard.” I speak in mock seriousness.

His smile droops a bit at this criticism not knowing I’m teasing. He hasn’t seen the play in my eyes yet. I kick my shoes off to the side as much to let him know I plan on staying awhile as to get myself comfortable. I walk slowly over to him, taking care to swing my hips. I love the feel of my skirt as it sways around my thighs.

“You doing ok, baby?” I like him watching me. I like seeing him relax as he recognizes my intentions.

“I’m so freakin’ tired. I can’t look at the numbers and graphs for much longer.” He leans back in his chair as I walk around behind him.

“You know,” I drawl, “sometimes a little break, a little diversion, can help you to refocus on your work. I could give you something else to look at.”

“Do you really think so?” he laughs. I’m looking.”

“Oh, I really do think so.” My hands go to his shoulders trying to rub and squeeze away the tension that has built-up there. I lean over to talk softly in his ear.

“In fact, I think it should be a requirement that your personal needs be attended to daily to leave you free to concentrate on your client’s problems.” My face presses against his neck while I breath in his scent.

“You don’t want a distracting hard-on to rear its ugly head in the middle of a meeting with an attractive business woman, do you?” my lips whisper against his ear.

“Ugly?” he chuckles.

“Of course it’s gonna be ugly,” my voice full of pout, “ after all this neglect it might be downright angry.”

He laughs out loud; a sound that hugs my soul.

I step away to the chair on the other side of the desk.

“Besides,” he continues, “who says I wouldn’t get a hard-on even if I did get this daily attention?”

I move in slow exaggerated movements, “Well, honey,” I reply deliberately arching with my derriere tipped up into the air as I pull the chair over; close to his side, facing him.

“You may still get a hard-on but it won’t be nearly as ugly.” I bend so he can bakırköy escort see the tops of my black stockings..

“Did you want a hand with that?” I hear the smile in his voice as he asks.

“Oh, no. I got it.” I shoot a grin back over my shoulder as I scooch back closer to him presenting my rear first. “Consider it part of my role as your new assistant.”

I don’t have to look as I sit down. I can feel his eyes watching me.

“Your new assistant in charge of personal gratification,” I explain further. I bring my knees up to my chest my hands coming forward to stroke my calves up and down. A silver anklet shimmers against black. I close my eyes enjoying the sensuousness of the smooth silk covering my legs. Now he can see the sides of my buttocks behind my legs – the creaminess of my skin contrasting with the black garters.

Leaning back I let my knees fall outward the black lace of my skirt falling modestly over my genitalia even though it slides down my thigh to keep him aware of the limited coverage my stockings provide me with. Warmth rushes to my center and I feel my pulse in my clit as I see the intent that he watches me with through my own half-closed eyes.

My hands resting on my knees slide down to caress the tender flesh of my inner thighs.

“This is what I’ve been dreaming of you doing,” I tell him softly. I let my fingertips trace along the edge of my stockings, up the satiny straps of my garter, hands moving in unison, knees spreading wider and wider. The hem of my skirt is pushed up by my hands as my fingers trail over the highest most inner parts of my thighs. I spread my fingers. My thumbs point up and I bring them together over the hood of my nub peeking out above my slit. I give in for a moment and touch that sensitive tip that’s exposed by my other thumb pulling the tender hood of skin up. A little thrust of my hips escapes with the thrill of my touch, groaning as he leans over to look closer, and I stop. Thumbs lifting I reach down to stroke my ass cheeks before my fingers settle at the top of my thighs again.

He leans back again, I suspect so as not to cramp the hardness growing in his crotch as he watches me.

“Mmmm, let me see you baby,” I stare at his bulge as my fingers play with the creases where my legs meet my ass, venturing closer and closer to the folds of my womanhood.

He smiles at my request.

“Sure thing, darling.” He stands, his eyes traveling over and between my legs and back to my eyes as he leans over to lay his warm lips against mine.

I see his hand go to his belt as I close my eyes, my lips grabbing on to his lower lip. I arch up towards him to stroke his tongue with my own. Having missed him I’m hungry for his kiss. He breaks away, chuckling at my eagerness for his mouth, his hands opening his pants. His eyes continue to caress my fingers where they stroke the smooth, soft lips of my sex.

He brings both his briefs and his trousers to his knees. My eyes are now open wide as they eat up the sight of his erect cock. I realize my mouth his hanging open as I watch his hand stroke the length of his shaft. His movements are neither slow nor rushed.

