Oh Brother Ch. 01

Double Penetration

They had gone on a vacation every year to the same location and had some very good times. The family that owned the cabin had gotten up in years and left the house, lake, boat, boat house, the barn and several other small cabins to them.

Bob and his wife Gabriela loved to fish and hunt together. When the twins Daisy and Gary got old enough to walk they enjoyed the outdoors even more than their parents.

Up until the kids were in their teens they spent a lot of time together; either due to the outdoor lifestyle they grew up in or just because twins are connected on a level beyond normal relationships with peers.

Daisy was a beautiful petite young woman with large breasts for her size, dark almost black hair and green eyes to go with her ready smile and mischievous grin. She kept in shape by long walks in the woods during hunting season and leisurely walks in the local streams to trout fish.

Gary was just a little taller than his sibling at five feet four to her four foot eleven. He had the physique of a budding weight lifter with broad shoulders and a trim waist but on a miniature scale. His eyes matched Daisy’s a vibrant emerald green with, if you got close enough, gold specs in them.

Their mom and dad were taller than the kids by quite a bit. Bob topped out at six feet four looking like a lumber jack, broad shoulders, thick arms and neck, small waist and muscular legs. Gabriela was from Argentina with the mocha complexion topping a strippers body kept in shape because of her daily exercise regimen. At five feet eleven she towered over her son and daughter.

Being teenagers the twins drifted apart as hormones took over their bodies. Daisy was very popular in school not only because she looked good but because of her love of the outdoors. Dates for her were common along with the struggle to keep their hands out of her clothes.

Gary wasn’t so lucky; his height seemed to be a draw back to any serious relationship and the girls he desired only wanted to be friends with the ‘short cute guy.’ Frustration for him was resolved by watching porn on the internet and masturbating.

Graduation was a weekend long party for Daisy at their home but Gary was sullen and angry about his lack of companionship. He was happy for his sister but couldn’t bring himself to join in.

The Monday after he was home alone mom and dad had gone out and Daisy was asleep in her room. Sitting at his computer he decided to just jerk off and relieve some tension. Stripping his shorts off he sat at the desk and searched for sites he liked. Coming across one for incest he opened it and immediately got a raging erection. The pictures showed sisters and brothers having sex in a variety of positions. Putting on his earphones he moved the cursor and didn’t hear his sister get up take a shower dry her hair and call him.

“Gary are you home?” she knew he didn’t go with mom and dad that would be boring, hell she wouldn’t have either. ‘He must be in his room,’ she thought. Walking down the hall she could hear him moving around at his desk. ‘I bet he’s jerking off!’ quietly opening the door his back was towards her but she could tell he was beating his meat. Sneaking behind him she looked at the screen and stopped, “Holy shit!” she said out loud.

Gary jumped up and spun around, with his hard cock pointing straight at his sister he sprayed her t-shirt front with a blast of cum. Clamping his hand over the head he missed covering up the hole and shot another thick rope on her leg the next ones he pushed it towards the floor. “Shit sis I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were there. What are you doing in my room anyway?” Grabbing his shorts he stood there holding them over his crotch having a lot of trouble covering his hard on. Not knowing where to look he stared at the cum dripping down her shirt and leg.

Daisy was in shock and didn’t know what to say for a few seconds looking down at the front of her shirt and her leg she just said, “I, uh, well, I, uh am at a loss for words. I’m going to get cleaned up. Pull your shorts on so we can talk, ok?” leaving him with a red face she went into the bathroom. Closing the door she sat on the toilet and tried to stop giggling.

In her mind, ‘Oh my God talk about embarrassing moments; to see my brother whacking his weasel then to get sprayed by his dick was amazing. I’ve only seen that on the internet. Man his was huge!’ Reaching down she scraped some off her leg smelled it then stuck out her tongue to taste some. ‘Hmmm, not bad. I could definitely take a load in my mouth like the girls on line.’ Cleaning up she went and got a short shirt that barely covered her breasts and a pair of bicycle shorts made of lycra outlining her mound. ‘Let’s see if he can get hard again,’ she giggled.

Meanwhile Gary was worrying what his sister was going to tell their mom and dad. ‘Fuck! I’ll bet she squeals on me, wonder what she’ll make me do so she won’t squeal, probably wash her underwear or something. I knew I should have locked the door.’ Going into his bathroom he cleaned up and sat on the edge of çatalca escort his bed. Grabbing a magazine he laid back to await his fate.

