Office Revenge Turned Sweet


I just moved into this department; naturally have a new boss and new colleagues. The department I moved into is a traditional department, male only, and have been there since they left school, which makes me the only female.

On my first day in this department, I notice the guy sitting next to me have a very sexy smile, but his attitude really puts me off, arrogant, smart ass, he knows best and he knows it all! I never like that sort of personality. In fact it irritates me very much. Subconsciously I started to keep tab of what he does all day, how often he annoys me, how frequent he be a “clever little dickie”. I don’t know why but he started appearing in my head every so often after work, not in a nice way. I was wondering how I could get him one day and repay him for annoying so much plus interest.

Unfortunately my new job means I need to work with him closely and quite often we have late night conference calls. During conference calls with our team members around the world, he quite often make me look very very small.

Although he gives me a lot of grieve and always appear to be picking on me, putting me down, I sense he has a thing for me. He was always looking at bakırköy escort me in a lustrous way when he thought I was not looking. When he comes over to help me with stuff, he always park his face so close to mind and blows hot air into my ears.

One night we had the regular conference call, 8pm to 9pm, no one else in the office but we booked a meeting room anyway. I happened to wear a low cut top as its summer and a mini skirt. I am a petite built person so to make sure am close to the speakerphone, I slouch on the desk when I speak to the phone. With my low cut top, I show a good cleave rage. Although I am small built, I am a DD cup chick. I saw him peeping at my breasts and I thought, my chance has come.

After I said what I had to say to the team around the world, it was his turn to speak. I sat back on the chair, reached out and started stroking his dick. It was so good to see him started slurring and lost focus. I moved down underneath the desk and started to unzip him. To my pleasant surprise, his dick was beautiful and bigger than I thought. I started to think how good I would feel to have it fill me.

His voice started to shake but beşiktaş escort I chose to ignore it. I started stroking his dick and caressing his balls and feel them grow in my hands. I can’t resist but started to suck his cock. He gave out this groan of pleasure. People on the other end of the phone around the world asked what was that, he said the line is real bad that we couldn’t hear a thing and he hung up.

He then lean back, closed his eyes and enjoy his cock being sucked. I sucked his cock with my lips tightly wrapped around his shaft while caressing his balls and with my tongue circulating his head as I go up, deep throating him on the way down. I increase the motion and felt his cock twitching. I didn’t want him to cum just yet as I want that thick shaft in me, filling me and fucking me hard.

I climbed up, unbutton my top and took my bras off in front of him. My nipples are standing proud through my bras, all he had to do was to flick my top gently to the side and my tits would be free to his view, his tongue and anything he wanted to do with them. He wasted to time and did just that to my left breast. I arched into him to give his mouth beylikdüzü escort more of my breast while I took my knickers off. The corner of his eye saw what I was doing and started moving his hand up my thigh and into my wet cunt that was crying out to be fucked. He stroked and teased my swollen clit and insert his index finger in me. I let out a moan of pleasure and pushed him to lean back on the chair, lift my skirt up and sat on him. His cock is hot against my wet cunt. I motioned up and down so I could enjoy his hot and hard cock against my wet pussy with him sucking and squeezing my tits and I tongue fucking his ears.

I increased the motion and both of us were about to climax but he lifted me up, throw me on the table with my bare breast on the table and entered me from behind. It was no effort for his thick shaft to enter me since I was dripping wet. He thrust me rough and hard, the table was moving back and forth with my bare tits grinding against its surface. I grabbed this but cheek with one of my hands to push him all the way in. We both started to moan and groan with pleasure and he increased the motion much more, and we both climaxed. It was so good that I saw stars, laying on my back with my legs hanging off the table and my blouse hanging off the side exposing my large round tits. He leaned over and sucked my nipples, slowly kissed down my body and eat me, gave me another awesome orgasm. We got on just fine at work now and frequently having to “work late”

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