My hand no longer requires thought to direct it as my fingertips dip between my inner lips into the slick pool there. I spread my juices up and down my slit and over the swollen nub at the top. I whimper as my need builds, exposing myself more and more with my legs draped over the arms of the chair and my skirt up around my waist. My hands caress my breasts over my sweater. Hard nipples outlined by the snug knit that clings to their shape. I reach in the top of the sweater and one hand cups and pulls a breast out, then the other hand does the same.

A groan slips out of my while I pinch and roll my nipples simultaneously. His hard prick seems to jump in his hand at the sound.

“Oh, baby. You look delicious.” I lick my lips and swallow, salivating at the though of him in my mouth.

“I’ll let you taste later,” his voice is hypnotizing as I watch the smooth, patient rhythm of his hand. I could see how hard he was, skin tight over his shaft with his sac drawn up tight below.

I groan.

“Right now I want you to finger fuck yourself,” his direction is just what I need as my building desire starts to drive thought from my mind. All I know now is how bad I want to touch that cock his hands expertly and leisurely stroke and pull.

My beşiktaş escort hands go back to my thighs stroking lightly, quickly now. The middle finger of my right hand goes to my clit, rubs a little then dips into the honey pot below, bringing the wetness oozing over my labia and onto my thighs. I groan at my own wetness, taking my honey dipped finger to my face to be smelled and licked while my other hand’s fingers explore he depths of my folds further.

Licked clean my finger returns to my swollen button to rub gentle circles there. Another finger slides into me below, between the lips now puffy with lust and desire.

“Use two fingers,” soft but direct he leads me. His very commands cause me to contract within.

I watch the engorged vein that runs along his shaft. Eagerly obliging my middle finger joins my index finger. His hand stroking with fingers I wanted inside of me like the two I now had sunk into myself up to the first knuckles.

“Is that how you’re going to fingerfuck me?” I ask hoarsely, sinking both fingers in as far as I can as I still rub my own alert, sensitive nub of erectile tissue.

“No,” he answers slowly. “I’m going to use all my fingers.”

I twitch and groan, feeling myself clench around my fingers at the thought of him stretching me open. I rub my clit fast but lightly, two fingers pushing inwards feeling the wet walls of my pussy. I become even more turned on by the thought of what he would feel if it were his fingers.

I arch and whimper pushing my hips up towards my hands. My eyes squeeze shut then open seeking his flesh.

“Oh, God….Please….I want you so bad,” I whisper.

“You’ve got me. Soon. I want to see you come first.” He kneels down in front of me, still stroking his meat as he watches my hands work. I feel my insides clench around my fingers. He leans in closer. My breath catches and I hold it as I feel his breath on my wet center. My rubbing, his closeness and the feeling of my insides against my fingers drive me shuddering to the edge of my climax.

“Come for me, baby,” his voice takes me over the edge and I thrust up finally grunting, my body locked in tension as my insides explode in a shower of orgasm like fireworks in a black sky.

As my shudders subside I look at him, the desire in his eyes, his proud member upright in front of me as he stands and comes to where I have ended up leaning to the side of the chair my legs still split wide. I slowly rub up and down my puffy lips and clit in awe of the silky wetness covering everything there. My fingers removed I put them in my mouth and absentmindedly lick them clean.

My eyes are locked on him and his slow stroking. He looks so smooth, so hard. The juices of his arousal ooze . My fingers clean my hand goes to one of my breasts and cups it, pinching the deep pink nipple with my finger and thumb. I stretch towards him so close I can stick my tongue out and lick him. And so I do. I stroke him up and down with my tongue’s wet tip.

He caresses my face as I use my tongue to tease the little hole in top of his head. I leave a wet trail as I bring my mouth down to his sack. Sucking in first one smooth ball (he moans) and then the other. Through glazed eyes looking up I watch his eyes roam my body, the teased nipple cupped in my hand, my stretched silky black legs hanging over the chair arms and my finger that has settled back on my exposed clit that remains ever so sensitive after my recent orgasm. I find myself rocking my hips forward as if seeking fulfillment in front of me. I lick my way back up to the head of his blood engorged prick and open my lips to suck him into my mouth, welcoming him back to my throat as the fingers of one of his hands weaves their way through my hair. He reaches down with his other hand to pinch my other nipple and my groan vibrates his cock. The timing of my little clit strokes match his thrusts as he pushes into the back of my throat holding my head steady as he does. I quiver with each beat of our steady rhythm.