Daisy gently knocked on his door, ‘Come in,’ he said sullenly.

Sitting on the bed she poked his arm, “Hey, are you ok?”

Looking at her with a confused expression he said, “What do you mean?”

She turned to lie next to him, “Oh come on; you know what I mean!”

“Jeez Daisy how do you think I am? I’m in my room trying to; you know, release some frustration and in comes my sister for God’s sake.” Tossing the magazine on the floor in exasperation, “You have all kinds of boyfriends and girlfriends but every time I try to get a date the girl’s just want to be ‘friends with the cute little guy’ and won’t even give me a chance!” he threw his arm over his face to hide his embarrassment.

Daisy was shocked she didn’t know any of this. Laying her arm across him she gave him a hug, “Oh Gary I didn’t know baby. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just thought you were waiting for the right person.”

“Shit at this point I’d settle for any person. I almost asked that girl with the bad acne and greasy hair for a date!” he said.

Grinning she said, “Well at least you would get laid. Then you wouldn’t have to rely on the computer and your hand.” She knew it would get a reaction.

Looking out from under his arm with a grin he said, “I can’t believe you said that, you bitch. Gee thanks for thinking about my needs.” Laughing he dropped his arm, “Thanks Daisy. I needed to be cheered up, sorry for hosing you before. Damn that was embarrassing.”

“That’s the thanks I get for letting you cum all over me! You call me a bitch, nice. No wonder you can’t get any if you treat a girl like that, asshole,” jumping up she sat across his stomach and pressed his shoulders into the mattress, “We need to work on your attitude with women boy! Don’t make me slap you around.” Pinching his cheeks she kissed him on the mouth, “Gary any girl would love to have you if they only knew you the way I do.”

Laughing he grasped her sides; “If it helps me get laid I’ll let you slap me around.” Getting serious he said, “Really Daisy do you think any girl we know can get past the fact I’m the shortest person in our class?”

Looking him in the eye she shrugged ran her fingers through his hair then said, “It’s hard for the people we grew up with to see past the physical. Probably because they see us as kids they played with.”

He wasn’t thinking about the conversation any more but how her butt muscles were pressing against the base of his cock making him hard again. Every time she would sit back her t-shirt was pulled tight against her chest letting him see the bottom half of her tit making him very aware of her hard nipples and the swaying of her breasts.

Daisy could see his eyes staring at her chest. Just to tease him a little she leaned back watching his reaction. She liked to be watched and especially by guys. Sliding her ass back a little she felt his hard cock press between her cheeks. “What’s the matter Gary?”

Quickly looking up at her face he grew a deep red, “I, uh, well, I’m uh getting a little excited with you sitting on me,” his breathing was getting a little labored.

Daisy was getting real excited being able to turn him on, her breathing was quickening. Breathlessly she pushed her ass down on his cock letting it get between her cheeks, “It’s ok Gary I like to turn you on, and it feels good.” Leaning down she gave him a soft kiss increasing the pressure until they were teasing each other with their tongues. Breaking contact she pulled her shirt over her head. While grinding his cock between her cheeks she pulled his hands up under her shirt on her tits, “Squeeze them Gary, feel my hard nipples.”

With both his hands he caressed her nipples and breast, “Oh Daisy your tits are great they feel wonderful.” He got lost in feeling her up.

Standing up she pulled her shorts off then snatched his off watching his cock swing back to slap his stomach. “Holy shit Gary that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, in fact the only one in person,” wrapping her hand around it she got on her knees between his legs, “I’ve only seen them on the internet or rubbed one in some ones pants. Can I play with it?”

He had never had anyone’s hand on it but his own, “Uh, sure, I guess sis go ahead.” Grinning he couldn’t believe his own sister was stroking his cock.

They were both on virgin territory here never having been with another person before; their only experience was what they saw on the internet porn sites.

Gently she ran her hands from the head down the shaft. She raked her fingernails over the thick throbbing veins as he opened his legs as far as he could. Looking at his face she smiled dropping down she sucked his sack in her mouth as her hand stroked him. When her fingers contacted the slit in the head he squeezed out a small stream of cock lube, using it to slick his shaft she stroked him a little faster.

Pausing esenyurt escort she massaged his balls as he humped into her hand, “Does it feel good? Am I doing it right?”

He could only smile at her and nod his head.

“Wait a minute I want to check something,” quickly letting him go she ran into her room. Coming back she had her ruler, “I want to measure just how long it is.” Holding the shaft she kissed the head licking the slit she smacked her lips, “Ummmmmmmm, you taste good!” Laying the ruler against the base she gasped, “Holy shit it’s eleven and a half inches long!”

He whimpered as she licked the swollen head again, “You’re driving me crazy, shit! I need to cum again my balls ache.”

Milking the shaft she licked his pre-cum off the top gently sucking the head into her mouth, “Do you want to cum for me Gary? Do you need to squirt your sperm out again baby? Does it help if I do this?” Looking him in the eye she sucked in as much as her mouth would hold.

Watching his cock disappear between her lips and the feeling of his first blow job sent him over the edge, “Oh shit that feels amazing,” after just a few minutes he started to pump in her mouth, “I’m going to cum Daisy watch out here it comes! Unnnnnnnghhh!”

She could feel his cock swell up in her mouth and knew he was going to shoot his load of sperm but was unprepared for how much. Stroking him she clamped her lips around the head as he shot a huge amount in her mouth which she tried to swallow.

His load was so large she couldn’t get it all down her throat, as she backed off to swallow another long rope of cum covered her face and before she could get back on him he sprayed her again and again. With his semen dripping down her chin she could feel him starting to subside, drawing him in her mouth again she gently licked and sucked what little bit still squirted out cleaning his shaft and balls.

Coming down off his orgasm he lay there spent while she scooped his load off her face into her mouth. Standing Daisy straddled him trapping his still hard cock between them against his stomach.

With her face sticky with his cum she started to kiss his face and mouth forcing her tongue in so he could taste it too. Pulling back she smiled at him, “Have you ever tasted your own stuff before?”

Nodding he licked his lips, “Yeah I didn’t think it tasted too bad just different. Have you ever played with your pussy and licked your fingers?”

She laughed, “Oh yeah, I thought it tasted good.” His cock was growing hard again and had spread her pussy lips apart. Her cunt juice was making him slick as she moved back and forth on it watching as it slid between her legs. “It looks like I have a cock too, look.”

He got up on his elbows as she slid back watching his penis get hidden by her crotch.

“Hummm, it feels good,” she said.

Just as they were about to take it to the next level they heard mom and dad come in, “Hey we’re home! Come help with the groceries please!” Bob said loud enough to make them jump.

Daisy reluctantly got off his hard cock, “We’ll take this up later ok?” She grabbed him and leaned down to suck it one more time. Gazing in his eyes she said, “I love you Gary.”

Smiling he said, “I love you too.”

Scrambling they got their clothes on and headed down to help.

Gabriela had the bags on the counter and was sorting where everything went when the kids came in, “Hey guys what are you up to? Not just getting up are you?” she teased. They both laughed and said they had been up for a while.

Daisy went over and kissed her mom on the cheek, “We were just talking in Gary’s room, nothing special.” Grabbing items she started to put them away.

Gary came up on the other side of his mom and kissed her other cheek, “Yeah just talking, nothing new.”

Gabriela was distracted when she smelled the unmistakable scent of a mans semen on her children’s faces. Looking at Daisy out of the corner of her eye she could see what looked like dry cum on her cheek and chin. Having been the happy recipient of her husbands deposits she knew what it looked like, ‘Shit I believe they have been fucking or at the very least Daisy has been sucking her brother off.’

Gabriela took some things to Daisy for the pantry and to try and check closer. Being out of earshot from the others she asked her, “What’s that on your cheek honey? There seems to be some all over your face. Some kind of facial mask?” Turning her face with her hand she examined it even closer, “It smells familiar, what is it?”

Daisy could feel her face getting flushed and red from her mom’s attention, “Yeah a new mask. I, uh guess it didn’t wash off all the way. “Excuse me.” Moving past her mom she got Gary’s attention and motioned him over. Whispering to him, “Better go wash our faces I think mom suspects something is wrong.”

Gary’s face turned red, he nodded and said, “I’ll be right back mom.” Running into the half bath he forced himself to pee then washed his face and hands. Trying to act like etiler escort nothing was wrong he finished helping his dad put things in the freezer then headed to his room winking at Daisy on the way out.

Daisy used a paper towel to wipe her face then finished putting things away. Heading towards her room her mom stopped her.