“You want me to fuck you now?” he asks as he pulls away.

“Yes, please,” I whimper softly. My actions are becoming lost from thought once again with my hand slowly patting my clit and I feel like I’m about to start blubber as little moans escape from each breath.

“Are you sure?” He sits back down his cock alert and unattended against his belly.

My answer lets loose my beylikdüzü escort incoherent begging.

“Oh gawd, yes. Please. Fuck me. God. I’m so wet. Please. Fuck me hard.” Slowly patting. “Oh, please. Please. Fuck me.” Staring at him. “I want that. Oh, fuck.” Arching up as he kneels once more in front of me his closeness once again feeding the lust that has built back up in me.

I feel like the ultimate whore, something I have never wanted to be considered but somehow enjoying it now because in that moment I am his whore.

“Oh, please, baby, I want it. I want it in me. Put your cock in me.”

His hands were warm stroking the insides of my thighs briefly before I felt the swollen head crowning his hardness slip up and down over my slit. My begging became a mixture of whimpers and cries with pleas for his hard cock as he teased me.

The pressure increases ever so slightly and the tip of his member spreads my lips and cries get louder, more insistent. “Now, please, now, FUCK ME!” I call to my lover but his patience prevails.

“Are you sure? I can go in slow like this forever.”

“Yes!” I answer, then “no, oh gawd, I need it so bad. Oh, please. Fuck me.”

But all he does is tiny little ventures into me though with each little push and my straining towards him he slowly made progress.

“Are you sure your ready?” he questioned me more as I groaning and writhing with the head of his cock nestled completely beyond my smooth outer lips.

“YES. Now. YES. Oh, FUCK me!!” My breath catches and my voice cracks with my begging. Then I groan loudly as he presses into me surrounding himself in my warm wetness. He presses deep and holds himself there. The fullness of him inside of me, the heat of his skin at my opening, his hardness stretching my lips apart and his pubic bone pressing on my clit paralyze me for a moment before I squeeze myself around him several times in lustful spasms.

My begging is reduced to groaning as he slowly pulls out and enters me gently but purposely again, pressing deeply in. He repeats his slow withdrawal and thrusts back in with easy and regular rhythm, lulling me with its cadence and then surprising me with a hard fast poke into me that he holds deep. And so his pace continues dazing me with his strokes to my inside interspersed with the possessing, consuming thrusts of a man with his own building power and desire.

His hands stroke my legs and he takes an ankle in each hand to bring each to his shoulders. The beat hastens and I become silent, breathless and thoughtless with nothing but the experience of my feeling and the dim awareness that he was taking his pleasure from me with a pace all his own. All parts of me peaking in sensitivity from the touch of his torso against the back of my thighs, his hands firmly grasping my hips and my own hands cupping and squeezing my breasts as they perch over the neckline of my sweater. His thrust took on that special quality of occurring completely without effort as if powered by a separate force, that quality that takes over as he comes to his climax; a quality that pounds out the noisy wet pussy squeezing orgasm his fucking has brought me to. The sounds in the quiet of the office build up. The suction of my wet pussy and the slapping of his balls against my wet bottom destroying the silence. The last bit of quiet is broken when my loud cries break through and his grunts are ousted with each push. We reach our release together and the ultimate pleasure of sex is ours.

Our movements are full of caress and sensuality in the aftermath. Hands stroke and touch. He gently lowers my legs and takes my hands to pull me up against him. My legs wrap around him in embrace as my arms encircle his head and his surround my waist. I rest my head against his shoulder with my nose nestled against his neck. I feel both of our heartbeats pounding as our breath settles. Our mouths come together and open to each other in a wet kiss of shared passion and love.

I giggle as he clasps me tightly and rises, carrying me to the couch. His leg over mine and his chest against mine as we lie together keep me warm and gently pulsing with the pleasure our love-lust has brought. I feel his semi-hardness agreeing with my own sentiment as we whisper our love and happiness before we start to doze….knowing what pleasure will be ours for taking when we wake.

“And darling,” I make one last remark before sleep overtakes, “I think your personal assistant deserves some regular hours so I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“It is tomorrow,” he whispers back before kissing my mouth.

The benefit of a position of such responsibility becomes more evident and thoughts of sleep become delayed by the growing concern refocusing against my belly….

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