I know they have been up to some thing, “Anything new happening with you two kids we should know about?” standing with her arms crossed she stared in Daisy’s eyes.

Not looking directly in her moms face, because she knew they would be busted, she said, “No, no nothing new. Well Gary is a little depressed because he can’t get a date so I tried to cheer him up, but that’s all.”

“Uh, huh. I noticed he wasn’t acting like his old self. Well I hope you helped him relieve that pent up frustration like a good sister,” smiling one of those ‘mom’ smiles which feels like they can read your very soul.

“Oh yeah he’s good now we worked it all out,” turning she ran up to the bathroom and scrubbed her face.

Gabriela watched her leave and now she knew they were having sex. Remembering how she and her brother experimented brought the memory back of hours spent in different positions doing oral and anal. Feeling her body respond she went to look for Bob, he knew how to put out that fire.

Bob was in the garage cleaning out the freezer. She came up behind him pressing her breasts against his back and wrapping her arms across his stomach.

Without looking back he said, “Hi baby get the other stuff put up ok?” feeling her hands move to his crotch he laughed, “I never thought putting groceries away would make you horny? If you had told me sooner I never would have called the kids to help.”

Releasing his long thick cock she stroked him until he got fully erect. Gary wasn’t the only well hung man in the family, Bob’s was a little over twelve inches long and as thick as his wife’s wrist.

Turning around Bob unbuttoned her blouse as she stroked his massive cock, “Do you want it bad baby? Do you? Tell me what you want.” He had her breasts exposed then started to unbutton her shorts.

Gabriela had one hand on his member and the other squeezing a breast and pinching her nipple. “Oh honey I think you know what I want, this big hard cock in my pussy. Fuck me Bob fuck me hard baby.” Leaning back she slid her ass onto the freezer top spreading her legs. Holding them open she said, “See how wet I am for you baby?” opening her vagina for him she slid a finger in her cunt then put it in his mouth to suck.

“Mmm, that’s good, very tasty. I’ll lick it later; right now I think this is what you want,” grabbing both of her thighs he slowly slid his full length in her sopping pussy. “Is this what you want, me to fuck you?”

As his penis hit bottom she gasped, breathlessly she said, “Yessssss, fuck me honey. Harder! Faster!”

Not wanting to disappoint her he slowly pulled back until just the head was left in her canal then only pushed it in and out. Without warning he slammed his meat all the way in holding her ass cheeks for leverage.

Gabriela screamed with pleasure as he slammed in her like a pile driver. Both of them were so horny and caught up in the moment they didn’t notice Daisy and Gary watching them from the doorway. Their view was terrific and both could see his cock slamming into their mom.

Whispering to Gary Daisy said, “See I told you they were fooling around,” never tearing her eyes off of her dads cock as it disappeared in her moms cunt. “My God his cock is huge!” she had one of her hands unconsciously rubbing the small of his back and the other around his waist at the top of his shorts on his stomach.

Gary was very aware of his sister’s hands but didn’t want to miss any of the action. Letting his arm drape around her shoulder he gently squeezed her breast.

Taking it as a cue she slid her hand underneath his waistband grasping his hard cock, “You know we can’t do anything here right? Let’s go to the gazebo down at the pond.” With a last squeeze she grabbed his hand and led him out the back door towards the pond.

Meanwhile Bob and Gabriela were in the throes of their orgasms, she had pulled her knees back to her shoulders and he was supporting her ass while pounding his cock in her. Bob was sweating like a horse in a race and his wife’s face looked like she had just been sprayed with water.

Gasping she said through clenched teeth, “That’s it baby fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, mmmmmmnghhhh!” Wrapping her legs around him she squeezed drawing closer.

Bob drew back and with a final thrust he deposited his load of sperm deep in her pussy. Shot after shot squirted in her womb with the excess running out onto the floor below dripping off her cheeks and his balls. “Oh shit Gabby you still get me hot!” he said as he kissed her.

“Whew! You are the best lover ever baby,” Gabriela wrapped her arms around him. She especially enjoyed the way his cock would get soft then slowly slide out of her like a soft cork. His semen was coating his shaft like frosting; reaching down to squeeze some in her hand she licked her fingers clean. “Uhmmm, I love your cum. It tastes just a little sweet and salty at the same time, mixed with my juices it’s even better!” smacking her lips they kissed then he sucked her tongue into his mouth.

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